Nov. 23rd, 2008 09:56 pm
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1. I made a pate chinois/shepherd's pie for dinner tonight. I feel quite Woonsocket now. All I need is [ profile] anitsirk.

2. There is nothing as cute as my kid singing. And she's good at it! It is freaking amazing. The other day she started wagging her finger while singing, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" (Well, an approximation. You know.) And she does all the parts to "If You're Happy and You Know It." And I continue to be impressed at how well she sings the ABCs. Genius, I tell you.

3. An old coworker from Philmont just friend requested me on Facebook. I remember him as a nice guy, very charismatic and crazy, but he is a Big Whammy Christian, and by that I mean a Chick-Tract Christian, a Let-Me-Tell-You-The-Date-I-Was-Born-Again Christian. This could get interesting if he reads my profile.

4. Short work week. YEAH!

5. Today I finally assembled the IKEA wine rack table that we bought in what? summertime? Heck, I don't even remember. Before Punk was 1?

6. I got DDR for my birthday and I haven't even played it yet. LAME.

Drive By

Oct. 29th, 2008 09:49 pm
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Not much to say. No time. Way behind.

Still haven't:
-sent thank you cards for birthday gifts nearly 2 weeks ago
-carved pumpkins
-put up fall decorations
-gotten a decent night's sleep.

Yawn. Time to switch out laundry.
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(And people at work wonder why I look tired all the time.)

1:00am - Punk wakes up crying; get her and bring her to bed.
4:45am - Punk wakes up crying; try to get her back to sleep.
5:00am - Unsuccessful; give Punk a bottle of milk and put her back to sleep.
6:00am - Jen's alarm goes off; try to keep Punk asleep.
6:45am - Punk wakes up; help get her ready.
6:55am - Kiss Punk goodbye; shower.
7:30am - Leave for work.
8:00am - Arrive at work.

(This involves things like: do paperwork, drive to people's houses, have appointments, come back and do more paperwork, get stood up by supervisee, etc. Billable hours today: 5.)

5:15pm - Leave last appointment.
5:50pm - Arrive home; relieve babysitter; continue Punk dinner.
6:05pm - Watch in horror as child puts plate of mandarin oranges on head.
6:15pm - Clean up Punk dinner.
6:20pm - Finally go to bathroom; run bath for child I wasn't planning to bathe.
6:30pm - Bathe Punk.
6:45pm - Dry Punk; pajama Punk; story Punk; offer milk.
7:00pm - Begin rocking Punk.
7:20pm - Punk asleep; place in crib; pray.
7:25pm - Put away work things; clean up Punk's toys; empty day care bag.
7:35pm - Get diapers from dryer; put wash in dryer.
7:45pm - Pick up bath toys; put dirty diapers in diaper pail; wash hands.
8:00pm - Sit down to eat dinner.

Still to come: get wash out of dryer; fold clothes; pay bills online; balance checkbook; pack day care bag for tomorrow; get ready for bed; aim for 10-10:30pm bedtime.

It starts again around 1am.
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Things are just crazy around here and I keep waiting for some down time. I think I'll be waiting for something like 18 years or whatever. ;) Here is a vague update:

  • My job is still doing funky things with respect to my salary. I'm not sure if I'm getting paid what I'm supposed to be getting paid. I'm too tired to do the math.

  • Things are unsettled at home and I'm not really sure what to do to be able to stay afloat better. I am most definitely sinking.

  • I found a dead mouse in a snap trap in my basement tonight. This is the third dead mouse in a snap trap in the last six months. That means there are still mice in the house even though we've had pest control here twice.

  • I am going to start doing all of our bills/finances. You know, in all of my free time. I am tired just thinking about it.

  • Punk woke up at 5:40 this morning. That is just cruel. She has been a crappy sleeper for about two or three weeks now. Effing teeth.

  • I have so much to do just with the day to day and I can't get to it all and I have no energy to punch through it because I don't get any sleep. My house is a disaster and has been a disaster for so long, it makes me kind of ill. Every time I clean something, something else gets neglected and I am tired of living in a pit. I wish I could afford cleaning help.

  • I had a 3.5 lb bag of swedish fish for the last couple of weeks (maybe since the end of June?) and tonight I finished it. Burp.
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I hardly ever have time to write anymore. So I'll play catch up.

Job Update
Things are decent. I still haven't gotten the hang of working all day and I still am not anywhere near making productivity, which is kind of a PITA. Some of it isn't my fault, as I'm on the core assessment team and therefore I am scheduled for assessments all day on Tuesdays and Thursday... so if they cancel I'm screwed. That gives me two days (M and W) to actually make my own schedule and see clients. I need more of them. Also, I have been doing some side projects at work WRT compliance with the Dept. of Public Health and it looks like I am on some sort of track to become the Clinical Coordinator. That would be quite nice, resume-wise and all of that.

But the bottom line is that my coworkers are nice. They will never be my coworkers from BCEI but they are nice.

Cat Update
Everything seems fine in that department. Daedalus is totally fine except for a shaved spot on his leg, and Fin hasn't tried to escape.

House Update
It is a disaster. I don't have time for anything anymore so I am basically living in a pit of nastiness which I /hate/. I am not really sure what to do about this. Also, the lawn really needs to be managed. We have put a deposit down with some contractors to do the work necessary to install the dishwasher that the previous owners said was "all set to go" but really meant "it's in the basement and you can't use it until you cut a hole in the cabinets, raise the countertops, and do all of the electrical and plumbing work." So umm, that's a hefty chunk of change, but hopefully when the dishwasher is installed, some of the mess will be manageable.

Punk Update
She is almost a year old! We need to do something about her birthday, like decide when and invite some family members or something. Also, she has finally gotten her confidence to cruise, like really cruise, going from furniture to furniture around the room. This means she does not want to nap, because she just wants to cruise around the crib and try to get stuff. Awesome.

Status Update
I'm feeling largely sad and disconnected from everything, and have for a really long time. Jen and I really have next to no interaction these days and it's incredibly upsetting and distressing to me. I feel liked and appreciated at work but not at home, and most nights try to keep as low a profile as possible and just do chores and watch mindless television, then try to sleep.

Father's Day Update
Yeah, that pretty much sucks. We are going to see my grandparents, though, which is nice.

Weather Update
It's a lot cooler today. It was actually chilly in the house this morning. Nice.
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Welcome to the first (of likely many) installments of Things I Would Blog About If I Had More Time!

1. I never did write about our trip to Florida, did I? Well, the weather was gorgeous and I managed to only piss off my MIL a couple of times, so I guess that's a win? I wish my in-laws liked me. Bleh. But they like Punk and that is going to have to be good enough for me.

2. While we were in Florida, spring came to the Happy Valley. There are now leaf buds and flowers on the trees, early flowers are up, and second flowers are on their way. We have SO MUCH yard work to do, especially because we never got around to picking up the sticks, acorns, and leaves from the fall. We have three oak trees in the front (holy acorns!) and three maple trees in the back, not to mention an assortment of conifers. We have a LOT of leaves. Ugh. I think we need to call someone. Ch-ching!

3. We are going to redo some of our kitchen to hopefully make our house more sellable someday. We're biting the bullet and paying big bucks to have a dishwasher installed because I think we have the only house in the universe without a dishwasher. We need to get the electrical and plumbing work done. Ch-ching!

4. I would write about Punk's child care experience. I will just say that it is going as well as it could, the provider is very nice and I think we made a good choice. Punk refuses to let me out of her sight after I pick her up, though. Kind of like, "Oh, Mama, I am on to you and I am NOT letting you get away with dropping me off TWICE!"

5. The other day, JAMN 94.5 came through my radio when I was in Northampton and Hadley. It is a Boston station. So weird! I listened to it until it faded out and it has never been back.

6. Yard work projects to come: the aforementioned leaves and acorns, getting rid of all of the crap the previous owners left in corners of the yard, cleaning out a little flower garden area in the backyard, cleaning and sealing the deck and little patio set we have, hanging a little swing for Punk, cleaning up the "landscaping" in the front of the house. I'm tired already just thinking about it.

7. I hate applying for jobs. HATE. But I have applied for 10 jobs this week while Punk has been at child care. I think that's pretty productive. We'll see what happens. I am in denial of having to go to work, though. Bleh.

8. Cinnamon Crunch bagels from Panera are THE DEVIL and I would eat three a day if I could. YOM.

Okay, that's enough for now. xo!
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1. Many many big huge thanks to [ profile] yarnaddict and [ profile] saldemonium for sending Punk some presents! The bib and the tshirt are really incredibly cute and we were totally surprised! Punk was surprised too but she probably won't get around to telling you. But thank you so much! You didn't have to do that!!

2. We met with a lawyer on Tuesday to get the ball rolling on the second parent adoption and our wills and things like that. While I am infuriated that we even HAVE to do the second parent adoption, that we have to pay money and go to court for Jen to be considered a parent to her own child, I am thankful that we live here in the Happy Valley where same-sex second parent adoptions happen all the time and the process is really streamlined. Which, in the world of lawyer's fees, means cheaper. And cheaper is always better. When we were in Boston, I had spoken to a couple of people who estimated that the adoption would cost $2-$3K. Our lawyer anticipates that it will not exceed $750 here. That is good to know, especially when we have no money.

3. I would like to get my W-2 so we can start to talk taxes. It's time to deduct my kid so she can earn her keep. ;)

4. Does anyone know how to train cats to do dishes? Or laundry? It is the one thing that is seriously lacking in my life - dutiful cats.

(icon especially for [ profile] prunesnprisms)
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I spend half of my day amusing a baby and the other half creeping stealthily around my house like some sort of [ profile] psychostalker. It's quite odd.

Now that my kid can amuse herself on the floor for a little while at a time, I feel like a whole person and not just a set of arms. It's pretty cool, actually. She can grunt her fool head off on the floor and every so often look up at me and laugh. And then roll over for the 879234567923478th time.

This is how I spend my day:
  1. Watch baby roll over.

  2. Watch baby's arm get stuck under baby.

  3. Watch baby get pissed off.

  4. Go over and unstick baby's arm.

  5. Watch baby do push-ups for a while.

  6. Watch baby get tired of being on her belly.

  7. Watch baby get pissed off.

  8. Go over and flip baby.

  9. Watch baby /immediately/ roll over.

  10. Goto 1.

I really need to teach her how to roll back over.
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Dear Lowe's Delivery:

8:55am is NOT between 10 and 2.



Dear Colorado Rockies:

Are you really the BEST the National League has to offer? Is the National League really that bad?

Get new pitchers and new batters, kthx
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I just had a shower, got the baby's bag all ready, had a bowl of cereal, and caught up on LJ - all thanks to the NeglectomaticTM.

You know, the swing.

Quite nice.

(Of course, the baby decided to get up at 6am though. UGH!)
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1. This year I didn't make a big 9/11 rehash post. It's not that I didn't remember. I spent most of the day remembering in my head... I just never made it to the computer for a big metapost. You can read my old ones here: 2001, more 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006.

2. We got a lovely visit from Joe and Dorie today. They are in town from Boston (and Lowell) because they are going to a corn maze in Sunderland. They brought us presents. Well, who am I kidding? They are for the baby. But Dorie made her a name sign that is cool, and they also brought a couple of cute t-shirts ("Chicks Dig My Ride" and "I [heart] my moms"). Yay! I love them.

3. We may or may not go to the corn maze tomorrow. Punk got a shot on Friday and she's been a little extra cranky. And the sad part is that I have to take her on Tuesday for the other two. I wanted her to get the DTaP alone, because it is the most reactive. She screamed. I did not cry. But I am not looking forward to Tuesday.

4. We are going back to RevCam's church tomorrow. Maybe Lucy will help with the service.

5. I have been futzing with the punk's bedtime. She went down tonight at 8:30. That was nice. Then I went into the kitchen and found out our faucet was leaking again. That was not nice. I hope Jen fixed it with her puttering.

6. We went to BJ's to buy diapers (we use disposables at night so we can load her up with vaseline ever since she got the wicked rash) and wipes (to wipe off said vaseline, also perfect for neck cheese). Man, that crap's expensive. Thank goodness we use cloth diapers and wipes during the day, because that saves us a TON of money. Not to mention trash. (Two or three 'sposies a night aren't too bad.)

7. Autumn is officially here. It's getting chilly and crisp. It's still gorgeous out, because it's that pretty, early part of fall... but I am still sad about it because early fall leads to late fall which leads to You Know What.

8. HA! I just accidentally typed You Know Who!
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Things that are annoying:

1. I have somehow injured the ball of my foot. I have no idea how, but I woke up yesterday morning and it hurt to walk on. But, you know, I have to walk around sometimes. So now it hurts MORE and I am walking on the outer edge of my foot. Which is fine and all, except that I'm paranoid that I'm going to roll my ankle and stumble while I'm carrying the baby or something.

2. The Sears people are supposed to come today to fix our fridge. Our brand new fridge that we bought about 3 weeks ago. Which was broken when it was delivered - the gasket around the freezer is effed and it doesn't close properly. A BRAND NEW FRIDGE. Argh.

3. Oh, and the Sears people? They gave me a window of when they will arrive. Would you like to know when that window is? 8 to 5. 8am to 5pm. Are you effing kidding me? Can you be a little more vague? "We will come on a day that ends in Y."

Things that are not annoying:

1. My grandmother is 85 years old today! We had a little get-together at my aunt and uncle's place yesterday for her and gave her a picture of the punk. (She'll be getting flowers today.) We ate lobster and shrimp and birthday cake and it was quite delicious. Happy birthday. Grandma!

2. Leah and Colleen, and eeka and Molly, and the Morganator came over on Saturday for a little BBQ action, which was really nice. It was incredibly humid and we don't have A/C (sorry, guys) but it was nice to see them and chat a little bit.

3. The punk is a super cute baby.

4. Jen got up this morning and made a whole bunch of bottles so I didn't have to. Now I'm set for the day. That is awesome!
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Wow. Fussy baby last night and a good chunk of today. I've spent a LOT of time bouncing and walking. She's down for the count right now, though. Yay! I wonder if there's something that I'm eating that's bothering her? I didn't think it would be an issue because she gets so little of my milk but maybe I will cut out the dairy for a couple of days just to check. She's eating the same old formula so I doubt that's it. Please bring my Zen Baby back!

The humidity is out of control today, to cap off a little heat wave. It's theoretically supposed to thundershower out here tonight, and I do hope that's the case. Jen's parents are coming tomorrow and will be staying with us for about a week, and I would hate for the house to be sticky and miserable for them. We only have one window unit A/C (in our bedroom) and while we can certainly give them our bedroom to make them more comfortable, the whole HOUSE would be more comfortable with less humidity. Our house isn't that big and then there will be four big people and one little people. (And three cats.)

I'm a little nervous about the visit from the in-laws. I like my in-laws very much but we are certainly different people, and I get anxious anyway when people are staying over because I want everything to be perfect for them. I /especially/ want things to be perfect for my in-laws! I also worry that they will be uncomfortable since we only have one bathroom, and since the baby has been really fussy from the hours of about 10pm to 1am or so the last couple of days. Here's hoping everyone has a terrific time!

It's amazing how things change. I like to think that I don't change, but I'm sure I do because everyone does. Right? But I don't think I change that much. I'd like to think that the things that were important to me continue to be important to me, and that the standards I hold myself to don't change. I know that being a parent changes people's convictions and such, and that you can't set ultimatums for yourself and your parenting, but I'm hoping that I can be the good parent that I'd like to be.

The truth is that I've always worried that I would be a bad parent because I haven't had good parenting role models. I am terrified of being someone who abuses children - I know I could never hit a person but I know first hand that emotional scars can be just as difficult to heal. I hope this is just an irrational fear.

When I was pregnant, I took time out every night to say prayers for the health of my baby, and for my family and friends. Now sleep is such a precious commodity that I think I fall asleep even before I get into the bedroom. I've been really lax in the prayer department because of it. I need to get back on that.
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I really don't understand how [ profile] mayna can manage to post and comment so much. Her baby is one week old! My kid will be four weeks old on Sunday and I don't feel like I have time to do anything other than clean bottles, do laundry, and try to stuff food in my face whenever I can. And if I ever have to leave the house to run an errand or something, forget it. All bets are off.

I had my postpartum checkup today and it was good to see The Midwife I Love, especially since she was so sweet and supportive about our nursing woes. She told me to "throw away all of the teas and tinctures" and stop beating myself up for low supply. I'm working on it, but it was nice to know that my hippie midwife was like, "It happens. Some people don't make much/any milk," and didn't give me any more pumping schedules or "helpful tips."

My mom and John (her husband) are in RI overnight visiting friends. It is so quiet here without people in the house, but I had to do my own dishes. Bummer. What am I going to do on Sunday when she leaves for real? I am comfortable with my mom doing chores around the house but I feel weird about the idea of Jen's parents cleaning my house. I guess it's because they're not my parents. *shrug* Hopefully I can get over it.

Jen put up some cute pictures on her Flickr account. Yay!
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1. Happy birthday, [ profile] hopemcg!! I hope you have a fantabulous day!

2. We went to one of those membership wholesale stores that scare the crap out of me yesterday. We had a temporary three month free membership that we activated to buy BBQ food last month. We decided to stock the house up with "pre-baby" stuff you don't want to run out of when you're feeling exhausted, like toilet paper and shampoo and beverages. We also now own the /largest/ bottle of laundry detergent I have ever seen. Dude, it's huge. I am so scared of those places.

3. Yesterday, Eryn and Amy invited us to their house for dinner. But they called at noon and I didn't check my phone until 6pm (oops), right after Jen had dumped charcoal into the grill. So instead they came to our place, but we have to make it to their place again soon. Whoops! We also played lots of 10 Days in Africa until I couldn't sit at the table anymore. Ow.

4. Remember that Van Halen song, "Right Now"? And the video that had lots of weird statements like, "Right now, you could be sleeping," or whatever? Well, if that video was my life at present, it would say, "Right now, you should be drinking a tasty beverage." Because I am so thirsty yet too lazy to go to the kitchen. Which I guess means my video should say, "Right now you are a really lazy bastard."

5. I missed lots of the last season of L&O:SVU because I kept falling asleep before 10. Last night I managed to catch two of last season's episodes that I missed. That was fun, because I'm tired of watching the same episodes 387983241134678 times. When Jodie and Pedro were here, we kept trying to see who could be the first person to guess the episode by the opening segment. That was when I realized I watch too much cable.

6. I have Bravo's "Gay Weddings" on DVD right now from Netflix. I hope it's good. I ended up returning my two Netflix movies unwatched (which I never do on principle) because I had had them since MARCH. Peace out, Netflix movies!

7. Right now, I'm going to get a tasty beverage. And maybe have some leftover pasta salad from last night. Mmmm, pasta salad.
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Man, I am Burned. Out. Whose bright idea was it to have a "long weekend of work?" Oh wait, that was me.

After finding unsatisfactory lawn mowers on Friday, we painted some stuff for the kid room and then I framed some more art that a nice friend of our friend Melissa sent us. And it was hot and sweaty and nasty and I was a cranky turd.

Yesterday we spent some time looking at lawn mowers online and trying to find local dealers (we were thinking refurbished) but instead said, "Eff it," and went to one of my least favorite places ever, Home Depot. (I find it thoroughly chaotic and overwhelming, not to mention C-R-A-Z-Y.) We checked out some lawn mowers and ended up getting an electric one. (Good call, [ profile] lizardjee, though I didn't get your comment until today.) On the plus side, it is SO light and SO quiet and you don't need any gas or oil (so no smell). On the down side, you need a long cord to use it. We ended up getting a 50-foot cord and apparently 50 feet is not long enough to get to the far back of our back yard. Whoops. I think we're going to try to Freecycle a weed whacker.

I also attempted to plant some of the perennials we'd bought for the front of the house, and I am going to stop being smug about being all small and bendable or whatever because HOLY CARP, bending and crouching to weed the garden and dig holes KICKED. MY. ASS. I began to get all hot and cranky and out of breath and ended up on the couch like a wilted flower. Jen finished the plants and put the mulch down, thank goodness. Later that night we hung everything up in the kid's room: shelves, art, you name it. I have all the baby laundry ready to go, and we took the car seat out so we can install it in the car. I also went through the breast pump we bought from a friend and tossed all of the parts that I replaced with new ones. And then? Bed.

This morning Jen got us some Dunkin Donuts breakfast and we finished the back yard (well, as far as the cord would reach) and got 789798798432798 mosquito bites. We went to the mall to return some stuff, ate a quick mall lunch, and saw Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End. It was entertaining, and it was nice to sit and not do yard work, but it was not my favorite of the series for sure. I felt like it was kind of jumbled and just tried to do too many storylines at once (same thing I thought about Spiderman 3, actually). And it was LONG. We got delicious DQ Blizzards after the movie and then went to Trader Joe for some groceries. And now? NOTHING.

Well, Jen is preheating the oven so we can cook some stuffed clams and I will microwave some vegetables, but other than that we have a big fat ZERO planned for the evening, which is just how I like it after all of the work this weekend.

Oh wait, I have to do all of that dang laundry. DRAT!
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Friday: early showing of Spiderman 3, call from Grandma that as of right now nothing dramatic happened during her procedure (some polyps removed, she'll find out more later), and an impromptu sushi dinner at Osaka because nothing else sounded good.

Saturday: Lazy morning, trip to BJs to acquire party food for next weekend (my freezer is now so full of meat it is freaking me out!), a little lounging at home, weird crampy feelings that had me kind of concerned, and then 5 hours of working at the UMass Queer Prom. Where there was dressing up, sparkly decorations, lots of snacky food, and fun with coworkers.

Sunday: Nice morning with cards, impromptu trip to outlet mall in Lee to raid many baby clothes outlets, gratuitous spending of money on adorable little bits of cloth, nice ride home in the spring sun, a stop at the ice cream shop, quick trip to the grocery, and some grilling out before enjoying the Survivor finale.

We are running out of weekends. Must! Have! Weekend! Full! Of! Work! Soon!


Apr. 10th, 2007 12:01 pm
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I was going to post a big rant about all of this Imus business, but then I saw that my lovely wife had already covered it. So I will use her comments page for my vitriol this time around, I suppose.

Instead, I will bore you all to tears with talk about how I cleaned up the house this morning. One would think that working part-time means that I spend all morning eating bon-bons on the bed with the cats, but one would be incorrect. Usually I'm running around like a loony trying to do enough things around the house to save my sanity and still get ready for work on time. Usually a lot of that entails moving around and sorting through the stuff that Jen likes to leave on any horizontal surface she can find. :)

So after clearing all of the clutter out of the living room and picking up the pile of crap on the floor that has been sitting there for so long I am embarrassed (and the doula comes on Wednesday night, she doesn't need to see that), I went through and made neater piles for Jen on the kitchen table: books, mail, bills, everything else. Then put the laundry away, did the dishes, folded Jen's clothes that were on her dresser, cleaned up a little bit of the bathroom, put out some Freecycle stuff, and had a nice sigh of relief. Everything just seems a little cheerier when the house is at least surface clean.

Isn't that much more exciting than hearing me go on and on and on about asshats who make racial and misogynistic slurs and yet can keep their stupid public jobs because they say, "I'm sorry," and, "Don't worry, I'm an equal-opportunity meanie."? Yeah, I thought so.
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1. Jen and I went downtown to meet up with [ profile] freedumryde today. We had some delicious beverages at Haymarket and then late lunch at Viva Fresh Pasta. My food (cheese tortellini with a sauce of 1/2 tomato, 1/2 alfredo) was the serious YOM. Good times.

2. Jen and I set out on the tedious task of finding me something to wear to (don't laugh) a black-tie wedding reception in two weeks. I thought I was going to die, for real. But I ended up finding this sparkly freaking GOWN and it's quite nice... and stretchy enough and the waist is high enough that unless something really wacky happens should still fit fine in two weeks. Best of all? That bad boy is a size 10!

3. But I still hate the mall.

4. Totally had sex today for the first time since I was about 6w pregnant. Which was NINE WEEKS AGO, people! *dies*

5. This means, of course, that it's been about a week and a half with no bleeding or spotting to speak of. Still scared to jinx anything, but it seems over after that major bleed-out at 12w.

6. Jen got a new shirt for the wedding, too... and she's going to wear her fancy black suit and she will look teh sexxxxxxxxy. Hot.

7. Former coworkers come tomorrow, [ profile] stacy will be in town tomorrow, catching up with Eryn & Amy for a bit on Monday, and best of all, NO WORK! Awesome.
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House Stuff: )

Fertility Stuff: )

Lara and Wedding Stuff: )

Cute Kitten Stuff: )

New Car Stuff: )

I think that'll do me for now. Night!


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