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Oct. 4th, 2006 10:34 pm
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In the circuitous fashion of our life together, we have secured not the first car we put a deposit on, nor the second, but instead the first car we test drove and were initially interested in - the Toyota Matrix.

After the Versa salesperson told us he could not expect to get any Versas until mid-November, we shifted gears and went back to looking at the Scion xA. We ran into the same problem as we did with the Versa (not a lot of cars on the lot, usually in white only) but Jen found a local dealer last week who promised us that they were expecting a 2007 Salsa Red xA last Saturday. And then Saturday became "Monday at the latest" and then "Monday or Tuesday" and well, here it is Wednesday evening and there is no Salsa Red Scion xA at the dealership. We were starting to get a little anxious.

The day after we put the deposit on the Scion, I received a phone call from someone at Boch Toyota (one of the places I'd called to locate an xA) who saw that I had inquired about the Matrix and that they found an additional car (not just the one in white). I told him that we had just put a deposit on another car elsewhere.

Tonight we decided we would just drive out to Bach Toyota and see if they had any cars we could buy today, either a spiffy xA or a significantly discounted Matrix (they're a big dealer and usually charge less). They did not have a single xA on the lot (though they had a bunch of xBs and tCs) and most of the Matrices (that's what it is, right? not Matrixes) were 5-speed, sold, or pre-owned. They had one automatic 2007 Matrix but it was /expensive/ - it had all kinds of extras like cruise control, the sports package, 6 CD changer, yadda yadda. We said we couldn't buy that car because it was too much money.

Some sales closer person came over and told us he could get us the car for $2K less because he wanted it off the lot, so we agreed. Then our salesperson came back and offered us the car at only $1K less and said that there was "no way his manager would approve the $2K" and we tapped the paper with the other dude's price on it and said we would buy the car for this or we would buy our Scion. So we got our car around dealer cost, which is pretty sweet.

It's still a little out of our price range, and the payments are about $30-$40 more than we would have paid on the xA, but we got a better quality car with more storage space and it has so many keen extras that I don't know what to do with. I snicker and giggle every time I think about driving a car with a "sports package." (We won't even talk about the leather-wrapped steering wheel - gross - I need a cover.) I still miss my 1998 Nissan Sentra base base base model.

Beep beep! We pick it up tomorrow night, and tomorrow morning I get to sell our first born to the insurance company. I hope the car doesn't get trashed in Dorchester!

(Also, the car fiasco made me 1.25 hours late for my freaking shot. How annoying.)
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So we've given up the hunt for the elusive Versa. It was just too crazy to think that there was not a single dealer in this area that expected to have one any time in the near future (read: when we need a car) that wasn't bright white or fire engine red. We got tired of calling dealers and getting the "we expect a truck in the next 10 days maybe" runaround. And, admittedly, I started to just get really stressed out about Jen not having a car for her new job. She also is taking next week off between jobs and we were going to use some of that time to get some stuff fixed on the Focus (breaks check, oil change, finally fix the trunk damage from the vodka bottle, general maintenance check) since I'd actually have a car to use for work. So the idea of cutting it to the wire was not going to work.

We went to Plan B, which is the Scion xA. It was one of the first cars we test drove (the same day as the Matrix) and we liked it quite a bit. It was a little higher on emissions than I liked but it has decent gas mileage and handled pretty well (more like an economy car than the Versa but good). And it is certainly well within our price range - actually on the lower end. It's cute, it has a hatch back, and reviews all list it as quite dependable with little maintenance required. I think Edmunds said it had the Lowest True Cost To Own in its class, so that's nice, too. Jen found a dealer locally that is supposed to get one, yes one, on Saturday or Monday and she put a little deposit on it so we get first dibs. It's a nice maroon color (Scion calls it "salsa red" which does not look like a fire engine) and it is a little pricier because it happens to have the optional extra airbag package (side and curtain air bags), which is cool because I kind of wanted that anyway.

The sucky parts are that it doesn't have as much haul space as the Versa or the Matrix or the other cars we looked at, and that it doesn't have much pick-up. But I guess that's what happens when you get into Car Desparation Crunch Time. Besides, it's cheap and cute, and heck, I don't require much more than that.

Car crap

Sep. 26th, 2006 09:20 pm
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So the Nissan dude finally got back to me and said that they aren't getting any new cars for the rest of the month and said we'd have to wait. I told him we couldn't wait that long and he said he would get back to me. So I'm starting to think the Versa is a bust. We can try to call a couple of other dealers but no one seems to have them and we can't wait a month for a car. So frustrating. I hope they don't give us a hard time when we go get our deposit back.

We're in the process of househunting and honestly, I don't know how people can afford to buy houses. We're actually looking at cheap houses (for New England) and the monthly payments, with taxes, will be pretty close to what we're paying now, probably. I thought we were moving to SAVE money. Argh. So now Jen will be making less money and we'll have more expenses. Hopefully I won't be taking a pay cut, too, or I'll be working two jobs and the babymaking will go out the window. Phooey.

I'm sure this is just stress talking but right now I just think that I was foolish to think that things were starting to work out. Bleh. We need a car and a place to live, STAT!

p.s. I'm glad that House and SVU are back into new episodes.
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We're such grownups today. We put a deposit down at the dealer to try to find us the exact car we want (2007 Nissan Versa S in Blue Onyx/Grey). Then we filled out an application to try to prequalify for a mortgage so we can buy a hizzle in western mizzle. We spent the evening going through the listings that a realtor sent us, and disqualifying certain towns based on high tax rates. Phooey!

Of course, now Jen is watching episodes of Charlie's Angels, so I'm feeling REALLY old. Those 70s ladies sure are funny. If I were a bad guy, I would run screaming from their BIG HAIR!

I am still addicted to the AOL Gold Rush games. Somebody stop me!

Dude, it's almost my birthday!


Jul. 28th, 2006 04:28 pm
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I dropped the car off at the body shop down the street so its rear bumper could get fixed from the rear-ending on Sunday. We figured this would be a good time to do it since we will be in the City this weekend and therefore do not need a car. It's not terribly far from home (a mile, maybe a little more) so I figured I would drop it off and walk home. Except that it is almost 90°. And it's like peak heat hours. And I forgot that there was a container of cat litter in the car that needed to make it home along with my work stuff. And of course before I even get to the walk home part, the people tell me that the credit card machine is broken so first I had to walk up the street in the other direction to take out a ton of money from the ATM. So. Hot.

Speaking of HOT, as I was walking through the T station area (almost home, people! almost home!), some punk kid on a bike (maybe 16?) says, "You look nice today." It started the following exchange:

Kid: You look nice today.
Me: Thank you.
Kid: You want to go have a little fun?
Me: Sorry, not my kind of fun.

I am still walking, of course... with my work bag, my lunch bag, and 20lbs of cat litter. I am /sweaty/. He is following me.

Kid: I'm not you're kind of what?
Me: You're just not my idea of fun, okay?
Kid: Come on, I could make your day end happy.
Me: Leave. Me. Alone.

SRSLY, people - what is UP with that? I was prepared to throw the cat litter at him.


In non-creepy news, you KNOW you order too many flowers for your grandmother when you call the usual florist to arrange "get well" flowers for her upcoming foot surgery and the dude on the phone knows her address when you give her name. So cute. He said, "Real nice lady." Yep, that's Grandma.

Cursed car

Jul. 23rd, 2006 07:48 pm
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In true "Yes, This Is Really Our Life" fashion, we were rear-ended at an intersection this evening. We decided to head up to the Whole Foods at Symphony (mistake #1) after a quick trip to Target, and while we were waiting for the light to change at the crossroads of Mass Ave and Huntington, some dude decided he wanted to go around and pass us on the right... only he wasn't paying attention and didn't give himself enough room and rubbed the whole passenger side of the rear bumper with the front/side of his car. Guh. Scraped off plastic and paint.

Even better, Jen knows this guy as a teller at the bank where she does deposits for work. And he apparently got his car a week ago. And was really whining about not wanting to go through insurance, and wanting to pay out of pocket, etc. I /hate/ being in those situations. Because you know what? Insurance here SUCKS and having to pay claims and raise your rates even further sucks more.

We didn't have cell phones on us (mistake #2) so instead of calling the police and the insurance company, we took down the dude's info and told him we would get an estimate. After we give him the estimate, if he does not make /immediate/ payment I am going to go all insurance on his ass. I hate to be a non-trusting person, but ugh. We had NO fault in this and the last thing I want is to get screwed.

Jen says the car is cursed. I don't buy that. I think that WE are cursed.
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I took an hour-long work at the Pope John with Coworker Marti Maraschino. It was a good time, though she probably heard more than she ever wanted to about our fertility process. HA. Dudes seriously, don't get me started because I /will/ talk for an hour. All it takes is a smidgen of interest (or even feigned interest). I am unstoppable.

As an aside, I wonder if she minds that I call her Marti Maraschino. I can't stop. I've called her that since the very first day.

I just heard Drunk Guy out the window. He was talking to The Movie Thief about us... something about how he didn't damage our car to be malicious and didn't even remember it happening. I'll have to ask TMT about the whole conversation (I missed some) but I wanted to yell out the window, "DUDE, JUST PAY THE FRICKIN COURT AND SHUT UP." (When the DA took him to court on the vandalism charge, the judge agreed to drop the charges provided he paid $515 - for our estimates - in restitution by the end of July.) I don't want to deal with him on a personal level, I just want to get the car fixed.

I'm not hungry but I want to eat more blueberries. This is a serious problem. I tried having some lemonade instead in the hopes that it would take the edge off, but nope - still want blueberries.

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I think it's funny that when I started my job, I was concerned about how fancy everyone looked all the time and [ profile] lorimelton and I quietly referred to them as The Stepford Social Workers. They still look all fancy, most of them, but they are awesome.

Spent a lot of QT with Nicole, Kristine, and Kelly yesterday. Nicole was nice enough to pick me up and drop me off from a new car dealer in Braintree. Still got overcharged but don't have the feeling that we got screwed over. I found out yesterday that Jen's car, which supposedly was a dealer program vehicle per Ricart (where she bought it), was actually an Enterprise Rent-a-Car for about 8 months. Sigh.

I fell asleep yesterday from about 6pm until about 8pm. I never nap, but oh my, did I need it. Nice.

Pictures tonight, maybe.

Car again

Jun. 18th, 2006 11:09 pm
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The engine light is back on. Damned car. Damned shaking and sputtering all over again.
I am so sick of this effing car.
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car damage 06-05-06
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Jen and I were sitting on the couch talking while I was waiting to go to book club and we heard a bit of a commotion out on the street. It really seemed to show no signs of stopping so we did what any self-respecting Nosey Parkers would do, and went to the window. An obviously intoxicated man was shouting at a man in another car, things like, "Don't park in front of my g-d house!" or whatever. The man in the car was just trying to get away; he had obviously parked in order to take the T to work.

This continued, and when the car guy started driving off, the drunk guy hit the back of his (nice) car. Still yelling. He kicked the car. Still yelling. The dude tried to drive away some more and Drunk Guy went to the side of the car to yell into the (closed) window. At this point, dude started getting pissed and did a little back up maneuver to try to scare Drunk Guy, who got more pissed and then punched the front of the car. At this point, dude makes a motion like he's going to hit Drunk Guy with his car and Drunk Guy starts screaming some more, so dude starts to drive up, turning right down the street that runs perpendicular to our street, right in front of our house.

Drunk Guy chases after him and, no joke, pulls a bottle of booze out from the back waist of his pants and chucks it at dude's car. Only he's drunk, right? So instead, the bottle smashes into our trunk and back window, shattering the back window, denting and scratching the trunk, and spraying cheap vodka and broken glass throughout the interior of our car. So I yell, "YOU HIT MY FUCKING CAR!" at him through the window and then proceed to run downstairs while dialing the police.

While I am running downstairs, dude decides he's had quite enough of Drunk Guy and gets out of his car, grabs some bricks from a sidewalk, and begins pummeling the crap out of Drunk Guy. Then when Drunk Guy is down, he starts kicking him like woah. Then he drives off, the police come. Drunk Guy is walking down the street bleeding everywhere and I flag down the police car.

Eventually we (and another witness) give our statements and Drunk Guy goes by ambulance to the hospital. But before he gets to this point he was nice enough to slur and bleed all around me while he apologizes for damaging our car but "he got hit and there was so much blood he couldn't see." (This is comical because he got hit AFTER he hit our car. And I'm stupid enough to have decided to point this out to him. So he came closer to me with all of his drunk blood and I got to say, "Don't touch me!")

So the police take a report of vandalism and now if we want to have the trunk dent/scratches fixed we have to pay a $500 deductible. I guess the glass doesn't have a deductible. And I'm hoping our insurance won't go up since it wasn't our fault, but I'm dubious.

Another day, another incident with the car in the neighborhood. I have to walk to work in the morning for play group and then cancel all of my afternoon visits and walk home, since the window people won't be able to come until tomorrow afternoon. The car has been backed into my neighbor's driveway, the people I used to babysit for, and hopefully nothing will get stolen. But I wouldn't be surprised at this point.

I really would like to know why our lives have to suck so badly. I think we're good people, you know?
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I had my first ever car-damage incident of my life today, which is pretty effing amazing considering I've done home visits for 3 years, with the last 2 in Dorchester and Roxbury. I drove past the home of my new family and went to turn around in a really narrow driveway on a very busy street (Quincy St. in Dorchester, for the interested), and when I went to back out of the driveway onto the street (with the bazillion cars), I rubbed the side of the car on a nasty utility pole. It made one of those awful sounds and I'm sure everyone was watching. Whoops.

When I got to the house, I got out to survey the damage. I was going to take a picture, but I forgot. Anyway, everything from the front wheel-well on the driver's side to the curve of the bumper was scratched up and brown and it looked AWFUL. I tried to rub some of the creosote out but it wouldn't budge.

I got home and tried to wash it off with soap and water (no way) and then WD-40 (still a no go). I remembered that I had grabbed a tube of that "as seen on TV" scratch remover (you know, the one that purports to be for any color car) from my Dad's house when we were cleaning it out and figured, 'Eh, what the heck.' And HOLY CRAP, it got every speck of brown nastiness off of the car.

There are still a couple of good-sized scratches in the car (where I rubbed the paint clear off to the base) - one on the side of the car itself and the other on the plastic bumper - but without the two feet of brown scrapes you can hardly notice them. And now that the brown stuff is gone and not drawing attention to the area, you can't see the little bit of dent, either. Not too shabby.

Flawless victory.


May. 3rd, 2006 09:08 pm
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  • I almost got in a wreck today. I was driving through an intersection and someone on the other street was going to blow through the red light. Lots of screeching brakes (on his part), lots of horn blaring (on my part). They say accidents happen close to home, and this was certainly no exception - right on the corner of the two main streets near my place.

  • I don't even care who gets voted off American Idol anymore. I don't really like any of the contestants anymore. In some weird twist of fate, my favorite is now Taylor. Mostly because none of the other people do it for me. Chris, you annoy me. Paris, it's time to go. Elliott, you're just not pop star material. And I've never had the McPheever.

  • I attempted six home visits today. Even /without/ 1.25 hours of staff meeting, that's a long day. Oof.

  • Noodle casserole was just as good the second day. Yum.

  • This weather has GOT to stop. It is so cold and so damp and so disgusting. All I want to do is sleep and sleep. Please bring back the sun.

  • I want to know what our inspermination plan is so I know how it affects our weekend, if at all. It's hard to be unable to plan anything, especially with Northampton Pride and Game Night and trying to visit my grandparents.

  • Next weekend is our first legal wedding anniversary. So awesome. My wife rocks.

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In other news, we finally got the car back tonight! Apparently yesterday's problem WAS that the fuel pump they ordered was messed up somehow. They got a new one today and it seems to be working fine. Yay!

It's nice to have our old crappy car back, but I /do/ miss the power windows and doors. ;)
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I went to Quirk to pick up my car today. They couldn't test it out to see if the new fuel pump was working because the gas cap was locked and I forgot to give them the key. Oops! So I brought it over and waited for them to test it out.

An hour of Fox News later (UGH), CSD gave me back the key to the rental car. After a "Whaaaa?" and a "You are KIDDING me!" he let me know that they tested out the new fuel pump and the car is actually running WORSE. I cautiously asked, "Are you saying there's something ELSE wrong?" and he said that the tech thought that perhaps they got a bum fuel pump. (Which flashed me back to a conversation last night with Steve, when he said that they might try to stick me with a used fuel pump.)

I left, took the smoke-smelling (yuck) rental and try to look at the positive - power windows and locks. Maybe I'll have a car tomorrow... but I refuse to cancel more home visits to take care of this stupid car.

I asked CSD to please just set it on fire.
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I received a message on my cell phone from the car dealer. Customer Service Dude (CSD) said that they had located the problem - a broken fuel pump - and since it was not related to the earlier problem, we were responsible for the cost. The cost, by the way, was going to be $520. Say WHAT??!?!

So I called him back, and poor CSD got an earful and a half. I wanted to know how it was possible that a car was exhibiting the same symptoms on Wednesday and Saturday, but from two unrelated problems. And I wanted to know if he expected me to believe that /coincidentally/ the fuel pump just /happened/ to die right after taking the car in for $500 in repairs at the dealer. And I wanted to know how I was supposed to believe, if the problem was indeed the fuel pump, that the problem wasn't the fuel pump from the get-go and they misdiagnosed (and serviced) our car. I also demanded to know why we were having so many problems with a 3-year-old car.

He stammered a lot, and I suppose I didn't leave him much room to get a word in edgewise, so I told him more calmly that I knew this had nothing to do with him, that he wasn't even the CSD I worked with on Saturday (who doesn't work Mondays). But that I was tired of getting jerked around by Quirk Ford and that I would really love it if they would just put my car back together and I would be there to pick it up shortly; that I didn't want them to do any work on it and had no desire to have any business with them in the future aside from telling other people to stay far, far away. He said he needed to "yell at some people," and talk to a manager, and would call me back.

So he calls back after "looking over our notes" and sees where we had all of the spark plug/fuel line flush work done and that he's sorry, that this must be an unfortunate coincidence, but the two are not related. (LIES.) However, he feels bad that I am so upset at Quirk and can see from the history that we have been good customers who have spent considerable money at their establishment. So then he says, "You can come pick up the car now and pay the diagnostic fee of $99. But I talked to the manager and he's willing to write off the diagnostic and eat the cost of labor, give you a discount on the fuel pump, and fix the whole thing for a total cost of $90."

Umm... WHAT? From $520 to... $90? And this is to convince me that you're LEGIT businesspeople?

So of course I took them up on their offer and told them I'd really like to have the car done today, please. And I spoke very slowly and reiterated, "So you're telling me that you will fix the car... and the ONLY thing I will have to pay is $90? $90 TOTAL?" And he said yes. I told him that they should repair the car, then, and I appreciated his willingness to see the suckitude of the situation. (And the fact that there is NO WAY I was going to give them $1000 in one week to fix the same problem twice.)

I know they close at 6:00 and I haven't heard anything yet. At 5:00 I'm going to start ringing his phone again. I want my crappy car back, dang it! (And I'm sure I'll be blacklisted over there after this, heh.)

ETA: They apparently had the wrong fuel pump in stock; the car will supposedly now be ready by the end of the day tomorrow.
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So once again the Ford F*ck-Us is in the shop and we're having the same ridiculous problems. I am so tired of the runaround. At first I thought maybe it was just the dealership we've been going to, but after some depressing reading on Comsumer Reports, I can see that the 2000-2001 Foci already have 10+ recalls and the list of complaints keeps going and going. They say these are not problems in the newer models, but our 2003 has already had problems with: ignition switch (at least 3 times), transmission skipping second gear (one time), and stalling and sputtering (right now). All of these are chronic complaints on 2000-2001 cars.

I brought the car back today because immediately after its return to us, it started stalling out and the engine light came on. When I got to the dealer this morning, the engine light was off, but it was still stalling every time the car shifted from Drive to Park. Of course the dealership said they couldn't recreate the problem (are you nuts? EVERY time), but they agreed to wait an hour and try again. This gave me an extra hour of Fox News. Fox News and a Ford Focus are my own personal hell.

Well, dude came back and said they HAD found a problem - a long crank when you try to start the car (this is what we brought the car in for on WEDNESDAY) and stalling. Because I was such a PITA to the guy, I got the rental car supposedly free. (I always make it a point to be extra stubborn there because they are ridiculous. Once I got a repair done by only paying for parts because it was yet ANOTHER eff up job.) So yeah, now they say the soonest they will have our car is Monday. Which is thoroughly ridiculous - especially for a car that had "no problems" at 9am!

I effing hate this car with the spite of a thousand excessively spiteful gnomes. The Ford Focus is the worst car ever made and I can't believe we spent so much money buying it. I want to buy a new car so freaking bad but there is NO WAY we will get anything for it in trade and we /just/ sunk a bunch of life insurance money into paying off the car so we could have no car payments for a while. I also hate Ricart who sold us this crap car... and I wouldn't be surprised if they lied and said it was a 2003 when it is actually a 2001 or something. Stupid car.

Hate hate hate hate hate.

Uh-oh car!

Mar. 16th, 2006 07:46 am
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Sometimes I really think that my vocabulary is going to turn into random word-word utterances. Too much work! (Bye-bye work!)


Yesterday was not a good day for a Ford Focus Driver.

Jen had scheduled a maintenance appointment for our car because it has been having some trouble starting on and off for some time now. We tried a while back to take it to this garage near our house that our landlord recommended, but nothing changed (except the fuel filter) and the problem was still happening. Then last weekend when I went to RI, I noticed that the car was leaking some sort of petroleum product a little bit, and well, that needed to stop. So off to the dealer we went, since they know the car better then the local dudes and they have convenient rental cars.

Jen gets up early and goes to the dealer while I'm getting ready for work, and as I'm waiting for her to come back with the rental so I can do my job, she's stuck in rush hour traffic. She gets home with just enough time for me to get into work for my stuff, and I take the key and run downstairs to see... a flat tire on the rental car. And I mean TOTALLY flat. So I call Jen back down, she calls the rental car roadside assistance people, and I beg my coworker to come pick me up.

Jen waits something like an hour and a half for the roadside assistance people to actually show up, at which time a grumbly man puts the donut on so Jen can drive the car back to the dealer. It is now about 11am.

Jen gets to the dealer and they don't seem to have time to change the tire right away, although they do tell her that there is a screw in the tire. So she waits, and at 11:45 she calls and says she's waiting for them to have time to change the tire. At this point, I can't cancel any more appointments, really, and I tell her to just ditch the rental and wait for our actual car because I can't use the rental car at this point. She ends up waiting at the dealer until 2 and I beg a coworker to let me borrow her car (another Ford Focus, HAR HAR) for the afternoon.

Jen comes home with the car and tells me that they said that our spark plugs were too loose and that over time, they kept getting looser and now gas was getting into them and the whole thing was just a big, gassy, loose mess. So $500 later, we hopefully have a fixed car. And they were "nice" enough to only charge us for half a day of rental car even though, HELLO, we never got to use it. But whatever.

Jen met me at work at 5 so I could drive her back home and then go to my 5:30 home visit. Ugh, what a frickin' day. Stupid car.

Today I'm working 11 hours straight. Yeah, that will be fun.

Egg part 2

Aug. 24th, 2005 07:57 am
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Yeah, scratch that plan.

Got up, got to car repair place. Was told he was slammed, could look at the car at the end of the day today. Can't leave the car there that long due to home visits, had to turn around and drive home. And here I am.

He .did. say that he thought it was unlikely that too much egg or shell got into the gas tank because of the little plate that covers the hole (though there was a little egg on it yesterday when I was cleaning; although there was egg on the road, too, so it couldn't have ALL gotten in), and that he wasn't terribly worried about it. He thought the fuel cleaner stuff wouldn't be a bad idea. He suggested bringing the car back another day if I was still worried.

I asked about tomorrow, he said, "Yeah, I'm really busy tomorrow, too. I'm busy every day."

I hope he's right about everything being okay.


Aug. 23rd, 2005 11:14 pm
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As if there haven't been enough crappy things in my life in the last couple of months, some yahoo in my neighborhood decided to egg the car and put an egg in the gas tank last night. As in, open the gas door, unscrew gas cap, put egg in, smoosh.

Apparently this can cause a problem in the fuel line and needs to be dealt with ASAP. Which involves the flushing (and total loss) of three-quarters of a tank of $2.60 gas.

This is what my morning will look like tomorrow:

5:30am - wake up, shower
6:30am - bring car to mechanic
9:30am - walk from mechanic to first home visit.
10:45am - walk back to mechanic, hope car is done

If the car's not done, I'm basically screwed because I have an assessment from 11:00 to 1:00, a home visit from 1:15 to 2:15, and staff meeting at 3:45. I have no idea how I'm supposed to get to all of these appointments with no car. I have no idea how I will walk miles through Southie with my bag, an assessment bag, and a frickin' balance beam (part of the assessment kit). And then I have a home visit at 5:30 that ends around 6:45.

5:30am to 6:45pm on a day following my double-job day where I work non-stop from 8:30am to 10:00pm (where 8:30 to 9:10 was spent in the work parking lot cleaning egg off the car). And sure, I can cancel visits, but if I don't make productivity by Thursday, I can't flex out Friday to take my grandmother out for her birthday. So I can cancel visits to fix the car and have to cancel on my grandmother, or find some crazy-ass way to make it work. Regardless, the car will get fixed with the money I was going to use on grandma's birthday. Fan-freaking-tastic.

I am so sick of this crap. I can really understand why people want to hurt themselves sometimes, because right now I just want to drive that ridiculous effing car into the largest tree I can find.


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