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Attention Dim Sum Eaters:

Dim Sum is off. Well, at least, we won't be there. Boston weekend trip is cancelled because our darling [livejournal.com profile] lorac, who was going to host us and hang with Punk while we were sushi'ing, is not feeling well and graciously does not want to pass the Creeping Crud on to us. Feel better, [livejournal.com profile] lorac!

I have to call and cancel my dinner reservation. Super sad. Weekend of Incredibly Delicious Food is no more!

(I'm starting to think that this sushi gift certificate is doomed!!)
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We're thinking of hitting up Dorchester for some dim sum on Sunday - probably at 11 or 11:30? Actually, not just thinking. It's a definite that we will be there stuffing our faces.

Who's in?


Oct. 12th, 2009 08:54 pm
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We conceived Punk on October 11, 2006. In Boston.
Celebrated our birthday on the 17th.
Received a very generous gift certificate to a fancy pants sushi place from my [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother as a birthday gift.
Got a positive pregnancy test on the 22nd.
Moved away from Boston and had a kid and never used the gift certificate... until now.

We're going to attempt to use it this month. Only three years late. SCORE!

Water park

Mar. 12th, 2009 09:30 pm
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We were invited to some play fun time at Coco Keys water resort with [livejournal.com profile] lorac and Ms. Katie. I am excited to go to an indoor water park but I am not excited to drive all the way out to Danvers to do it. There is no way I can sing two hours of Super Why. I mean, the song is like 30 seconds long.

There is a lot of work involved in taking a trip to the water park. I need to pack some snacks for the kid, and everything else she needs. I need to find my bathing suit and get some towels. I need a big bag. And I need to shave! Oh god, that is going to take forever. ForEVer. I need to do that tonight.

Four hours of driving for three hours of fun. Whee! But I haven't seen [livejournal.com profile] lorac in a million years and it will be super duper awesome. Yay! And I will not be at work! Double yay!!

Okay, now to do a million things.
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We'll be in Boston overnight tomorrow, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] skreeky's hotel room offer. I think she baited me with the prospect of Punk being able to watch a little Jorge el Curioso on Sunday morning! ;)

I've never stayed in a fancy-pants downtown hotel before. It's kind of exciting, even if we will end up hanging out in the room after 7pm because the child will need to sleep.

We were considering hitting the children's museum or other somesuch attraction tomorrow afternoon, but can easily be swayed to play with the locals instead. Anyone free for a surprise Punk attack? Or an early riser breakfast on Sunday morning? (Kid eats around 7:30am.) Or something?

You know where to find me.


Dec. 15th, 2008 08:05 pm
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I'm watching Intervention (because Jen is in bed and not feeling well) and the dude is from Southie. I keep seeing places I used to go, streets I used to drive down all the time, projects where I visited families, and Castle Island.

When I left, I didn't think I would miss it but damn, I do. I am homesick for Dot and Southie.
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This is giving me the giggles.

I stumbled across a story about how Barack Obama has a paternal aunt who is living illegally in the US in public housing in Boston. And there is a photo of where she was living. Here is the photo.

What's funny is that I used to see a family in that very same building in the D Street projects for YEARS. One of my first EI cases in Boston was in this building with a family I loooooooved, and I saw that child from 2004 until she turned 3, and her younger brother until I left the agency and moved. I used to sit in the courtyard of that building and wait for them, or hang out with the family, all the time. Week after week. For years.

How funny to see that front door again in presidential "news."
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Last weekend was a weekend of reunions.

For starters, my 15-year high school reunion was on Saturday. I had not previously attended any reunions, nor did I have the desire, but I feel like 15+ can be amusing. After all, in 15 years, people start to go bald, get settled, get out of the rut of high school once and for all. I was told the 5-year reunion was exactly like high school in terms of who talked with whom. I don't know about the 10. But 15 could be fun, so we went.

There was a really low turnout which was kind of a bummer because I wanted to see what became of folks, but I had a decent time anyway. I got to see a girl I went to school with from K-12 and that was fun, and then just basically say hi to some folks I'd pretty much forgotten all about, and then catch up with some folks I found on Facebook as well. Aah, Facebook.

One thing I will say is that I forget sometimes that I live in a bubble of hippie liberals and that I went to a wealthy private school that tended to be New England conservative. Apparently the husband of the woman who organized the reunion got into a little chat with my good friend Jeff's wife (who is also a good friend) and said husband was shocked - shocked - that she was a woman who was not a supporter of Sarah Palin. And then there was my wife who unfortunately got cornered by a friend's husband, who tends to like to talk ad nauseum about the Catholic Church (he is big time Catholic and Sons of Italy and all of that) and random politics, especially Holy Land politics. Apparently he didn't say anything bad about Teh Gays, though.


We spent the night in Boston since the reunion was in Providence and because [livejournal.com profile] lorac graciously offered to babysit. It was the first time anyone babysat Punk for more than an hour, and the first time during nighttime business. My hope was to get Punk down and then leave, but it didn't really work out like that and poor [livejournal.com profile] lorac ended up sitting in the chair with Punk until 9pm or so and then dealing with wake-ups as well. Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] lorac! Hopefully she is still speaking to us. :)

But the real point of the Boston business is that it was awesome to see [livejournal.com profile] lorac and her husband again. I can't believe I have now known her about 15 years (since I met her as a first year in college) and that we now have kids. We met up with more of the Boston gang for dim sum on Sunday morning and while we used to get together for years and years, now all of us at the dim sum table had children. It's kind of cool to see that happen.

Part of me really wishes we had found a way to stay in Boston and have Punk and a house and stuff but the rational part of me knows that we never would have been able to swing it... and Jen wouldn't have had the job opportunity she has here that she really really likes. And I doubt we'd ever have a big backyard. But I miss the folks and I /really/ miss the opportunity to raise our kids together and be a village. Really miss it.


That's all the exciting news here. I'm off to Canton tomorrow for an EI training (zzzzz) and not really looking forward to 4 hours of driving. But my portfolio is due in June and I need to get a move on. Good times.
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My 15 year high school reunion is coming up in mid-September and I think I want to go to this one. It's on a weekend night at a place in Providence and I could go by myself but that's not nearly as fun. I would like Jen to be able to come, too.

It starts at 8pm so we would be able to put Punk to bed but you just never know how that's going to go, so someone would have to be willing to deal with the possibility of wake-ups. We'd also, umm, love to sleep over your place so we don't have to pack up a kid and drive her home in the middle of the night. Boy, we're demanding!

Anyone interested? If not it's no biggie, I'll just probably end up going by myself. I want to see who's going bald.
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When I was in Boston the other weekend, [livejournal.com profile] stacy knitted Punk the most adorable little baby sweater that is so fashionable. I need to take pictures of it to show you. It is really quite awesome, especially the casual way she said, "Hey, I improvised the pattern in my head and kind of made it on the train today," because umm, I have no craft skillz and find hers quite impressive indeed. And it's always nice when cool people think of my cool kid.

Similarly, my cool cousin (the queer one on my dad's side that I love as opposed to the queer one on my mom's side that I haven't seen since I was about 10) who lives in Seattle sent me a bag of coffee beans. I haven't ground them up yet but Oh Em Gee they smell so frickin' good I can hardly stand it. I just kept sniffing the bag all day and thought about eating some beans. SO GOOD. So delicious and lovely. And considering there isn't a lot of sleep happening in here, so good in the timing department.

Spontaneous presents rock! <3 <3 <3 <3


Also. I am madly in love with [livejournal.com profile] crushinator. He invented Judecorp, after all. Man, I have mad Columbus love. I want to visit.
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I made it to Boston after all. [livejournal.com profile] stacy had to convince me several times over that Glenn really wouldn't mind if I crashed at his house, seeing as how we never met and he had just moved in and wasn't unpacked. But he really didn't mind, so it wasn't awkward or yucky at all. And he lives a quick bus ride to Harvard Square so I didn't have to worry about parking or a long ride or whatever. Yay!

So I got to Glenn's and first off they gave me some delicious PIE. I mean, I walked in and within five minutes [livejournal.com profile] stacy was all, "Have some pie." It has to be a good day when someone throws pie at you, you know? So I hung out with S and G for a while and alternated between having a secret club with G while S was in the shower, and having a secret girl club with S while G put his kitchen table together. His apartment is super cute and is the perfect size for one person, and super convenient to his job - great find.

Then I met up with Jodie and Tom in the Square and we could not decide on dinner (three indecisive people should never go out together). We tried a couple of places that were too packed and ended up at Grendel's Den and ate some sammiches while Tom coughed up a lung and I prayed to every god I could think of that I don't catch whatever it is he's stewing. Then we went to the show, which was in a small venue and was packed.

It hit me while I was there that I have been listening to Black 47 for something like 18 years now. (WTH? When did I get so OLD?) and that my first B47 show was 11.5 years ago, right after I turned 21 and could finally go into the bars. I must be getting older because the band (especially Larry) is starting to look really old.

I love Larry Kirwin because he reminds me SO much of Ryan ([livejournal.com profile] whod81). And of course I love Ryan. So the whole time I was thinking about R and also listening to some fun music. Apparently they have a new album coming out and the whole album seems to be about the war in Iraq. Not exactly the cheeriest stuff ever but they always make it /sound/ fun. Either way it was a good time except for the tall man in front of me who smelled really badly. Then I parted ways with J and T and got back on the bus, woke S up to let me back in, and camped out on G's living room floor. Not really the best sleep I've ever had but it was worth it.

We all got up in the morning and I think I got up first (I'm on Baby Time) and so I was playing a little DS. Both G /and/ S thought I had some sort of makeup case instead of a DS. (WTF? Ha ha) Either way, I played a little MySims and then everyone got up and we sort of lollygagged around until we were all starving and salivating about pancakes, so G remembered there was a diner a way down the road and I drove us all down there, and poor G had to smoosh in next to my gigantic car seat. (Sorry!) We talked and talked and talked and I likely annoyed them all to death and G got a headache and I took them home and took off. I was hoping to catch [livejournal.com profile] folkyboy yesterday but he didn't answer the phone in the morning and by the time we got back from breakfast it was already about 12:45 so I thought it would be better if I just took off to save Jen from the baby.

Thank you so much to Glenn and Stacy for their hospitality (and PIE!!)! It was fun to see everyone and go out at night. The only thing that would have made it better is if I'd had my family with me. It's no fun hanging alone.

Hating Life

Mar. 1st, 2008 01:45 pm
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What a crapper of a day. It was supposed to be an awesome day.

First we were supposed to meet some friends for breakfast. we got dumped on with snow again so it was going to take us a while to get ready. I texted them all morning but apparently they didn't get any of my text messages. So they went anyway. And called when they were there to say, "Hey, we're here and we're going in." So no breakfast.

And I missed that call because I was trying to get the baby to nap (so we could go to breakfast) and after drinking her big morning bottle, she had to take a monster poo and the process of pooing caused her to puke. All over me. I guess she strained too hard or something.

And then while she is napping, I check online and find out that the woman I was supposed to stay with tonight after the concert was up all night puking. I can't risk it being something like stomach flu that I would bring home with me to Punk so my plans are off. Which sucks because I prebought the stupid ticket and wasted money. And now have no plans.

I am pretty much hating life right now.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] stacy is trying to con me into a slumber party with her and Glenn. Maybe I can find my sleeping bag!
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Hey Bostonians - Does anyone want to put me up next Saturday night? I am hoping to go to a Black 47 concert with my college roommate like old times but really am too old to drive back home after. And umm, a night of unbroken sleep? Come on! I'm housebroken and really want to take advantage of Jen's offer!


Since there is no denying that we have a totally mobile child (she has been army crawling for a good three weeks now but is full on four-on-the-floor with speed now), it was time to rearrange some things. I moved the TV stand into the corner so I could hide all of the wires and taped them all to the back of the stand, and pulled some of the breakable stuff off the lower shelf of the coffee table. Jen took the baby to the mall so I could spray-clean the life out of the TV and all of the electronics (man, they were gross) and came back with some of those square foam floor mats so we could put them down on the living room floor. The blankets I've had down there for a long time kept getting full of cat fur and I was tired of it. This is much better. Besides, the blankets never really padded the wood floor enough.


Punk has a runny nose and has been out of sorts on and off today. Poor little peanut. She went to bed at 6:30 and woke up crying at 7, absolutely refusing to go back into the crib. I was able to get her back to sleep on the futon and walk away easily, but I think she's just too sad and off-kilter that just the idea of the crib was too much.


I think we're going to try moving our bed against the wall so she can sleep there and we can take the futon out of her room. That way I can babyproof her room really well and she can play in there, too. Our house is too small to keep her only in the living room.


I am seriously sick of winter. We got MORE snow yesterday - probably about 10 inches. I feel like we'll never be able to play outside again. It's that time of year when you really start to feel like spring will never come. Punk and I are so tired of being cooped up in the house. But I did manage to make a banana bread today and even put some ground flax seed in it. Yum!
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We are preemptively spending our tax return. That is never a good idea, I'm sure, but Jen's parents keep asking when we're going to visit them (read: take the baby to their house) and I stumbled across tickets from Hartford to Ft. Myers that were a) not ridiculously expensive and b) NONSTOP, baby! so we bought them. We had to impulse buy them because the outgoing flight had five remaining seats. So we bought them and then called Jen's parents to make sure they would be home.

I guess Jen's mom is tired of arguing with Jen about our "crazy" parenting choices, because when she asked if we needed a crib for the baby and Jen said, "No, she sleeps with us," her mom said, "Oh, whatever."



Punk attended her first party yesterday! She was in a room full of strangers on a too-short nap and she DID. NOT. CRY. Hot damn, she even sat in her travel booster seat thinger and ate peas, laughed at some strangers, and let people she did not know pick her up. She did scream, but hey, that's what she does best. And. And. AND. she let me put her down in her PnP and slept without a peep for nearly 4 hours before I put her on the bed with me. And she even took a nap this morning. A nap! At SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE outside of the Fortress of Solitude. I had to lay in bed with her but whatever, she took a nap!


She made up for all of this awesome by crying a lot when we took her to see my grandparents. Thank God we could blame it on teething, because I don't want them to get a complex.


Speaking of teething, guess whose second tooth broke through the other day? Go on, guess.


On our way to the party thinger in Boston (we brought a car seat and some other stuff to [livejournal.com profile] whuffle and [livejournal.com profile] halleyscomet) we had to stop to feed a hungry Punk and the nearest place to stop was the Natick Mall. While we were walking through Initials One Cent to find a place to sit, Punk channeled her voice through me and said, "I wonder if they have a Gymboree," because they don't have such craziness where we live, thank God. And right outside the store was a frickin Gymboree. So we bought her an outfit. On sale. That cost $40.



Also, we got to smoosh on [livejournal.com profile] hopemcg and [livejournal.com profile] meglett and Quinn! It was so fun and only a little crazy to have an infant and a toddler in the house. I guess we're all prepared for the inevitable #2 now!
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I decided to go visit my old job yesterday. In Boston. My former coworkers had been telling me that I should go visit for about a gazillion years, and for a while Punk was REALLY unhappy in the car, so I put it off. But that has gotten much better and I e-mailed everyone and told them I was coming yesterday. Wouldn't you know I picked the day with the worst weather in weeks. Man, it rained. And rained. And there was even lightning! In January! Aah well, I'm a good driver so it wasn't too bad.

Everyone seemed excited to see me, which was fun, and Punk, which was overwhelming and fun (she was done after about 2 seconds). But I quickly realized that no one really made any kind of arrangements to hang out with me at all. Like, they told me to come for lunch, and I specifically came on a Friday because people are usually a little looser with the schedule, and then... they all had appointments! I guess there was a major miscommunication because I was under the impression that I would drive out there and we would enjoy a little leisurely lunch together at the office and hang a little. Instead, I sat there while they wolfed down their lunches and did paperwork, and then I hid in Amanda's office to try to feed an overwhelmed, overstimulated Punk.

However, eeka and Molly were excited to see me! Yay! What's funny is that since I know them from elsewhere, I /forgot/ that they both work at my job now. When I got in I remembered to check for Molly but then when I was in Amanda's office I was looking at her staff phone list and was like, "Duh. eeka's here, too!" CRAZY! She, however, was ridiculously excited to see me and wanted me to bring Jen and stay overnight and stuff and that was really awesome because I was glad to see her, too. Even if she is trying to make my baby Jewish. And just talks about my mom all the time.

The serendipitous thing was that a former client of mine who really liked me for whatever reason (every time I came over, she cooked me a huge meal) happened to be at my job yesterday bringing her daughter to play group for the first time. So I went down to talk to me and she was so frickin' excited to see me, she kept hugging me and hugging Punk and making her baby (who of course didn't remember me, she was probably 11 months when I left) hug me and it was just a really warm welcome, even though she was my wacky Somalian client who always asked how my "husband" was doing no matter what I tried to tell her. Heh. Today I just told her that he was fine. ;)

And then I was supposed to hook up with [livejournal.com profile] lorac but Katie misplaced her cell phone and she missed my call. That's actually probably for the best because the rain was worse on the way home and we got home later than I wanted and Punk was all strung out and starving. MOTY, that would be me.

So I drove four hours to have lunch with friends, but ended up picking up icky McD's drive through at a rest stop at 3pm on my way home. Suck.

The Weekend

Jun. 5th, 2007 09:38 am
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I took a total roundabout route to work today that is probably 84789273 miles out of the way, but I got to work in about 42 minutes. Take that, construction!


Friday night, Jen and I headed down to New Britain, CT, for the CAT SHOWDOWN. I have attended very few AA baseball games (lots of AAA) and yeah, it was interesting. The innings go very, very quickly. Heh. We actually were stuck in about an hour of traffic trying to get INTO the parking lot (ugh), but when we did finally get to the parking attendants, Jen asked them if we could park in the close parking lot (mostly disability parking) because of my big belly and they said YES! I felt like baseball royalty or something, but also guilty that we were taking a space. But man, walking way out from the boonies would have killed me. Anyway, the game was kind of lame but picked up at the end when the score was tied and there was a very dramatic finish with a win by the home team! So when the fireworks went off, everyone was in good spirits. The food was greasy and stuff but we got ice cream in little helmets (for the cats, of course) so that is always fun.

On Saturday we went to this little blog get-together that Eryn and Amy arranged at the Northampton Brewery. There were a number of very nice people there, some of whom were locals that I am excited to see again and again, and some of whom were from NY but I still hope we can see them again and again. We conned them into moving the get-together to Herrell's for ice cream, and they had Twinkie ice cream that day, so it was a good day. After 4 hours of blogger socializing, we headed home and it was so humid and nasty. Oh yes. But so fun.

On Sunday, we drove to Boston because the lovely [livejournal.com profile] siercia, the lovely [livejournal.com profile] prunesnprisms, and the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lorac (best Fake Aunts ever) all banded together to throw us a rockin' baby shower at [livejournal.com profile] siercia's house. There was a lot of delicious food, like chick pea and orzo salad, cous cous salad, fruit skewers, pulled pork sandwiches, and an enormous Konditor Meister cake. Their cakes rock, seriously. I should have eaten more. Anyway, they were great party-makers and a bunch of people came - people we've known for a long time, people from work, people we haven't known as long, etc. My favorite part was when a couple of people were in the "knitting corner" trying to frantically finish knitted things! It was adorable and I should have taken a picture. I love to watch people knit, seriously.

People were overly generous and I always feel weird when you sit in front of an audience and open presents. So I made Jen do it. I was in charge of the trash - much more reasonable. And Ms. Widget ([livejournal.com profile] siercia's daughter), who is obsessed with babies, was ALL over me trying to make the baby kick. It was kind of cute, I have to say. She is a kick-ass kid.

The funniest thing was that Saturday was about 90° and humid as heck, so I wore a tank top and shorts on Sunday... and it was 55°. Holy cow, wrong clothing choice.

Either way, it was an awesome weekend. And this weekend, [livejournal.com profile] rizzo41 is coming to visit. YAY!!
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Usually when we get packages, the UPS or USPS people just leave them on our front steps. At first I was a little disconcerted that said packages would be outside all day in plain view for the neighborhood - especially when we were getting big things like Pack 'n Plays or whatever - but I came to realize that this was /safe/ over here and actually quite cute. Besides, it's fun when I drive up my street to turn into the driveway and I see packages blocking our front door.

Today, I pulled into the driveway, scanning the front door. No packages, which is okay because I'm not expecting any. (Jen ordered some shorts online and they came yesterday.) So I get in the house and start doing Important Business: put lunchbox away, put mail down, go to the bathroom ASAP, etc. On my way to checking on the cats, I see that they knocked down a bunch of stuff and I pick that up, then pet some cats, then chug some milk out of the gallon (heartburn), and then I open the back door to let some air in.

And then I see some boxes on our back deck. Big ones.

Now I know that sometimes there is junk on our deck, but I couldn't remember Jen putting any boxes out there. A quick inspection revealed that one of the boxes contained our travel stroller! And then I went outside to get it, and there was another box with our high chair in it! And then... another box with our nursery laundry hamper in it! So I slugged them all inside and thought about a) how kind it was for the UPS person to go around to our back yard to leave the boxes in a safe place, and b) how glad I was that it didn't rain today AND that we'd finally mowed the nasty back yard. (How embarrassing!)

And the cutest part? They are ALL from my old coworkers, who must have pooled their money to send us big stuff. How sweet is that? SO SWEET. The little packing slips say, "From your friends at BC." Awwwh.

- -
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Wow, what a whirlwind. After getting home at 1ish AM on Friday morning and heading into work on Friday, I picked Jen up at her job and we drove on to Boston to crash a staff party at my old job. I was excited to see everyone I used to work with and only a couple of people knew I was coming, so I knew that would be fun. AND IT WAS! My old boss (the host) was completely surprised that I showed up and for a while it was like it was Jen's and my party instead of the work party. Everyone was asking about the house and the baby and saying how much they missed me and it was like being the belle of the ball for a little while. And of course my former boss makes incredible food - lasagne and salad and garlic bread and four different kinds of desserts. Mmmmm. We stayed and closed the party down around 11 and then headed to Marti Maraschino's place to spend the night.

After sleeping fitfully on Marti's guest bed, we got up and took Marti to breakfast at Sorella's. Mmmm. I ate far too many carbs and thought I was going to die. The plan was to drop Marti off, head to Liz and Matt's place to pick up some tools we lent them a while back, and then head to Chris and Jess's place to entertain Chris and Veronica for a bit and pick up a bunch of baby stuff they were going to lend us.

We got the tools, caught Chris right as he was bringing V back in for a walk, and we got chatty. At one point we decided we should do some lunch and Chris brought up the good idea to call Carrie and William and see if they were around. They were, so we went there to get them and little Katherine and then we all went and ate dim sum. I totally gorged which is probably not the best idea ever (man was I feeling slugglish!) and then we drove back.

Man, I'm tired, but I'm so glad we went.


And talk about loot! Chris and Jess lent us their infant swing, a floor gym, a snap-and-go stroller for an infant car seat, a HUGE bag of baby clothes that Veronica is done with, and a bag of Jess's maternity clothes. Carrie and William passed off a bag of clothes that may have gone from Jenn and Wiley to Jess and Chris to them, so we ended up with MORE clothes. THEN when we got home we had our package from [livejournal.com profile] estrange, including the breast pump that we bought from her and some extra goodies like some other clothes, a blanket, and some other assorted things. It was like a baby explosion in our living room for a little bit until I got it all put away - but I guess that's just a glimpse into things to come.

This morning we stopped up at a house in Hatfield to pick up a stroller from Freecycle as well. All of a sudden it's like we're really having a baby!
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I'm heading out in a few minutes to meet a woman about a potential babysitting gig. (Why oh why do I always get myself into this?) In preparation, I e-mailed the folks I babysat for in Boston just to a) see how they were doing and b) see if they minded if I gave their number away to potential babysittees. Since I stopped babysitting for them rather abruptly due to some behavior problems with the kid and stuff, I wanted to make sure they were still cool with me.

Mama's last line of her e-mail was, "May you find a lovely wallflower of a child to babysit this time." Ha! I guess they don't hate me after all.

(Naw, I wasn't really worried that they would hate me, but things did end rather weirdly when their kid started spitting at me.)
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How on earth are we supposed to spend this day packing when it is SO gorgeous outside? Argh!

Maybe I can con Jen into going for a little walk with me at some point to break up the monotony and get some fresh air. Or maybe we'll just open some windows and pretend.

Anyone feeling the desire to pack today? xoxo


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