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Today is 39w4d, which is the day I had Punk. I really thought it would have happened by now, what with all of that talk about how subsequent babies come later, and this guy always measured ahead. Aah well, joke's on me. By this time today with Punk, I was nearly in transition. Not so much today.

Cut for dramatic whining. )
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My cold has turned into chest nastiness. HATE.
Punk woke up at 5:30am because her nose was stuffed and her diaper was soaked through. HATE.
I slept in her bed from 2:30 on because she couldn't sleep, and I get crap sleep in her bed. HATE.
Was planning to go to the Children's Museum today but don't know if I dare because of the sheer amount of HATE this morning.
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I think I have a cold. WTF? Who gets a cold in June? Yesterday afternoon I started getting a scratchy throat and just feeling gross, and this morning my legs are achy which is usually my one big sign. And my throat is still scratchy. Suck.

This is not a good weekend for a cold. (Is there ever a good weekend?) We have a wedding/potluck to go to tomorrow evening and were thinking of driving to Charlestown on Sunday for Touch-a-Truck. But uggggggh, I don't want to do anything if I am feeling crappy because all I can take is Tylenol.

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I have been wide awake since 5:59am, but I guess that's what happens when you go to bed at 8:30 the night before. I was so ridiculously tired all day yesterday and just couldn't hold out any longer. I am getting all of these stupidly annoying pregnancy headaches and tylenol doesn't really do anything for headaches so they just grate on me until they go away. Good times. Also, I have the major, major food aversions and don't want to eat anything. Unless it is spontaneously something I want to eat, I feel full and can't eat anything. Dinner is the worst - I walk around the kitchen looking for something to make for dinner and then when it is all cooked, I watch Jen and Punk eat it and I just... can't. Sad. I'm sure that's not helping my energy level at all, but when I force myself to eat, I feel crappy afterward. Booooooo.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I feel like a schmuck for spending most of it inside, especially since today is gray and dreary. We did get out briefly to go to Tasty Top (ice cream stand) with Becki, although that was bittersweet. We ordered Punk her own cone for the first time there and of course she was in heaven, and then ran around with some other little girl who was there and then Becki was doing a lot of holding her upside down and tickling her. And guess what happened when we got home? Yep, she threw up. All over herself and the living room floor while sitting on the potty (I was hoping the potty was the reason she said her stomach hurt). So instead of going out to play we ended up doing bath, early pajamas, watching tv for a while, and sipping juice and water. She hasn't puked again (*knock wood*) and is sleeping well tonight/this morning, so I hope it was just a fluke. Yuck.

She was really sad about it. This was the first time she has thrown up since she was under two and it's like she has a whole new knowledge about it. She looked at me sadly and said, "I frowed up," as we pulled her clothes off, and later in the evening when she got the hiccups she said, "The frow ups are coming again," in this sad little voice. She gets these really violent hiccups and I wonder if she's still got some reflux going on.

I hear a little person stirring who is whining about her belly hurting and needing a cold drink, so maybe I spoke too soon. Adios.

Sick day

Jan. 13th, 2010 09:21 am
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Jen convinced me to take a sick day today. I never take sick days. She's right, of course - I really can't keep working 12 hour days on 3 hours of sleep or less. I had "getting sick insomnia" last night and couldn't get comfortable until I took a bunch of advil around 3am. I feel somewhat better this morning and feel guilty about not going to work, but I'm sure Jen is right and I need the rest.

Still, this week I am supposed to be telling my clients that I'm leaving... and I feel weird taking a day off from that.

Time to watch some trash tv and chill.
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Attention Dim Sum Eaters:

Dim Sum is off. Well, at least, we won't be there. Boston weekend trip is cancelled because our darling [livejournal.com profile] lorac, who was going to host us and hang with Punk while we were sushi'ing, is not feeling well and graciously does not want to pass the Creeping Crud on to us. Feel better, [livejournal.com profile] lorac!

I have to call and cancel my dinner reservation. Super sad. Weekend of Incredibly Delicious Food is no more!

(I'm starting to think that this sushi gift certificate is doomed!!)
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This evening was the annual show for Punk's day care. Yes, they have a show. At a day care. A home day care with the most awesome of awesome day care providers who every year plans a summer show with a theme and self-written songs (some) and a graduation ceremony for anyone who's leaving preschool to go to kindergarten. And oh lordy, it is the cutest thing ever. We went last year before we were enrolled in the day care to meet the other families, and it was adorable when I didn't know the kids, even.

At 4:00 this morning I hear Punk cough, then hack, then cry. She had an enormous poop blowout and had thrown up a little. You know what that means - no day care. No day care! It's show day! Nevermind that it was 4:00 and she was hysterical and couldn't get back to sleep and had vomit in her hair and was exhausted all day and sipping on PediaLyte.

I called our child care provider and cautiously said that Punk was not attending today because she threw up overnight and um, by the way, can she still come to the show? The show that my mother and SIL flew up from SC to see? Thankfully she said yes. Actually she said, "Well, the day care rule is stay home for 24 hours with no throwing up, but since it's not day care when it's after 5 PM..." I love her for that.

Punk never threw up again and we babied her stomach with bland foods and PediaLyte, and she was full of energy (read: running on fumes) before show time. She did a great job even with being awfully overtired and cried a couple of times out of exhaustion but she sang all the songs and even her little solo and she was so adorable and lovely and I'm so glad we were able to do it. She prepared for that show for 3 months and she would have been heartbroken to miss it.

Video to come soon, hopefully!
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Random hysterical crying last night? Check.
Terrible night of sleep? Check.
Fever in the morning? Check.
Sobbing on the mama at diaper time? Check.

Moms' diagnosis of ear infection: Correct.

Two hours of sleep for me, one from 11-12, and another from 4-5. Jen and I are splitting the day home with Punk. I got the 'pediatrician walk-in hours, pharmacy run, hydrate and feed kid' shift, and will go to work when Jen comes around noon. Until after 7. Late night at work on two hours of broken sleep. There is not enough coffee in the world.

Aaah, the glamourous life of a mama.
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Punk's child care provider has been sick for the last two days and has closed the day care. It wasn't a huge deal on Monday because I was off, but I was planning to have a long visit with my grandmother (alone) and instead we had a short visit (with child). K is very rarely sick and has never been sick for more than one day, so I didn't think much of it... until her husband called again today. That's /really/ unusual and I'm really worried about her.

I was also freaking about the possibility that she will still be sick tomorrow. Jen took today off but can't realistically take tomorrow off too, and I have a training at work that I am absolutely supposed to attend. I already told my supervisor I might have to miss it, but it really doesn't look good. On a whim, I called one of Punk's day care buddies to ask the mom who she is using for back up care, and she said that she was going to be home tomorrow with the kids, and I could bring Punk over. WHEW. And she wouldn't take any money so I would have to send her flowers or something.

But then, to add a layer of drama to everything, Punk spit up a little bit today while she was with Jen. Jen said that while she was napping, she heard a burping sound and then Punk was calling for her, and when she got in the room, Punk started to cry. She said there was some puke in the bed but it wasn't much - wasn't any food or anything and she said it seemed like drool and a little bit of ice cream she had for dessert. She has been acting normally ever since (had fun in the tub, played with toys, ate a decent bit of toast and banana for dinner, had a blast in the sandbox) but of course I am paranoid that she is going to be sick and then I'll have to miss work whether K is sick or not!

Her temp at bedtime was 100.1 which is probably nothing but umm, yeah, paranoid.

Long nap.

Feb. 16th, 2009 02:14 pm
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Punk's nap has passed the two-hour mark. I think she has been in there asleep for two hours and twenty minutes at this point. About 15 minutes ago she cried out, but was quiet by the time I made it down the hall, so I guess she was just whimpering in her sleep.

I hope this means the sickies are turning the corner and she is going to sleep it off. For the last several days, her naps have been short due to coughing and congestion and stuff, so maybe this will do the trick.

I hope so, because I really need her to be well enough for child care tomorrow if possible. Since she did not have a fever all day today (first day since Thursday!), it could definitely happen.
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So when we were at the IVP shindig in DC, there were a couple of sickies floating around - some of the kid and some of the adult variety. There was a great big melting pot of germs from as far away as Ireland and Australia as well as a healthy dose of the local flavor. I was expecting Punk to get sick. But oh, she is having the sick of her little life. (I have been spoiled. She does not get sick very often and does not get sick hard.)

She has a double ear infection that is now on its second antibiotic (the first did squat, thankfully the second seems to be working). Today is the first day since, oh, Thursday? that she has not woken up with a fever. She is congested solidly full of snot and it is now making its way into her chest. She sleeps for crap which means that I sleep for crap. And she has lost her mild-mannered disposition and become "that" toddler. The one who freaks out if one food touches another food, and then refuses to eat. The one who freaks out because a little bit of oatmeal is on her hand. The one who freaks out because you started to read the wrong book, even though it was the book she handed you. You know, that one. I have never had that toddler. And I don't particularly like her. ;)

She has been full-on spoiled because of this, with lots of juice, lots of TV, and lots of being able to eat things like goldfish crackers and applesauce for dinner. How I am going to crawl out of this one with some dignity in tact, I don't rightly know. I will leave it up to day care to straighten out. Ha ha.

I don't feel all that great myself, but Jen is of course sick to the tenth power and yesterday needed to go to the emergency room for a bazillion prescriptions and now is locked in the bedroom. I am trying to dig out from under the mountains of laundry from DC and before, all the while wrangling "that" toddler and trying to do some general house tidying. I am supposed to be working on Amy's Valentine's Day swap gift (sorry, Amy) and I am supposed to be doing the taxes and I am supposed to be doing a lot of things. At this point, I have no idea when any of that is going to happen. I'm also supposed to be sending refi paperwork in. That I can commit to doing tonight. I hope.

Since I have been sick and have been sitting in front of a lot of PBS programming (proof of devastating spoilage: Punk now says "PEE BEE ESS"), I have had time to do a lot of navel-gazing and realize that I have not been present in a very long time. I want to apologize to everyone, because I simply haven't had anything to give. I'm sorry I don't comment in your journals. I'm sorry I haven't been active on your bulletin boards. I'm sorry I wasn't more talkative and perky at your big get-together. I'm sorry I haven't made your present. I'm sorry I haven't returned your calls/texts/e-mails/messages on Facebook. I'm sorry I haven't remembered your birthday or sent you that card that has been sitting out for a month. I'm sorry. I wish I wasn't the world's crappiest friend right now but I am in a deep, dark hole and I have no idea how to get out. All I can see in front of me really is work, the toddler, and a devastating to-do list.


Feb. 14th, 2009 12:17 pm
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I am in my pajamas. Jen is in her pajamas. Or maybe yesterday's clothes. We just ate some delivered chinese food. Punk is taking a nap. She is also in her pajamas. Because everyone is sick. And grumpy. And sick.

Jen has been sick since last Sunday and can't seem to shake the cold. Punk started getting sick on Wednesday night and has been crying and restless and feverish every night since (which never bodes well for me). She has a double ear infection and is getting two of her two-year molars. The antibiotics are /just/ starting to kick in and maybe we will actually leave the house tonight. Depends on Jen, really.

Tomorrow I will go visit my grandparents. My grandmother got out of the nursing home today and is doing very well, getting her strength back and doing PT and OT to build herself back up. My grandfather has been really depressed and down but I think he will perk up when my grandmother is home. He has agreed to see an oncologist (he previously said he didn't want to) to at least find out the scope of the situation. I am glad for that.

This is not at all the Valentine's Day I would ever have imagined for myself: us in our pajamas in front of our laptops with take-out chinese, and lots of tissues. But there are two sets of beautiful flowers on the mantle and that's going to have to do it this year, I guess.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I hope your day is better than mine!
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I had five visits scheduled today. With the exception of one, all of them are regularly occurring, same day and time, week after week. Out of five visits, I completed one. The first one. #2 was cancelled, #3 was a no-show, #4 was cancelled, and #5 was answered by the dad to tell me that the mom and the kid were out shopping. GREAT. I scrambled for a lot of the day to tag along on visits with other people to salvage some of my productivity. But I hate doing sneak-attacks on parents just to help my billing.

I then found out, completely by accident, that I am running the intakes/evaluations tomorrow. Usually this is done by the intake coordinator (lots of paperwork) but she is apparently otherwise occupied tomorrow. I found this out by looking at the intake/eval schedule book. Like, where her initials usually are, mine were in their place. Maybe would have been nice to know... on top of that, the physical therapist will not be attending the first evaluation. Which means I'll be doing the intake coordinator's job, the physical therapist's job, oh, and hopefully mine, too.

I also took Punk to the pediatrician at 7pm tonight. (They are open late on Mondays.) She just hasn't been quite right since she had her puke fest last Monday and needed a once-over. He thinks what I think - that her digestive system is still a little tender from being sick, and has also re-aggravated the reflux, and to ride it out. She also tripped over something in the exam room and thwacked her head on the bench. Ugh. Between that and being tired because 7pm is bedtime, oh, the screams.

We got home around 7:40 and I got her all into bed and asleep by 8pm. Now we'll see what the later bedtime means. Her sleep has been exceptionally crap lately and I fear that she will wake up as early as she has been (before 6) even with the later bedtime and thus be exhausted.

I feel really invisible at home, like I'm just a series of functions instead of an actual person with feelings and dreams and needs. And that I'm just set up for failure all the time. Before I went to the pediatrician, I told Jen I would pick up her prescription from the pharmacy but she said she didn't need it until tomorrow. I said I wouldn't be able to get it tomorrow. And then I got home and she asked if I had gone to get the prescription since I wouldn't be able to get it tomorrow. But of course I didn't pick it up when I was told not to - and now I feel like a giant heel for not getting it. And all of the million other things I never do right, or at the right time, or in the right way, or whatever.

Basically, I'm just a gigantic failure of a person at home all the way around. Tomorrow after what hopefully will not be a work day of epic fail, I will pick up Ms. Punkin Pie from child care and bring her home and do the evening without Jen, who will be working. Hopefully that will work out because at the very least, Punk tends to think I'm pretty freaking cool and do okay.


Nov. 21st, 2008 12:30 pm
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(I'm a little behind on posts because this is the week of illness. Sorry!)

The Sick House received a lovely package this week from [livejournal.com profile] aminahfiddler. She knitted the most gorgeous and lovely dress for Punk and I can't wait to put it on her. Just holding it up to her was cute!

I was going to take a picture of it but sickness is making me procrastinatey so instead I will just steal her picture. Shh, don't tell!

THANK YOU, [livejournal.com profile] aminahfiddler!!!

dress from kathy


Also, I have had zero appetite and am drinking sports drinks. I am totally exhausted and I don't even care. I just plain don't want to eat. Nothing sounds good. SUCKITUDE.

Also, Punk is crabby today. Possibly stomach-related, as she didn't want to eat toasted cheese for lunch which is usually a big winner (she did down a bowl of applesauce, though) and she hasn't wanted to drink much today. Ugh. I just want a healthy house again.
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I've got the crud.

Punk was really restless last night but mostly I couldn't sleep. I just felt like crud - pain in the stomach and pain in the joints. Oof. I had a really busy day at work, so I went anyway.

I threw up this morning before work, but then went out the door and ate half a banana. I went to Management Team meeting, then left for my first visit, which is usually an hour and a half. After 45 minutes, I apologized and excused myself, and went home.

I called the interpreter about my 11:15 and 1:30 visits and intended to call my 3:30 visit when I got home. Only... I drank some ginger ale, ate some vanilla wafers, and fell asleep on and off all day until I realized while watching Wife Swap that it was nearly 5. CRAP!!

I called mom and was very apologetic, and she was cool about it but I feel bad. Ugh. I'd really like the license plate number of the truck that hit me today. Yikes.
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This afternoon, Punk managed to keep down some water, some Pedialyte before she realized it's disgusting, and an apple juice box. And then she ate 4 crackers at dinner along with a popsicle and half of another juice box. I hate giving her that much juice, especially apple juice because of its umm, gastric properties, but she HAD to drink something.

She is so hungry and she wanted to eat so badly, but she wouldn't touch the chicken broth. She wanted to eat a million crackers but I was worried about pukeage.

My poor little peanut, I just want to feed her. :(

Puke Day

Nov. 17th, 2008 12:11 pm
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Jen called me at 9:30 this morning while I was with a client. She so rarely calls me during work hours, especially since she doesn't get cell service at work anymore. I texted her back and she asked for K's (day care provider) phone number, so of course I got concerned. It's like when you become a mama your mind just goes to worst case scenarios.

Anyway, the truth was that Punk puked at day care and needed to go home. It seemed totally out of nowhere and Punk has never puked before except when she was incredibly congested once. She is just not a puker. So Jen was headed to day care to pick her up and then I was going to get her at Jen's work, but Jen got stuck in traffic and it was easier to just go to the day care instead - so we both came. Heh. Talk about overkill.

K was totally shocked too and said she was sitting in the high chair and just cried and let it all out... and then was fine. She said she was acting so fine that she would waive her 24-hour thing and Punk could come tomorrow if she didn't get sick again. When I got there, she didn't want to leave day care and wanted to go outside with the other kids. I took her to work with me and she charmed everyone and played in the playroom while I cancelled stuff, and then on the way home she sang songs and was just generally happy.

When we got home, I gave her some Pedialyte and she was drinking it, playing, having a grand old time. She signed 'eat' so I made her a piece of toast with a little applesauce on it, and that was my biggest mistake. She ate half of the piece of toast and then abruptly said "all done all done all done" and pushed the plate away, and then stiffened up in the high chair and started to cry. And then puked a little.

I cleaned her up and she was right back to playing, and I cursed myself for trying to feed her but was going to read her a couple of books before nap just to make sure all was well. And then... the puke. She started crying on the couch and wanted to snuggle me, so I picked her up and just let her puke and puke down my shoulder and back onto the floor. (Splat.) She was crying and puking and oh, it was so awful and sad, especially when I had to set her down to take my shirt off. But I got her cleaned back up and asked her if she wanted to go to bed. She said yes, so I changed her diaper and she whimpered for a minute and then fell asleep in my arms. I held her for almost 10 minutes just to make sure there was no more puke, then put her down.

I don't even have the sound machine on so I can hear in case she sounds like she is going to puke again. My poor little peanut - I guess she'll be staying home tomorrow after all. :( On the menu for the rest of the day is Pedialyte, I think.


Nov. 8th, 2008 07:14 pm
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Punkeroo has some sort of... intestinal distress. The combination of teething and flu shot (take away my crunch badge!!) and whatever germs I'm always carrying around from work made it inevitable, I think. But I don't think she's ever had it before. Ick.

Of course, taking her to Friendly's and giving her waffle fries was probably not the smoothest move of the day. She went to bed with a dinner of toast and bananas and tomorrow I think we'll bland it up big time and try to kick this to the curb. Poor thing. She's fine and normal until it sneaks up on her, and she's getting an awful rash because of it and cries when I wipe her. SO SAD.


A friend of mine is in a tough spot and is terminating a pregnancy. In this circle of friends, it seems like a lot of women have terminated pregnancies. Politically I am so pro-choice it's not even funny, and I would totally do anything at all to support a friend. But gah, it was such an ordeal for me to get pregnant that I can't even fathom getting pregnant by accident. It's all very "that does not compute."

Also I'm personally pro-life. And it's hard for me. I'm not saying it's not hard for my friend, or that it's in some way harder for me (oh hells no), but it stings a little. And leaves me feeling a little like an outsider. So I've been quiet.

But I'm still here loving and supporting, mama.


Oct. 16th, 2008 07:16 pm
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Punk has been congested the last couple of nights. No runny nose, no sneezing, just congestion. Which makes for crappy sleep for her. Which makes for crappy sleep for me. And she didn't want to eat breakfast this morning and then didn't eat lunch at day care and I was super worried because umm, she ALWAYS eats. And she started out refusing dinner but then ate about a million dino nuggets so I guess we're good.

Now I have a cold, and I'm getting about 3 hours of sleep a night, which does not bode well for the cold. Oh well. Happy birthday to me tomorrow, hopefully I won't feel like a train hit me like I did today.

I left work early because I felt like crap and because staff meeting was doing chart reviews and all of my charts are done. I laid down for a while and that actually helped a bit. Yay.

There was a miscommunication at work today and I got not one but TWO fancy bakery birthday cakes. It was very sweet (pun intended) and I took the one that didn't get touched home. It's a huge chocolate cake from La Fiorentina (fancy bakery of deliciousness) and I will probably gain 50 pounds. NOM.

I never get a flu shot but I am debating it this year because I get so little sleep that I'm worried I'm going to pick up every little thing. Thoughts?
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Punk has woken up from each of her naps today after 45 minutes or less and was crying both times - big, real tears, not the "I want you to come get me NOW" yell. She also woke up in the middle of the night sobbing unconsolably, even though I was sleeping with her. This afternoon when it happened I /knew/ she was still tired so I tried to snuggle up with her on the bed and she was snuggly, but still crying. So I did what I never do and took her to the couch with me and let her watch a little bit of PBS so she would stay calm until she got composure. Her face was all blotchy from crying, poor thing.

She has no fever, and does have some teeth coming in, but has a bit of a runny nose today so I called the pedi's office just to see what they thought. Since she has a recent history of ear infections that we don't find out about until they are huge, they suggested bringing her in.

Gosh I hope it's not another ear infection, because then they'll want to talk tubes.


Recent Punk cuteness:

1. Pretending to brush her hair.
2. Pretending to talk on the phone, but with her shoe.
3. Showing two body parts: belly and foot.
4. Trying to put on her shoe.
5. Saying 'bye bye' and 'ball' (baba and ba respectively), but not consistently.
6. Pushing a toy car on the floor, sometimes with a vroom-vroom noise.
7. Yelling, "MA MA!!!" when she wants something and I'm in another room.
8. Toys she will go and get if you tell her to: car, ball, shapes, blocks, books, bucket.
9. Saying, "RAAAAR!" whenever she sees any kind of animal. Even fish.


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