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I’m posting this to enter a contest offered by Check ‘n Go at Creating Motherhood! I want to win a $500 gift card! Enter to win here:
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This one's for you, Cali. <3 xo <3

(Cali, who had her IVF BFP, had an initial beta of 36, a second beta of 155, and a third beta of 160. Sometimes the world is just so, so, SO unfair. I hate that she is hurting so much and was so close.)
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digi love
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I thought you might like to know. And even if you don't, I just want to shout it from the rooftops!


Thank you so much, all of you who donated to her IVF Fund, or offered prayers or thoughts or whatever.

Here's to praying for a sticky bean (or two)!
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Here are some eggs for Calliope. She has her Egg Retrieval on Saturday and the IVP is here to motivate those ovaries!!

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Did I ever update on my friend, Calliope? The one with the cancelled Shared IVF and the positive HepC test? Well, if I didn't, the long and short of it was: she got enough money to do the IVF, but her second HepC test came back positive, so she had to fly back home and find infectious disease doctors and wonder how she got HepC. They did a bazillion tests and they were all inconclusive, then finally had a definitive yes/no test and, get this, she does NOT have HepC! So she called the fertility clinic and they said they would still give her the discounted IVF, so she is currently taking Lupron and will have an egg retrieval in December. YAY! Thank you, everyone!

I feel like total crud today. I didn't get good sleep and I didn't eat much yesterday, so basically nothing is sitting well with me today. I thought it was just that the Thanksgiving leftovers I ate didn't agree with me, but we went to Bertucci's for dinner and that hasn't agreed with me either. I feel like it is still just sitting in my stomach, because I can still taste it. Even the salad. I mean, really - how can SALAD not agree with you? Bleh.

Punk is making me Lose. My. Mind. She is on a major sleep strike and she just gets so overtired and she screams and cries and arches her back to try to get out of my arms and it is just SO hard. I wish I had some sort of magic answer to all of this. I have tried every single possible thing to get her to sleep. I have rocked her, paci'd her, taken her to bed with me, fed her, swaddled her, unswaddled her, left her in the crib to try to work it out on her own, rubbed her back, patted her, sung to her... you name it. I hope she gets over this quickly.
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I don't do this very often (read: never) but this is different. Please, bear with.

My friend Calliope has been trying to get pregnant for a Very Long Time. She's a kick-ass woman trying to be a single mama using Man in a Can - she's been doing this for a long time. She's had more medicated IUIs than anyone really should. She has spent more money than I even want to THINK about.

This is compounded by the fact that Calliope's full-time job is to be the live-in caretaker for her grandmother, who has a degenerative disease. She does not get paid for this work. She hardly gets recognition. She was not eligible for health insurance. She does this for her family. Her grandmother, mother, and she live together and try to make life work - and she is trying to create the fourth generation.

Eventually she ran out of money and thought she had run out of options. Her only available option was IVF, and she couldn't afford it. The family had spent everything they could. She gave up on babymaking, but continued to cheer us all on.

Then she discovered a Shared IVF program run by a clinic a bazillion miles away from her home. In this program, she would stim for an IVF cycle and half of her eggs would go to a woman who was financing her IVF cycle. She filled out the application on a lark, and was accepted. Then she was matched. And then she got started. It was a dream come true.

She has been away from home for several days gearing up for egg retrieval and fertilization. She was growing lots of eggs for her and her recipient, and things were looking GOOD. And today... well, today she got a call saying that she tested positive for HepC and her shared cycle was cancelled.

She is pretty sure it is a false positive (she's been tested a million times doing different TTC things) and asked for a retest, which will be available on Friday. But they are still cancelling the Shared IVF. They already told the recipient. They told Calliope that she could continue the IVF cycle (you know, the one she's in the middle of) on her own dime. We're talking thousands of dollars, people.

Calliope is away from home and her mother is willing to sell the family car to continue her IVF, but this isn't feasible. I never ask for money online, but CALLIOPE NEEDS YOUR HELP. There are at least 200 people linked to this journal and if everyone gave $5, that would be over a thousand dollars! Can you even imagine? This could really happen, people.

Guys, she deserves this. She really REALLY deserves this. Her eggs are growing RIGHT NOW and this was HER TIME.


Donate to Cali's IVF!


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