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We packed a lot of fun into a short span of days, and now I am tiiiiiired.

[livejournal.com profile] artjax graciously offered up her spare room for sleeping and we packed up the car on Saturday after Punk's lunch and took off for Maine. We left a little later than planned but really didn't have anything to do until 5:00 or so when we met [livejournal.com profile] rizzo41 at Governor's for unhealthy food. And dessert. And I was already full but I had strawberry shortcake and I thought I was going to explode. We had the worst server ever and were there for something like 2.5 hours which is pretty staggering considering it's basically fast food. But Punk got a balloon and it was all good, and Jodie brought Punk some puppets and some other stuff and she was in hog heaven. Punk basically calls any person whose name she doesn't know "this," so she kept ordering Jodie around by saying things like, "this color," or "this drink."

That night we stayed up talking with [livejournal.com profile] artjax while Punk tried really hard not to go to bed. I don't think she fell asleep until after 9. But she slept until 7, which means I love her.

Anyway, on Sunday morning, we went out to a delicious breakfast with Jackie and the most adorable thing ever was when she and Punk were making music together, J on guitar and Punk on the bongos. So freaking cute, I could die. So after a little of that, we took Punk to a playground and when it started raining, we gave her a quick McDonald's lunch before heading to Punk's first baseball game! We took her to see the Sea Dogs and they beat the pants off of Connecticut. It rained for the first half of the game but we brought a big umbrella, and the second half was gorgeous and sunny and it was hard to believe it was the same day. Punk took about a 40 minute nap on me at the park and I was pretty impressed that she actually fell asleep like that. But she loved the baseball game and that was awesome.

That evening we went to a cookout hosted by some of J's friends who have kids, and Punk was completely fried from not napping and from having dinner late, and it was okay but pretty stressful because I was always one step ahead trying to avert a meltdown. And this one kid was kind of being a turd and running ahead of Punk and taking any toy/bike she wanted to go play with and then sprayed her in the face with a water gun. Grump. But then we took Punk back to J's and gave her a bath and put her to bed and she was asleep in about one second, around 8pm.

She got up promptly at 5 this morning (WTF??!?!) and since there was no clock in there I didn't know what time it was and didn't coax her into going back to sleep, so we had a really early morning. Zzzz. We had a quick breakfast at Denny's where Punk ate her weight in oatmeal and sausage links, and then drove down to Kittery to do some outlet shopping. Punk fell asleep in the car on the way down (sigh) and then was all kinds of turned around all day. We did some shopping, got a lunch for her at BK (who knew BK has mac and cheese? score!), and then started driving home where I assumed she would take her nap, only, she didn't. She acted like a crazed jungle child for a good two hours before falling asleep for the last hour. Then we shoved her in a stroller so Jen could get some mandals at the mall and we ended up getting her a bubble mower because we seem to be physically incapable of not buying her too many things. (Gymboree Outlet, anyone?)

So we finally got home, she splashed around in the water table for a long while, got a change of clothes, played in the yard and sandbox for a while, and then we had a grilled out dinner (chicken) where Punk had her first ever corn on the cob which was insanely cute. And then a bath. And now bed.

I am so ridiculously tired right now. But it was awesome. Thanks, J & J!
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little sox fan

We're ready for baseball season, baby!!

p.s. When did my kid get so freakin' TALL???
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Dear Lowe's Delivery:

8:55am is NOT between 10 and 2.



Dear Colorado Rockies:

Are you really the BEST the National League has to offer? Is the National League really that bad?

Get new pitchers and new batters, kthx
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WTF is up with all of those effing towels? They had them in Cleveland and they have them in Denver, too. They are the most annoying things ever.

I am going to strangle all of them with their fecking towels.

Bring back the foam finger, people!!

ETA: They will need their towels to wipe all their sad widdle tears when they LOSE!
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Come on, Daisuke, you can do it!!

ETA: Orrrrr, maybe not. Still, good job!


Oct. 24th, 2007 11:35 pm
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Award winning AUTHOR Ashanti? Are you effing kidding me?

What's her book about? Long eyelashes caked with mascara? How to wear a satin baseball jacket with no shirt underneath? Shiny hands?
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My baseball stiffy just KEEPS GETTING BIGGER.
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It's World Series time again, baby.

Times like this, I really miss my dad. He would have LOVED the Indians/Sox games (he was a closet Indians fan because he liked underdogs, I guess; I also think he liked their politically incorrect hat) and he would be psyched about another Series run.

I hope you can still watch, Dad.
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I have such a baseball stiffy right now.
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Jen got me a Nintendo DS for my birthday. It's cute. It's fun!

But I worry that I will never have time to use it. Or that the punk will puke on it. Or that I will never be able to afford any new games. (She got me one of the Brain Age games.)


Speaking of the punk, we took her for weight checks the last two Tuesdays because she had been really spitting up a lot and had slowed her eating for a little while.

Last Tuesday: 13lb 1oz
Today: 13lb 12oz

Woah, big baby! I guess feeding her in her sleep is working. :)


This ALCS is starting to get awfully depressing and very typical Red Sox.
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Dear Red Sox,

Please stop sucking.

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The Weekend

Jun. 5th, 2007 09:38 am
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I took a total roundabout route to work today that is probably 84789273 miles out of the way, but I got to work in about 42 minutes. Take that, construction!


Friday night, Jen and I headed down to New Britain, CT, for the CAT SHOWDOWN. I have attended very few AA baseball games (lots of AAA) and yeah, it was interesting. The innings go very, very quickly. Heh. We actually were stuck in about an hour of traffic trying to get INTO the parking lot (ugh), but when we did finally get to the parking attendants, Jen asked them if we could park in the close parking lot (mostly disability parking) because of my big belly and they said YES! I felt like baseball royalty or something, but also guilty that we were taking a space. But man, walking way out from the boonies would have killed me. Anyway, the game was kind of lame but picked up at the end when the score was tied and there was a very dramatic finish with a win by the home team! So when the fireworks went off, everyone was in good spirits. The food was greasy and stuff but we got ice cream in little helmets (for the cats, of course) so that is always fun.

On Saturday we went to this little blog get-together that Eryn and Amy arranged at the Northampton Brewery. There were a number of very nice people there, some of whom were locals that I am excited to see again and again, and some of whom were from NY but I still hope we can see them again and again. We conned them into moving the get-together to Herrell's for ice cream, and they had Twinkie ice cream that day, so it was a good day. After 4 hours of blogger socializing, we headed home and it was so humid and nasty. Oh yes. But so fun.

On Sunday, we drove to Boston because the lovely [livejournal.com profile] siercia, the lovely [livejournal.com profile] prunesnprisms, and the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lorac (best Fake Aunts ever) all banded together to throw us a rockin' baby shower at [livejournal.com profile] siercia's house. There was a lot of delicious food, like chick pea and orzo salad, cous cous salad, fruit skewers, pulled pork sandwiches, and an enormous Konditor Meister cake. Their cakes rock, seriously. I should have eaten more. Anyway, they were great party-makers and a bunch of people came - people we've known for a long time, people from work, people we haven't known as long, etc. My favorite part was when a couple of people were in the "knitting corner" trying to frantically finish knitted things! It was adorable and I should have taken a picture. I love to watch people knit, seriously.

People were overly generous and I always feel weird when you sit in front of an audience and open presents. So I made Jen do it. I was in charge of the trash - much more reasonable. And Ms. Widget ([livejournal.com profile] siercia's daughter), who is obsessed with babies, was ALL over me trying to make the baby kick. It was kind of cute, I have to say. She is a kick-ass kid.

The funniest thing was that Saturday was about 90° and humid as heck, so I wore a tank top and shorts on Sunday... and it was 55°. Holy cow, wrong clothing choice.

Either way, it was an awesome weekend. And this weekend, [livejournal.com profile] rizzo41 is coming to visit. YAY!!
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So we went to NYC for the weekend. I guess I didn't mention it in advance, which is surprising but I had a pretty busy week. I meant to mention it in advance, mostly for anyone in the area who might want to amuse me or get coffee or something. But the following things happened:

1. We took a very long busride on Saturday morning with Olex and Jen, and got into NYC around 1:30pm.
2. We got to our hotel and waited in a long check-in line to be told that they hadn't cleaned the rooms yet.
3. We ate overpriced sandwiches that were not very good.
4. Jen totally skipped the line the second time around and got us our room keys.
5. We had a pretty sweet room at the Hilton New York. Not bad for a cheap Priceline bid.
6. We caught a Yankees game courtesy of one of my clients. They got slaughtered 19-5 by Tampa.
7. We waited so long for a 4 train that we got to the game in the 3rd inning.
8. We had pretty good seats and the weather was lovely!
9. I remembered I had Ed's phone number in my phone, and called him to get together later.
10. We ate ice cream out of those plastic helmet bowls, so I can take the bowls and try to put them on the cats.
11. We were SWEATY.
12. We got back to our schwank room, chatted with O&J until they had to go, then showered.
13. Ed came to our room and we watched part of War Games before eating nummy Italian food.
14. The waiter thought Jen and Ed were both boys - MY boys.
15. We got to have late breakfast with Emmy at Hotel Edison in Times Square!
16. We walked down to Port Authority with Emmy and shopped at the Sanrio store.
17. Of course I had to buy a Hello Kitty shirt.
18. The bus ride home was largely uneventful.
19. We picked up the car outside the body shop. He only painted over the gashes, didn't fill them or anything, but I DON'T FRICKING CARE.
20. Now I pass out dead.
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While fun, the game last night was so, so painful. The Sox were just losing, losing, losing. They were down 7-2 in the 7th and by the time the 8th inning came around, the A's just kept scoring runs. So frustrating. When the A's had scored 6 runs in the 8th, we decided it was time to start ambling out of the park. And as we walked out, they got 2 more. *sigh*

It was kind of sad to be at the game last night. I've only ever been to two Red Sox games without my dad in my entire life - last night's and one time in 1998 with this dude from grad school. The last baseball game of any kind that I went to was when Jen and I took Dad and Grandpa for Fathers' Day in 2004 - Dad's last Fathers' Day. It felt weird to be there without him. I could just picture what he would look like there, what he would say to the players, how he would clap and when. I imagine him tossing encouragements to the godawful Sox last night, and every so often I would hear echoes of him throughout our section. "Come on, Manny, hit one for my kid," or "This is his time, he's due," or my personal favorite, the heckler of an unfortunate A's player named Perez who watched his batting average go from .098 to .095 throughout the game. "A 95 batting average? WHAAAAAA?!!?!?!" Poor Perez.

That was definitely a "for the television" game for sure, with the sticky humidity, the hot temps, the lack of breeze, and the dismal score. Not to mention the lack of Dad. But hey, it was a good time anyway. I sure can dig some baseball.


Heading off to the beach with Coworker Marti Maraschino and Coworker Funk. I think it's awesome that Marti Maraschino is all about calling people last minute to make plans. I can dig it. Also, Movie Club tonight. HIIIIIIII-YAH!
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Baseball tonight!

Baseball baseball baseball BASEBALL BASE BALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

p.s. I ate some more blueberries. But only about 10. And I called it a night. This is the /longest/ that a pint of blueberries has lived in my house. :)
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The Good: - My coworkers and I went to our 5:15pm assessment and at the end of it, we kind of got to chatting about baseball. (The family is big into baseball, but Mom is a Sox fan and Dad is a Yankees fan.) And then Dad hands us, seriously just hands over, 4 tickets to a Yankee game on a Saturday in July that the family can't go to because of other commitments. I said, "Are you sure you want to give these away?" and he said it was to thank us for how much time and effort we spend with his kid. Awwwh.

The Bad: - We got our negative beta today as expected. With a heads-up that if we're not successful next cycle, we'll have to come back in to "talk about what's up" and "decide what to do next." Ugh.

The Bad: - My BIL (Jen's brother) finally got around to responding to Jen's e-mail from about 1.5 months ago asking if he would consider being a donor for us. Aside from saying no (which is totally fine), he added an addendum about how he doesn't think Jen is mature enough, stable enough, or financially secure enough to consider parenting. He spent considerable time telling her how much of a challenge and commitment kids are and how he encourages her to rethink things because she is clearly not in any position to parent. (My take on this: He has issues with his family situation and is projecting his issues on Jen.) How DARE anyone assault my wife's character that way? I seriously want to call him up and yell at him for several hours. Who does that? If he had wanted to impart some kind "older brother" wisdom, I'm sure he could have thought of more appropriate words.

The Ugly: - Jen went to the doctor again this morning for this persistent series of hives/welts she keeps getting all over her body. Her doctor continues to maintain that she is having some sort of allergic reaction. But now she believes her allergy is to a bedbug infestation in our house. I am going to vomit now.


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