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Okay, I am totally a major nerd, but I am LOVING this "Heartless" cover on Idol.

I feel so freaking White right now.
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Go away now please.

O . O

Apr. 29th, 2008 08:28 pm
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Did she REALLY just comment on Jason's "second song" that he hasn't even sung yet???!?!

And what the heck crawled up and died in her hair!
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pass the mic
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I think she's going to be the next American Idol.
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Tonight's American Idol totally sucks. Seriously. These people are the best in the country? *weeps*

I sent Jen to bed at 8:30pm because she kept snoring. Maybe I should have left her on the couch, because the snoring would have been better than this "singing."

I can't wait to see what [livejournal.com profile] drainbead has to say.


But I can't wait to see that hip-hop documentary on PBS at 10! Can't wait!
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crazy taylor dancing
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The American Idol concert was quite possibly the dorkiest thing I've ever gone to in my life. And that's saying a lot, because I've done a lot of dorky things in the last 30 years. But the whole thing felt like an NKOTB concert, and I had to resist the urge to buy an Ace button. (HA!)

Lisa and I had a rockin' good time, because she is Teh Awesome. Holy crap, we had so much fun being stupid. And she let me take a zillion pictures.

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Just came back from breakfast at Sorella's. They're pricey but they're so, so good. I had pumpkin raisin french toast and Jen had banana peanut butter french toast. We split a side of home fries and a side of sausage. She got the better deal - mine was good but hers was way better. I know what I will order next time around. (We go there every couple of months.)

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the beach with my coworker Marti. Jen was originally not coming but then decided to come after a whole lot of drama in the morning. It wasn't very warm but we did go into the water mid-thigh and played a little Yahtzee on beach blankets. I think Jen won both times. Jen got sunburned on the backs of her knees/calves - ouch!

I got my hair cut after that and I managed to snap a couple of pictures of The Dark Overlord ([livejournal.com profile] vlindinhauer) which I will have to upload tomorrow or something. It was a good time and I tried to get him in trouble by his boss but I was unsuccessful. (Oops.)

We headed up north from there to go to [livejournal.com profile] tool_of_satan and Kristine's game night. I once again got my butt whooped at Ticket To Ride and did not win 10 Days in Europe either. Both times, I was completely and utterly blocked by [livejournal.com profile] bluekniggit because he is Just So Mean. But I got to at least outwit him a little bit and knock his manhood, so it all balances out. Besides, I don't have any strong desire to win, especially at Ticket To Ride because I am always dead last. CHOO CHOO. We headed out early because I just wasn't feeling the games last night, apparently. But [livejournal.com profile] lorac blew some kisses at me and that always makes it worth it. And we had cannoli. (I'm glad [livejournal.com profile] lorac is back from Japan.)

Last night, [livejournal.com profile] cappuccinogrl called me from the Paul Simon concert she went to, and he sang "Mrs. Robinson" into my voicemail. It was hard to make out because it kept cutting out (too loud, probably?) but I did get a "woah woah" out of the deal and some musical interludes. Yay, thanks!

I am leaving soon for Parts West so that [livejournal.com profile] buddhafly4224 and I can totally Nerd Out at the American Idol concert in Hahtfud. Holy crap, we are going to be the dorkiest people ever - but I will be thinking of you, [livejournal.com profile] drainbead! Before that I think we're going to crash a cook-out in Northampton very briefly pre-concert to party with [livejournal.com profile] hope_persists which should be awesome! (I will be thinking of you, [livejournal.com profile] jadefu, when I am in your town for a minute!)

OMGZERS IF ACE YOUNG IS THERE I WILL DIE 11!!oneone!111! Bring the sperm collection cups!

(I really just wanted to see how many lj users I could stick in one post. So let me add a few more: [livejournal.com profile] whirledpeas, I love you; [livejournal.com profile] crena, I miss you; [livejournal.com profile] lemur68, I keep forgetting to mail you those pants (sorry); [livejournal.com profile] sassywoman, I am so happy you are knocked up; and [livejournal.com profile] vishudda_spin, best of luck on Monday!)
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  • On our way back from the grandparents', we were just getting into Boston proper when the sky totally blacked and we got a flash hail storm, complete with lightning. It was awesome. And it reminded me of Columbus.

  • I sure do miss the storms in Columbus.

  • My chart is really messing with me right now. It's starting to look triphasic, and even Fertility Friend thinks so, which is making me ridiculously hopeful even though I got a BFN (big fat negative) yesterday. Today I have a killer headache which has brought dizziness and nausea with it, which only helps fuel this optimism. I hope it's not setting us up for a letdown.

  • Jen bought me The Sims Party Pack for Mac since I can't use my PC Sims disks on the laptop. She is so sweet! The Sims is practically the only video game I like.

  • In other GOOD NEWS OF THE NERDY KIND, guess who is going to see American Idol in Concert? Ha ha, that would be ME, because The Awesome Lisa ([livejournal.com profile] buddhafly4224) knows I'm lame enough loves me enough to ask me to accompany her this summer. She got tickets for her birthday. I <3 Lisa!

  • Also, I am in my jammies and am going to install The Sims now. Yay!
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Okay, so is there ANY proof, any at ALL, that Paula is not boning Elliott? I mean, come on! What was with her display when they were showing his homecoming recap??!?

She is so ridiculous. They should just do it on stage and get it over with.
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I totally think Paula is boning Elliott. There's really no other reason for her to act so completely WHACKED around him unless she's riding the bologna pony.


May. 3rd, 2006 09:08 pm
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  • I almost got in a wreck today. I was driving through an intersection and someone on the other street was going to blow through the red light. Lots of screeching brakes (on his part), lots of horn blaring (on my part). They say accidents happen close to home, and this was certainly no exception - right on the corner of the two main streets near my place.

  • I don't even care who gets voted off American Idol anymore. I don't really like any of the contestants anymore. In some weird twist of fate, my favorite is now Taylor. Mostly because none of the other people do it for me. Chris, you annoy me. Paris, it's time to go. Elliott, you're just not pop star material. And I've never had the McPheever.

  • I attempted six home visits today. Even /without/ 1.25 hours of staff meeting, that's a long day. Oof.

  • Noodle casserole was just as good the second day. Yum.

  • This weather has GOT to stop. It is so cold and so damp and so disgusting. All I want to do is sleep and sleep. Please bring back the sun.

  • I want to know what our inspermination plan is so I know how it affects our weekend, if at all. It's hard to be unable to plan anything, especially with Northampton Pride and Game Night and trying to visit my grandparents.

  • Next weekend is our first legal wedding anniversary. So awesome. My wife rocks.

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WTF IS UP WITH PAULA CRYING??!??! And calling Elliott "handsome"? That is TOTALLY pushing it!!

Brain Dump

Apr. 19th, 2006 08:38 pm
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I have not been as good with the eating since Easter. On Easter I, of course, ate way too much and most of it was not exactly healthy (but boy was it good). And since then, everyone has been bringing Easter treats into work, or birthday cakes, or whatever and I haven't been as good at saying no. Today there was a HUGE cake for Coworker Gina's birthday and I at least only had a tiny sliver of it, but I also had a cinnamon bun and then later had my last piece of ice box cake. I am currently binging on grapes. Mmm, grapes.

I am trying to be all positive and groovy about our TTC stuff but I admit that it's harder than it appears. I mean, this is our first try but it is already so gutwrenching, you know? Sure, we can try again next cycle, and yes, we're lucky that it's covered by insurance right now, but I really just want it to WORK. On our schedule preferably, but just work. I don't feel comfortable leaving my job (and my insurance approval) until we're knocked up or decide to stop... and I really want to leave by the fall. I'm such a planner.

At the Dar show, I got to introduce Jessica to eeka, Molly, and Jodie. It's always interesting when people I know from different places get to know each other. But it was kind of cute when they were fighting about where I would live (Western MA or Boston). They totally don't know what they're fighting about - they should be fighting about getting rid of me instead!

Seeing the pictures of Quinn, Hope and Megan's beautiful newborn daughter, are really making all of this stuff seem more real to me. Seeing old friends who I kind of look up to holding a teeny tiny newborn is kind of staggering. I mean, Hope and Megan are /parents/. MY Hope and Megan. Parents. And we want to be parents, too. That's kind of weird.

I wonder who is going to be voted off of American Idol. I hope it's Elliott because I'm not really ready for anyone else to leave yet. I don't want any girls to leave yet and I know Ace is terrible with the singing but I just adore looking at him. Yum!

My goal is to get a decent amount of sleep tonight. Will it happen? Who knows! But it's good to have goals!
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Dang, I am awesome at the healthy eating today. I am the supreme Power Eater. I started the morning with "Weight Control" oatmeal (which is high fiber/protein) with bananas and a glass of soy milk. For lunch I had a salad (romaine, cukes, red peppers, tomatoes, carrots), an orange, and a container of organic applesauce. For dinner I had leftover chicken and rice with some green peas, and because I was still a little hungry I had a handful of almonds.

I win at food.

Fertility stuff. )

Oh boy, "Queen Night" is starting on American Idol. BRING ON THE COMEDY!!

(I was wondering how long it would take to get to "Fat Bottom Girls." First song! Big fat fatty!)
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1. It is supposed to be below freezing tonight and our heater is on the fritz again. It got fixed right before vacation and we didn't have a chance to test it out before we left (and it was really warm then)... now I wish we had. We have no heat and it's 60° in here. Taking a shower tomorrow is going to SUCK.

2. I have to give myself an injection in about half an hour and I am SO NERVOUS about it. Ugh. I wish I could just get some hot nurse to give it to me.

3. I didn't see yesterday's AI so I don't know how the performances went, but I'm sad to see Mandisa go. I really liked her.
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Oh, American Idol, how I love thee even though my IQ drops percentage points noticeably with each passing episode. I /am/ the American Lowest Common Denominator when it comes to television, but oh, the Ace Young! The Mandisa! The Pickler!

So I've decided that I /adore/ Mandisa and Pickler, but I definitely have the hots for Ace. I mean, the full-blown hots. I want to make out with him. I think that grossed Lisa out a little bit.

Yes! Lisa ([livejournal.com profile] buddhafly4224) was nice enough to come to the D-O-T to watch American Idol with me, which was awesome - I felt much less loserish and more social. Besides, I never see her. So, yay! (Thanks, Lisa.)

p.s. Today I got McDonald's on the way home from the car fiasco because I was starving and didn't get to eat lunch. I feel so dirty.
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This poor-sleeping thing is for the birds. I was actually yawning at work today, which NEVER happens. I mean, I run around after kids all day; I don't have time to yawn. I started yawning around 12:30pm and could not stop, all the way through the time that I dropped off my student at the T right before 6. My plan is to watch American Idol and then promptly go to bed. I figure if I'm going to wake up a million times in the early morning, I should get an earlier start and bank some sleep. We'll see how that goes. Once again, EVERYONE (staff and kids) at work is sick and I am trying not to feel doomed.

Two friends of mine have broken up, and even though we're not really great, really close friends, my heart just breaks for them. It is so hard for me when people I know break up, especially people I've only known as couples or who have been couples for a long time. So, friends, my heart goes out to you and you can definitely call on me if you need anything at all. <3

My marriage is rocky at times, and there are definitely times when I think, "Dear god, what were we /thinking/??!?!" but as always I am in awe of Jen and the person she is, and I am especially in awe of our commitment. It's tough stuff and I hope I continue to have the stamina to weather the rough spots in order to keep getting to the good ones. We're embarking on an exciting journey and I can't think of anyone else I'd like to plug through with. Yay.

Why is it that I was positively EXHAUSTED all freaking day and now I've got that nighttime wired thing going on? Argh!

p.s. Ace is still hot. I'd totally make out with him hardcore.
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Dear Ace Young,

Please donate your sperm to me ASAP. Thank you.



Mar. 7th, 2006 08:59 pm
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Holy crap, I just love Mandisa. And Kellie Pickler. For such different reasons. But I would totally do both of them.

Well, I would do Kellie. Mandisa would totally bust in and do /me/. You can just tell.


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