Feb. 27th, 2011

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There has been a lot of money changing hands around here these days. Thank you, tax return.

A few weeks ago, I killed our vacuum (it was on its way out anyway) by running over a baby sock or two. Whoops. That wasn't good. So we dropped a little bit of money on a new upright, bagless, with retractable cord. I am enjoying both of those features, and one pass of that vacuum has shown just how sucky (or, umm, UNsucky) our last vacuum was. I love having a bagless because I feel vindicated in some sick way SEEING what is getting picked up. Heh.

I also just bought three flight coupons for Di.rect A.ir so that we can go see my brother and SIL in South Carolina this summer again. Yay! Super duper fun!

We also bought a couple more baby bottles and another swaddle and I also dropped a small fortune at Gymbo last weekend buying some spring/summer stuff for Punk and a few tasty morsels for the Cupcake. Boy Gymbo is not nearly as delicious as Girl Gymbo. Heck, boy clothes in general. Sorry, Cupcake. I also dropped some cash at Savers on summer clothes for Punk as well. (She has outgrown most everything, especially shirts and dresses.)

But what I /really/ want to spend money on is a cookie delivery service. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THIS??!!?


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