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Hello, friends.

These days I "journal" so infrequently that it doesn't feel at all like journaling - more like a letter to some friends. So hello there, friends. I hope you are all well.

The kids and I just came back from 11 days in South Carolina visiting my brother, sister in law, and my mom and her husband. We stayed with my brother and SIL and it's almost like culture shock to be back here. Although I do love it here. It is familiar and comforting and full of hippies.

I kind of had an unplugged vacation. I did not bring a computer, only my iPod Touch, so aside from Facebook I spent very little time on the Internet. It was just too tiny to manage. I didn't check LJ at all. Did I miss anything? I also did not bring a camera. I didn't want to bring my huge DSLR because I couldn't fathom carrying it AND a baby AND wrangling a 4 year old. So, no pictures. It is like the un-vacation!

There was a big heat wave in the South so we didn't do as much as usual (stayed inside a lot) and I also tried to be accommodating to Tukey's naps because he slept like C R A P the whole time. Jen joined us for the last 4 days of the trip and thank God for that because I actually got 5 hours of straight sleep a couple of nights. And it was good.

We had a blast, though. We went to the beach once with my mom and her husband and Punk got to make sand castles and look for sea shells and pick up seaweed and all of that good stuff, and got hit by waves and laughed and danced on the shore and it was ace. We also took her to an amusement park that was more like a seaside carnival where she went on a bazillion kiddie rides and got to stay up late (til after 9) and even had her first taste of bumper cars (with my brother) where she shouted, "We are going to hit you, Mama!" about a gazillion times. Thank you, ride operator, for letting her on even though she's half an inch shy of 42". She went to Chuck E Cheese and I have continued my lie about how we don't have Chuck E near our house, only at Uncle Rick's. She had a great time there, too. She saw the Winnie the Pooh movie and ate out a bunch of times and had a lot of ice cream, so I'd say it was a total vacation success for her. I love watching her have a good time, even when she gets sad because the fun has to end.

Tukey started trying to pull up while on vacation and also sped up his army crawl so quick that I don't think he'll ever go to hands and knees. He still says "da da da" most of the time but now says "na na na na" when he is sad/tired/hungry. He is curious about life and into EVERYTHING. He is in that crazy alert phase where sleeping is for wimps and he wants to wake at all hours of the night and crawl and climb just because. It is exhausting yet delicious and sometimes I stop and have to catch my breath because he is growing up so fast and I will never have another baby in my belly and watch that baby grow into a person. This afternoon on the plane I got him to fall asleep in my arms and I held him, two arms full of great big baby, and could almost cry at the sheer enormity of my love for him and how we were meant to be together.

Punk is the greatest big sister ever, so attentive to her brother and concerned about him. She gets jealous when he gets attention but instead of acting out toward him or others, she gets jealous about people messing with HER baby and she has to go over and give him attention too. "That's my bruvvuh" is a common sentence for strangers. She also talks to him, which is deleriously funny. Today she told him, "Let's play a game called 'Baby Gets Nothing.' Tukey, you get nothing." Where does she get this stuff? I freaking love it.

She is four years old and he is eight months old and time is just flying, flying, flying.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer.

Brain Dump

Apr. 16th, 2011 07:31 pm
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I haven't written here in a million years. In my head I am this regular, witty blogger. I have all of these clever things to say and even cleverer ways to say them. It just never happens, because by the time I get to a computer I am wiped. out.

I only work 3 days a week but it feels like 7. And I don't even really work full days some of the time. But it feels like it. I hardly sleep and I subsist on coffee. Good thing I love coffee, and I have an amazing cousin in Seattle who sends me beans from her favorite shops. Yum.

This coming week is school vacation week and I am doing a little babysitting (to make a little money) and my sister-in-law is visiting. I love when my brother visits too but sometimes it's nice to just have Gretchen over (just like sometimes it's nice to have just Rick). She is staying through Easter and it will be nice to a) have a week home with my kids and b) have some company while I do that. We can go on adventures and just in general chill with two kids.

Two kids. Woah. Two kids is a lot of work, and at the same time it isn't. Extra stuff to remember before you head out the door. Extra chaos in the mornings. Really needing a second set of hands at nighttime (they go to bed at the same time pretty much). He sleeps pretty well but still is up twice to eat and I don't go to bed as early as I should so I am always in a fog of coffee-hyperactivity.

Ideally I would go to bed around 9pm but there is so much to do in the evenings like pack the day care back, make sure Punk has a lunch for the next day, run the dishwasher so there are clean bottles, thaw milk for the next day, run laundry, etc. Since the kids go to bed at 7, all of those jobs get done after that. Thankfully they both go to bed pretty easily and (usually) stay asleep for a while so the stuff can get done.

In sum: Life is busy but awesome.
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I think a toy store threw up in my house. We are now full up on My Little Pony toys and purple unicorns. I guess you can never have too many.

Little Miss has finally succumbed to the overstimulation and is finally taking a nap today. She was just getting more and more clingy, whiny, and off-focus. Actually, the lack of focus is our #1 annoyance these days. She is just all over the place, which I know is normal for toddlers/preschoolers but she has been taking it to a new level. She doesn't pay attention when you talk to her and will actually talk over you to ask the question you are answering. Or will be looking around and just walk into people, into things, off the sidewalk, whatever. Very frustrating. But she is quiet and sleeping right now, after losing the privilege of going to the library with my brother and sister-in-law due to poor focus at lunch.

My little baby is almost 6 weeks old and is not little. He smiles and coos and is generally adorable. He used to have a 5-6 hour stretch of sleep at night but that seems to have stopped or maybe it is starting earlier. I need to re-configure his sleep needs and sync up with them again so we're all happier. It's hard getting up with him throughout the night and then having to get up early with the early-rising preschooler. Yawn.

Jen got me an iPod Touch for Christmas which is super swanky! It is so swanky, however, that my ancient iBook with the ancient operating system can't run a new enough version of iTunes to be able to sync my iPod or add my music. Super sigh. Buying a new computer is not at all on the budget.

Also on the list of things that are not on the budget: the emergency furnace repair that we had yesterday because the ignitor crapped out. Aaah, the joys of homeownership and being a grown up.

This post is bland and sounds like it is being brought to you by the letters P, P, and D. But really I think it is the post-holiday funk coupled with sleep deprivation caused by Bogo-itis.
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This is my last weekend of freedom before I return to work on Tuesday. It's nice to have a holiday to ease into the week. It is going to be a challenge to be up and running early in the morning when I am used to having a slow start to the day if I so choose - hanging around, lounging, watching some cartoons with Punk, then eating some breakfast... those days are over.

Things are kind of up in the air at work because of my impending leave. The original plan as I understood it was that everything would be business as usual with my clients/schools, but then last week they decided maybe it was better if I didn't go to the schools and just did intakes in the office. I was concerned about this plan from a productivity standpoint (there's no way I could do the amount of billing I was used to doing office intakes) and from a client standpoint (some of my clients would have no one seeing them until work could find someone else). So we went back and forth about it and some of my clients are transferring to other clinicians now, some will stick with me until a new clinician is hired, and I will also do some office intakes if some office space is available to me. Hopefully it will all work out.

My mother is in town visiting us and will be taking care of Punk while I am at work this week and preschool is in the transition week. We have been doing a lot of fun things like going out to lunch. We also took a trip to Ikea to buy new furniture for Punk's room (so the baby can get the changing table dresser and matching stuff). Last night my mother hung out with Punk so Jen and I could go to a friend's wedding. Today my mother is visiting a friend, so we went to breakfast, then hit the 3 County Fair. I am EXHAUSTED.

I haven't had a pay check since mid June and we are really feeling the crunch right now. We had some extra money stocked up at the beginning of the summer, and we had banked some money to cover the summer also but we are trying not to use all of it in case we need it later. So right now we're really strapped and feeling it. Of course, going to Ikea to buy furniture was probably not the smartest plan and obviously neither was the fair, but sometimes you just have to blow it and take your kid to the fair to eat overpriced snacks, play stupid fair games, ride an overpriced ride, and see all of the cute animals. So whatever.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to take it somewhat easy, although there are groceries to procure (ch-ching again), laundry to do, lunch to pack for work, work clothes to uncover, etc. We're hoping to move the furniture from Punk's room to the baby's room next weekend so we can assemble Punk's new furniture, but that involves finding a local strong person to help Jen move the guest room furniture into the basement so we can get that done. Takers?

We have about 9 weeks of pregnancy left at a maximum and dang, that's not much. Crap!
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Punk and I are in South Carolina and have been since last Thursday. We are visiting my brother and SIL, and my mother and her husband are close by as well. Days and evenings have been packed with exciting preschool-friendly activities such as miniature golf, indoor bounce house place, Chuck E Cheese, the beach, the library, etc. It is very fun and very, very tiring. We are eating out a lot and I haven't been making the healthiest choices and I wouldn't be surprised if I gained 10 lbs here. We head home tomorrow.

Jen joined us for the first three days of our trip but returned to work so as not to use up vacation time. It is apparently still very hot in our house and I'm not looking forward to that after 10 days in central air. :)

Senor Cupcakey seems to be chugging along and we are 23 weeks pregnant at this point, very visible. Haven't taken a single belly picture which I'm sure is setting him up for lots of therapy when he gets older. That, and being called Cupcakey. But aside from some pelvic grouchiness all seems to be well on that front. I have another midwife appointment on Monday.

Punk had a rash last week and the pediatrician thought it was folliculitis and gave us an antibiotic ointment before we left on vacation. It has continued to get worse and worse, and my fear is that it is molloscum contagiosum, which - as its name suggests - is super contagious and takes a long time to go away. Sigh.

We have a busy week coming up. Jen's parents are coming to our house today (I'm sure they'll love the heat and humidity in the house) and staying until Tuesday morning. Punk has an appointment at 9am on Monday for the rash and I see the midwife later that afternoon. Punk has an appointment with an allergist later in the week, and also 3 year old portraits. We arrive after Punk's bedtime Sunday night so I'm sure Monday will be full of tired crankiness.

I am not in a great headspace which is not really a good place to be when a full-time mama on vacation and looking down the barrel of expecting #2. But I guess that's just sort of how it goes.
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I'm sure you know by now that it is hot outside. Quite hot indeed. When I'm not complaining about the hotness of my house, I love the heat and would take it over cold any day.

It has been a very busy time around here. Punk turned three (how is that possible?) on the 1st and we celebrated a little bit with the little family (just dinner and a princess cupcake). My brother and SIL arrived late Thursday night and stayed through Sunday. Friday we all (minus Jen, who had to work) took Punk to the zoo and to lunch and just had lots of fun in general. Saturday morning was Punk's huge birthday party at the children's museum, which was a smashing success. Then lunch out. Then crash and burn. Sunday we went to my grandmother's house for a cookout to celebrate Punk's birthday. Then Ralph and Lori came to spend the night and see some fireworks for the 4th. It was like Birthday-O-Rama around here. I am TIRED.

I wasn't thinking and got Punk's varicella vaccine last week so she would be set for preschool in the fall. It's at a real school (a Montessori school) and goes up to 6th grade and they are much more stickler-y about vaccines than the home day cares, so I needed to get it done. I neglected to think about the fact that a lot of kids end up with a mild chicken pox rash around the injection site and can theoretically be contagious and pass around pox. Awesome timing with a pregnant lady and a non-chicken-pox having person in the house, and a birthday party scheduled. She did get this ambiguous and mysterious welt that did not look like chicken pox but was close enough to the injection site that we covered it with a band-aid and have been praying for the best. Whoops.

We are heading to South Carolina soon to visit with my brother, SIL, mom, and her husband. Good times. Part of the vacation will be just Punker and me. I have never had to take her on a plane by myself before. Thank goodness she is old and self-sufficient. Pretty soon I will be putting her to work.

She is so big and grown up and amazing and I adore her. She is pretty much the best child ever, even when she is testing my patience. She is so bright and creative and hysterical. She tells me I'm cute or beautiful pretty much every day. ("Oh Mama, you're so beautiful!") See, I told you she was SMART. :)

BOGO baby is nearly 22 weeks cooked and is growing accordingly. Punk has named him Cupcakey, which is fine because we haven't named him anything. My grandmother recently presented me a list of about 30 names, including ALFRED and CODY. Where is she getting these names? Still, it's cute that she is so involved. So far, everyone is happy and healthy and that is what is important to me. We will see the midwife again after Punk and I return from SC. Then Jen's parents will be visiting. This is a busy summer. I've forgotten what it's like to work, like that part of my brain is off and disengaged. I can't believe I ever had a job.

I have started babysitting my friend's baby on Thursdays. He is 8 months old and umm, hanging out with two kids all day is HARD. Especially when one doesn't want to share any of the baby toys. (Hint, it's not the baby.) Punk is adorable with Braedan, though, which warms my heart and makes me think it will all be worth it in the end.

I have no idea how I can conceivably plan and prepare dinner in a kitchen that is currently (3 hours before dinner prep at the hottest time of day) 85 degrees.
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I love the increase in daylight but I don't love that my body has been waking me up at 5:30 every morning. It is just not right. Still, it is nice to wake up on my own instead of the alarm clock (or the mini alarm clock on legs) doing that for me. But yeah, I'd love to sleep until 7, okay? Yawn. Punk also tried to wake up at 5:40, but I went and snuggled her in her bed until she fell back asleep and then left. Good times.

My brother is in town and Punk is having a grand old time bossing him around, I mean, playing with him. She is so full of funny things and he is amused, which amuses me. She is like a mini Chamber of Commerce. We went out to breakfast yesterday morning and she asked him, "Uncle Rick, what are you going to have at the Silver Spoon Diner?" Also last night she was talking about some sort of food item and when he asked where she would get it, she matter-of-factly answered, "Trader Joe's." *snort*

She is becoming rather hip to advertising, which is annoying. She doesn't watch any TV with commercials here but I guess sometimes they watch regular Nick at day care (which has commercials). For two weeks she has been asking for a specific thing for her birthday, something she saw on a commercial. She tells me, "It is good for Punkins." When I tell her that she probably won't get it, she starts whining. *sigh* (It is a Little Tikes ride-on fire engine that "really sprays water.")

We bought her a swing set for her birthday. Because we never know if we're going to stay in this house (we really want to move to another town but also like this house), we didn't want to get a big wooden thing that we might not be able to move and we didn't want to leave something that expensive behind, so we bought a metal old-school style swing set that we will put together this morning. We actually started last night but had some technical difficulties. Whoops. I know she will have a ton of fun with it when it is up, and it is perfect for toddlers/preschoolers because it is a smaller size. (Not to mention way cheaper.)

I really want to go out to breakfast again. Dang, I love going out to breakfast.
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Thanks to a generous gift certificate from a few very nice members of my family, including my [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother and SIL, and my mother and her husband, I currently have two chipper Merry Maids deep cleaning our house. One of them is cleaning the heck out of our bathroom right now, and the other is dusting every surface in the living room. It is lovely. My Jennifer and the Punk are spending time together at the library and then heading to a local cafe that caters to littles for lunch. Good times.

They don't clean to the level of my grandmother back in the day (who does?), so I guess if there's not hearty Eastern European stock involved, it will be a lower level of clean. But still, it is more detailed cleaning then I ever get a chance to do and I am very, very grateful. My SIL will be in town next week and my mother and stepfather come about two weeks later, so it will be nice to have a fresh start on the house - cobweb free. I especially like that they are going to scrub parts of the house that just NEVER get touched, like the little lip over the shower. Who has time when there is a 2.5 year old tyrant around?

I was told that this would likely be a four-hour job, but they are definitely rushing to get their day finished so I don't imagine it will go down like that. One of them just yelled, "It's 12:00," so I guess the race is on. I better see sparkles! :)

(Oh, and I LOVE watching someone else clean my house while I tool around on the internet.)
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We have been watching Season One of The Muppet Show on DVD as a family. I am loving it. I remember loving it as a kid, and watching it with my family, and loving how the whole family got into it. It is so 70s and delicious.

There's some stuff in it (violence, saying things like "stupid") that Punk hasn't been exposed to prior, but she seems to be taking it in stride and will tell us that someone is not being friendly or she will say, "That's not good." She is such a little TV police officer. :)

She gets so excited when we watch it. It's hard not to love the Muppets. I feel like if she gets hooked on The Muppet Show, I am raising her up right.

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Jen and I have been talking a bit over the last week or so about the reasons we moved here - both here to Massachusetts and here to the western part of the state later on. There were things we were searching for with both moves, one a continuance of the other.

Moving back to MA was a political move, a move in anticipation of settling down and starting a family. It was a move for marriage, a move to a "village," and a move to be nearer to some family than to be in the middle of Ohio away from positively everyone either of us was related to. Our move to western MA was about family values, "finding our tribe," looking for the place to establish roots and bring up children. It was about hippie living, earthy values, and loads of queer families.

The reality is that we've not found much of what we were looking for. Sure, we're married - sort of. We have a marriage license that is not recognized by something like 45 states. We have assumed parentage in this state that has to be backed up by adoption for all the others. We have the most confusing tax returns ever, where we do a yearly dance to see who claims the home we both own or the child we both raise. And here, here we're surrounded by queer families, of whom we know very few and can't seem to break into. Here we're in the company of hippies but juuust a bit too far away.

And here we still live in a country that devalues our family, denies its legitimacy, and actively fights against its equality. We live in a country that believes that healthcare is a privilege that must be earned. We live in a country that goes against so many of our values... and our family is suffering for it.

We talked over this past week about the absence of queer couples in our lives and how that has affected us - how Jen feels less safe to be physically demonstrative in a see of straightness and how I don't have likeminded people to bounce relationship ups and downs off of. We talked about how the selfishness of the dominant culture in the US hurts my spirit and is weighing me down, how I struggle working with clients against a stream of self-absorption and lack of concern for one's neighbor. We talked about our weekends with [livejournal.com profile] tea_soaked and her family, those few instances where we felt like things were good and right and healthy for us.

We revisited, for the first time in a year or more since my grandparents' health started to decline, the idea of heading to Canada and letting our family be nourished by an overarching culture that acknowledges and values our family as all families. We revisited, and it might be time.
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Tomorrow is Christmas Morning around here since we are flying out to visit the JenFam in the afternoon. My brother and SIL are here and we will all be doing gifts together. I had so much fun putting the gifts under the tree, assembling gifts, and filling stockings. So much fun! Punk went to sleep saying "Santa is going to come when I am sleeping and the presents will be under the tree!" She is so excited about Christmas this year. She put out cookies for Santa on a special plate we bought and I put the crown and shoes - the things she asked Santa for - on the plate. She has so much loot under the tree, it really is ridiculous since we said we were going light on presents this year. WHOOPS.

Tomorrow we open gifts, I bring my car in for service, we find time to pack for the trip, and take off. Happy holidays, friends. I hope each and every one of you receive everything your heart desires this week and into the New Year.

I can't freaking wait for tomorrow morning. It is more exciting than when *I* was the kid!
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Happy birthday, Dad.


Oct. 12th, 2009 08:54 pm
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We conceived Punk on October 11, 2006. In Boston.
Celebrated our birthday on the 17th.
Received a very generous gift certificate to a fancy pants sushi place from my [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother as a birthday gift.
Got a positive pregnancy test on the 22nd.
Moved away from Boston and had a kid and never used the gift certificate... until now.

We're going to attempt to use it this month. Only three years late. SCORE!
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My uncle recently acquired my e-mail address because I made the mistake of thanking him for a picture he sent to me via my brother. Since then, he has sent me a bazillion e-mail forwards that I typically delete without even opening. I made the mistake of opening one this evening, and not only is it falser than false (of course), it is politically inflammatory. (My uncle is the lone conservative in the family.) BLAH!

I sent him an e-mail pointing him to the snopes link for the falseness and a request for no more forwarded e-mails. Argh. I hate this stuff. I'm pretty non-confrontational for the most part but I /hate/ the political crap and he knows it, too.

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We have been having so much fun with Uncle Ick and Auntie Gretchen (who, sadly, had to leave yesterday)! Punk just loves them to pieces and we seem to do so much more fun stuff (and neglect so much more chore stuff) when they are around.

Just this weekend alone, we: went to the spray park twice and visited the playground both times, had a birthday party in the back yard, watched kid TV and ate junk food, and today we took the toddler to Six Flags. Oh yes we did. We dragged her two-year-old butt to an amusement park and she wore. us. out.

We got to have some fun in Thomas Land, and then Wiggles World, and the Looney Tunes area. There were rides and water fountains and snow cones bigger than your head. She even took a little stroller nap later in the afternoon (but I woke her up for more rides, heh). She loved riding the helicopters and the cars and the airplanes and the jeeps, and of course the Thomas train. And while she took her little stroller nap, Rick and I rode the re-done Bizarro coaster, which was pretty freaking awesome.

Then we stopped at Bertucci's for dinner, a quick bath for the Punk who was fully sunscreened twice and had ratty "I played in the fountains" hair, and then we tossed her in the crib. And I am right behind her, I am pooped!

Having a kid is the awesome awesome.

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We had a successful and small birthday party for Punk but now there is a lot of cake in my house. And I do mean a LOT. Please won't you come over and eat some cake? Please?

My brother and SIL are visiting from SC, and my grandmother and my aunt came out from RI. Julie and Moey came down, and Beth and Cathy came with Hannah. The three toddlers had a grand old time, but I think the biggest hit was stuffing them all in the red wagon and bouncing them across my bumpy back yard. Good times! I can't believe my tiny baby girl is two years old!

My brother and SIL got Punk a big wooden doll house with furniture and dolls and everything, and Rick put it together last night so it would be ready to go today. It was a HUGE success. Everything was, really. She was so into opening presents this year. And everything was so up her alley: a puzzle, a giant coloring book, stickers, the doll house, a tee-ball set, Yo Gabba Gabba bath stickies, books, LEGOs, and an Elmo and Abby birthday video that my brother got in the impulse area of the grocery store.

And then, when we were winding down for the evening, a black bear cub sauntered into my front yard. So cool!

So who's coming over for cake??
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So Father's Day is next weekend, and I'm finding myself at a bit of a loss.

It's been four years now since my father died, and now it's been two months (yesterday) since my grandfather died. I am so used to at least celebrating /something/ for Father's Day, and now what? It's been four years since I bought anything for my father, and now I don't even have to scout around for that perfect gift for Grandpa. Super sad.

Jen's father is alive (and well), but I don't usually take responsibility for that - she usually gets a card or whatever and I always concentrated on my side of the family. And I can't imagine not having Punk do some little Father's Day thing. I'm sure they will make something at day care (not sure; we started after Father's Day last year) and then what do we do with it?

My mother has been married to a man for 24 years. I do not consider him a father figure. Is that odd? This man has been in my life for 24+ years. I have never called him my step-father, only my "mother's husband." I did not live with them. I did not spend a ton of time with him. I saw my mother on Saturdays and John was often working. He was not parental; it was not his thing. He refers to himself as "Poppa John" WRT Punk. (Not to be confused with the pizza, I suppose.)

Should I send him something from Punk? I didn't last year. I have never sent him anything Father's Day related from myself. But when it comes to my side of the family now, he is the only grandfather-ly person Punk has.

That feels so odd to me. Fatherless on Father's Day. Punk has always been fatherless and I know how to deal with that, because we planned for that... but not for me.


Busy busy

Jun. 14th, 2009 10:16 pm
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Busy around here. Busy busy.

Last weekend, my [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother was in town, and lots of fun was had. We picked up the free playhouse that I got for Punk from freecycle, we went to the Forest Park Zoo, we had good times.

This weekend, Jen's parents are in town for the first time in forever. It's actually the first time they have slept over our house since Punk was two weeks old. It has been a good time. Yesterday we took Punk to the park, and today they took her to the mall while I went to visit my grandmother. We have gone to a lot of restaurants in the last couple of weeks. Wow.

This coming weekend, [livejournal.com profile] carina_s and the twins will be here! Exciting! I haven't seen them in a million years. I wonder what it will be like having three more people in our little house. I wonder what it will be like having the twins with Punk. I wonder what they will do while I am at work.

And I am at work a lot. Like, a lot. I typically work until 6, sometimes after 7 (at least once a week). They are long days and when I get home, the last thing I want to do is chores. (But yet, chores still have to be done.) I feel like the weeks fly by because I don't really get to breathe until the weekend... and the last couple of weekends have been so busy!

The weekend after next, we are going to a birthday party at Edaville RR. ([livejournal.com profile] amyura, wanna get together?) Then the weekend after that, it's 4th of July weekend and we'll be celebrating Punk's birthday and my brother and SIL will be here again (yay!). Holy crap, we will have a two-year-old.

When did the weekends get so BUSY??!?!
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We took my grandmother out to lunch today (belated Mother's Day) and we had a good time, just the 4 girls. Punk didn't really want to sit at the restaurant since it wasn't her lunch time, but she loaded up on snacks and even had popcorn for the first time. At one point toward the end of the meal, she was getting incredibly antsy and crazy and the server asked if she could take her to go and get popcorn from the popcorn machine. I let her go and she walked away with Punk and I thought Jen was going to have a heart attack. Oops! But all was well, she took her on a little walk around the restaurant (all within view) to get a paper bag and then to the popcorn machine. Good times.

My grandmother is doing really well with her recovery and is getting stronger by the day. She uses a walker to get around at home (just for safety's sake) but she doesn't really like to bring the walker out in public, so she walked around just holding my hand, and made it up and down the flight of steps to the restaurant no problem. I am so proud of her and how hard she's worked to get better. :) She also gave me lots of gossip about my cousin which is always a good time.

Grandma has been cleaning out her desk in the office and today she gave Punk a big envelope full of random stickers (real stickers, not just the free address labels that she gives Punk all the time) that must have come in the mail over the years or whatever - lots of smiley faces and stuff. Very exciting! I managed to take a couple of new pictures of Grandma and Punk that I will have to upload sometime.

I love my grandma. :)


May. 4th, 2009 02:05 pm
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There are a million things I could post about, if only I had more time.

1. New Job - I like my new job so far. The people I am working with seem pretty nice and very supportive, and so far no one seems ridiculously crazy. There is a little tension that I am picking up in the office, but nothing major and otherwise everything should be swell. I have to park in a parking lot a million miles away and take a shuttle bus to the hospital. It feels like I work at the airport. Also, there seem to be a healthy number of queers in my office, which is a nice change. Regardless, I'm now working at one of the major employers of the area and it's one of those situations where you never leave, you just change jobs sometimes. So I guess I know where I'll be working for, like, ever.

2. Grandma - We went to see Grandma yesterday and she is holding up as well as she can. She is having some trouble adjusting to going from having my uncle stay with my grandparents to having my aunt and uncle start to move in. It is kind of awkward and I don't particularly like it. My cousin, who is somewhat estranged from my family as he can't seem to get his life together and did a lot of shady money things, and his birth family have been spending a lot of time at my grandmother's house and she is not very pleased with that. I'm not really sure how this is going to play out. We went to visit Grandma yesterday and met my cousin's sister, her husband, and their two kids. The whole gang sat in my grandmother's living room all day watching the Sox game while Jen and I (and Punk) entertained their 8-year-old. Seriously, no one ever came out to check on him or interact with him or anything. It was incredibly sad and frustrating.

3. Tonsil - My new health insurance kicks in on June 1st, so it makes more sense to find an ENT in my new system rather than pay a $500 co-insurance. I need to get on that. I hope my new job doesn't freak about this tonsil business.

4. Punk - She is growing in leaps and bounds and impresses me every day with what she's into and what she's doing. She has a bit of a cold right now though, poor thing. This morning I took her to the grocery store and let her ride in one of those carts with the car attachment, and she was so full of glee and excitement. She sang for at least the first half hour straight. It was so cute, but I imagine I will NEVER be able to go to the store without one of those car things again.

5. Day Off - I now have Mondays off instead of Fridays. This is kind of a bummer because Jen gets off work early on Fridays, but it will give her some time to play with Punk too, which is nice. Also, it is nice to still have a four-day week.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm at a loss. Peace!


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