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I'm super duper sad about Senator Kennedy.
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My uncle recently acquired my e-mail address because I made the mistake of thanking him for a picture he sent to me via my brother. Since then, he has sent me a bazillion e-mail forwards that I typically delete without even opening. I made the mistake of opening one this evening, and not only is it falser than false (of course), it is politically inflammatory. (My uncle is the lone conservative in the family.) BLAH!

I sent him an e-mail pointing him to the snopes link for the falseness and a request for no more forwarded e-mails. Argh. I hate this stuff. I'm pretty non-confrontational for the most part but I /hate/ the political crap and he knows it, too.

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Same-sex marriage and parenting looks like this:

just post birth

ooh! a pop-up toy!

family pic 3

Terrifying, right?


Nov. 4th, 2008 09:37 pm
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Thank you Patti, Karen, Sarah, Carina, Mel, and Jeff.
And Adrienne, Libby, and Deanna.
I hold you all personally responsible for Ohio.
And I love you for it.

Hang on, Sloopy! O-H-I-O!
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This is giving me the giggles.

I stumbled across a story about how Barack Obama has a paternal aunt who is living illegally in the US in public housing in Boston. And there is a photo of where she was living. Here is the photo.

What's funny is that I used to see a family in that very same building in the D Street projects for YEARS. One of my first EI cases in Boston was in this building with a family I loooooooved, and I saw that child from 2004 until she turned 3, and her younger brother until I left the agency and moved. I used to sit in the courtyard of that building and wait for them, or hang out with the family, all the time. Week after week. For years.

How funny to see that front door again in presidential "news."
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I voted!

Feb. 19th, 2008 03:39 pm
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I am such a Posty McPosterson today, but this was too good not to share.

Here is Punk on Super Tuesday. This is what she thinks of Our Legislative Processes At Work:

i voted

Bonus Cuteness: )
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I just wanted to say that I really dig Barack Obama. I think he is a very good speaker and he is very good at making people very hopeful. Even though he thinks Jen and I shouldn't be married. Hell, sometimes *I* think Jen and I shouldn't be married. But not because she's a woman. ;) I don't really think he can institute the kind of change he is talking, though - not for lack of trying but because of reality. It's kind of like Deval Patrick, whom I also love very much. He was very candid and hopeful and optimistic and promised that we would all have ponies and what can I say, I am still waiting for my pony.

Also, nothing is quite as amusing as taking your easily overstimulated child to playgroup when she has napped for 30 minutes all day and skipped the pre-lunch nap she usually takes. Because it's like "all eyes on your baby" while she cries and cries, and everyone tries to "make her feel better." And then the host's husband starts taking PICTURES so then they have a gazillion pictures of your overtired and overstimulated child crying.

But then people started to leave, and everyone went out into the kitchen. I put Punk on the living room floor to change her diaper and she rolled over and started playing quietly with all of their toys. HA HA, SUCKERS!

She fell asleep as soon as she got into the car, as expected. (It was 2pm and she got up from her 30 minute nap at 9:15am.) It was the first time she fell asleep in the Big Girl Car Seat and I was worried that when she woke up from being taken out, she wouldn't go back to sleep. But... she did. Yay! She is sleeping now and I ate fast food drive through at Jen's insistence and maybe I can even fold some clothes.

(Yes, Tim, I am still a clean freak. Having a baby hasn't changed that except that I don't get to clean as much and drive myself crazy.)

Also, Jen is having eighty gazillion back problems right now and the chiropractor says she has disc problems. She fell at work a while back so worker's comp should pay for everything, but if she needs to have some sort of back surgery I am likely to shoot myself. Or something. Maybe not as dramatic.

I have been thinking about this Canada thing for a long time. Years, probably, but definitely more hard core since Punk has been born, because I want so much more for her than what she's getting here. I want her to live somewhere where her parents don't need to adopt her when they tried so hard for her, and I want her family to have the same rights as someone else's family no matter what part of the country they are in, and I want university to be affordable and attainable for her if she wants to go, and I want to know that she will always have health care, no matter what happens to her moms. It has become a bit of an obsession in the last month or so, not at all related to the election because I'm not one of those "If so and so wins I will just move to Canada" people.

Speaking of the election, GOOD RIDDANCE MITTENS!

Can I have my pony now?
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Did you know that posting something that is critical of Obama makes you a racist? And that all "white lesbians" vote for Clinton?

It's amazing what you learn in anonymous comments sometimes. It's amazing to see the psychic vote-predicting powers of anonymous folks. It's amazing what I can learn about myself! I never knew I was a white lesbian.
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Barack Obama, June 5, 2006

And I should say that personally, I do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Just in case y'all think he's a friend to the gays.
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Here I am, entering books into a database. This is thrilling, let me tell you! At the rate I am going, I will be out of a job in a week unless there is more work on the horizon. I suppose I could pace myself but it's tedious and I would like it to be done.

It will be pitch black when I have to walk back to my car. It's kind of creepy because my office is in the middle of where the riots were and there are a lot of broken and boarded-up windows... so it's like walking through a ghost town. In the dark. Fun!

I am on pins and needles about this Constitutional Convention business. I hit refresh on Bay Windows every five minutes or so, waiting to see if they are going to recess or continue talking. Please, people, keep talking! Think of my family!

If a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage goes to a popular vote, even here in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, it will pass. But what I want to know is, why does ANYONE think that any civil rights issue that affects a minority should be put to a popular (aka: majority) vote?

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I love Election Day. That probably makes me a total nerd but I don't care. I love voting! I love everything about voting! And I /love/ voting in Massachusetts. It is so funny to see almost NO Republicans on the ballot (sorry, Keely)! And then to see the Socialist Worker Party and the Green-Rainbow Party throughout the ballot just puts a big fat smile on my face. I love you, MA!

Several precincts in Boston ran out of ballots this evening. While it sucks for the people who had to wait, it makes my heart happy. What a turn-out! It is so nice to see people getting out there to vote for change!

And they are already calling the election for Deval Patrick, which makes me so happy I just might poop my pants! *dances* First Barack and then Deval. Hooray.

I am holding my breath until I see the results of all of the contested House and Senate seats. I know I will be disappointed but I am so excited about Deval.

I feel honored to be a part of the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If nothing else, may we continue to be a beacon of hope and progressive politics for this country. I am so glad we decided to legalize and grow our family here.
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There are so many thoughts swirling through my little noggin, yet I haven't the time to process them fully or really do anything with them. It's sad.

I'm glad the whole "conception crime" schtick in Indiana has been thrown out, for so many reasons not the least of which is that it would, of course, leave me the potential of being a criminal in Indiana. Not that I ever plan to set foot in Indiana, but hey, you never know. I've just never been one for breakin' the law. It's ludicrous that there is a group of people who believe that not only do they have the correct idea of what is the "ideal" parenting situation, but have the desire and power to try to legislate such a thing. That makes me sick. It's bad enough that we have a society have a preposterous idea that poor people don't deserve to have children, now society wants to legislate that only married, hetero folks with no criminal records do? Makes me sick.

I find it almost laughable that GWB would nominate his personal counsel for the SCOTUS. I say "almost" because, well, it's really not funny. Now it's one thing to nominate someone with no judicial experience (it's been done before, it will be done again, although usually said person at /least/ has held a post like attorney general or something other than president of a bar association)... but it's something else entirely to nominate someone who has been involved in cleaning up your record and taking care of personal business. I can understand GWB's desire to nominate someone so close to him, someone so firmly lodged in his pocket... but I just think she's a poor choice. Although, who knows? She could end up another David Souter, lefty in disguise! (Okay, that's not entirely true but a girl can dream.)

Science teachers somewhere in Pennsylvania (Dover?) are now required to read a statement acknowledging "other theories" (read: intelligent design) before teaching evolution. Dear god in heaven, MAKE THESE PEOPLE STOP ALREADY. Teach all the creationism you want in your frickin' church schools, CCDs, religion classes, and family home evenings. Let's leave science class for the testable things, okay?

My wish for Ramadan and Rosh Hashanah is peace. Heck, that's my wish for every frickin' holiday that exists. You would think that someone up there would LISTEN to me. Just once. Please?

I'll be 30 in 12 DAYS. How exciting is that??!? A new decade!


Sep. 4th, 2005 12:15 am
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Crap! Rehnquist died tonight!

Bad news abounds.
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I'm gonna be famous in the blogosphere, yo. So WATCH OUT!

Coming soon to a computer screen near you.


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