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I suck at journaling. :)

So after I did all of the pre-consult paperwork with Allison the awesome sleep coach, we had a phone call that was about two hours long where we went over everything and also she threw out some suggestions of a plan. It probably would have been a shorter call but we got a little chatty. ;) Anyway, she then followed up with an e-mail outlining a plan. Here was the basic gist:

1. The main goal was to get Tuke to fall asleep on his own instead of falling asleep on the bottle (which usually happens) or via rocking (if he was still awake after the bottle). This was supposed to reduce night wakings because he would put himself back to sleep.

2. Secondary goal was to treat the early rising (5am) as a night waking to try to discourage this waking.

One thing I will say about Allison is that she is incredibly flexible and willing to work with any kind of parenting philosophies. We are a mildly-AP family and do some co-sleeping and some other stuff, don't like a lot of crying, and she was totally cool with all of that. She even told me that some sleep coaches don't even believe that parents can be consistent in the wee hours (that is pretty true for me, LOL) and concentrate solely on getting the kid to fall asleep on his own.

She was also awesome when I came to her with my big nursing concern. Right now I nurse Tukey when he wakes up between 11pm and midnight and as it's really the only time he nurses, I am reluctant to give it up. There is no milk left and he has to be tired and crabby and want to fall back asleep to do it, but I REALLY want to get to 9 months (longer if he'll let me) and am impressed that I have been able to keep this boy on my boob for this long. And she didn't even bat an eyelash, was super understanding, and said it was fine, do it, try to put him in the crib after and if you don't, you don't. I love her.

Anyway, she also explained to me that a lot of times the parent that works outside the house has the toughest time letting the baby fuss (and that is certainly true here) so I talked with Jen about what was going on and she started agreeing to let Tuke grouse a little bit before bed at night. She wasn't keen on waking him up after he fell asleep on the bottle but I put him to bed for over a week that way to convince her that it was totally possible and he would fall asleep, and now she is on board.

Every night now, Tukey will go into his crib away, yell at me for a couple of minutes for waking him up off the bottle, and then stick his feet out of the crib bars (weird kid) and goes to sleep. It hasn't worked for naps yet (he is really resistant to naps and will play in the crib for over an hour without sleeping unless I rock him) - he gets into too much trouble and once was eating the mini blinds - but I am glad he is better at falling asleep on his own.

I am still bringing him to bed with me to nurse (I just love that time) but now when he is done after a couple of minutes (getting shorter and shorter *cry*) he rolls over in the middle of the bed and goes to sleep. He still wakes up a couple of times from there, and still drinks a bottle of milk around 3am, but I think he is learning some good sleep skills while maintaining our AP relationship and really I can't ask for more than that. Allison from Everyone Sleeps - A++++++++
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So the first thing I had to do was fill out a very involved survey with all kinds of questions about Tuke's pregnancy and birth, medical history, schedule, where he sleeps, etc. Of course since I filled it out two days ago, his schedule has changed. Isn't that always the way? Heh.

For a while he was getting up reliably at 6am. Then that started to become 5am (ugh) and then 5-10 minutes before 5am. So I decided that there was no way that 5am was going to become wake-up time, so I put him in the crib (he is usually in my bed at this point) and let him fuss until he is willing to let me rock him back to sleep. It usually takes a couple of tries but then he sleeps until 7. So now his morning nap and afternoon nap are an hour later... and his afternoon nap is right when I usually leave the house to pick up the girl I babysit. Now I need a Plan B.

Today I let him crank in the crib for a while (he was overtired) and he eventually fell asleep. I couldn't even believe it. I don't really ever let him cry because I am a big softie but I will let him gristle when he's overtired because it gets him in the frame of mind to be comforted to sleep. But today he fell asleep himself. Weird baby. :)

Tomorrow I will have a phone consult with the sleep coach once she goes through all of my info. You know me, I wrote too much. Then we will come up with a plan.
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I have a friend who is a sleep coach. I also seem to make and grow children who don't like to sleep. What a winning combo! So I am going to go through the whole sleep coaching process with her and see what happens, and I'm going to blog the way through. I haven't blogged regularly in forever (and should), and also want to get the word out about my friend. She is awesome! :) Her website is Everyone Sleeps - go and have a look around and then you can go on this wild (and exhausting) ride with us.

(Also, my Jennifer designed her logo!)
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It has been over a month since I used this thing. Hi!

Tukey is 6 months old. SIX MONTHS! He is still kind of half-heartedly nursing, especially in the middle of the night. So that means we have been nursing for six months, which was kind of my pipe dream. Go me! He is also still getting over half of his daily nutrition from donated breastmilk - about 25oz of donor milk per day. (Any more than that and I would run out before getting more.) I have been very resourceful and scrappy in finding donors and picking up people's stashes and stuff, so I'm pretty proud of myself. I have one box of domperidone left and I'm not buying more, so I imagine I will lose my milk in about 12 days and we won't be nursing anymore. Sad about it but can't justify buying more.

There are a couple of weeks left of the school year and I am excited to be home with the kids for the summer, but nervous about being able to entertain them both all summer by myself. I'm sure I will get into a groove and am excited to be off work. (But the lack of pay will hurt.)

Why do I make babies who don't like to sleep? Why? I like to sleep!!
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I had all of these intentions of going to bed early. I have this lingering cold that I would like to stop lingering, and my left tonsil is misbehaving again. I was hoping to be in bed by 9:30.

But now I'm doing all of the baby's prep for day care tomorrow, and I'm waiting around to do his late night diaper/dreamfeed. Which means I won't be in bed for a while yet. Which means after the 2am and 4am wake-ups, I'll be dead on my feet at 6am.

I don't need a lot of sleep to function adequately, but it's hard to handle work and kids when I have to do all of the overnights AND stay awake for the late-night feed. That extra hour or so of sleep makes a real difference when I can sleep uninterrupted from 9:30pm until about 2-2:30am.

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I feel like a rockstar this afternoon. With the baby in the sling, I prepped and cooked a chili. As in: opened all the cans of sauce/puree, drained and rinsed the beans, browned two pounds of ground meat, chopped a pepper and an onion, added spices, and stirred the whole thing up in a crock pot. Not too shabby for one and a half free hands and a sling full of baby.

I also felt like evil mom an hour or so later when I asked Punk to pick up her crayons and markers that had fallen on the floor, and instead found her on the floor in a circle of markers coloring on her hands and her pants. But rather than killing her, I sent her to bed and she fell asleep, so maybe I'm still Super Mom after all. ;)

For a brief time, I have two sleeping children and that is enough to be the best New Year's Eve ever. I guess I have low expectations. ;)

Happy Incoming 2011, y'all. I do hope you will join me in saying "Two thousand eleven" rather than "Twenty eleven" because it sounds so much better.

Goal for the new year is "organization." We're two working moms with two busy kids and I think that if I/we don't get organized, we're going to keep slipping into chaos. And I can't speak for Jen, but when things get chaotic in the house, I get chaotic internally and then everything's all messed up. And really, I'm tired of that. So I need everything organized: the house, the schedule, the chores, the finances, the relationship. When you're so short on time and energy, maybe everything has to be planned. I really hope Jen is on board, because it's something I think I really need to try in order to stay on top of things mentally.

xo and see you next year, the year my LJ turns TEN.
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I think a toy store threw up in my house. We are now full up on My Little Pony toys and purple unicorns. I guess you can never have too many.

Little Miss has finally succumbed to the overstimulation and is finally taking a nap today. She was just getting more and more clingy, whiny, and off-focus. Actually, the lack of focus is our #1 annoyance these days. She is just all over the place, which I know is normal for toddlers/preschoolers but she has been taking it to a new level. She doesn't pay attention when you talk to her and will actually talk over you to ask the question you are answering. Or will be looking around and just walk into people, into things, off the sidewalk, whatever. Very frustrating. But she is quiet and sleeping right now, after losing the privilege of going to the library with my brother and sister-in-law due to poor focus at lunch.

My little baby is almost 6 weeks old and is not little. He smiles and coos and is generally adorable. He used to have a 5-6 hour stretch of sleep at night but that seems to have stopped or maybe it is starting earlier. I need to re-configure his sleep needs and sync up with them again so we're all happier. It's hard getting up with him throughout the night and then having to get up early with the early-rising preschooler. Yawn.

Jen got me an iPod Touch for Christmas which is super swanky! It is so swanky, however, that my ancient iBook with the ancient operating system can't run a new enough version of iTunes to be able to sync my iPod or add my music. Super sigh. Buying a new computer is not at all on the budget.

Also on the list of things that are not on the budget: the emergency furnace repair that we had yesterday because the ignitor crapped out. Aaah, the joys of homeownership and being a grown up.

This post is bland and sounds like it is being brought to you by the letters P, P, and D. But really I think it is the post-holiday funk coupled with sleep deprivation caused by Bogo-itis.
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Today is 39w4d, which is the day I had Punk. I really thought it would have happened by now, what with all of that talk about how subsequent babies come later, and this guy always measured ahead. Aah well, joke's on me. By this time today with Punk, I was nearly in transition. Not so much today.

Cut for dramatic whining. )

Space Wars

Jul. 30th, 2010 07:15 am
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I woke up far too early because somehow some water/vapor got into the fan blades of our air conditioner and it froze, making this awful, awful rattling sound that was ridiculously loud (yet Jen slept through it, of course; her capacity for sleep amazes me). This was somewhere around 5am and I shut off the A/C yet could not get back to sleep. I was hungry, and then my head was spinning in too many different directions about where to put this baby when he arrives.

Easiest option (one that would cause the least upset to the set-up of my house) is to put both kids together - to somehow cram the crib and a second dresser into Punk's room and call it a day, thereby preserving the guest room. Punk's room is the darkest room in the house by location, and also has room darkening curtains and is therefore "the cave," which makes for good kid-sleeping. The guest room, in contrast, is on the other side of the house, gets tons of sun, and I don't think even the curtains would make that kind of difference.

Problem with this option is that in order to try to cram crib/dresser into Punk's room, a lot of other things need to come out, like her bookshelf, and her toy box, and some of her big toys (tool bench, dollhouse). Since we have a bit of a space issue, the only place these toys/things could go would be the guest room - to make it a sort of combination guest room/play room.

That sounds great in theory, except to do THAT, all of the guest room furniture needs to come out (right now there are a few random pieces of mismatched storage furniture in there) and go into the basement, which does not have standing water but can get damp - and i don't want the furniture damaged. (Some is my father's.) And also, the guest bed - which is a queen - would obviously need to come out and be replaced with either a day bed with pop-up trundle or a sleeper sofa. Both of these options would cost a significant amount of money.

And then there's my fear about the kids sharing a room and waking each other up. Punk was never a good sleeper, is still not a GREAT sleeper at age 3, and as a baby she woke up. A lot. Like, a lot. And I worry about putting a baby in there with her while she is chattering herself to sleep, and I worry about a baby waking up in the night to eat and waking HER up. I know that most kids eventually learn to sleep through the noise but there is no guarantee that my crap-sleep kids will be "most kids." I am tired just thinking about it.

And of course I have this desire to set up a space for this baby so he's not some sort of afterthought. To give him his own space with his own stuff, to have his own furniture and his own toys and his own place to play. To be able to imagine and identify and create a space especially for him like we did with Punk, rather than to stuff him in an already existing room/scheme. But then we won't have a guest room. Which means we won't have any guests.

Our sectional is technically the size of two twin beds but I somehow doubt that anyone would want to sleep in them. We have a queen-sized air bed thingie but nowhere to set it up if we don't have an extra room. And we have no local family, so everyone comes from out of town and I doubt anyone wants to pay to shack up in a hotel to hang out with us.

It's all so complicated, and now I can't sleep. Phooey.
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My cold has turned into chest nastiness. HATE.
Punk woke up at 5:30am because her nose was stuffed and her diaper was soaked through. HATE.
I slept in her bed from 2:30 on because she couldn't sleep, and I get crap sleep in her bed. HATE.
Was planning to go to the Children's Museum today but don't know if I dare because of the sheer amount of HATE this morning.
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Punk is currently celebrating Mothers' Day by continuing to sleep.

Do you see what time it is? This is nearly unheard of! (Of course, she had a hard time falling asleep last night and I'm sure that influences things, but still.)

I woke up naturally and Jen is still sleeping, and so is Punk. I picked up some of the living room and kitchen and now I am sitting here just... waiting.


p.s. Happy Mother's/Mothers' Day to anyone who has raised a child, is raising a child, is carrying a child in her body or her heart, or has helped us raise ours. xo
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1. Child slept until 7:30am.
2. Child woke up in good mood.
3. Child peacefully watched Super Why so I could take a shower.
4. Child agreed to take a bath.
5. Child sat still through making of adorable pigtails.
6. Child eagerly went to church.
7. Child participated in preschool Sunday School, and showed me her coloring picture of Jesus.
8. Child, after initial fight, ate good lunch.
9. Child IS TAKING A NAP. In her bed. Without me being there.
10. (And I only had to say, "Go to sleep!" once.)
11. Laundry is started.
12. Girl Scout Cookies have been eaten.
13. The sun is shining.
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The child deciding to take a 3 hour nap is a major pro when engaging in Valentine's Day "activities," but does become quite a con at bedtime. Heh.


Jan. 31st, 2010 01:43 pm
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I really feel like I have been running ragged since Christmas, and I can't get a leg up. I am behind on everything!

I have so much crap to do around the house. I haven't even finished uploading the pictures from freaking Christmas. I barely get the bills paid because I don't have time to sit there and do them. The laundry and dishes pile up. And I just plain freaking feel exhausted all the freaking time!

I should really take a nap right now while Punk is napping, but I have laundry looming over my head and I know that by the time I finally fall asleep, she will be starting to wake up. And I get crap sleep these days because Punk is back in our bed. She is sleeping, but she keeps kicking me, so I don't sleep. Back to the life of working full days on two hours of broken sleep.

Whine whine, life is hard.

Nap strike

Jan. 11th, 2010 01:47 pm
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I do believe today is going to be a no-nap day. We've been trying the nap for an hour now. I did most of the stuff I meant to do during nap (bring out garbage, bring in cat litter, laundry) and could realistically take her out and get the rest done. And enjoy an early bedtime, which would be easier for Jen since I am supposed to go out with my coworkers. But argh! I like the kid to have a nap. She is a happier child with a nap.

AND I was stupid enough to tell her she could only watch the video we checked out of the library ("Dora Saves the Mermaids," if you must know) if she took a good nap. Umm, which was what I was planning to have her do while I made a nice dinner tonight. Dang it! Now I have to take that option off the table.

She is in there singing Rudolph at the top of her lungs. I think I will chill a little longer and then put an end to this madness.
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The child has cried and needed to be comforted nearly every half hour since she went to bed. She is now sleeping with Jen and I think it's going to be a long night. I hope she's not getting sick.



Nov. 22nd, 2009 08:59 pm
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I am ex.haus.ted.

For starters, the kid has been sleeping really poorly the last couple of nights. I think perhaps she is getting sick, because today she was just whiny and prone to tears and snotty and sounded a little congested/froggy. But if I ask her if she is sick, she says, "Nope!" Temp was 100.1 which is no big, but she was just such a whiny cranky pants. I think she's fighting off something. I think I am too. But anyway, her sleep. She woke up twice on Friday night, whining random things like, "I want my pacifierrrrrrr," and last night she woke up 3-4 times crying. Super unusual for her. Dunno. But I'm wiped.

I try, on weekends, to make up for the fact that from Tuesday to Friday I'm pretty much unable to do any chores/work around the house because I work too much and come home too late. This morning I started with running the dishwasher, washing a LOT of pots and pans that had built up (grossssssss), cleaning the counters, sink, and stovetop, and breakfasting the kid. From there I did some kid entertaining while also cleaning up the living room a little. During naptime I showered and ran to Home Depot for pellets and to Target to get a jump start on the Santa shopping, turned Punk's bed back into a crib because she's insisted on sleeping in the Pack and Play for 2 weeks, then came home and made a Sunday dinner spread (roasted chicken, oven-roasted potatoes, and mashed acorn squash which was yummmmmmm), also did a couple of loads of laundry and brought a bunch of our bulk stuff (paper goods mostly) down to the basement. And then picked up after the toddler tornado. Tiiiiiiired.

I sure hope she sleeps tonight. She needs it. I need it. Badly.
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My child no longer wants to go to sleep, ever, and I want to claw my eyes out and scream. It's like she's an infant all over again, where she won't nap unless I am holding her or in some way restraining her. And at bedtime, she's all over the place, doing all kinds of things, often not falling asleep until after 9pm. For a brief period of time, I had a kid that slept. What the heck happened?

I am hoping this is one of those things called "a phase." Because if it's not, there might be "a homicide."
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I'm pretty much in love with my pellet stove right now. I want to kiss it on its hot little mouth.

Finally got the chimney/stove guy in this morning to give it a good cleaning so I hadn't used it yet this year. Now that it's all cleaned out, I blasted the house this evening/night and aaah, it is fab. It's actually a bit too hot here in the living room but if you let it get hot enough in here, it will heat the whole house. I guess that's one time when a small, shoebox-shaped house is a plus!

Because we had the stove heating the house tonight, I had to open Punk's door after she fell asleep so she wouldn't freeze in there. Don't know if I should close it when I go to bed or not... I have fears that either she will wake up and start wandering the house or the cats will have a big drag down in her bedroom in the middle of the night. I guess only time will tell.

Speaking of Punk, we're still doing 7:30 bedtime but she is often not falling asleep until between 8:30 and 9:00. What is up with that, people? I thought one of the joys of children was that they went to bed early before all of the good TV shows came on.

And now it's time for bed. Aah, bed.
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Did I mention that my kid has been sleeping in a toddler bed for two weeks now?

Easiest freaking transition we've ever done.

Perhaps potty training can miraculously be that easy.


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