Dec. 29th, 2011 10:18 pm
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I wish I had something to say.

I am reading Loud in the House of Myself: Memoir of a Strange Girl by Stacy Pershall. It's a little weird to read my friend's life on printed pages. I much prefer the stories coming out of her mouth in her adorable voice. But you should all read it. Go on. It's a quick read.

I haven't read an actual book with pages in a long while. It's kind of nice, although I've gotten used to not having to turn pages. (Thank you, Kindle.) But I didn't want the Kindle edition. I want to keep this book. It's kind of like having Stacy next to me, but less fun.

Poo. I miss her.
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Fun with the Punkinator )

This is the awesomely cute sweater that [ profile] stacy made for Punk on the train one day. No pattern, just random knitting. She has some sort of knitting magic!

stacy sweater
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When I was in Boston the other weekend, [ profile] stacy knitted Punk the most adorable little baby sweater that is so fashionable. I need to take pictures of it to show you. It is really quite awesome, especially the casual way she said, "Hey, I improvised the pattern in my head and kind of made it on the train today," because umm, I have no craft skillz and find hers quite impressive indeed. And it's always nice when cool people think of my cool kid.

Similarly, my cool cousin (the queer one on my dad's side that I love as opposed to the queer one on my mom's side that I haven't seen since I was about 10) who lives in Seattle sent me a bag of coffee beans. I haven't ground them up yet but Oh Em Gee they smell so frickin' good I can hardly stand it. I just kept sniffing the bag all day and thought about eating some beans. SO GOOD. So delicious and lovely. And considering there isn't a lot of sleep happening in here, so good in the timing department.

Spontaneous presents rock! <3 <3 <3 <3


Also. I am madly in love with [ profile] crushinator. He invented Judecorp, after all. Man, I have mad Columbus love. I want to visit.
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Stacy Pershall, one of the coolest people in the whole universe (I swear!), is making a cinema verite documentary entitled Better the Devil You Know with cinematographer Annie Waldman. Their plan is to teach adolescent girls in inpatient psych treatment facilities to shoot Super 8 film, and to include the girls' films with theirs. They are asking everyone they know to donate $1 to the cause. Here's all the info, including budget, resumes, etc:

Please check out their site, and, if their mission intrigues you, consider making a donation and spreading the word among your friends!

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stacy amber jude
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(Seriously, Stacy's flash was super bright.)

Anyway, have you seen three bigger, cheesier smiles in your whole life? My goodness, they couldn't get ANY bigger! (So sad that Jen got cut out of the photo. *weep*)

joebass took this photo in the pitch dark at The Elevens before the Sweetback Sisters show. Which I missed. Because it was too late and I am TOO OLD.

But dig the way my scarf (thanks, Jodie!) matches Stacy's coat in a warped separated-at-birth kind of way.
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Jen and I were supposed to have a gaggle of house guests this weekend, so yesterday we worked like dogs on the house. And I do think it looks good. We still have a lot to do, like hang artwork and put together the china closet (which means putting the china away someday) and figure out what's in the basement and of course there's the giant project called the Ugly Room that right now is a receptacle for crap because we're not touching it until we turn it into a nursery. So we have some built-in procrastination time!

But yesterday we got the blinds up in the bedroom (so we could tie the curtains up), got the cheapy furniture pieces assembled for the bathroom (so we could get the bins and boxes out of there and get the stuff put away), got the sheet off the guest room windows (gotta get some blinds or curtains or something soon), finally unpacked and put away all of the DVDs and VHSs, and did a lot of cleaning. Perhaps today I will take some pictures of the bedroom and the bathroom, since those (aside from artwork) are mostly done.

It's funny, I had to actually sit down and take breaks because I was getting weird pains - probably that round ligament pain that people talk about. I have been feeling so good with the lack of spotting that I was like, "Oh yeah, I'm pregnant." Heh.


Last night we had dinner with [ profile] stacy, which was a good time. We were going to hear her boyfriend's other band play, but the opening band was really dragging on getting started so we couldn't. The show was supposed to start around 8, and we left around 9:30 and the opening band hadn't started yet. So frustrating. I would have liked to see them.

My coworkers were supposed to come over yesterday and stay over, but they called in the middle of the afternoon to say they weren't coming because of bad weather. (What bad weather? Whatever.) So then [ profile] stacy was going to sleep over, but that got thwarted because the show was going to get out late and she didn't want to wake us. So NO ONE came to stay with us! So sad, but the house looks great!


We made our first baby purchases this weekend and also received our first baby gift! We've come out of jinx mode (a little) and did buy two really cute little baby outfits that were on super sale - and also did a little looking around some stores to get nursery ideas. And then [ profile] stacy crocheted us a baby blanket that is simply /gorgeous/. (I will have to take a picture of that, too.) It's such a pretty green color, the same color we were looking into for nursery action, hence it's perfect. [ profile] stacy rocks!


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