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I am so excited. Today is our Special Punk and Mama day! We have been looking forward to it for a week.

Punk gets out of school at 11:30 today, so I didn't go to work. Well, I wouldn't have gone anyway because my work school district doesn't have school today, LOL. But anyway. Tukey is at day care today, so I am going to pick Punk up and take her out to lunch and a movie. I don't know who is more excited, her or me!

With two kids, we have a lot of one-on-one time doing things like running errands or reading an extra story, things like that. This is like a special treat for us, to have outings.

I think we will both have big smiles on our faces when we pick up Tukey this afternoon. :)

Bogo News

Dec. 1st, 2010 09:48 pm
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Bogo went to his first movie today, at 13 days old. He saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1). Not bad for less than 2 weeks, you know? He slept through most of it, grunted a couple of times, cried for about 15 seconds, nursed, and had a bottle. Good times. I dropped popcorn on his head a few times (whoops) and he got startled by some of the noise. The movie was very loud, so I covered his ears.

Speaking of the Bogo, he was weighed today and was 10 pounds on the dot. Not yet two weeks old. Punk was 9lbs and change at one month, and 11lbs and change at 2 months. Yikes! Big baby!

We had to take him to the pediatrician today to check weight because he was still under birth weight last week and because of all of the nursing issues I had with Punk (when she lost so much weight and got dehydrated and sick). We ended up meeting with a new nurse practitioner instead because the doc was super busy. She was very nice and very sweet and very pro-breastfeeding. Which is nice, because I'm pro-breastfeeding. But she kind of was crossing that line between "supporting breastfeeding" and "making women feel like they are never doing enough." She just kept hammering me with ways to increase my milk supply and stop supplementing, and was full of "How do you know you won't make enough for this baby?" Because, lady, I /know/. I know like I know that I'm breathing. I know that my kid nurses without swallowing. I know that my kid nurses for 30+ minutes and pops off STARVING. She told me to cut the amount of supplement in half so he would wake to eat more and therefore nurse more and therefore I would magically make more milk. Except I won't. I'm maxed out on galactogogues and I won't. Aah well. She should just be happy that we were proactive and our kid is gaining weight and being healthy and thriving.

Also, I like the longer stretches of sleep when we give him formula bottles at nighttime. ;)
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Last night during American Idol (I think), I saw a commercial for Kung-Fu Panda! I was so excited I nearly pooped my pants!

I always get excited when my good friend's movies come up. And this one was totally his idea!

Yay, Mr. Winky!!
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Our day of doing nothing was a complete success. I didn't take a shower until after 4pm. I got up at 8:30, ate breakfast, then got back into bed with Jen for a while. Then we sat around like sloths and watched some television - we caught the two episodes of "Top Chef" that we missed. Jen made me lunch, and we sat around some more, then did some more nothing.

Eventually we took showers, got some dinner, and went to the movies. We sneaked DQ Blizzards into the theatre - awesome. We saw Knocked Up. It wasn't as terrible as it could have been. Although some air conditioning would have been nice.

I don't know why I let Jen talk me into going to Chili's for dinner. I freaking hate the food at Chili's. Oh well. Half of the big Jehovah's Witness convention was there for dinner and the place was PACKED.

Also, people apparently love to stare at you when you dare to go out in public with a big, round belly. Or maybe just when you walk around like big old queers? I don't know.

The end.
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Man, I am Burned. Out. Whose bright idea was it to have a "long weekend of work?" Oh wait, that was me.

After finding unsatisfactory lawn mowers on Friday, we painted some stuff for the kid room and then I framed some more art that a nice friend of our friend Melissa sent us. And it was hot and sweaty and nasty and I was a cranky turd.

Yesterday we spent some time looking at lawn mowers online and trying to find local dealers (we were thinking refurbished) but instead said, "Eff it," and went to one of my least favorite places ever, Home Depot. (I find it thoroughly chaotic and overwhelming, not to mention C-R-A-Z-Y.) We checked out some lawn mowers and ended up getting an electric one. (Good call, [livejournal.com profile] lizardjee, though I didn't get your comment until today.) On the plus side, it is SO light and SO quiet and you don't need any gas or oil (so no smell). On the down side, you need a long cord to use it. We ended up getting a 50-foot cord and apparently 50 feet is not long enough to get to the far back of our back yard. Whoops. I think we're going to try to Freecycle a weed whacker.

I also attempted to plant some of the perennials we'd bought for the front of the house, and I am going to stop being smug about being all small and bendable or whatever because HOLY CARP, bending and crouching to weed the garden and dig holes KICKED. MY. ASS. I began to get all hot and cranky and out of breath and ended up on the couch like a wilted flower. Jen finished the plants and put the mulch down, thank goodness. Later that night we hung everything up in the kid's room: shelves, art, you name it. I have all the baby laundry ready to go, and we took the car seat out so we can install it in the car. I also went through the breast pump we bought from a friend and tossed all of the parts that I replaced with new ones. And then? Bed.

This morning Jen got us some Dunkin Donuts breakfast and we finished the back yard (well, as far as the cord would reach) and got 789798798432798 mosquito bites. We went to the mall to return some stuff, ate a quick mall lunch, and saw Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End. It was entertaining, and it was nice to sit and not do yard work, but it was not my favorite of the series for sure. I felt like it was kind of jumbled and just tried to do too many storylines at once (same thing I thought about Spiderman 3, actually). And it was LONG. We got delicious DQ Blizzards after the movie and then went to Trader Joe for some groceries. And now? NOTHING.

Well, Jen is preheating the oven so we can cook some stuffed clams and I will microwave some vegetables, but other than that we have a big fat ZERO planned for the evening, which is just how I like it after all of the work this weekend.

Oh wait, I have to do all of that dang laundry. DRAT!
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Friday: early showing of Spiderman 3, call from Grandma that as of right now nothing dramatic happened during her procedure (some polyps removed, she'll find out more later), and an impromptu sushi dinner at Osaka because nothing else sounded good.

Saturday: Lazy morning, trip to BJs to acquire party food for next weekend (my freezer is now so full of meat it is freaking me out!), a little lounging at home, weird crampy feelings that had me kind of concerned, and then 5 hours of working at the UMass Queer Prom. Where there was dressing up, sparkly decorations, lots of snacky food, and fun with coworkers.

Sunday: Nice morning with cards, impromptu trip to outlet mall in Lee to raid many baby clothes outlets, gratuitous spending of money on adorable little bits of cloth, nice ride home in the spring sun, a stop at the ice cream shop, quick trip to the grocery, and some grilling out before enjoying the Survivor finale.

We are running out of weekends. Must! Have! Weekend! Full! Of! Work! Soon!

I'm old

Jan. 21st, 2007 08:47 am
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Emmy is here visiting and I hope we haven't bored here to tears with our old fogeyness. She is heavily Benadryl'd because of cats and I'm hoping her zombie-like state means she hasn't noticed that she is bored to death. She has been petting cats and even let Ralph lay on her jeans, so maybe she's being won over to the Dark Side.

We attempted moviegoing last night, but Emmy has seen every movie so we saw Stomp the Yard. I am a sucker for all of those dance movies but I think I should stick to DVD rental and/or television because I spent two hours beside a very loud, overly energetic teenage girl who alternated between screeching and crying, "Oh, that's my baby!" whenever a certain young man came on screen. Thankfully she had a smarter friend next to her who kept telling her to shut up.

I am getting old and crotchety and teenagers in movies are wicked annoying.
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Jen threw me a little birthday party last night and it was great fun. There were two distinct subgroups of folks - the Boston TIM crowd and the coworkers. eeka and Molly bravely straddled the two groups and I felt a little bad that they were so segregated. My coworkers tended to dominate the kitchen and kept close together, mostly, I think, because Former Coworker Nicole was in town from New York and everyone wanted to catch up with her. Evil Jason stopped by on his way back from the airport (and Puerto Rico) making him the furthest traveler, along with his friend. Always a good time. So for everyone that stopped by, even for a minute - thank you. And a big thank you to Jen for orchestrating the whole thing and even calling my work! (And here I thought they were all going to Movie Club.)

I ate way too much junk yesterday, although I didn't eat much of the party junk. We had cheese and crackers, chips and salsa and dip, lots of candy, a strawberry pie, more chips, and of course cake. Jen and I ordered pizza before the guests arrived so we would have something that vaguely resembled food before we chowed on junk all night. I actually didn't eat as much as I usually do - a couple of chips, a few pieces of candy, a bite of pie, a slice of cake. Not too shabby... but man I need some vegetables in my life.

Jen and I went to see Jesus Camp this afternoon and it was incredibly riveting and frightening. I encourage all of you to see it, especially my [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother who lives smack in the middle of Jesusland. (A lot of the movie was filmed in Missouri.) Then we headed to Roslindale to pick up a bunch of cardboard boxes that some dude listed on craigslist. Yay, boxes!

I tried to take this digital pregnancy test that Jessica gave me last time we were in Northampton looking at houses. It was left over from some of her friends. Anyway, I put the stick in and NOTHING HAPPENED. After about 6 minutes, the screen said, "see leaflet." WTF??!!? I looked on the box and saw that it had expired in Jan. of '06, maybe that's why? I don't know, but I keep cracking up every time I think of "see leaflet."
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I had an appointment at 9am in Waltham for a blood draw to see how the current dose of Follistim is working. For the first time ever in my life, my alarm clock did not go off at 7:30 like it was supposed to. I know that Fin woke me up in the middle of the night and had been stepping all over the nightstand, but I don't think he could have messed with the clock. I'm not sure what happened. Thankfully I managed to spring awake at 8:36 and we raced out the door. We got there at 9:10, not too shabby.

We met up with Joe ([livejournal.com profile] bluekniggit) for breakfast since we were in his town, and it was delish. I had cranberry pancakes made with real cranberries. YOM. I hereby name this weekend All Joe All the Time because we spent last night at Shakespeare on the Common with him, and he is coming by this afternoon some time so we can trek to IKEA to help him shop for his new apartment. We will also be eyeballing bedroom sets for ourselves although IKEA doesn't usually have the best assortment of king-sized stuff. I love looking at their pet supplies, though! :)

I went to Jeff ([livejournal.com profile] volumeat11) and Melissa's house on Friday night to make homemade pizzas and watch movies. It was a great idea - Melis put out a whole host of ingredients and we made personal pizzas. I made a hawaiian pizza (tomato slices, pineapples, turkey bacon, sauce and cheese) and some other random pizza and they were so good. I want to have a make-your-own-pizza party, too! We watched Serial Mom (my contribution) and The 40-Year-Old Virgin (which I had never seen). It was a laffriot.

Aside from the fact that it is COLD outside (so cold last night, in fact, that Daedalus came to sleep under the covers with me), this is gearing up to be a perfect weekend.
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Aah, the beach. I so love the beach, with its beachy smell and its beachy breezes. I'm so glad that Marti Maraschino gave me a last-minute phone call. (Seriously, people, I love the last-minute plans, because I HATE planning.) I had just pulled out all of my geocaching stuff and was getting ready to go check some out, but the beach offer was much more tempting. So I whipped out the I'm-too-big-to-wear-this-in-public-but-I-will-anyway two-piece bathing suit, got a bag of stuff together, and waited for Funk and Marti to arrive.

We headed off to Nantasket and spent probably 2.5 quality hours at the beach. There was some laying around happening, with Marti reading us ridiculous sections of her most recent fashion magazine (gah, really). There was some submerging in the frigid water where I almost lost my prescription sunglasses in the ocean (oops). And I was clever enough to bring a frisbee so Marti Maraschino and I got in the water and threw the frisbee around and gabbed while Funk napped on the rocks. And yes rocks, because the tide came in so much that there was no beach left! Ha ha, Nantasket, you are so weird.

I'd put on a ton of sunscreen before I left and I don't think I got a single smidge of color, which is sad but oh well. I got to play frisbee in waist-deep frigid ocean water, so it all evens out. Good times.

Movie Club saw The Hidden Blade which is SO not a movie I would ever have seen on my own. I mean, it was okay and it wasn't terrible, but I really was just waiting for it to end by the end of it. Parts of it were funny and there was a flying body part, but yeah... not the best $9.25 I ever spent. Afterwards we went to Cambridge Brewing Company where we had such terrible service because we were a party of seven and the gratuity was going to be included. I HATE THAT. It took us over two hours to eat, so we all had to pay for extra parking (the movie theatre validates for 4 hours). Grrrrrrr.

I got painfully little sleep last night so I'm going to call this one an early (yet still eventful) Saturday.

And I can't believe I spend so much freaking time with my coworkers. I am SO WEIRD but they are SO FUNNY.
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I convinced Coworker Funk to come play with me and she wanted to see a movie. We went to see Superman Returns and it was so cheesy but also enjoyable. The whole time, I just felt like I was 5 years old again. It was so true to the old movies, down to the cheesy opening credits and of course the John Williams Superman Theme. It was a good time.

My "stay home all day" day didn't really happen. I went to Trader Joe's after some cleaning in the morning, then went to get the car inspected. Then went to the movie, which was long (2.5 hours). Then offered to pick Jen up from work, which was a mistake since there's a Sox game today and it took me 30 minutes to get around the corner. Argh! But I'm home now, even if I never got to pack (yet) or clean the bathroom. Jeff and Melissa should be here shortly. Yay!

Sometimes it's good to see a cheesy movie in the middle of the afternoon.

So tired

Jun. 14th, 2006 10:06 pm
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I am wiped out today. I don't know why. Maybe because I woke up twice last night (once at 2am to pee, once at 6:20am to temp) - I hate when I drink liquids at dinner time because I always wake up to pee. When did I get the bladder of doom?

When I got to my last home visit tonight (5:30pm), the kid was sick and the dad said I should go home. Awesome, because I got to go home early! And they /never/ cancel. Instead, I came home and sat on the porch with The Movie Thief, who ended up making me a huge salad for dinner. So I didn't even have to cook or anything, it was just handed to me. And it had such good stuff in it - lettuce and tomatoes and carrots and zucchini and mushrooms and blue cheese and damn, it was good. And then I went upstairs and had some ice cream.

I've been sitting here watching Grizzly Man for the last hour and a half or so, and that Timothy Treadwell dude is really freaky. I mean, I'm a goofy pinko lefty environmentalist but this dude? He makes me look like Charlton Heston. Also, I bet he was a furry. And he had bad hair. But really, he obviously loved what he did which is admirable, but he was also quite disturbed. I wonder what it was like for his parents to watch the movie. I guess I liked it but I didn't love it - I liked the footage and also getting into the mind of the man a little bit, but he was just a little too wacky for me and I couldn't totally get into it. But now that I am returning it, I will get not one but TWO discs of Queer as Folk!

In other news of the awesome, I decided to burn some vacation time before I get my next two-week installment on July 19th (rumor has it we can only carry 4 weeks, and I have about 2 weeks right now), so I'm taking off from June 28th to July 4th, Wednesday to Tuesday. I think I'll run up to Maine to see [livejournal.com profile] rizzo41 on Thursday through Saturday morning, spend the weekend with Jen, and use the other days to get stuff done around the house and just not be at work. I've never taken vacation time without having somewhere to GO, so this will be a nice change.

Good times.
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Last night I went over to Kriss ([livejournal.com profile] skreeky) and Jon's house so they could distract me from my misery, which was really very sweet. We ordered chinese take-out and watched some television, starting out with the Sox game, then to part of a Margaret Cho DVD, and then to Sweeney Todd (the demon barber of Fleet Street), which is apparently Jon's favorite musical ever. And he sang a lot, which was really cute. And they didn't even make fun of me when I fell asleep on the couch. (Television always puts me to sleep.)

This afternoon we ventured out in the rain to catch the Pride parade. We couldn't really see very well because it was a veritable sea of umbrellas out there. The weather was horrible, cold and raw and rainy, and people didn't seem to be in much of a festive mood, myself included. The thing that sucks about Pride in Boston - at least the parade - is that it's so un-fun. There are usually like 5 floats with music and dancing, and hardly any gyrating boys or anything. It's all churches and politicians and businesses. Instead of queer people showing off their pride of being queer, it's a bunch of business-y folks trying to get proud people's money and votes.

I guess that's what happens when you live somewhere where there is less of a social struggle, where the gay dollar is ridiculously powerful in terms of gentrification/revitalization, and where all of the politicians are somewhere left of center. I prefer Pride in Columbus which is like a big, fun, freak festival. Bring back the rampant humping on the streets!

We did run into Joanna Corndog, which was fun. Because I like her, and we always say we are going to hang out and we never do. Oops.

Then we schlepped up to Kendall in the rain to do Movie Club with my work people. The movie was Clean and we had dinner at Bamboo in Brighton afterwards. There was no movie discussion, though, because no one really liked the movie. It really was not good at all. I thought the lead actress was very good, acting-wise, but I wasn't into the story... and a lot of the other actors were terrible. Ugh.

Time to clean the cat boxes and then go to bed. I wish we'd remembered to get milk today. It's been several days since I could have yummy cereal.
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I am having major motivational difficulties this morning. I can't seem to leave the couch, and I really think I only left the bed because I needed a quick breakfast to take my morning meds. And I've been on the couch ever since.

They've recently re-released The Outsiders on DVD with a new beginning and a new end that are supposed to be closer to the book. It's been so long since I've seen the original film (although I have it on VHS so I could put it in and compare) but I know that they added the "family court" scene and they didn't have Randy coming to the Curtis house after the whole Windrixville incident.

The Outsiders was one of my favorite books ever when I was little. I think I read the book for the first time in the summer Grade 4, when my brother had it for 7th Grade summer reading. I remember thinking how OLD all of the kids were - teenagers, young adults. I read the book for Grade 7 also and had the same feeling. I ended up revisiting the book after I;d graduated from high school and was struck how I was still feeling their age even though I'd surpassed some of the younger characters. When I was in Grade 4, 14 seemed SO OLD!

So yeah, I had a good Clomid weep over the whole "Nothing Gold Can Stay" scene and then again later during the Johnny death scene. So hopefully that's all out of my system.

I really need to get off my booty and move off this couch. There's a bunch of stuff around here that needs to be done and I'd like to make some sort of grocery list after. I can't lay here like a housecat ALL day, can I?
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I have the house to myself today but I'm not sure what I want to do. Usually when Jen is working on a Saturday, I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning house and running errands, but I'm just not feeling that today. It's supposed to be pretty chilly today, so I thought maybe I would take myself to a movie - something at the Kendall, probably, like Brick or American Dreamz. Anyone want to go? Maybe I'll call Tim and see what he's up to - Easter reminded me that I miss having a little Tim snark in my life.

Yesterday was rough but the one really bright spot was all of the effort we put in to save Coworker Gina's birthday. I called her husband yesterday morning to find that he hadn't really planned anything for her birthday - no dinner out, no cake, no friends over, nothing. So we picked one of Gina's favorite places and made reservations for us, them, and Gina's best friend. And then we got an ice cream cake with those relighting candles and dropped it off at the restaurant. It was a nice surprise for her and I know she really appreciated it.

Really, no one should have a birthday go by without being made to feel special, and I'm a little cheesed at her husband that he would just be so blase about it. I know that they've had a rough time of it lately, but sometimes I just want to whack that boy with a clue-by-four. He's really a great guy and I like him a lot, but... ugh. Hopefully a little encouragement has gone a long way. :)

So yeah, trying to make the most out of everything this weekend, even though it's not a great weekend by any count. Weather's not supposed to be great. Jen's working today and going in tomorrow morning and then will be at a pen show all day, which means I'm stuck on my own in RI trying to vacuum and do more cleaning. And then it's just right back to work.

Is anyone REALLY bored tomorrow and want to, you know, ride to RI with me? I promise Dunkin Donuts coffee because I have been SO GOOD at avoiding all delicious coffee and artificial sweeteners for the last three weeks.

I just wish my damned period would come so we could start over already. Maybe tomorrow? We'll see.
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I had three home visits after playgroup today and two of them no-showed me. That is so frustrating... it's like, okay, here I am ready to do the work and my productivity suffers anyway. Grar. I'm at 108% of quota right now so I don't have anything to worry about, but yuck. I'd rather just, you know, have all of my scheduled appointments.

I got home earlier than expected (I guess the one perk of no-shows) and after talking with Tim for a bit, have parked myself on the couch to watch Meet the Fockers from Netflix so I can send it back and get something else. It's not a stellar movie so I don't have to pay attention, which is nice.

I was supposed to have two Netflix movies but only got one. I hope it's not another missing movie. I wonder if The Movie Thief is involved. HA!

It's Survivor night. YAY! Coworker Gina and Ben are coming over, whee. :)


Funny story:

This morning I coughed so hard that I set off my gag reflex, and I threw up a little bit in the kitchen sink. I had taken my 4 honkin' Metformin XR about 10 minutes before, and two of them floated on up. I watched them, perfectly whole, fly out of my mouth and down the drain. They looked JUST like they did going down.

So I didn't know what to do - do I take two more? Do I just leave it as is? In a compromise maneuver, I took one extra. Heh, I'm even diplomatic with drugs.
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  • Saw Memoirs of a Geisha last night. Had mixed feelings about it. The book was better (of course), but some of the characters (specifically Nobu-san and The Chairman) were very close to how I pictured them. I had different mental images of the geishas, though - too many chats with the Princess back in the day, I'm supposing.

  • A coworker of mine thinks she might be accidentally pregnant. It's so weird for me when something can be so haphazard and oops-like instead of carefully charted, coordinated, and excel-spreadsheeted.

  • Of course, I hope she /is/ pregnant, because back in the day I picked her as "next to be pregnant." And I like being right.

  • Little things make me feel old that I don't notice until I'm out with younger people. Like, I leave good tips and don't shortchange people. If someone puts the whole tab on their credit card, I make sure to give more than enough. I am incapable of just "skipping" a bill payment or whatever. It's weird. I'm old.

  • I'm about to head to the GLBT HelpLine new volunteer training so I can help with the roleplays. It will be So. Much. Fun! to be on the /other/ side of the roleplays. Mwahahaaaaa, power!

  • Ed Wombat, we should IM sometime soon. Just in case.

  • Another day in the 50s in January. This winter feels like spring! I just hope spring doesn't feel like winter.

And.... I'm out.
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Jen and I went to see Brokeback Mountain tonight. It was easily one of the most enthralling films of 2005. I was totally captivated from minute one all the way through, even with the woman next to Jen tsk'ing every time there was any sort of tender moment between the two main characters.

I've never had much respect for Heath Ledger as an actor (as eye candy, HELLO - lots of respect) but he really made me eat all of my past words tonight. He was incredible as Ennis, really and truly incredible. Jake Gyllenhaal... eh. Yes and no. But the sleazestache - yuck!

The theatre was packed, sold out with no empty seats. This gave us a great opportunity to push the armrest between us up and sit closer together. That's always nice.

We also ran into Tim on the way out (he was on his way in). That's always nice, too!


Dec. 19th, 2005 09:09 pm
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I haven't had a cold with a cough in so long that I forgot how annoying it is. I've coughed so much this afternoon/evening that I have that "swallowed a jawbreaker" thing going on. Sucks. I hope I stop coughing enough so that I can get some sleep - all we have is codeine cough syrup in the house from when Jen had bronchitis and I'm allergic to codeine. Poop.

I have very little energy this evening. I called off babysitting tonight. I was going to stick it out and go and then at some point at work I randomly broke out in a sweat so I thought I might be getting a fever. It ended up that it never happened again, so oops. We could have used the money because we're going to the casiNO with the grandparents on Friday. Oh well, less money for the nickel slots. Instead of babysitting, I have been rotting on the couch. First I watched the last 3 episodes and the reunion show of Real World: Austin (thank you, On Demand), then Jeopardy!, and now I have the DVD of Orlando in even though I'm not really paying attention to it. I've read the book a couple of times so I think I can fudge it. Besides, I've had it from Netflix for at least a month and I want to send it back so I can get something new, dang it! (Jen and I watched Runaway Jury last night, same reason - it was quite good.)


I've decided that 2006 is going to be the year I take care of myself. Or at least try. Back to the gym, back to eating healthier food, keep on track with the dentist, keep on top of my mental health, stop overscheduling myself, get the babyworks checked out by a specialist...

Okay, I just got totally distracted bt Tilda Swinton's boobs. Yum, corsets. Maybe I should just watch this part for a few minutes.

So anyway, yeah, self-help. That will be nice. Also, if things go even remotely as planned, 2006 will be the year we buy our first home and make a baby.


Maybe we need to spend less time concentrating on misunderstandings, mistakes, arguments, and stress. It's still truly amazing to me that our love is so strong, so unwavering, that I have so much desire. It's almost been four years since we huddled on that chilly balcony in Rehoboth and I insisted that she kiss me. The memory of that kiss still hits me in the gut. Hell, all of her kisses hit me in the gut. God, that's good.
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Thrashin' is on UPN and though I haven't seen the movie in about 15 years, I can still quote it. I think I scared Jen a little.


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