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I never followed up on our day care situation. It's all good now.

In the end, I decided to drop a little e-mail to our child care provider about the SpongeBob action, but so it didn't sound all crazy, I couched it in a longer e-mail asking how she was adjusting, is she napping, etc. and also mentioning that I really liked this little craft project that Punk had come home with that day. And I sort of casually mentioned the SpongeBob issue and just said something like, "I know a lot of little kids don't really pay attention to what's on, but you've probably noticed by now that my child is obsessed with television, and I'd rather she didn't mimic anything she heard or saw on SpongeBob." She wrote back right away and said she always puts on PBS or Disney for the kids and that one of her sons (they are something like 7 and 9) probably changed it. And you know, that's really plausible. So I wrote back my thanks and said we were happy with everything and Punk seemed happy and blah blah blah.

She seems quite taken with Punk (who isn't, really?) and Punk is happy when she is picked up, so honestly, it's all good for me. One thing I /do/ like is because this place is really set up for younger kids, they're doing more stereotypical toddler/preschooler crafty things - you know, making trains out of ziti and stuff like that. The old place was awesome because of its creative academics, and Punk ate that stuff up with a spoon, but I think that as a 2 year old she's really entitled to make some macaroni crafts for a while before I send her off to junior college. :)

In other news, she's become 2 and a half all of a sudden and I am ready to sell her to the gypsies some days. She has discovered the fine art of hitting for attention and otherwise being blatantly uncooperative (i.e. I ask her to do something and she makes this "I'm going to be naughty" sound - it's like BOP!! - and then does the opposite... and then says, "Do you like that sound, Mama?"). And has been fighting sleep again. GOOD TIMES.
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I am officially "that mom."

Punk started her new home day care yesterday. After looking at a number of day cares, we didn't find one we LOVED except for the big Montessori school in Springfield but they require 2 year olds to be picked up at 4 and umm, that's not possible. So we looked at a lot of "not our favorite" places and in the end had to kind of choose a lesser of evils thing. Well, none were EVIL. I hate that expression. But anyway.

So we went with this woman who was very nice, very personable, very sweet to Punk, who had a nice house and had a small gaggle of little girls who were not doing anything outrageous. There were a few things I wasn't jazzed about (TV on at drop off until about 9am, seemed to eat more "kid foods" more often, a bit less structure) but overall she seemed like a lady who is a nurturing mom type and would be very present for Punk, and I thought she would like that group of kids - a bunch of girly girls who like "beautiful dresses" and playing "dress up," both very big in our house right now.

Yesterday was her first day and I brought her diapers and wipes and blanket and pillow and all of that and it was fine. She was excited to be there and sat down at the bookshelf with all of the books, picking out her favorites. ("Look, Mama, The Foot Book!" etc.) And I left, and at pick-up Jen said it was a little more chaotic than she liked but Punk seemed to be having fun, and the day care provider was flexible in trying different ways to help Punk nap, etc. Punk said she had chicken nuggets and fries and ketchup for lunch and came home asking for vegetables for dinner, but whatever. You know? I'm not a total psycho hard-ass.

This morning I dropped her off and there were a few other parents dropping off, and Punk was a little freaked by the new parents. I heard C mention that the TV was on (Punk came in and asked for TV) so I tried to kind of move Punk over to that area so she wouldn't be so freaked by the parents. I am not bothered by the TV being on at drop-off for 30 minutes or so before breakfast as Punk watches TV at home. When C told me she has the TV on in the morning, I simply stopped having Punk watch TV at home in the mornings so she would have her morning TV time over there. No big.

But when I brought her over to the couch I saw that SpongeBob was on. I'm not some freak who thinks SpongeBob should be banned or anything but I don't think it's appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers. And I have never let Punk watch SpongeBob. And I don't plan to for quite a while. I don't like the way they act on that show and I don't like the way they talk to each other and I don't really need my kid calling people "stupid" and acting like a nutter. I am actually kind of furious about the SpongeBob.

I sent an e-mail tonight to the day care provider asking how Punk is adjusting and also asking if it's possible not to have SpongeBob on for the toddlers in the morning. I vacillate between worrying about being a psycho-mom and wanting to find a new day care ASAP before she gets attached. And then I worry that I will mess her up for life if I switch her day care a million times, too.

Being a mama is HARD.
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When I walked into Punk's child care, the child care provider told me she was closing for good when she has her surgery. Which potentially could be as early as next Friday.

Pretty much anything after that just sucks.

I want to quit my job and just say 'eff it' to everyone.
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K had her follow-up appointment with the surgeon who did her lumpectomy and we were hoping for the good news. Pre-surgery, the thought based on the mammogram and biopsy was that she would have a lumpectomy and then either hormone treatment or maybe a little radiation and by the end of October, she could consider herself a survivor.

Today she learned that when the doctor removed the lump, there were a lot of precancerous cells around and the lump was near a lymph node. They are recommending a mastectomy which is scheduled for October 14th. They are also ordering an MRI of the other breast to see if there is anything suspicious looking and if it doesn't look right, a biopsy of the other breast and the possibility of a double mastectomy.

I am so sick over this. I care more about K than about most other people... and even in the best case scenario (single mastectomy, no significant treatment required), she's out for a month. Beginning October 14th. Which isn't a heck of a lot of time to find new childcare.

Holy hell.
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Punk's child care is closed next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so that K can have her lumpectomy and recover and all of that. WTF am I going to do?

Does anyone local know anyone trustworthy and awesome to do some child care?
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This has been a hell of a week. My emotions are just... I don't even know. There are just too many emotions.

Yesterday a friend of mine went in for her scheduled induction and learned that her baby had died sometime in the last 24 or so hours. She had gone in the day before for a non-stress test and everything was fine. Perfect, even. How the hell does this happen? I am still super shaken about it, the unfairness of it all but also that awful niggling feeling that you can NEVER be sure that everything is going to be okay. Two years ago, in this same circle of (online) friends, a friend died after child birth from an amniotic embolism. It just brings back so many memories - so many of the same people saying, "Oh my god!" or trying to mobilize.

On Monday my beloved child care provider had a biopsy in her breast after a routine mammogram. Yesterday she was very upbeat and positive, saying that the person who did the biopsy was saying that there was a major increase in biopsies since they switched to a new digital machine. Today she left me a message that child care is closing tomorrow by 2:45 because she has to go in to talk to a doctor right away. To say that I am freaking out is an understatement.

It just seems like I have been stuck in Low Tide since my grandfather told us he had pancreatic cancer in February. Everything is just low, low, low. I feel all washed out and swept out to sea. My sandy shore is full of rocks and abandoned shellfish.

Play Date

Aug. 31st, 2009 08:02 am
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My beloved child care provider is having a biopsy today (gulp, nervous) and one of Punk's child care friends is coming over for a play date. And by "play date" I actually mean "I am watching her because both of her parents work in schools and today is the first day." It's sure to be a busy and fun day, but... she's late. I hope that doesn't mean her dad will be late for his first day, too!

It will be fun to have her here. She's 5 and starts kindergarten tomorrow. Punker is sure going to miss her.

I shall take adorable photos.
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This evening was the annual show for Punk's day care. Yes, they have a show. At a day care. A home day care with the most awesome of awesome day care providers who every year plans a summer show with a theme and self-written songs (some) and a graduation ceremony for anyone who's leaving preschool to go to kindergarten. And oh lordy, it is the cutest thing ever. We went last year before we were enrolled in the day care to meet the other families, and it was adorable when I didn't know the kids, even.

At 4:00 this morning I hear Punk cough, then hack, then cry. She had an enormous poop blowout and had thrown up a little. You know what that means - no day care. No day care! It's show day! Nevermind that it was 4:00 and she was hysterical and couldn't get back to sleep and had vomit in her hair and was exhausted all day and sipping on PediaLyte.

I called our child care provider and cautiously said that Punk was not attending today because she threw up overnight and um, by the way, can she still come to the show? The show that my mother and SIL flew up from SC to see? Thankfully she said yes. Actually she said, "Well, the day care rule is stay home for 24 hours with no throwing up, but since it's not day care when it's after 5 PM..." I love her for that.

Punk never threw up again and we babied her stomach with bland foods and PediaLyte, and she was full of energy (read: running on fumes) before show time. She did a great job even with being awfully overtired and cried a couple of times out of exhaustion but she sang all the songs and even her little solo and she was so adorable and lovely and I'm so glad we were able to do it. She prepared for that show for 3 months and she would have been heartbroken to miss it.

Video to come soon, hopefully!
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Punk's child care provider has been sick for the last two days and has closed the day care. It wasn't a huge deal on Monday because I was off, but I was planning to have a long visit with my grandmother (alone) and instead we had a short visit (with child). K is very rarely sick and has never been sick for more than one day, so I didn't think much of it... until her husband called again today. That's /really/ unusual and I'm really worried about her.

I was also freaking about the possibility that she will still be sick tomorrow. Jen took today off but can't realistically take tomorrow off too, and I have a training at work that I am absolutely supposed to attend. I already told my supervisor I might have to miss it, but it really doesn't look good. On a whim, I called one of Punk's day care buddies to ask the mom who she is using for back up care, and she said that she was going to be home tomorrow with the kids, and I could bring Punk over. WHEW. And she wouldn't take any money so I would have to send her flowers or something.

But then, to add a layer of drama to everything, Punk spit up a little bit today while she was with Jen. Jen said that while she was napping, she heard a burping sound and then Punk was calling for her, and when she got in the room, Punk started to cry. She said there was some puke in the bed but it wasn't much - wasn't any food or anything and she said it seemed like drool and a little bit of ice cream she had for dessert. She has been acting normally ever since (had fun in the tub, played with toys, ate a decent bit of toast and banana for dinner, had a blast in the sandbox) but of course I am paranoid that she is going to be sick and then I'll have to miss work whether K is sick or not!

Her temp at bedtime was 100.1 which is probably nothing but umm, yeah, paranoid.
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Punk is still recovering, but was fever-free again today so off she went to day care. K says she had a good day and I got to pick her up today which is always fun because she is so excited to see me. She also slept on a cot on the floor like the big kids for the first time today. Woah!

She started yawning in the car about 5 minutes from home but continued to play normally, eat normally, etc. I started clean up and bedtime about 15 minutes early because of the yawning and because she pooped. I got into the rocker with her for our nightly hugs and after less than one minute, she kicked me out of her room! She said, "bye-bye, mama" and when I asked her if she wanted to go into the crib right then, she said "yes!" I put her down, she said "bye-bye" again, and I haven't heard a peep from her since!

I can't believe she kicked me out before we could get our full 5 minutes of cuddles! I need my cuddles!


I still feel like I am living a dream now that I have one of those kids you just lay in the crib and walk out the door. It's like night and day and it still seems so surreal, or like a fluke, even though it's been a couple of weeks now. It is the most awesome thing ever and I wish I could bottle it up and send it to everyone who's having a tough time getting their kids to sleep.

Mama brag )

Long nap.

Feb. 16th, 2009 02:14 pm
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Punk's nap has passed the two-hour mark. I think she has been in there asleep for two hours and twenty minutes at this point. About 15 minutes ago she cried out, but was quiet by the time I made it down the hall, so I guess she was just whimpering in her sleep.

I hope this means the sickies are turning the corner and she is going to sleep it off. For the last several days, her naps have been short due to coughing and congestion and stuff, so maybe this will do the trick.

I hope so, because I really need her to be well enough for child care tomorrow if possible. Since she did not have a fever all day today (first day since Thursday!), it could definitely happen.
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1. I always imagined that when my grandparents started to "show their age," my father and I would be there to support each other. Whoops on that one.

2. Jen got Punk to day care this morning and all of the doors were locked, and the day care provider wasn't answering her phone. We were really worried about her, as she is super responsible and that is just not like her. Jen took Punk to her job temporarily and I left work to go and get her. When I got her home, I checked the voicemail and there was a message from her husband at 6:30am saying that she was sick and needed to close the day care today. Whoops!


And an un-bummer:

When I got to Jen's job, I could hear Punk chattering away, so I followed the sounds to Jen's classroom. Punk was sitting on a swivel-chair in a row of students, colored pencils in her hand and streaming video from PBS Sprout on the monitor in her station. She had already eaten Jen's cottage cheese and one of Jen's student's banana. So umm, needless to say, she really didn't want to leave to come home. Heh.
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So we got some snow this morning - maybe 2.5 inches - and it was a pain in the butt. We were all late to work because of the quick shoveling and then there were a bazillion accidents so the highway was totally jacked. Yuck. I'm glad I insisted on getting the driveway and walkway shoveled, though, because it sleeted and rained after and it would have been grossssssss. It's not, though. Yay!

"They" are also predicting a big storm on Friday, 8 inches or something like that. Punk was supposed to have her day care Christmas party on Friday and it got bumped up to tomorrow (also at my suggestion, man, I'm on a roll) so that people wouldn't feel pressured to bring their kids in bad weather for a party/gift exchange. Which meant that I had to bake Punk's "healthy snack to share" (blueberry bread) tonight instead of tomorrow, and wrap her exchange gift (coloring books and crayons). I am hoping that "they" are wrong about Friday, though, because I was planning to use that extra day care day to clean the heck out of my house in anticipation of house guests. So keep your fingers crossed!

I am fighting off a cold something fierce. I feel tired and worn down but so far (*KNOCKS WOOD*) I have managed to stave off whatever it is. I don't want Punk to get sick, especially for the holidays. Boooooo!

I should be in bed right now. I just finished putting the receipts in the check book and paying the credit card bills, and the bread is done, so technically I'm free to go. I just can't shut my brain off.

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I felt like Supermom yesterday. I dragged my kid all over creation getting things done. Our first stop was the pediatrician to get the second half of her flu shot, and from there we went to Leeds to pick up some of those electric candles you put in the window (thank you, Freecycle), and then hit the post office to mail our Secret Snowmom gift, a holiday card for [livejournal.com profile] juliann, and a little pressie for Punk's internet buddy, Carys. We then went home and did lunch and naptime, and after nap went up to the bank to deposit some of my mileage checks and bought Punk's gift for her holiday party on Friday.

[Yes, her child care is having a party on Friday, and all of the kids picked names out of a hat for a gift swap ($5). How freaking cute is that??!?! So for $5, I got Punk's pick (Lucy, age 3) two coloring books (My Little Pony and The Littlest Pet Shop), a box of 24 crayons, and a sheet of Santa Claus stickers. Not too shabby.]

I also got some gift boxes, a gift bag for the gifts we got for our church's angel tree, and some other random stuff. And then came home. When Jen came home, we hit the mall for dinner and some holiday shopping, knocking one more gift off the list.


Today was officially Online Shopping Day around here, and I ordered a gift for my [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother and one for his wife, got my grandfather's birthday gift (January 3rd) and knocked out all of Jen's immediate family (parents, brothers). And because it was on major sale ($7 marked down from $20), I tacked on a Melissa and Doug "band in a box" for Punk. Since I got my mother's gift at work on Thursday (she wanted a gift card to Olive Garden and I happened to be doing an evaluation right near Olive Garden), I think that we're pretty much done around here except for the wrapping and mailing. I have to split up Punk's Christmas pictures and mail those out, too.

At some point today/tonight, we have to decorate the tree that's been in the house since, oh, Tuesday or so. Trees look LAME when they are in your living room undecorated. Really weird.

And oh my gosh, but if I don't get those holiday cards done and out this weekend I will go berserk. Berserk, I tell you.


Oh, my little cherub is up from her nap (early), so I guess that's it for my productivity!
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Punk is cutting her last molar and (I think) some canines and she is c-r-a-b-b-y. She either wants to sleep a ton during the day and therefore not sleep at night, or she wakes up from her nap too early and then is a disaster by bedtime. Ugh. I can't wait until she has all of her teeth. Teething? Sucks.

She also was exposed 9 days ago to Hand, Foot and Mouth (Coxsackie). We thought we had dodged a bullet because she had nothing on her hands, feet, or in her mouth, but she DID have some bumps on her diaper area late last week... which apparently can be a sign. Also, she has two little blisters on her feet now. SCARED. She hasn't been to her day care since Wednesday (Thursday was Yom Kippur, Friday was my day off, then the weekend, then today was Columbus Day) and if she has to stay out for illness I will go berzerk. Berzerk, I tell you!

I had to work today because my agency was bought out by another agency who apparently does not believe in holidays. So I went to work (ugh) and my entire afternoon of clients cancelled (double ugh). My desk area has never been so clean.

My friend Morgan brought Jen and me a cake yesterday for our birthdays. YUM. I think I need to have some cake now. NOM NOM NOM.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 09:09 pm
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Tomorrow is Friday and I am not working, yet I am sending Punk to day care. It feels so ridiculously indulgent, even though I'm doing it because our house is a disaster and there is no way I can clean it thoroughly with her in the house, nor can I give her the attention she deserves if I am cleaning.

Besides, my day care is flat rate (I pay for Fridays even if she doesn't go) and they were closed Tuesday for Rosh Hashanah as well... so I am going to get my money's worth! ;)

We're going to pick her up after her nap (2:30) so she's not going for a full day, but I actually feel kind of guilty about it. I really do think she'll have a better day playing with kids than watching me vaccuum and clean floors and stuff, though.

It's going to feel so weird without her here!
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I have gained a lot of weight. A LOT of weight. Sure I gained a bunch when I was pregnant, and it never really went away (except for the baby part), and now there is more. It's like I never lost those 30 pounds in 2006. How freaking depressing. I have to do something about that but I have gotten into such BAD eating habits when I was in New Baby Survival Mode and now I need to get out of them. Ugh ugh ugh. FAT.

I should post a locked post about my job sometime, because it is its own story for sure.

Punk started her new day care today and I had to do the drop-off because Jen had to do something. Usually Jen does the drop-off. I am not good at the drop-off because I just want to stay and play. And Punk wants me to stay and play. But she apparently stopped being upset after a few minutes and actually took at least one nap (not sure about the second, but I think so) in a new place with no pacifier, because I forgot it. Whoops. Go Punk! And of course she went to sleep with no rocking or swaddle, because it is Not Home.

She didn't particularly want to go to bed tonight but I made it happen. She was super restless, though. I hope it sticks.

I want a Wii and a Wii Fit. I want it to be my diet plan. But it is impossible to find a Wii! *whine* I also want to get back into martial arts and am looking for a good place to do that. There's one martial arts school inside of the Northampton Athletic Club that is free if you pay the NAC gym rates (about $50/month). There is also a women-only school in Easthampton that has a sliding scale fee and is supposedly open to all abilities. I don't really have $50/month but I don't do anything for myself and hopefully I can make something happen. I need to get back into shape BADLY. Ugh.

It was kind of cool to send Punk to a day care that provides meals and snacks. I didn't have to pack any food! It was awesome. Of course, that awesomeness was a little negated by sending disposable diapers. I think I will try to bring the issue back up in a little while after I've successfully shmoozed the lady with my adorable child.

Day care lady (Kathy) told Jen today that Punk will be walking "any day now." Heh. People have been saying that about her since a little before her 1st birthday. WRONG, SUCKERS!! She will be crawling to kindergarten.

Did I mention that I'm super fat? Because I am. UGH UGH UGH UGH. I'm the fattest I've been since I started losing weight and of course my high school reunion is coming up.

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Called the new day care to firm up some things since Punk starts there tomorrow morning. Found out that as I suspected, the new day care provides food. Score! That will save some time in the mornings since we won't have to pack lunch or snacks. (Oops, forgot to ask about breakfast.) However, the new day care will not take cloth diapers. Argh!

When I asked, she told me that cloth diapers are illegal in day care because they are "not sanitary". Which is completely and totally not true. I told her this. Told her that both home child cares AND center-based child cares in the area are taking cloth diapers, but have different policies about them (like the previously-mentioned poop issue); that it seems to be a provider issue. She still said she would not take them, but would "check into it."

Bollocks. I don't want to add freaking disgusting disposable diapers to our budget at all. Let alone use them.

Somehow cloth diapers are not sanitary, but throwing human waste into landfills is?
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It is also very serendipitous that Marcia offered back-up child care, since our new day care provider is closed for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and umm, those are coming up right quick.
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Last night we went to the "graduation ceremony" at Punk's potential new child care. Kathy (the child care lady) suggested we come so we could meet the other parents, which was really nice of her. Also, since her phone hasn't been working this week, it gave me the opportunity to ask the Very Important Question ("I know you close at 5, but we work until 5, can we PLEASE PLEASE do 5:15 even though you don't allow it?") as well as providing begging as needed ("especially since she won't be coming on Fridays, come on, we won't tell anyone"). Thankfully she said YES and I did not have to have a heart attack in the middle of Springfield. Thankfully.

So we got to meet the parents of the other kids and they were all incredibly nice and, more importantly, they were all positively GLOWING about this woman. I mean, they could not say enough things. One family had one child there, but they had their previous child there too who is now in third grade. They kept her in from toddlerhood until she left for kindergarten and will be doing the same with their current kid. I think that says a lot. The families were very nice and they were all introducing themselves and they all seem to know each other's kids (probably from events like this and drop-offs and stuff) and everyone seemed really close. I really love Punk's current child care situation but I think this one will be good, too.

And she said yes to 5:15 (THANK GOODNESS) so we gave her a deposit and will start her on September 2nd. Phew phew phew phew. Phew. And our current child care lady (Marcia) said that as long as she has a spot open, she would love to be a back-up day care for Punk if she ever needs it. Because she loves her so much. That's always nice to hear.

We were there until 8pm and she was HOWLING by the time we left because she was so spent, and then we drove home, and then she was wired and didn't fall asleep until 9, but then she slept straight to 6am solid. She didn't fall back asleep like she usually does but dude, who cares? 9 hours straight, baby!! I didn't push her falling back to sleep so we could try to preserve some sort of schedule, but we'll see how that goes. Another molar broke skin some time recently (last two days), two to go.


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