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Tomorrow from 6am to 2pm, Denny's is giving away free Grand Slam Breakfasts.

I just managed to con some of my coworkers to meet me there tomorrow before work. It is so out of the way. SO OUT OF THE WAY.

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Man, it was hot this weekend. I'm sure everyone is saying that. :)

Our hot weekend was full of parties. It was a good time, I must say. Yesterday we all went as a fam to a party held by one of my coworkers. It was a sort of combo housewarming and graduation party for her son. It was a little, shall we say, more urban than most of the parties we attend. But we had a good time, and Punk loved dancing to all of the reggaeton blasting, and she loved loved loved watching the other kids play ball. Some of them (age 4 and 5) were incredibly sweet and kept offering her the (very dirty) ball so she could play with it, and when Coworker Iris gave Punk a balloon she was pretty much in heaven.

It was sticky hot, and my crazy baby was rocking out and getting sweaty. She started out in this froo-froo all matching Gymboree outfit (matching hat, shirt, shorts, and socks) and by the end of it she was wearing her shirt and a diaper. Heh. And she was covered in yellow rice and peas, which was all she would eat. And one of the guys there kept really pushing us to give her some "juice" (you know what I'm talking about, like Hawaiian Punch stuff) and we kept telling him that she already had some juice (she had a sippy of water) and he kept going on and on until finally I gave her a sip from my cup of "juice" and she spit it out. Smart baby! But she spit it out on her shirt and it was bright orange and we had to use stain stuff to get it out. Ha ha ha.

They didn't really know what to do with the whitey-white queers at the party but everyone was very nice (overly nice) and Punk is always a big hit wherever we go so it was fine. She loves to dance and hey, who doesn't like to see a baby dance? I mean, really. And then we left, while semi-intoxicated "juice" pusher dude kept shaking our hands and saying, "If you ever need anything, you call me," over and over. So I told him that he could call me if he needed something, too.

Aside from my coworker telling her grandson (age 4) that he couldn't wear the bandana on his head because it "made him look like a faggot," I'd say we successfully integrated. Heh!


Today was Punk's first party that she was invited to. It was with the gang of moms and babies I used to hang with at the support group at the hospital, and was because one of the families is moving to Michigan. (SAD!) I hadn't really been able to hang with the gang for a long while because of work and looking for work and all of that, so I was excited to see all of the big babies and get to see the moms and dads. They are all super nice and everyone was excited to see Punk and talk about how big she is (true) and how cute she is (of course true) and were asking about work and everything. Maybe they even missed me! I think we will have to have a weekend cook-out/baby pool party or something soon.

I really like this gang because there isn't really a lot of Mommy Competition in our group. Kids were doing all different things and everyone was just excited for everyone's kids, and it's nice. One of the moms commented on how happy Punk is now and asked if it was from crawling/being mobile, and I said probably that and losing the reflux all at the same time. But it was like a huge flashback about how miserable my kid used to be and how stressful it was to go anywhere because she was always crying or puking or freaking out. I seriously don't even remember those days unless I put in the effort to think about it, which is nice.

I guess they're right about how you get New Baby Amnesia after a while. Otherwise no one would ever have more than one kid.
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I decided to go visit my old job yesterday. In Boston. My former coworkers had been telling me that I should go visit for about a gazillion years, and for a while Punk was REALLY unhappy in the car, so I put it off. But that has gotten much better and I e-mailed everyone and told them I was coming yesterday. Wouldn't you know I picked the day with the worst weather in weeks. Man, it rained. And rained. And there was even lightning! In January! Aah well, I'm a good driver so it wasn't too bad.

Everyone seemed excited to see me, which was fun, and Punk, which was overwhelming and fun (she was done after about 2 seconds). But I quickly realized that no one really made any kind of arrangements to hang out with me at all. Like, they told me to come for lunch, and I specifically came on a Friday because people are usually a little looser with the schedule, and then... they all had appointments! I guess there was a major miscommunication because I was under the impression that I would drive out there and we would enjoy a little leisurely lunch together at the office and hang a little. Instead, I sat there while they wolfed down their lunches and did paperwork, and then I hid in Amanda's office to try to feed an overwhelmed, overstimulated Punk.

However, eeka and Molly were excited to see me! Yay! What's funny is that since I know them from elsewhere, I /forgot/ that they both work at my job now. When I got in I remembered to check for Molly but then when I was in Amanda's office I was looking at her staff phone list and was like, "Duh. eeka's here, too!" CRAZY! She, however, was ridiculously excited to see me and wanted me to bring Jen and stay overnight and stuff and that was really awesome because I was glad to see her, too. Even if she is trying to make my baby Jewish. And just talks about my mom all the time.

The serendipitous thing was that a former client of mine who really liked me for whatever reason (every time I came over, she cooked me a huge meal) happened to be at my job yesterday bringing her daughter to play group for the first time. So I went down to talk to me and she was so frickin' excited to see me, she kept hugging me and hugging Punk and making her baby (who of course didn't remember me, she was probably 11 months when I left) hug me and it was just a really warm welcome, even though she was my wacky Somalian client who always asked how my "husband" was doing no matter what I tried to tell her. Heh. Today I just told her that he was fine. ;)

And then I was supposed to hook up with [livejournal.com profile] lorac but Katie misplaced her cell phone and she missed my call. That's actually probably for the best because the rain was worse on the way home and we got home later than I wanted and Punk was all strung out and starving. MOTY, that would be me.

So I drove four hours to have lunch with friends, but ended up picking up icky McD's drive through at a rest stop at 3pm on my way home. Suck.
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Morgan just came to see me for my last day of work. He brought me a little thing of grocery store flowers and this thing that is absolutely going to kill me. It is called a "brownie sundae" and this is what it is:

It's a fudgy brownie with chocolate frosting, with a huge pile of whipped cream on top, with confetti sprinkles and chocolate sauce, with a cherry on top and a twizzler sticking out!

I usually avoid stuff that is filled with trans fats and I just KNOW this is positively brimming with trans fats, but holy crap it looks good.


Morgan = <3++

The Weekend

Jun. 5th, 2007 09:38 am
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I took a total roundabout route to work today that is probably 84789273 miles out of the way, but I got to work in about 42 minutes. Take that, construction!


Friday night, Jen and I headed down to New Britain, CT, for the CAT SHOWDOWN. I have attended very few AA baseball games (lots of AAA) and yeah, it was interesting. The innings go very, very quickly. Heh. We actually were stuck in about an hour of traffic trying to get INTO the parking lot (ugh), but when we did finally get to the parking attendants, Jen asked them if we could park in the close parking lot (mostly disability parking) because of my big belly and they said YES! I felt like baseball royalty or something, but also guilty that we were taking a space. But man, walking way out from the boonies would have killed me. Anyway, the game was kind of lame but picked up at the end when the score was tied and there was a very dramatic finish with a win by the home team! So when the fireworks went off, everyone was in good spirits. The food was greasy and stuff but we got ice cream in little helmets (for the cats, of course) so that is always fun.

On Saturday we went to this little blog get-together that Eryn and Amy arranged at the Northampton Brewery. There were a number of very nice people there, some of whom were locals that I am excited to see again and again, and some of whom were from NY but I still hope we can see them again and again. We conned them into moving the get-together to Herrell's for ice cream, and they had Twinkie ice cream that day, so it was a good day. After 4 hours of blogger socializing, we headed home and it was so humid and nasty. Oh yes. But so fun.

On Sunday, we drove to Boston because the lovely [livejournal.com profile] siercia, the lovely [livejournal.com profile] prunesnprisms, and the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lorac (best Fake Aunts ever) all banded together to throw us a rockin' baby shower at [livejournal.com profile] siercia's house. There was a lot of delicious food, like chick pea and orzo salad, cous cous salad, fruit skewers, pulled pork sandwiches, and an enormous Konditor Meister cake. Their cakes rock, seriously. I should have eaten more. Anyway, they were great party-makers and a bunch of people came - people we've known for a long time, people from work, people we haven't known as long, etc. My favorite part was when a couple of people were in the "knitting corner" trying to frantically finish knitted things! It was adorable and I should have taken a picture. I love to watch people knit, seriously.

People were overly generous and I always feel weird when you sit in front of an audience and open presents. So I made Jen do it. I was in charge of the trash - much more reasonable. And Ms. Widget ([livejournal.com profile] siercia's daughter), who is obsessed with babies, was ALL over me trying to make the baby kick. It was kind of cute, I have to say. She is a kick-ass kid.

The funniest thing was that Saturday was about 90° and humid as heck, so I wore a tank top and shorts on Sunday... and it was 55°. Holy cow, wrong clothing choice.

Either way, it was an awesome weekend. And this weekend, [livejournal.com profile] rizzo41 is coming to visit. YAY!!
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Usually when we get packages, the UPS or USPS people just leave them on our front steps. At first I was a little disconcerted that said packages would be outside all day in plain view for the neighborhood - especially when we were getting big things like Pack 'n Plays or whatever - but I came to realize that this was /safe/ over here and actually quite cute. Besides, it's fun when I drive up my street to turn into the driveway and I see packages blocking our front door.

Today, I pulled into the driveway, scanning the front door. No packages, which is okay because I'm not expecting any. (Jen ordered some shorts online and they came yesterday.) So I get in the house and start doing Important Business: put lunchbox away, put mail down, go to the bathroom ASAP, etc. On my way to checking on the cats, I see that they knocked down a bunch of stuff and I pick that up, then pet some cats, then chug some milk out of the gallon (heartburn), and then I open the back door to let some air in.

And then I see some boxes on our back deck. Big ones.

Now I know that sometimes there is junk on our deck, but I couldn't remember Jen putting any boxes out there. A quick inspection revealed that one of the boxes contained our travel stroller! And then I went outside to get it, and there was another box with our high chair in it! And then... another box with our nursery laundry hamper in it! So I slugged them all inside and thought about a) how kind it was for the UPS person to go around to our back yard to leave the boxes in a safe place, and b) how glad I was that it didn't rain today AND that we'd finally mowed the nasty back yard. (How embarrassing!)

And the cutest part? They are ALL from my old coworkers, who must have pooled their money to send us big stuff. How sweet is that? SO SWEET. The little packing slips say, "From your friends at BC." Awwwh.

- -
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It was a good time. I got to offer an award to one of my favorite people in the universe, which was quite nice. And our grad assistant got a million thank yous and presents and things, which is awesome because she totally deserves it. And then our goofy undergrad workers gave me a certificate and a present, which is incredibly sweet!

Oh, and there was a lot of cake. A LOT of cake. (Mmm, cake.)

They are such nice kids, I just <3 them. I really wasn't expecting to get anything from them - I knew they had something for Emily because she is a total rock star but I was shocked! Buncha sweethearts got me a little gift certificate for our local sushi hangout. Mmmm.

And then, in true AWESOME style, somehow I left my little certificate and my sushi certificate at the ceremony. *sigh* Hopefully someone picked it up. I am such a dumdumface.


Jen and I were concerned that we were going to have too much leftover food this weekend (too. many. burgers.) and managed to invite half of my work over on Monday evening for a BBQ leftover dinner. Ha ha! She is so funny and will use any excuse to whip out the grill. (I think she's trying to take over [livejournal.com profile] thatpatti's husband's role as the Grillmaster.)


We had torrential rains all day yesterday and got home to find three packages outside our door. UPS put two of them in plastic bags (thank goodness) but the stupid USPS just left one out there totally uncovered. When I picked it up, the box literally fell apart. It was so disgusting. Miraculously, the stuff inside was totally dry (phew)! There were some cutesy little baby presents from my [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother and SIL. And we got one of those jumper-thingers you hang from the doorframe from Jen's brother and SIL. (Oh who cares if they are dangerous, I am sure they are dangerous, I love them.) AND ALL OF OUR CLOTH DIAPERS ARRIVED! Hooray! Huge thanks to Rick, Gretchen, and my Mom for buying a good starter set of bumGenius one-size all-in-ones. So exciting!!!!
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Today promises to be a FUN day at work.

Coworker Morgan's car is in New Hampshire being repaired. He had no way to get back up there to get it (barring the bus) and we need his car/truck/jeep/whatever tomorrow to tug the work float in the Pride parade. So it is now "work-related" that I drive Morgan up to NH to fetch his car. And Jen is going to leave work early and come with us! And Morgan assures me that there is an Olive Garden up there!

(Okay, shut up about my fascination with Olive Garden. There are like NO Olive Gardens in Boston and it is one of the few chain places that I actually LIKE, if only for their delicious salad dressing. And let me tell you, this baby LOVES italian dressing.)

I mean, it's Friday, it's supposed to be nice, and I'm taking a road trip with two of my favorite people in the area on company time, and THEN eating the "poor kids' special."



Apr. 27th, 2007 08:22 am
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I am writing this from Jim because my internet doesn't seem to be working. Don't tell Jim!

Anyway, yesterday was QueerFest on campus, which is this outdoor carnival that is put on by Pride Alliance, which is the queer student group. And since we pseudo-support them (they run independently but we're supposed to collaborate on things and help them and all of that), we all had to pitch in and help. That's cool with me, I like being outside, and hey - free cotton candy and sno cones.

But let me tell you, after 2.5 hours of supervising the inflatable obstacle course, and two sno cones and a cotton candy later, I was carnivaled out and queered out. Morgan rescued me and found someone to cover my supervisory duties and we went and got real food. I had already eaten a pb&j and a pear (and a sno cone and a cotton candy) but it wasn't doing it for me. We went into a campus food establishment and I hid from QueerFest for a while. We then went back and supervised the inflatable tug-of-war thinger. Man, it was tiring.

My nose is also pink. I don't remember it being terribly sunny but my nose is always the first thing to change color, and always pink. The rest of my body tans but my nose does not believe in tanning.

The work kids got glee out of welcoming my baby to her first QueerFest. (They are so incredibly adorable and enthusiastic. I <3 them.) Of course, she's already attended a burlesque show put on by traveling sex workers, so hey, she's got quite a life already.

Speaking of work kids, one of them got her girlfriend a rose for their two-week anniversary. Okay, how incredibly adorable is that? She is the cutest ever. Most of our interactions involve me proofreading her papers or helping her do something like finish her taxes or solve conflicts with campus offices. She jokes that when I leave she will be calling me every day with a crisis. I just know she's not joking. :)
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Wow, what a whirlwind. After getting home at 1ish AM on Friday morning and heading into work on Friday, I picked Jen up at her job and we drove on to Boston to crash a staff party at my old job. I was excited to see everyone I used to work with and only a couple of people knew I was coming, so I knew that would be fun. AND IT WAS! My old boss (the host) was completely surprised that I showed up and for a while it was like it was Jen's and my party instead of the work party. Everyone was asking about the house and the baby and saying how much they missed me and it was like being the belle of the ball for a little while. And of course my former boss makes incredible food - lasagne and salad and garlic bread and four different kinds of desserts. Mmmmm. We stayed and closed the party down around 11 and then headed to Marti Maraschino's place to spend the night.

After sleeping fitfully on Marti's guest bed, we got up and took Marti to breakfast at Sorella's. Mmmm. I ate far too many carbs and thought I was going to die. The plan was to drop Marti off, head to Liz and Matt's place to pick up some tools we lent them a while back, and then head to Chris and Jess's place to entertain Chris and Veronica for a bit and pick up a bunch of baby stuff they were going to lend us.

We got the tools, caught Chris right as he was bringing V back in for a walk, and we got chatty. At one point we decided we should do some lunch and Chris brought up the good idea to call Carrie and William and see if they were around. They were, so we went there to get them and little Katherine and then we all went and ate dim sum. I totally gorged which is probably not the best idea ever (man was I feeling slugglish!) and then we drove back.

Man, I'm tired, but I'm so glad we went.


And talk about loot! Chris and Jess lent us their infant swing, a floor gym, a snap-and-go stroller for an infant car seat, a HUGE bag of baby clothes that Veronica is done with, and a bag of Jess's maternity clothes. Carrie and William passed off a bag of clothes that may have gone from Jenn and Wiley to Jess and Chris to them, so we ended up with MORE clothes. THEN when we got home we had our package from [livejournal.com profile] estrange, including the breast pump that we bought from her and some extra goodies like some other clothes, a blanket, and some other assorted things. It was like a baby explosion in our living room for a little bit until I got it all put away - but I guess that's just a glimpse into things to come.

This morning we stopped up at a house in Hatfield to pick up a stroller from Freecycle as well. All of a sudden it's like we're really having a baby!
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Three of my former coworkers took a little road trip out to visit us yesterday (Kelly, Funk, Marti Maraschino). It was very good to see them and we had a good time on a small budget. We got greasy diner food for lunch so I could fulfill my BLT fantasy (I guess it's one of the closest things I've had to a "craving" so far) and then came back to the house and played board games pretty much all afternoon. We thought about going out to dinner but decided instead to change into pajamas, bust out another game, and order pizza and salad. We managed to do a little Apples to Apples, Cranium, ImaginIff, and the new DVD version of Clue that Gina and Ben sent us for Christmas. After Jen went to bed, the four of us did this sort of question game that Kelly had until we got too tired. FUN.

Of course Marti remarked that she would have never known I was pregnant by looking at me. Urg. I was just starting to feel the pregnant vibe, too. Aah well. I guess that's more time I can rejoice in being comfortable and not needing to waddle. Right?

The girls left this morning and I am enjoying a lazy holiday at home. Presidents' Day is such a dumb holiday but I am not complaining. There is a Law and Order marathon on TNT, I finished the laundry, am still in pajamas, and have enjoyed some leftover pizza. Perhaps I will do some dishes and try to decide if we should have leftovers or something new for dinner. I'm guessing leftovers only because we have so much chicken parm that Jen made on Saturday and we still have quite a bit of pizza. The girls also brought over a bunch of chips for snacks and they freaking left them here, so now there are bad snackies here, too. I think I will go grab some baby carrots and resist!


Crap sleep last night. Fell asleep fine but the evil left buttcheek pain came back in full force. I need to figure something out else be doomed to bad sleep for the next five months. The only time I don't feel the butt pain is when I allow myself the privilege of sleeping on my back.
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1. We went to a wedding last night for Former Coworker Sarah from Boston and Bradley. What a gorgeous wedding! The room was so gorgeous with lots of white lights and six christmas trees with white lights on them and good god it must have cost a fortune! But they are both totally awesome people and they looked stunning and so happy and I am thrilled for them.

2. The wedding itself was fun because I got to see a couple of former coworkers from Boston: Nicole, Krissy, Sara, and Natasha. And their SOs. It was a good time, but our table was right in front of the band which was SO LOUD so we couldn't do a ton of talking. Natasha went to one of the same docs as me back in Boston and we got to dish about hating him - that was a good time. But the band was so loud and the bass kept thumping through my belly. Jen and I were kind of nervous about that so we left early.

3. Jen informed me this morning that while I was in the shower, Krissy said something to Nicole about how anyone who knew me before would totally know I was pregnant because I was super skinny! (Not totally true but very flattering.) And Natasha kept saying I looked great and she and Sarah went on about how I was glowing. (Not true.) But it made up for the very uncomfortable shoes!

4. This morning we went to Burlington Coat Factory to scope out a bedding set that I've been drooling over online. Of course they didn't have it at all, but they DID have a Graco SnugRide with EPS in a really cute pattern - Patchwork Cows - which we both liked better than the others we'd seen online /and/ the EPS SnugRides are sold out everywhere because of the most recent crash tests. So we bought it. We bought a frickin' car seat! That is totally crazy.

5. But then grandma slipped me some casino winnings, so I guess SHE bought us a car seat. Awesome.
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Jen and I were supposed to have a gaggle of house guests this weekend, so yesterday we worked like dogs on the house. And I do think it looks good. We still have a lot to do, like hang artwork and put together the china closet (which means putting the china away someday) and figure out what's in the basement and of course there's the giant project called the Ugly Room that right now is a receptacle for crap because we're not touching it until we turn it into a nursery. So we have some built-in procrastination time!

But yesterday we got the blinds up in the bedroom (so we could tie the curtains up), got the cheapy furniture pieces assembled for the bathroom (so we could get the bins and boxes out of there and get the stuff put away), got the sheet off the guest room windows (gotta get some blinds or curtains or something soon), finally unpacked and put away all of the DVDs and VHSs, and did a lot of cleaning. Perhaps today I will take some pictures of the bedroom and the bathroom, since those (aside from artwork) are mostly done.

It's funny, I had to actually sit down and take breaks because I was getting weird pains - probably that round ligament pain that people talk about. I have been feeling so good with the lack of spotting that I was like, "Oh yeah, I'm pregnant." Heh.


Last night we had dinner with [livejournal.com profile] stacy, which was a good time. We were going to hear her boyfriend's other band play, but the opening band was really dragging on getting started so we couldn't. The show was supposed to start around 8, and we left around 9:30 and the opening band hadn't started yet. So frustrating. I would have liked to see them.

My coworkers were supposed to come over yesterday and stay over, but they called in the middle of the afternoon to say they weren't coming because of bad weather. (What bad weather? Whatever.) So then [livejournal.com profile] stacy was going to sleep over, but that got thwarted because the show was going to get out late and she didn't want to wake us. So NO ONE came to stay with us! So sad, but the house looks great!


We made our first baby purchases this weekend and also received our first baby gift! We've come out of jinx mode (a little) and did buy two really cute little baby outfits that were on super sale - and also did a little looking around some stores to get nursery ideas. And then [livejournal.com profile] stacy crocheted us a baby blanket that is simply /gorgeous/. (I will have to take a picture of that, too.) It's such a pretty green color, the same color we were looking into for nursery action, hence it's perfect. [livejournal.com profile] stacy rocks!
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Oh my goth, I have to work five days in a ROW! Total torture and agony. How I miss those slackeriffic Little House on the Prairie days.

You know, I miss my old coworkers hardcore. It was actually very nice going into the office. I'm starting to think that I should have taken a FT social work job because I would have been busy and active and surrounded by people.

I miss people.


In other news, I am starting to gain weight. It is kind of scary.
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This is my last day of work for a while. I am off on two weeks of "vacation" (to extend my health insurance) and then I come back for an Official Last Day on December 11.

I changed my address with the post office and with the RMV. Sometime soon I need to start contacting the credit cards, student loans, etc. I'd forgotten how manic moving can be. Though I am not ashamed to say that I am excited to see the drop in our car insurance now that our residence is waaaay out of Boston. *crosses fingers*

There is significant vermin activity coming from the direction of my closet. I hear a lot of moving around, thumping, and chewing. I am scared to go look for clothes. Maybe I will wear something I've already packed. ;)

I have two appointments today, both with coworkers, both with families I really like. Who am I kidding? I like all of my families. (But there are certainly some I like better!)

The going-away shindig was a good time and a pleasant distraction. Since most of my coworkers don't know I'm knocked up (although they are ALL gossiping about it) I didn't have to talk about it AT ALL which was quite nice and made for a more enjoyable evening. Perhaps I should set off on a new course of Complication Denial. I think I will get right on that, minus the part where I make Jen mad by doing too much around the house.

[livejournal.com profile] vorpalbla is going to stop by our new place on Saturday. How fun! Everyone is welcome. Even YOU.

I should get off my butt and get ready for work, but it is soo snuggly in bed. I woke up early due to the chewing and I am already feeling a wee bit sleepy. Dang.

p.s. My wife comes home tonight, and we officially have no more nights apart starting NOW. There is much rejoicing.
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Things are a little less dramatic here today. No big gushes of blood, which is a nice change. Hopefully this trend will continue (*knocks wood*). I would feel a LOT better if so.

What was supposed to be dinner with a couple of coworkers apparently has become a big going-away party for me. I found this out because Coworker Javier doesn't understand the concept of 'secret' and said to me this morning, "I won't be able to come to the bar with you tonight!" Whoops. I hope it's not a BIG THING because I really don't intend to stay terribly long. The couch misses me when I'm away too long.

One of my families insisted that I take some fancy Somalian headscarves home as a gift. I tried not to take them (they don't have a lot of money and well, what am I going to do with them?) but she insisted and I did. I suppose it was very sweet but I always feel awkward when families that are struggling feel like they have to give me things.

Speaking of nice things, one of my coworkers bought me a pizza for lunch last week. It was really sweet! I was just about to go buy lunch and she came in with a pizza and said, "This is for you!" So sweet. <3 <3 <3 Also, today Coworker Krissie put a new note on my GI Joe man (Coworker Funk stuck him on my desk months ago with a note that said "Marry me") that said something about how I can't leave her. And Coworker Elaine brought me a newspaper article about Northampton. Elaine is about 60 years old and very nice, and I think she gets this parental pleasure working with us "young people."

I don't really want to leave my favorite coworkers. At all. I want to take them all with me!

One of my moms told me she loved me today. So cute! Of course, she is currently on vacation in Miami so she probably loves everyone. Ha ha.
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Holy crap, I laughed so hard at Book Club that I seriously thought I was going to pee my pants on Coworker Krissie's couch. Somehow we stopped talking about the book (too depressing) and some of the girls ended up talking about totally crazy shit. I never knew that Coworker Sarah does not wear underwear when she wears skirts! (I am still in major shock and awe over this.) And Coworker Annie had us rolling on the floor with the Tale of the Latino Thong Cutter.

I don't think I'll particularly miss my job but there is no way I will ever find a more lively, funny workplace. They are all such top-notch people and while some of their talk is a little too "girlfriends" for me (I am still not used to having a bunch of girlfriends, let alone straight girlfriends), they are some of the most enjoyable and alive people I have ever met. Such a good time.

And Coworker Krissie made sure that her baked ziti had no onions in it! And she made a separate pile of bruschetta with no onions just for me! That is LOVE, people!


Beta today was 967. It's 19dpo. That's a doubling time of 63.32 hours. The nurse of course said everything was great (they are so Pollyanna over there) but I would be lying if I said I didn't wish it was higher. I was expecting 1000-1100 today for sure. It's under 72 so I am /trying/ not to stress about it. They are not an exact science and I can't get hung up on numbers. But still.

Every day that I don't bleed is another day that I am still knocked up, and I am determined to enjoy it.


Oct. 18th, 2006 09:09 pm
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So it's the birthday that keeps happening, especially since I got cake and some "Happy Birthday" singing at staff meeting and then [livejournal.com profile] lorac and the lovely Miss Katherine took me out to dinner. Miss Katie Jean even let me get in some snuggling and allowed me to feed and burp her... all before telling me I was the most wonderful person on the planet. She is just so thoughtful!

Jen had to get up at 5:30 this morning to drive back to Amherst for work. I woke up with her alarm and couldn't get back to sleep. I am quite sleepy now. I will probably go to bed really soon. *yawn*

Earlier this evening, I heard my phone ringing very softly. I thought it was under the blanket and I kept looking. Finally I realized it was under /Ralph/! That dastardly Ralf!

My coworkers keep making me feel the guilty guilty for moving away. Coworker Dorcas was all over me today. So sad! I just love Dorcas so much, though. If anyone had ever told me that one of my favorite ever people in town was the totally devout Jehovah's Witness single mom who doesn't believe in evolution, I would have laughed in their faces!
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Thank you for all of the posts and comments and phone calls and texts and e-mails. You are all a wonderful bunch of folks, even those of you who don't know this journal exists, like most of my coworkers.

My coworkers frequently e-mail each other en masse about things like Book Club and getting together. You know, like we don't spend enough time together. Anyway, Coworkr Funk sent an e-mail around about reviving getting together after Wednesday Staff Meeting and also mentioning dbar, a gay bar down the street from me that apparently has food as was mentioned on The Phantom Gourmet. (?) She said that we should plan an outing before I leave. And Coworker Anne e-mailed back, "No more talking about Jude leaving!" Awwwwwh.

Birthday was a good time. "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" was really cute! I wouldn't call it a musical masterpiece but it was a good time. It was nice to see some smoochie!

My former OSU Big Gay Boss has just sort of casually offered me a 3/4-time temporary job with hir if no internal candidates take it. Interesting, at least for the offering.
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One of my favorite coworkers was in a really bad car accident on the way to book club last night. She was right in Coworker Sarah's neighborhood, maybe even looking for parking. From what I can piece together from people who saw a clip on the news, and from Coworker Sarah who went back to the scene and talked to a witness, she probably should have been dead. Apparently a car ran a red light and plowed into her passenger side at a high rate of speed - fast enough to flip over her Toyota Corolla and push her into a street light and a parked car. They had to use the jaws of life to cut her out of her car.

I called the hospital tonight to get a status update and they told me that she was taking incoming calls in her room, so I took a chance and asked to be transferred. Kristine answered the phone and was a little out of it but said she was okay. She had two big cuts in her head and got a lot of staples and stitches. She said she felt "gross" because she wasn't allowed to wash her hair yet and it was full of blood. She didn't mention any other injuries, just that she was admitted because she'd lost a LOT of blood and her blood counts were really low. She said it was really scary.

Just to prove how cool and tight my coworkers are, I received a call from Coworker Funk at 8pm last night because I hadn't made it to book club, either (because I was still at my home visit and it was running way late) - she wanted to make sure I was still at the birthday party and also wanted to know if I'd heard from Kristine. A lot of them tried to call and text her all night because they knew she was on her way and she's not the kind of girl to not answer a call. They were so worried about her that they went to her apartment and left a note on her door, then called the Cambridge Police (in case she'd been abducted). Finally this morning, Kristine's mom called Coworker Kelly back to give us all the news. By the time she got admitted from the ER this afternoon, Coworker Sarah had raised $100+ dollars and had already sent a card and flowers.

The last thing Kristine said to me on the phone was, "I miss you guys. Make sure to tell everyone I say hi and thank you for the flowers."

I called Coworker Funk and Coworker Sarah to tell them I'd talked to her and she was okay. Everyone is much more relieved now. I will feel 100% better when she's back in my office again, closing the door to deliver some juicy gossip or bitter snark.

So scary.


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