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judecorp: (probst loves me!)
Nothing whets my Survivor hottie whistle than seeing this in my e-mail today:

Facebook: Ami Cusack has accepted your friend request.


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Denise's HUSBAND??!?!?!?!

No way!
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Last night's Survivor was the awesome awesome. I love when smug people look surprised. And I love Yau-Man. <3

My mom rarely calls me during the week, but when she does, it's always during Survivor. It's like she has a Sixth Sense about it. And then I feel rude and stuff, but hey, Survivor.

I need to go into work an hour early to do another training for another campus office. Which means I should be getting ready right now. But Ralph is sleeping on me and it is just too cute, and... yeah. Aah, Ralph.

I am so leaving work an hour early today to make up for the training. Usually I bank hours so I can comp them later but dang, it's gorgeous out. Woot!


Apr. 12th, 2007 10:14 pm
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Why do they always vote the cute people off of Survivor? Damn it!

JW visit

Nov. 29th, 2006 10:31 am
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We had our first Jehovah's Witness this morning! He rang the doorbell in his nice suit with his Bible and pamphlets and I said, "No, thank you." I think I shall e-mail Coworker Dorcas and tell her that HER PEOPLE have come to see me. :) I feel like we had some sort of rite of passage. First JWs!

We are starting to have furniture and it is a nice change. Jen put together the coffee table and we put the couch in its rightful place and put the couch cover on it. Then she started working on putting our shelving unit together. While she did this, I gave our pellet stove a trial run and it is quite awesome. I had it on a low setting and it made our living room a toasty 71°. Nice. It seems to use quite a bit of electricity (the pellet feeder, the combustion blower, the distribution blower) so I'm not sure how efficient it is - I've heard pellet stoves are very efficient so I guess I was surprised at how much electric power it uses. Probably less than the whole forced air heating system, though. My only complaint is that it's very well contained so you don't get that lovely wood fire smell. Aah well. I envision lots of cold winter nights in front of the stove while watching television, since we will have no money for anything else. :)

Speaking of television, our cable dude isn't coming until Friday. Is there anyone local who watches Survivor who wants us to come over tomorrow and totally harass you? We can't really download the episode because of the limits of Jim.


I am going to tour this pediatric nursing care facility somewhere in town about a potential job. I honestly think the work would be depressing and crazy but that's kind of how I felt when I was going to interview at the homeless shelter and I ended up loving that. So what the heck, I'll go check it out. Maybe Friday morning before the cable guy.


Nov. 16th, 2006 09:00 pm
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My name is Jude and I am addicted to Survivor.

Also, Carnation Instant Breakfast. That stuff is like crack, I swear. YUM.
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This season of Survivor seems really big on the homo-love.

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Our backyard is flooded. It's totally surreal. The big "pond" area isn't near the house/foundation, so that's good.

Rain hasn't been very good to this house. We had some major roof leaks the first year we lived here and the landlords had to do some roof repairs. We still have one skylight leak but the others have been repaired.

I'm so glad I'm not the landlord! Flooded basements = bad. I'm also glad that we don't have anything stored in the basement. :)

p.s. Survivor finale tonight at my boss's house and I am so excited to see who wins! Also to have my Thursday nights back for a while.
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First thing's first - happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] wendywoohoo!

I got crap all done at work today. I had two visits scheduled after playgroup and they both got cancelled, so I thought I would get a ton of work done (paperwork) and instead I just couldn't stop talking to people. Argh, I hate it when that happens! I only get things done when no one is in the office. However, I got my letter in the mail saying that if I send the money ($68) I will have my LICSW. Score!

We went to Lyssa's to watch Survivor and eat pizza and ice cream. That was big fun. I like watching Survivor with others. It seems much less nerdy when it's some sort of social event. Besides, pizza and ice cream is probably my favorite meal. Somewhere in there I started losing my voice. I hate when that happens.

Actual conversation last night:
Me: So who should we say will be our babydaddy?
Jen: What?
Me: I think we should give him a name.
Jen: David?
Me: No, my old supervisor is David.
Jen: Donald?
Me: No! My high school boyfriend is Donald!
Jen: Uhh... D'Brickashaw?
Me: Yes! YES!!
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I had three home visits after playgroup today and two of them no-showed me. That is so frustrating... it's like, okay, here I am ready to do the work and my productivity suffers anyway. Grar. I'm at 108% of quota right now so I don't have anything to worry about, but yuck. I'd rather just, you know, have all of my scheduled appointments.

I got home earlier than expected (I guess the one perk of no-shows) and after talking with Tim for a bit, have parked myself on the couch to watch Meet the Fockers from Netflix so I can send it back and get something else. It's not a stellar movie so I don't have to pay attention, which is nice.

I was supposed to have two Netflix movies but only got one. I hope it's not another missing movie. I wonder if The Movie Thief is involved. HA!

It's Survivor night. YAY! Coworker Gina and Ben are coming over, whee. :)


Funny story:

This morning I coughed so hard that I set off my gag reflex, and I threw up a little bit in the kitchen sink. I had taken my 4 honkin' Metformin XR about 10 minutes before, and two of them floated on up. I watched them, perfectly whole, fly out of my mouth and down the drain. They looked JUST like they did going down.

So I didn't know what to do - do I take two more? Do I just leave it as is? In a compromise maneuver, I took one extra. Heh, I'm even diplomatic with drugs.

Rainy days

Feb. 3rd, 2006 08:38 am
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Another rainy day in the 'hood. It's way better than S-N-O-W, though, so I'm not complaining. It just sucks to go from house to house in the rain, and then try to figure out where to put wet coats and shoes and stuff. At least I only have two visits today, ending at 1pm! (I ended up adding another visit to my "only one visit on Fridays" routine because I was having scheduling problems.) And then I will go to South Station and pick Jodie up and we can start having crazy fun. I have no idea what that means, though, because I'm old and lame and stuff. But still.

Tomorrow is Billy Joel! Wahoo! Can I GET any older? ;) One of my (younger) coworkers is gushing about going to see Coldplay in Las Vegas and here I am going on about Billy Joel. I don't know if I've even heard a single Coldplay song. Ever.

Exile Island was pretty fun. My boss came, and I got a picture of her trying on my Survivor buff as a tube top... over her clothes. And Ben came, and Coworker Grace... and then Wiley came and secured our wireless network, so we (finally) stopped internetting the entire neighborhood. :) (Thanks, Wiley!) I like the cast this season (so far) - the usually obnoxious younger men are totally dumb as posts, the younger women seem pretty cool (and there's a social worker!), the older women are ridiculous, and there's an Asian older man who they seem to be editing as a walking Asian stereotype, down to his picking up the machete and saying, "Samurai chop!!" Aaah, Survivor.

I really don't want to go to work today AT ALL. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm scheduled to see two incredibly cute babies, I'd have to reconsider.
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The premiere of Survivor: Exile Island is tonight and I am so excited, because I am a big nerd. Some people are coming over from work to watch... most of them don't even like Survivor. I guess that means they either a) like me or b) are nosey about what our place looks like. Heh.

Whatever happened to the 2-hour premieres? I think this one is just an hour because the commercial said that "Without a Trace" and "CSI" were both going to be on. Bummer, dude. Only an hour.

Coworker Funk just called and is going to come over early and harass me. Hooray! (I love when she calls me, because my phone plays "Funkytown.") Funk is my favorite last name ever. I wish Jen's last name was Funk, because then I would change mine.

Jude Funk. It's SO rock star. Almost as much as Jude Corp. Or Jude Corp Rules.

Hello, random.
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I forgot about the best thing ever - my beloved Rafe on Survivor: Guatemala was talking about how well he's doing in one of his confessionals, and he said something about how he never thought a gay Mormon would come this far.

Gay! Mormon! Well, OF COURSE I love him, then. I'm just a sucker for those Mormons! (The gay thing was a given. He was obviously gay from minute one.) I have such a sick Mormon fetish. GAH! I love him so much more just /thinking/ about it, imagining Rafe and a hubby and some cute widdle kiddos playing board games during Family Home Evening.


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  • I am pretty psyched about Survivor tonight. I haven't really been too married to this season, but the characters are really becoming caricatures of real people, and you know I can dig the drama.

  • I'm not going to make productivity this week. Eh. Ain't no thang after my 34hour week.

  • Coworker Gina's grandfather died. She went upstate last weekend so they could throw him a 90th birthday celebration and she said that she thought it was the last time she would ever see him. Apparently he was so bad off that she ended up not coming home at the end of the weekend. She stayed, and he died on Tuesday night. Poor Gina. I should do something nice for her.

  • Coworker Grace is having some pottery shown at an Open Studio in Cambridge. A bunch of us have talked about going to the opening. Funny, when did I become attached to these people?

  • Speaking of, another coworker who is fairly new confided some stuff to me today. It was kind of nice. She's an interesting woman, kind of runs hot/cold with some people, but seems to like me. It's nice to be liked, even if all I ever do is call her old and a drug czar and stuff.

  • I got into a very adolescent squabble with Coworker Funk at the lunch table which resulted in my calling her "Grandma's Caca." I have officially lost my mind at work.

  • You know, the job ain't the greatest but there are some crazy-ass people there. I can dig it.

  • We have HP4 tickets for tomorrow. Squee! I can't wait. It's even worth splurging for the parking at Fenway if we have to. Yay HP4!

  • The car has to go to the mechanic tomorrow. It's been misbehaving - I'm thinking it's the fuel injection. I also think the whole "egg in gas tank" thing is finally taking its toll. We'll see. Boo for mechanic bills.

  • We /totally/ overspent this month. Yuck-o. I hate that.
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We used to be big Stephenie fans in our house, but today she busted out the forbidden "that's so gay" to describe another player's stupid behavior and that's it - she's out of our fan club.

Sayonara, Stephenie. You and your homophobic whininess can leave Guatemala at any time. We'll start rooting for Amy instead.
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My boss had a little Survivor premiere get-together at her house. It was kind of fun except that the mood was definitely dampened by the theft of My Jennifer's bag.

My boss gave everyone Monopoly money and then had one of those Survivor-style food auctions where she brought out one dish at a time under a cover. (Everything was a mystery item.) Jen totally lucked out and her money was spent on stuffed pork chops and homemade pad thai. Gina bought a fruit salad and a little chocolate cake. Ben (Gina's husband) bought a bowl of boiled rice, a can of slugs (?), and Mountain Dew and Doritos. I held out quite a bit and I bought a chicken caesar salad and bid out the last item which was a banana and a coconut. So now I will take my coconut to work.

The premiere was okay but it didn't have the excitement of previous seasons. Hopefully it will pick up. I don't remember being that jazzed about last season, either, especially at the beginning. We'll see. My coworkers keep insisting that I watch The Amazing Race but I really don't need any more television, thanks.

My boss is so hysterical in her Survivor love. She dressed up like Jeff Probst for the evening! (Then again, I wore a Boy Scout shirt and said I was Lill.) Ben was supposed to "dress" like Richard Hatch but he totally wussed out. Oh well.


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