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Thinking about scheduling a portrait session for the kids to order our holiday photo cards. I could schedule it tomorrow and get it out of the way BUT their matchy-match holiday formal outfits have not arrived in the mail yet. However, I do have matching elf pajamas from Crazy 8 that they could wear.

Or I could wait until next Wednesday afternoon to do the portraits and the outfits probably will have arrived by then, BUT the cheaper photo card pricing promotion will be over.


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Baby poll!

Jun. 21st, 2010 10:10 pm
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Get your guesses in before Wednesday at 2pm!

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Poll Help

Jan. 14th, 2008 03:45 pm
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Hey - help a friend of mine out by taking this poll:

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It's about TTC/baby stuff, so if you're not interested, just move along. :)
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I have a hair dilemma.

A while back, probably when it was late spring or early summer, [livejournal.com profile] vlindenhauer shaved the back of my head and left the front long. You know, edgy. And it was cool.

But it's kind of high maintenance, because when the shaved part starts to grow, I get all kinds of cowlicks and sticky-out parts. And every time I go to get the back shaved and the hair trimmed, whoever does the shaving invariably shaves more and more of the hair parts. So now the shaved part is not just in the back of my hair, but is creeping its way forward. I'm afraid to keep getting it done because they will keep screwing it up in an attempt to "fix it."

Going to see [livejournal.com profile] vlindenhauer is out of the question because sadly, the punk shouldn't be subjected to four hours in the car so I can get a proper haircut. Sadly. Unless he wants to come visit! ;)

So now I'm in this weird place, where I REALLY need to do something with my hair. I either need to brave the haircut place again and get it trimmed down, or I need to go to a haircut place and see if they can come up with SOMETHING that can be done with half of a shaved head and half of an angled bob (like, a way to make a transitional haircut or something?), or I can just shave the whole thing (free haircut!) and start over or hang around with a shaved head again for a while. I do have to jobhunt at some point in the future but hey, this is the Happy Valley after all, right?

So... your thoughts?

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So I decided to get my car seat professionally installed by a cute fireman. Hey, why not, right?

Anyway, I have the Graco SnugRide with EPS Foam or whatever, and the base is usable with seatbelts or LATCH. The LATCH system for my car (Neo the 2007 Toyota Matrix) has LATCH anchors properly spaced for the two outside rear seats (behind the driver and behind the passenger), but the anchors are improperly spaced for the rear center.

Cute Fireman and I had a discussion about which is better - using the LATCH system and installing the seat on one of the sides (thereby increasing risk in a side-impact collision), or using the seatbelt and installing the seat in the center. CF said that the seatbelt should not be any less safe than the LATCH system because the seatbelt has that funky locking mechanism. But I'll be honest, I've watched that sappy YouTube video about that kid in the booster seat too many times. (You know, once is too many.)

So... what do you think? Is LATCH safer than the seatbelt? Right now, CF has the car seat in the center with the seatbelt pulled and locked tightly, and it really does feel nice and snug and tight. And I do feel better having the seat in the middle for crash purposes. But I'm interested in your opinions.

Do you choose "LATCH on the side" or "Seatbelt in the center"?

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Food Blog

Aug. 3rd, 2006 10:16 pm
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Sushi was had tonight. I know I keep saying that we need to eat out less, by oh, sushi, how you taunt me with your deliciousness. Plus we only go to the half-price sushi place, so we had 5 maki for $21 and 2 were big rolls. YOM.

There was also ice cream to be had. Coffee oreo ice cream. I can still taste it. Chi be damned, sometimes you just need to eat some ice cream. Mmmm.

Speaking of YOM, I can't believe we spent a whole day in NYC and /didn't/ go to Chipotle. (Our nearest Chipotle is NYC.) Not that I didn't try, mind you. Eddie said it would be closed by the time we went out to eat, and we already had brunch plans the next day. We need to go to the City again to have Chipotle. It's worth the trip!

I made such a balanced lunch today. I had some leftovers from the other day (meat and rice), some little Shapesters cheese, a bell pepper, and seltzer. I also brought unsweetened applesauce but ended up not eating it. I am a lunch-packing fool, though I'm no Vegan Lunch Box. (I wish I was!)

What's with all of this talk about food? Sheer craziness. I need something else to talk about.

Smurfs: Brainy, Vanity, Hefty, or Papa? Discuss.
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I took an hour-long work at the Pope John with Coworker Marti Maraschino. It was a good time, though she probably heard more than she ever wanted to about our fertility process. HA. Dudes seriously, don't get me started because I /will/ talk for an hour. All it takes is a smidgen of interest (or even feigned interest). I am unstoppable.

As an aside, I wonder if she minds that I call her Marti Maraschino. I can't stop. I've called her that since the very first day.

I just heard Drunk Guy out the window. He was talking to The Movie Thief about us... something about how he didn't damage our car to be malicious and didn't even remember it happening. I'll have to ask TMT about the whole conversation (I missed some) but I wanted to yell out the window, "DUDE, JUST PAY THE FRICKIN COURT AND SHUT UP." (When the DA took him to court on the vandalism charge, the judge agreed to drop the charges provided he paid $515 - for our estimates - in restitution by the end of July.) I don't want to deal with him on a personal level, I just want to get the car fixed.

I'm not hungry but I want to eat more blueberries. This is a serious problem. I tried having some lemonade instead in the hopes that it would take the edge off, but nope - still want blueberries.

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I bought this new deodorant the other day because it was "buy one, get one for 1c" at CVS (Adidas 24-hour sport pure powder scent) and it is STINKY! Ugh, the scent is so strong and I can smell my own armpits and I can't stand perfumes and scents, UGH UGH UGH.

Hopefully I will stay dry in the heat, though!

Quick Quiz: What is your favorite deodorant/scent? Guys, girls, others - I wanna know!
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A little while ago, [livejournal.com profile] technodyke got the amazing idea to ask her readership to state and describe those parts of our bodies that we hate. It was very eye-opening, both to see what things were hated by people whom I happen to think are totally beautiful, and also to see how common everything was, how normalized. So often in my work I try to make people feel better by normalizing their fears/difficulties, but never really knew the total effect until I participated in her little experiment. And people were able to get great feedback from other people, which was also awesome.

Since I (and a lot of other people) found it so helpful, I thought I would try to start a similar dialogue about another touchy subject: personal flaws. We have them. We don't like to admit we have them. We don't like to talk about them. And when things happen because of them, we look for anything or anyone else to blame. We say we're working on them, or we need to work on them, and then we let things go along swimmingly and put them aside until the next dilemma.

I'm going to start the hard work now by telling you all some of the flaws that I have, some of the issues in my life and in my personality that I really and truly need to work on. And you might think less of me and you might not, but I encourage you to list some of your own just the same, if you dare. Come on, let's see how painfully /human/ we all really are. Shall we?

The gory details. )

That's enough for now. Do you want to play? Come on, admit it, post it, let it go to the wind. Read the others, see you're not alone, see how strong and self-aware and passionate you are. Support each other. Offer each other suggestions. BE REAL WITH EACH OTHER. This is your life, and it is ending one moment at a time. Make this one count: for you, for me, and for all of the others who are brave enough to post here. No flaming, please.

A question

Jul. 4th, 2005 12:24 am
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(I probably should have done this sooner, like when we filled out the paperwork for our marriage license, but...)

I've been tossing around the idea of taking Jennifer's last name.



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