Jul. 25th, 2009 10:31 pm
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So the pedi that we saw (not our actualy pedi, it's a big practice) thought that it was probably some nasty bug bite and said not to worry too much about it. He felt around and said that he didn't think it was staph. But he didn't make me feel like some crazy mom, either. He actually said that he was glad we came in, that staph does go around in kids and it's good to be aware of it and it can start like a red, hot bump. But he said he was pretty sure this one was just a bug bite.

He said that if it got worse, to call him right away and he would take care of it. Later that morning, I got Punk some MICKEY MOUSE band-aids (oh my gosh, I have a child!) and some neosporin and covered it up since we were going to a farm for a birthday party. It actually seems a little less red now and not very hot, so I guess the doc was right and it is on it's way out.

Thank goodness! I had visions of nasal cultures dancing in my head.

Recent pics

Dec. 8th, 2008 10:54 pm
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My name is Punk and I am the cutest toddler in the history of toddlerhood.

See for yourself: )

And modeling the dress that [livejournal.com profile] aminahfiddler made:

in her knitted dress


Nov. 21st, 2008 12:30 pm
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(I'm a little behind on posts because this is the week of illness. Sorry!)

The Sick House received a lovely package this week from [livejournal.com profile] aminahfiddler. She knitted the most gorgeous and lovely dress for Punk and I can't wait to put it on her. Just holding it up to her was cute!

I was going to take a picture of it but sickness is making me procrastinatey so instead I will just steal her picture. Shh, don't tell!

THANK YOU, [livejournal.com profile] aminahfiddler!!!

dress from kathy


Also, I have had zero appetite and am drinking sports drinks. I am totally exhausted and I don't even care. I just plain don't want to eat. Nothing sounds good. SUCKITUDE.

Also, Punk is crabby today. Possibly stomach-related, as she didn't want to eat toasted cheese for lunch which is usually a big winner (she did down a bowl of applesauce, though) and she hasn't wanted to drink much today. Ugh. I just want a healthy house again.
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When I was in Boston the other weekend, [livejournal.com profile] stacy knitted Punk the most adorable little baby sweater that is so fashionable. I need to take pictures of it to show you. It is really quite awesome, especially the casual way she said, "Hey, I improvised the pattern in my head and kind of made it on the train today," because umm, I have no craft skillz and find hers quite impressive indeed. And it's always nice when cool people think of my cool kid.

Similarly, my cool cousin (the queer one on my dad's side that I love as opposed to the queer one on my mom's side that I haven't seen since I was about 10) who lives in Seattle sent me a bag of coffee beans. I haven't ground them up yet but Oh Em Gee they smell so frickin' good I can hardly stand it. I just kept sniffing the bag all day and thought about eating some beans. SO GOOD. So delicious and lovely. And considering there isn't a lot of sleep happening in here, so good in the timing department.

Spontaneous presents rock! <3 <3 <3 <3


Also. I am madly in love with [livejournal.com profile] crushinator. He invented Judecorp, after all. Man, I have mad Columbus love. I want to visit.


Jan. 29th, 2008 09:08 am
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1. Jennie FTW!

Punk takes Prevacid which, on our craptacular insurance, is a Tier 3 medication - $45/month. [livejournal.com profile] sassywoman said that she had some Prevacid packets that she received by mistake (her daughter used the solutabs) and she would send them to me. But HOLY MOLY, there is nearly 3 entire months worth! Jennie just basically handed us $135. WOAH! <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much, Jennie!

2. Cosleeping FTW!

So the biggest issues with Punk's sleep are a) she gets restless and rolls over, which wakes her up and makes her upset, and b) once she's awake and upset, she realizes she is lonely. We had tried cosleeping in our bed several times but there were a lot of issues, including that there wasn't a good way to put it up against the wall, and the squishy fake memory foam made me nervous. So Jen and I moved the futon from the living room into Punk's room, and we keep her swaddled in the crib until around 11pm when we feed her, and then I get into the futon with her for the night. It's against the wall so I don't have to hold her, and if she starts to get restless I can lay a hand on her to chill her out instead of having her roll over, wake up, cry, and then having to get up and go into her room and settle her back down. I'm still waking up a couple of times a night but it's for a few seconds to stick my hand out and lay it on her, and that's a lot less dramatic.

Also, I folded our queen duvet from the guest room in half, so it covers half the futon. So Punk is in her sleep sack on a just-sheeted mattress and I get to snuggle up with a down comforter up to my chin. It's pretty win-win.

And, I should say, that after her 11pm feeding she slept until 5:40 straight the first morning, 6:36 the second morning, and 7:05 this morning. Aaaaah.

3. Townie Vet FTW!

I love our townie vet here. He is quick and easy, in and out. When I brought Daedalus and Ralph for their 3-year rabies shots (I don't really do annual checkups, sue me), he agreed that indoor cats don't need a lot of maintenance, stuck them with the rabies, didn't bat an eyelash when I said I didn't want the other shots or any annual checkups, and told me to come back in three years. The whole process with two cats took 15 minutes.

Well, Ralph has been, umm, ralphing a lot and I took her in yesterday. It took five minutes (he appreciates how high-strung Ralph is and doesn't bother with anything unnecessary), he said she probably had an upset stomach, gave her a couple of shots, stuffed her back in the carrier and sent us on our way. No waiting. In and out in 7 minutes with a little bottle of tummy pills for her.

And it's sooooo much cheaper than any other vet I've ever gone to. The office visit fee is $47! (And then you pay for shots, etc.) Very reasonable, and he's super nice, too.
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1. Many many big huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yarnaddict and [livejournal.com profile] saldemonium for sending Punk some presents! The bib and the tshirt are really incredibly cute and we were totally surprised! Punk was surprised too but she probably won't get around to telling you. But thank you so much! You didn't have to do that!!

2. We met with a lawyer on Tuesday to get the ball rolling on the second parent adoption and our wills and things like that. While I am infuriated that we even HAVE to do the second parent adoption, that we have to pay money and go to court for Jen to be considered a parent to her own child, I am thankful that we live here in the Happy Valley where same-sex second parent adoptions happen all the time and the process is really streamlined. Which, in the world of lawyer's fees, means cheaper. And cheaper is always better. When we were in Boston, I had spoken to a couple of people who estimated that the adoption would cost $2-$3K. Our lawyer anticipates that it will not exceed $750 here. That is good to know, especially when we have no money.

3. I would like to get my W-2 so we can start to talk taxes. It's time to deduct my kid so she can earn her keep. ;)

4. Does anyone know how to train cats to do dishes? Or laundry? It is the one thing that is seriously lacking in my life - dutiful cats.

(icon especially for [livejournal.com profile] prunesnprisms)


Oct. 31st, 2007 09:39 am
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Originally uploaded by kieron17
Look, Auntie [livejournal.com profile] stacy! I'm wearing that cool and very stylish hat that you knitted for me way back when I was still in utero. Who would know that I would end up with a totally rockin' outfit to match!

In fact, I am so hoping you like the look. Do you see how nervous I am? I hope you think I do your hat justice!

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First of all, thank you so much to [livejournal.com profile] drainbead for the presents. We have already cracked open the Wildfire sauce. :)

Lots of whining over here. )
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1. This year I didn't make a big 9/11 rehash post. It's not that I didn't remember. I spent most of the day remembering in my head... I just never made it to the computer for a big metapost. You can read my old ones here: 2001, more 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006.

2. We got a lovely visit from Joe and Dorie today. They are in town from Boston (and Lowell) because they are going to a corn maze in Sunderland. They brought us presents. Well, who am I kidding? They are for the baby. But Dorie made her a name sign that is cool, and they also brought a couple of cute t-shirts ("Chicks Dig My Ride" and "I [heart] my moms"). Yay! I love them.

3. We may or may not go to the corn maze tomorrow. Punk got a shot on Friday and she's been a little extra cranky. And the sad part is that I have to take her on Tuesday for the other two. I wanted her to get the DTaP alone, because it is the most reactive. She screamed. I did not cry. But I am not looking forward to Tuesday.

4. We are going back to RevCam's church tomorrow. Maybe Lucy will help with the service.

5. I have been futzing with the punk's bedtime. She went down tonight at 8:30. That was nice. Then I went into the kitchen and found out our faucet was leaking again. That was not nice. I hope Jen fixed it with her puttering.

6. We went to BJ's to buy diapers (we use disposables at night so we can load her up with vaseline ever since she got the wicked rash) and wipes (to wipe off said vaseline, also perfect for neck cheese). Man, that crap's expensive. Thank goodness we use cloth diapers and wipes during the day, because that saves us a TON of money. Not to mention trash. (Two or three 'sposies a night aren't too bad.)

7. Autumn is officially here. It's getting chilly and crisp. It's still gorgeous out, because it's that pretty, early part of fall... but I am still sad about it because early fall leads to late fall which leads to You Know What.

8. HA! I just accidentally typed You Know Who!

Thank you!!

Sep. 4th, 2007 01:24 pm
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Once again, [livejournal.com profile] mollysummer72 has outdone herself. I thought you were just sending me more dom, but I was totally overwhelmed and surprised by the /adorable/ clothes and the swaddling blanket. How could you have known that we had started outgrowing the swaddle-me? And thank you for the coupons as well - we will put them to good use for sure.

You are so amazing, S. I am tickled to think that August will be wearing some of Jackson's groovy hand-me-downs. You are so nice! I especially love the shirt about baby activists in a resistance. ("Just go limp.") HA!

Man, I love my MUFF mamas xcore.
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8 Weeks old
Originally uploaded by kieron17
Look at me in one of the cute outfits that [livejournal.com profile] mtgirl sent me! One day my mama will get around to sending her thank you card!

My little punk is eight weeks old already. Where does the time go? She is so strong and not floppy! So soon! I want another newborn. Someday. ;)
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Hey - we received a baby t-shirt from T-Shirt Hell today. It was obviously a gift, as we didn't order it and all of the pricing information was blocked out, but the packing slip didn't say who it was from.

Was it from an LJer? We'd love to thank you properly.

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We received the coolest onesie as a gift today, from my online bud, Kelly, and her daughter, Sully.

It says: My entire life is being blogged.

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Don't worry, we're all still here. I promise. :)

Things are busy. I thought the biggest challenge would be those "every two hour" feedings but honestly the toughest thing has been the constant monitoring. We've had to go to the pediatrician every day since Wednesday for weight checks (that's six visits in a row... and six copays), the hospital lab twice for bilirubin checks, and back to the birth center today to sign our birth certificate. Oh, and I got a thyroid check today too just in case it's contributing to the milk issues.

We've gotten a couple of really sweet presents in the mail, which always makes everything fun. Thank you so much to [livejournal.com profile] hopemcg and [livejournal.com profile] meglett for finding us a copy of Todd Parr's baby book (YAY!!), to [livejournal.com profile] skatured for the adorable monkey blanket, books, and washcloth, to [livejournal.com profile] rockymtnhigh and [livejournal.com profile] bec4joy for the onesie, sunglasses, sun hat, and info on postpartum sex life, to [livejournal.com profile] thatpatti for this really cool rainbow-colored nursing necklace that is just the neatest thing ever, and [livejournal.com profile] artemis44 for coming by to say hello and bringing totally cute shirts and a bunch of milk-enhancing pharmaceuticals. And we've had a couple of visitors: Jen's coworker Jesi who brought goodies, Eryn and Amy who brought eggplant parm and spaghetti (yum!), and my aunt and grandparents.

Mostly we've just been really busy. And hot. It's hot right now.

Sometimes I just can't believe that the hospital gave us a baby. What were they thinking??!?!?
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Another hot and sticky one over here. I had plans to clean the bathroom but it was just too stickynastygross to really feel like I cleaned anything, so instead I was a total lump. I sat in the living room under the ceiling fan in my pajamas until after lunch, and then showered the grime away. It was that kind of shower where you try to dry off after and you just can't because it's too wet. Ew.

Because it was so disgustingly sticky, I broke our "no eating out" rule and told Jen that we should go to the mall for a couple of hours and take advantage of their air conditioning. So we ate at the mall and then walked the mall for an hour in the hopes of "making things happen." Yeah, nothing happened except that I also broke our "we will walk the mall but not buy anything" rule, too. Sigh. So then when we got home I had a major freak-out about money. I HATE MONEY! But we did get in an hour of walking, which felt good.

We had about two minutes of wimpy rain this evening so it looks like we won't get a break tonight for sure. Poo. At least we have the bedroom a/c, which is lovely lovely lovely. Right now I think the little one-room a/c is the best choice for us - most of the time the house is cool enough to deal with the ceiling fan, and we'll be spending hardcore time in the bedroom in not too long.

[livejournal.com profile] hopemcg and [livejournal.com profile] meglett sent us a travel first aid kit and a studly-looking backpack diaper bag, which we received today. So awesome and a total surprise! THANKS GUYS!!

Funniest thing - the last couple of days I'd noticed that the house seemed to get hotter after I turned on the ceiling fan, but I thought I was imagining things. Last night I was bouncing on the ball and realized that when I was under the fan, I didn't feel any air. I told Jen I thought that the fan was spinning the wrong way and she was dubious at first, but flipped the switch for me and HOLY BIG DIFFERENCE, BATMAN! Yay!

Rain forecasted for tomorrow and a visit from Melis. (Yay!) Friday is supposed to be simply gorgeous, weather-wise.
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[livejournal.com profile] stacy sent us three of the cutest little knitted baby hats! I tried to put them on Daedalus to model them, but by the time I got the camera he was on to me and had shaken the hat off. And then... well, he knew what I was doing and wanted no part of it. Silly cat.

One of them is the gayest baby hat ever (gay as in rainbows) and I think it is definitely coming along in the hospital bag. The others are simply adorable, a pastel one and a black one (so chic!) with crocheted pink flowers.

This kid is way more stylish than I am. It's true.

xoxoxoxo, [livejournal.com profile] stacy!
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the box
Originally uploaded by judecorp

Today we got a big box in the mail from [livejournal.com profile] mollysummer72 that was completely and totally unexpected. Inside the box was a card that said that it was a Virtual Shower, and that we should crank the music and eat junk food.

Inside the box were tons and tons of goodies that will be very useful. She was so thoughtful and awesome about everything - lots of things were wrapped up in little packages so it really WAS like having a virtual shower. We had fun opening up and posing with some of the goodies.

You can see some of the fun HERE. Please excuse all of my cheesy faces, thanks.

I know I said this a couple of times already, but Jen and I really were blown away by the surprise and the generosity and the just plain NICENESS of the whole thing. Keep in mind, people, that [livejournal.com profile] mollysummer72 just had a baby of her own (#3 for her) a couple of weeks ago!! Holy cow!!

I don't think they make enough thank you cards for me to be able to effectively show people how much it means to me that they love us and our baby and want to spoil all of us with their kindness. It really is a truly amazing feeling.


(Can you tell I'm trying to catch up on photo uploads? Ha!)
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Usually when we get packages, the UPS or USPS people just leave them on our front steps. At first I was a little disconcerted that said packages would be outside all day in plain view for the neighborhood - especially when we were getting big things like Pack 'n Plays or whatever - but I came to realize that this was /safe/ over here and actually quite cute. Besides, it's fun when I drive up my street to turn into the driveway and I see packages blocking our front door.

Today, I pulled into the driveway, scanning the front door. No packages, which is okay because I'm not expecting any. (Jen ordered some shorts online and they came yesterday.) So I get in the house and start doing Important Business: put lunchbox away, put mail down, go to the bathroom ASAP, etc. On my way to checking on the cats, I see that they knocked down a bunch of stuff and I pick that up, then pet some cats, then chug some milk out of the gallon (heartburn), and then I open the back door to let some air in.

And then I see some boxes on our back deck. Big ones.

Now I know that sometimes there is junk on our deck, but I couldn't remember Jen putting any boxes out there. A quick inspection revealed that one of the boxes contained our travel stroller! And then I went outside to get it, and there was another box with our high chair in it! And then... another box with our nursery laundry hamper in it! So I slugged them all inside and thought about a) how kind it was for the UPS person to go around to our back yard to leave the boxes in a safe place, and b) how glad I was that it didn't rain today AND that we'd finally mowed the nasty back yard. (How embarrassing!)

And the cutest part? They are ALL from my old coworkers, who must have pooled their money to send us big stuff. How sweet is that? SO SWEET. The little packing slips say, "From your friends at BC." Awwwh.

- -
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Jen took me away to a cute little B&B in Mystic, CT called "The Mermaid Inn." It was a little peculiar and I think it tried very hard to be fancy schmancy. I mean, there was a bidet in the bathroom but there was also a mermaid mural on the bathroom wall. With boobs. There were boobs on the bathroom wall. And a bidet on the floor. The shower was nice, though.

But because we went away for the weekend, and especially because we went somewhere coastal, it rained and was cold the entire time. (This happened in Ogunquit, ME a couple of years ago, and Provincetown for our last wedding anniversary, and on and on.) On Friday night, we got completely SOAKED trying to go get dinner somewhere, with that awful wind that flips your umbrellas up and drives the rain sideways into your legs anyway. I fell asleep at 9pm. I'm a party animal.

On Saturday it was still pretty crummy, but we walked around downtown anyway for a little bit going into shops. We were going to stay until lunchtime so we could have some Mystic Pizza, but there was not enough excitement in the shops to justify the cruddy weather. We went to the aquarium instead, which was fun but umm... ch-ching! Why are aquariums and zoos so expensive? So that was a good time, we saw a sea lion show and some penguin feeding and tried to touch some manta rays. (They were shy.) After the aquarium we walked through some shops and ate chocolate covered frozen bananas on a stick. (Yum.) And then went back and took a nap. We had dinner at a seafood place with a looooooong wait, and then Jen went to sleep and I watched TV. (Sensing a pattern about how lame we are?)

We had to leave after breakfast Sunday so we could get home, so of course it was beautiful out. It rained on and off through our drive home but was sunny and springy in Easthampton, which was good because we were having a few people over for an intimate baby shower/BBQ. Jen's coworker came over and put up some balloons and we ate a ton of junk food and it looks like a baby clothes store exploded in our house. A pink baby clothes explosion. (I hope they're right!!) It was very sweet and we had about 10-12 people here including my grandmother, which is awesome because it was an excuse to get her to our house. (I hope she thought it was clean enough.) Some of Jen's coworkers came (they are nice), and her godmother whom I had never met, and then just a couple of local folks from work or the area. It was a nice time with too much picnic food.

My grandmother surprised me with her gift for the baby - one of my great-grandmother's rings. It is so tiny and delicate, she must have had the smallest fingers. (That leads me to believe it was my grandfather's mother, because my grandmother's family doesn't always have the dainty gene.) Either way, it meant a lot to us and I know we will keep it safely put away until a special day. It was very sweet, and I am a sucker for that kind of thing. She gave some rings to my father when I was a kid but he misplaced them throughout my life and I only have one of them. Shucks.

So all in all we had a good weekend full of rain showers, showers with italian granite, and baby showers. All that showering really wears a person out, though, and I am dreading going into work because I feel totally knackered.
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It was a good time. I got to offer an award to one of my favorite people in the universe, which was quite nice. And our grad assistant got a million thank yous and presents and things, which is awesome because she totally deserves it. And then our goofy undergrad workers gave me a certificate and a present, which is incredibly sweet!

Oh, and there was a lot of cake. A LOT of cake. (Mmm, cake.)

They are such nice kids, I just <3 them. I really wasn't expecting to get anything from them - I knew they had something for Emily because she is a total rock star but I was shocked! Buncha sweethearts got me a little gift certificate for our local sushi hangout. Mmmm.

And then, in true AWESOME style, somehow I left my little certificate and my sushi certificate at the ceremony. *sigh* Hopefully someone picked it up. I am such a dumdumface.


Jen and I were concerned that we were going to have too much leftover food this weekend (too. many. burgers.) and managed to invite half of my work over on Monday evening for a BBQ leftover dinner. Ha ha! She is so funny and will use any excuse to whip out the grill. (I think she's trying to take over [livejournal.com profile] thatpatti's husband's role as the Grillmaster.)


We had torrential rains all day yesterday and got home to find three packages outside our door. UPS put two of them in plastic bags (thank goodness) but the stupid USPS just left one out there totally uncovered. When I picked it up, the box literally fell apart. It was so disgusting. Miraculously, the stuff inside was totally dry (phew)! There were some cutesy little baby presents from my [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother and SIL. And we got one of those jumper-thingers you hang from the doorframe from Jen's brother and SIL. (Oh who cares if they are dangerous, I am sure they are dangerous, I love them.) AND ALL OF OUR CLOTH DIAPERS ARRIVED! Hooray! Huge thanks to Rick, Gretchen, and my Mom for buying a good starter set of bumGenius one-size all-in-ones. So exciting!!!!


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