Oct. 31st, 2011 09:21 pm
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So if you somehow missed the news of the world, there was a big early snow storm in the Northeast. The snow was very wet, and very heavy, and we got nearly a foot of it. It fell onto trees that still had their leaves, weighing everything down further. Every tree in our yard broke. We have six. Two maples, four oaks. The maples are in the back yard and now our back yard is full of limbs. Less of a big deal than our front yard, which has huge limbs blocking the driveway and the front door. Some fell on our new car and it has some dents on the roof but thankfully nothing worse than that.

We lost power on Saturday night and actually our entire town and the town beside us have no power. 100% of customers. The town north of us has partial power, but really, there are power outages halfway across the state. On Sunday we left our cold house (it was 59 when we left) and went to stay with a friend in Boston through to tomorrow morning. We wanted to trick or treat here because all of the ToT in our area has been cancelled or postponed. Normally I would suck up the cold but it's near impossible with a baby because you can only bundle him up so much and you can't really stick him under a bunch of down blankets.

Now that some local folks have power, Tuke and I will likely sleep with a local heat-having friend and Punk and Jen will hang out in the cold house. We will be in the cold house during the day though. That should be interesting.

They are expecting we will be out of power for at least a week. Since our power lines got ripped both out from the main wire AND out of our house, we could be longer. It's bad news.

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I haven't posted here in a million years. Don't worry, no baby yet.

Things are chugging along. Yesterday was my last day of work until March 1st. I bet that will come around quickly. I am trying not to think about it. Or about not getting paid until March. (Whoops.) It will be a lean Christmas around here, which is probably for the best since I don't like all of the commercialism anyway.

Things are moving smoothly through this pregnancy. 38w now, haven't had a speck of a complication, knock on wood. BP is fantastic, weight is up to a scary number but in reality is only 20lbs up. I've just never been this heavy before. Looking for a milk donor, hoarding formula checks and samples. There is a crib in our house again. That's weird. Kid has been riding the 55th percentile forever, so I'm guessing he's set to be Joe Average Baby. It still seems big to me though because Punk was always teeny, in the 20s as a fetus and newborn. She had cord and placenta stuff though. Who knows?

Punk is a very big girl who is excited to be a big sister and is more excited to go to preschool. She loves school, loves the kids at school, and has made some friends. She has picked up some annoying 3 year old habits and I'm sure it's extra hard for her these days because my mobility is non-existent and my patience (and energy) is thin. This too shall pass.

We have bits and pieces of baby stuff in the house now - a swing is set up in the living room, the crib is in the baby/guest room, and we are collecting stuff. We'll set up the PnP in the bedroom soon, I'd imagine, and then we'll be done for a while. We should probably get some newborn/size 1 diapers because the pockets will be too big and bulky. Last time we borrowed a lot of infant prefolds which were a godsend, but we lost our hookup. :) Gotta wash bottles and get those ready also. There's gonna be a baby up in here!

Happy Halloween, everyone. Punk and Jen are trick-or-treating at the library right now and then we will run a bajillion errands. Can't wait to see all the kiddies in their costumes tomorrow. :) Have a great one!
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Happy Halloween from the cutest toddler in the Northeast:

happy cow from california

getting candy
(I am teaching her the fine art of candy selection. She avoided all of those nasty blue Almond Joys!)
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I wanted to take Punk down to one of the other towns in the area (Longmeadow) because I'd heard that there's a street that goes Halloween Crazy and I wanted to check it out. But I had also bought a bunch of candy and really wanted to hand out candy. Oh, the dilemma!

In the end, I left a big bowl of candy on our front steps next to our jack-o'-bamas with a sign that said, "Happy Halloween! Please help yourselves!" and left our front light on.

We came back at 8pm and the pumpkins were untouched and most of the candy was gone.

And this is why I love living in the boonies. :)
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Between Jon the Caterer Landlord, The Movie Thief, and me, we passed out (NO LIE) 50 bags of candy tonight. We finally had to shut the lights. There must have been 400-500 trick-or-treaters. Woah, I'm tired.

It was nice to sit outside with Jon, The Movie Thief, and Neighbor Paul to chat about costumes and such. Everyone seems happy that we are buying a house, which is nice. And Jon the Caterer Landlord gave me some of his homemade cream of mushroom soup, which was yom yom.

I only ate three pieces of candy. I am so proud of myself. I am such a good doo-bee. I didn't have much of an appetite tonight, though.

Gosh, I'm wiped. All of that trick-or-treating is hard work!
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Happy Halloween, peeps!

I live in one of those neighborhoods wherein people transport their kids to Trick or Treat. I am nervous because I don't think I'll be home from work until 5pm and there will probably be end-to-end minivans up and down the roads. I wonder if there's some way I can convince Marti Maraschino to rush her assessment. ;)

For the record, last year my landlords and I gave out upwards of 400 pieces of candy (one per kid), so we get a LOT of kids up in here. I love seeing the kids but I also don't want to park 20 blocks from home.


I am such a hater of ending Daylight Savings Time. Who woke up at 6am with the sun? Oh yeah, that's me. *grumble* DST is my favorite thing ever. I sleep late in the mornings and like light in the evenings when I get home from work. The current state of things is not my favorite. World, you are On Notice.
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I feel so bad for my Jennifer who has bronchitis and an ear infection. Sad. :(

Also, it is just about time to start passing out the Halloween candy! And it's so warm out! GOOD TIMES.


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