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Hello, friends.

These days I "journal" so infrequently that it doesn't feel at all like journaling - more like a letter to some friends. So hello there, friends. I hope you are all well.

The kids and I just came back from 11 days in South Carolina visiting my brother, sister in law, and my mom and her husband. We stayed with my brother and SIL and it's almost like culture shock to be back here. Although I do love it here. It is familiar and comforting and full of hippies.

I kind of had an unplugged vacation. I did not bring a computer, only my iPod Touch, so aside from Facebook I spent very little time on the Internet. It was just too tiny to manage. I didn't check LJ at all. Did I miss anything? I also did not bring a camera. I didn't want to bring my huge DSLR because I couldn't fathom carrying it AND a baby AND wrangling a 4 year old. So, no pictures. It is like the un-vacation!

There was a big heat wave in the South so we didn't do as much as usual (stayed inside a lot) and I also tried to be accommodating to Tukey's naps because he slept like C R A P the whole time. Jen joined us for the last 4 days of the trip and thank God for that because I actually got 5 hours of straight sleep a couple of nights. And it was good.

We had a blast, though. We went to the beach once with my mom and her husband and Punk got to make sand castles and look for sea shells and pick up seaweed and all of that good stuff, and got hit by waves and laughed and danced on the shore and it was ace. We also took her to an amusement park that was more like a seaside carnival where she went on a bazillion kiddie rides and got to stay up late (til after 9) and even had her first taste of bumper cars (with my brother) where she shouted, "We are going to hit you, Mama!" about a gazillion times. Thank you, ride operator, for letting her on even though she's half an inch shy of 42". She went to Chuck E Cheese and I have continued my lie about how we don't have Chuck E near our house, only at Uncle Rick's. She had a great time there, too. She saw the Winnie the Pooh movie and ate out a bunch of times and had a lot of ice cream, so I'd say it was a total vacation success for her. I love watching her have a good time, even when she gets sad because the fun has to end.

Tukey started trying to pull up while on vacation and also sped up his army crawl so quick that I don't think he'll ever go to hands and knees. He still says "da da da" most of the time but now says "na na na na" when he is sad/tired/hungry. He is curious about life and into EVERYTHING. He is in that crazy alert phase where sleeping is for wimps and he wants to wake at all hours of the night and crawl and climb just because. It is exhausting yet delicious and sometimes I stop and have to catch my breath because he is growing up so fast and I will never have another baby in my belly and watch that baby grow into a person. This afternoon on the plane I got him to fall asleep in my arms and I held him, two arms full of great big baby, and could almost cry at the sheer enormity of my love for him and how we were meant to be together.

Punk is the greatest big sister ever, so attentive to her brother and concerned about him. She gets jealous when he gets attention but instead of acting out toward him or others, she gets jealous about people messing with HER baby and she has to go over and give him attention too. "That's my bruvvuh" is a common sentence for strangers. She also talks to him, which is deleriously funny. Today she told him, "Let's play a game called 'Baby Gets Nothing.' Tukey, you get nothing." Where does she get this stuff? I freaking love it.

She is four years old and he is eight months old and time is just flying, flying, flying.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer.

Brain Dump

Apr. 16th, 2011 07:31 pm
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I haven't written here in a million years. In my head I am this regular, witty blogger. I have all of these clever things to say and even cleverer ways to say them. It just never happens, because by the time I get to a computer I am wiped. out.

I only work 3 days a week but it feels like 7. And I don't even really work full days some of the time. But it feels like it. I hardly sleep and I subsist on coffee. Good thing I love coffee, and I have an amazing cousin in Seattle who sends me beans from her favorite shops. Yum.

This coming week is school vacation week and I am doing a little babysitting (to make a little money) and my sister-in-law is visiting. I love when my brother visits too but sometimes it's nice to just have Gretchen over (just like sometimes it's nice to have just Rick). She is staying through Easter and it will be nice to a) have a week home with my kids and b) have some company while I do that. We can go on adventures and just in general chill with two kids.

Two kids. Woah. Two kids is a lot of work, and at the same time it isn't. Extra stuff to remember before you head out the door. Extra chaos in the mornings. Really needing a second set of hands at nighttime (they go to bed at the same time pretty much). He sleeps pretty well but still is up twice to eat and I don't go to bed as early as I should so I am always in a fog of coffee-hyperactivity.

Ideally I would go to bed around 9pm but there is so much to do in the evenings like pack the day care back, make sure Punk has a lunch for the next day, run the dishwasher so there are clean bottles, thaw milk for the next day, run laundry, etc. Since the kids go to bed at 7, all of those jobs get done after that. Thankfully they both go to bed pretty easily and (usually) stay asleep for a while so the stuff can get done.

In sum: Life is busy but awesome.
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Punk and I are in South Carolina and have been since last Thursday. We are visiting my brother and SIL, and my mother and her husband are close by as well. Days and evenings have been packed with exciting preschool-friendly activities such as miniature golf, indoor bounce house place, Chuck E Cheese, the beach, the library, etc. It is very fun and very, very tiring. We are eating out a lot and I haven't been making the healthiest choices and I wouldn't be surprised if I gained 10 lbs here. We head home tomorrow.

Jen joined us for the first three days of our trip but returned to work so as not to use up vacation time. It is apparently still very hot in our house and I'm not looking forward to that after 10 days in central air. :)

Senor Cupcakey seems to be chugging along and we are 23 weeks pregnant at this point, very visible. Haven't taken a single belly picture which I'm sure is setting him up for lots of therapy when he gets older. That, and being called Cupcakey. But aside from some pelvic grouchiness all seems to be well on that front. I have another midwife appointment on Monday.

Punk had a rash last week and the pediatrician thought it was folliculitis and gave us an antibiotic ointment before we left on vacation. It has continued to get worse and worse, and my fear is that it is molloscum contagiosum, which - as its name suggests - is super contagious and takes a long time to go away. Sigh.

We have a busy week coming up. Jen's parents are coming to our house today (I'm sure they'll love the heat and humidity in the house) and staying until Tuesday morning. Punk has an appointment at 9am on Monday for the rash and I see the midwife later that afternoon. Punk has an appointment with an allergist later in the week, and also 3 year old portraits. We arrive after Punk's bedtime Sunday night so I'm sure Monday will be full of tired crankiness.

I am not in a great headspace which is not really a good place to be when a full-time mama on vacation and looking down the barrel of expecting #2. But I guess that's just sort of how it goes.
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We spent the day at Sesame Place in Pennsylvania and holy crap, it was like every parenting fantasy rolled into one. I could have busted out into huge mama tears while we were at the million dollar "Dinner with Big Bird and Friends" toddlergasm. Punk was just beside herself with happiness and was dancing, waving, hugging characters, asking them questions. "Ernie, why you have stripes?" "Elmo, why your mouth black?" She fed Cookie Monster some broccoli and he was nice enough to indulge her and pretend to eat it. And the food was actually decent, too.

I also spent a billion dollars on an Abby Cadabby doll. "No, Mama, I want the BIG Abby Dadaddy!" Did you know that you get a 30% discount on everything if you have a Season Pass? Did you know that I got complimentary Season Pass upgrades from our hotel package? Did you know that my kid was over the moon when we went to a show with Abby AND Elmo AND Grover AND Cookie Monster AND Rosita?

Right now, the only thing that is bothering me is that it's been in the 90s at home (just like it is here, HOT) and I'm worried about my cats. They're smart enough to hang out in the basement, right? That's where the food, water, and litter boxes are. And our old couch. They'll stay down there to stay cool, right? God, I hope so.

I spent my entire life imagining the day when I have children. Let me tell you, it is so much better than I ever imagined. She is everything.

Some Cute:

Sep. 23rd, 2008 09:40 pm
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wind-swept girl

family pic 3


Niagara Falls, Sept. 14, 2008
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Welcome to the first (of likely many) installments of Things I Would Blog About If I Had More Time!

1. I never did write about our trip to Florida, did I? Well, the weather was gorgeous and I managed to only piss off my MIL a couple of times, so I guess that's a win? I wish my in-laws liked me. Bleh. But they like Punk and that is going to have to be good enough for me.

2. While we were in Florida, spring came to the Happy Valley. There are now leaf buds and flowers on the trees, early flowers are up, and second flowers are on their way. We have SO MUCH yard work to do, especially because we never got around to picking up the sticks, acorns, and leaves from the fall. We have three oak trees in the front (holy acorns!) and three maple trees in the back, not to mention an assortment of conifers. We have a LOT of leaves. Ugh. I think we need to call someone. Ch-ching!

3. We are going to redo some of our kitchen to hopefully make our house more sellable someday. We're biting the bullet and paying big bucks to have a dishwasher installed because I think we have the only house in the universe without a dishwasher. We need to get the electrical and plumbing work done. Ch-ching!

4. I would write about Punk's child care experience. I will just say that it is going as well as it could, the provider is very nice and I think we made a good choice. Punk refuses to let me out of her sight after I pick her up, though. Kind of like, "Oh, Mama, I am on to you and I am NOT letting you get away with dropping me off TWICE!"

5. The other day, JAMN 94.5 came through my radio when I was in Northampton and Hadley. It is a Boston station. So weird! I listened to it until it faded out and it has never been back.

6. Yard work projects to come: the aforementioned leaves and acorns, getting rid of all of the crap the previous owners left in corners of the yard, cleaning out a little flower garden area in the backyard, cleaning and sealing the deck and little patio set we have, hanging a little swing for Punk, cleaning up the "landscaping" in the front of the house. I'm tired already just thinking about it.

7. I hate applying for jobs. HATE. But I have applied for 10 jobs this week while Punk has been at child care. I think that's pretty productive. We'll see what happens. I am in denial of having to go to work, though. Bleh.

8. Cinnamon Crunch bagels from Panera are THE DEVIL and I would eat three a day if I could. YOM.

Okay, that's enough for now. xo!
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When did I get such a BIG GIRL?

standing in the port-a-crib

feed me!

(Okay, I get it. She looks like me in that bottom picture.)

We're back!

Apr. 8th, 2008 08:25 pm
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We're back!

Did you miss us? We spent 8 days in sunny Florida visiting Jen's parents. We took a 3 day side trip to Disney World (well, more like 2.5 days) and that went better than I'd ever expected but was still ridiculously exhausting. I saw SO many people with infants Punk's age or younger there and I just wonder how they do it. Perhaps their children will just fall asleep whenever they are tired, wherever they are. Although I will say that Punk did have one stroller nap (45 minutes) and one Ergo nap (15 minutes), so I guess I can't say "never" anymore.

More to come when I don't feel like the walking dead. I need a vacation from my "vacation."

[livejournal.com profile] shanneeluee, I am so sorry we didn't get together. I thought I would have tons of internet access and therefore didn't write your number down ahead of time. And then... I didn't have access. *headdesk*


Congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] whuffle and [livejournal.com profile] halleyscomet on the birth of a beautiful baby boy! You had to wait until I was GONE, didn't you? :)


Feb. 12th, 2008 02:19 pm
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Yesterday I did about a bazillion loads of laundry while entertaining an infant. At one point I even carried one of the overflowing laundry hampers down into the basement while wearing said infant in front of me with her legs "sitting" on the mound of laundry. I feel accomplished for doing that, but it was largely unsafe and I will never do that again. However, it did get more laundry done. I also washed all of the dishes, picked up the living room, and had a little playdate/coffee date with another mama. Phew.

Today I hit the mall to pick up Punk's 6 month pictures that we got at Target because Target portraits are cheap and you can send lots of wallets to the grandparents. So I fetched pictures, got a bunch of Valentines for said grandparents, restocked our ibuprofen and diaper cream, got stamps at the post office, and scored a major find at BRU - I found one of those gigantic "weekender" diaper bags on clearance, with an additional 20% off, and the total was less than a merchandise credit I had in my wallet. So I got this huge bag for free, which will be vital when we go to Florida. When we went to SC, we had to try to stuff everything into one of our every day diaper bags which was a huge PITA because if we wanted something, we had to pretty much unpack the whole thing. This thing is like the size of a luggage carryon, has an insulated pocket for two bottles, has sections for things like keys and cell phone - it's awesome. And it was FREE.

Speaking of Florida, Jen was confirming plans with her mother about the trip and said something like, "Your granddaughter wants you to take her to Disney." (Jen's mom is a major Disney nut.) The next day, Jen got an e-mail about a hotel reservation for two nights at Disney's All-Star Music Resort. !!! So I guess Jen's parents are taking us all to Disney for a couple of days. I am more than a little nervous about how that will go. Punk usually has a two hour maximum at any one place. Hopefully by the time we go she will learn how to fall asleep in the stroller or the wrap. (Currently both are a no. She will sleep in her crib, in a bed, and in the car seat.)


Valentine's Day is in two days and I am just not feeling it. Usually it's one of my favorite holidays but I just can't hack it this year. Someday maybe I will write a big melodramatic post about how love hasn't been going at all the way I'd like it to. Someday. Maybe.
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Jen took me away to a cute little B&B in Mystic, CT called "The Mermaid Inn." It was a little peculiar and I think it tried very hard to be fancy schmancy. I mean, there was a bidet in the bathroom but there was also a mermaid mural on the bathroom wall. With boobs. There were boobs on the bathroom wall. And a bidet on the floor. The shower was nice, though.

But because we went away for the weekend, and especially because we went somewhere coastal, it rained and was cold the entire time. (This happened in Ogunquit, ME a couple of years ago, and Provincetown for our last wedding anniversary, and on and on.) On Friday night, we got completely SOAKED trying to go get dinner somewhere, with that awful wind that flips your umbrellas up and drives the rain sideways into your legs anyway. I fell asleep at 9pm. I'm a party animal.

On Saturday it was still pretty crummy, but we walked around downtown anyway for a little bit going into shops. We were going to stay until lunchtime so we could have some Mystic Pizza, but there was not enough excitement in the shops to justify the cruddy weather. We went to the aquarium instead, which was fun but umm... ch-ching! Why are aquariums and zoos so expensive? So that was a good time, we saw a sea lion show and some penguin feeding and tried to touch some manta rays. (They were shy.) After the aquarium we walked through some shops and ate chocolate covered frozen bananas on a stick. (Yum.) And then went back and took a nap. We had dinner at a seafood place with a looooooong wait, and then Jen went to sleep and I watched TV. (Sensing a pattern about how lame we are?)

We had to leave after breakfast Sunday so we could get home, so of course it was beautiful out. It rained on and off through our drive home but was sunny and springy in Easthampton, which was good because we were having a few people over for an intimate baby shower/BBQ. Jen's coworker came over and put up some balloons and we ate a ton of junk food and it looks like a baby clothes store exploded in our house. A pink baby clothes explosion. (I hope they're right!!) It was very sweet and we had about 10-12 people here including my grandmother, which is awesome because it was an excuse to get her to our house. (I hope she thought it was clean enough.) Some of Jen's coworkers came (they are nice), and her godmother whom I had never met, and then just a couple of local folks from work or the area. It was a nice time with too much picnic food.

My grandmother surprised me with her gift for the baby - one of my great-grandmother's rings. It is so tiny and delicate, she must have had the smallest fingers. (That leads me to believe it was my grandfather's mother, because my grandmother's family doesn't always have the dainty gene.) Either way, it meant a lot to us and I know we will keep it safely put away until a special day. It was very sweet, and I am a sucker for that kind of thing. She gave some rings to my father when I was a kid but he misplaced them throughout my life and I only have one of them. Shucks.

So all in all we had a good weekend full of rain showers, showers with italian granite, and baby showers. All that showering really wears a person out, though, and I am dreading going into work because I feel totally knackered.
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25w1d - whee!

And now with face!

25w on the beach
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There is little lonelier than working on a college campus on the Friday of Spring Break. It is like a freaking ghost town around here. As I was walking the bazillion miles from my assigned parking lot to my job (I tend to call it the "Involuntary Employee Exercise Program") I realized that I could have totally parked in the tiny lot outside my office door - and sure enough, the whole lot was completely empty.

We went and came back from Florida with no hitches - no long lines, no cancelled flights, no emergencies - which is nice. The weather was gorgeous, 80s usually and sunny, and there was some pool floating. We also went to the big beach on Wednesday to walk around a little bit and it was HOT there. It was hard to believe we'd left big snowpiles behind at home, it just didn't seem like the same time of the year. I could never live in a place like that because I would NEVER do anything but soak around.

I wasn't great about eating, though, and think I put on 5lbs. during vacation alone. I'm not sure because our home scale is incredibly defective but there was a jump. Yikes. I am scared to go to the midwife and find out for sure, and I'm also scared that I've picked up the fun of GD since I stopped Metformin. (Glucose screen's in a little over a week.) I don't know why it seemed like a good idea at the time. It's nice to be drug-free but not at the expense of my health or my kid's.

Here's hoping it's just a vacation fluke and that things settle down when I go back to eating like a normal person. I tried to eat good breakfasts and stuff but when you go out to eat for almost every meal it's kind of inevitable. HOWEVER, we did go to a Bob Evans and because I hadn't had any since I left Ohio, I did indulge in a glass of their blue koolaid. It was the most disgustingly sweet thing I'd had in a long time (usually I drink about a gallon of water a day) but the kid LOVED it and was jonesing for more all day. Besides, it made me think of Sean ([livejournal.com profile] livinginfits) and all of the bloolaid we drank during our dinner dates. I sure do miss me some Sean.

Is it possible to gain like 10lbs in a month and NOT have GD? Please?
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We tried to fly to Florida this morning to go visit Jen's parents for a couple of days. Here is a brief synopsis of our "travel" experience:

1. Wake up at 3:30am.
2. Leave for airport just before 4:00am.
3. Arrive at airport at 4:35am.
4. Pull into long-term parking lot. Get ticket. Realize that they plowed all of the cars in on Saturday and that we will have to snowcrash into parking spot.
5. Try spot #1. Get stuck. Spin out. Back out.
6. Try spot #2. Get stuck. Spin out. Almost can't back out. Parking shuttle looks annoyed. Feel like crying.
7. Try spot #3. Jen gets out and kicks at ice for a couple of minutes. Pull into spot. Shuttle has left.
8. While Jen is kicking ice, Orbitz calls. Flight is cancelled. They have courtesy rebooked us on a flight leaving Tuesday. I tell Orbitz Lady that we are supposed to be returning on Wednesday. She tells us to talk to someone at ticket counter.
9. Give Jen bad news. Get on new shuttle.
10. Get off shuttle. Man getting on shuttle says a plane to DC is cancelled. We were going to Charlotte. That's 2.
11. 4:50am - walk into terminal. Look for end of US Airways line. Find it in another section near Delta counters. Notice that all other airlines running on schedule.
12. Dial US Airways 800 number. Wait on hold for 1 hour, 10 minutes. Hang up.
13. 6:20am - dying of hunger, try to forage for breakfast. All real food is inside security gates. End up with blueberry muffin and milk.
14. Alternate between standing with Jen and sitting in chair in another area because pelvis hurts.
15. 11am - Witness screaming match between disgruntled customer and disgruntled ticket counter worker. DC is upset because she has waited two hours for a delayed flight. DTCW tells her to shut up because people have been waiting since 5am. I love her. She walks out.
16. 11:30am - Jen and I reach the ticket counter and are determined to be as nice as possible. (Me: I guess it's not a good day to work at the airport...)
17. We get rebooked to our satisfaction, though it's annoying. We're going to try again in a couple of days, had to shift days off and stuff, but hopefully have good flights AND our ticket counter worker was very kind and helpful.
18. Our rebook is on another airline, so we walk to the Delta counter to get seat assignments.
19. 12pm - Get back on parking shuttle, go back to car.
20. Get charged full day's parking rate. $7. Suck.
21. 12:20pm - Find Ruby Tuesday's on road to highway. Eat.
22. 2pm - Pull into driveway. Home sweet home after 10 hours.
23. 5pm - Wake up from nap. Feel very disoriented.

Dear God, this had better be the best trip ever... eventually.
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So we went to NYC for the weekend. I guess I didn't mention it in advance, which is surprising but I had a pretty busy week. I meant to mention it in advance, mostly for anyone in the area who might want to amuse me or get coffee or something. But the following things happened:

1. We took a very long busride on Saturday morning with Olex and Jen, and got into NYC around 1:30pm.
2. We got to our hotel and waited in a long check-in line to be told that they hadn't cleaned the rooms yet.
3. We ate overpriced sandwiches that were not very good.
4. Jen totally skipped the line the second time around and got us our room keys.
5. We had a pretty sweet room at the Hilton New York. Not bad for a cheap Priceline bid.
6. We caught a Yankees game courtesy of one of my clients. They got slaughtered 19-5 by Tampa.
7. We waited so long for a 4 train that we got to the game in the 3rd inning.
8. We had pretty good seats and the weather was lovely!
9. I remembered I had Ed's phone number in my phone, and called him to get together later.
10. We ate ice cream out of those plastic helmet bowls, so I can take the bowls and try to put them on the cats.
11. We were SWEATY.
12. We got back to our schwank room, chatted with O&J until they had to go, then showered.
13. Ed came to our room and we watched part of War Games before eating nummy Italian food.
14. The waiter thought Jen and Ed were both boys - MY boys.
15. We got to have late breakfast with Emmy at Hotel Edison in Times Square!
16. We walked down to Port Authority with Emmy and shopped at the Sanrio store.
17. Of course I had to buy a Hello Kitty shirt.
18. The bus ride home was largely uneventful.
19. We picked up the car outside the body shop. He only painted over the gashes, didn't fill them or anything, but I DON'T FRICKING CARE.
20. Now I pass out dead.


Jul. 2nd, 2006 08:52 am
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Returned from Maine yesterday afternoon. The car held up well, which was pleasant. Today we drive to RI, to central MA, and back home, all in the name of family - claiming the rest of dad's items, hitting up a cook-out with the fam, then bringing the dad stuff home. Thank goodness I had the foresight to take Monday off as well - I need a chill day just thinking about all of this driving.

Soaked in the pool and enjoyed the cool occasion of Kriss and Jon's party. Gosh, they are Good People. After some pool soaking, some hot tub soaking, and some quorn eating, I just needed some time to crash and enjoy the feeling of being in my own house. There's just something about your own shower, your own bed, your own non-travel-size bath products, your own cats. Travel is nice, and Jodie was a wonderful host and a good (though probably bored stiff) listening ear, but sometimes you just need the comfort of your own crazy neighborhood sounds. (Fireworks, that is. All night.)

I have made progress in my goal of getting one of my Sims (Holly Homewrecker) to break up the Goth family. Buying Bella Goth some red roses seems to have done the trick. Move out, Mortimer!

Another cycle started. It's weird to start a brand new cycle and know that it's guaranteed to not get us knocked up. It's almost like, what's the point?


Jun. 29th, 2006 09:41 am
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Heading off to Maine for a little R&R and quality bonding time with [livejournal.com profile] rizzo41, who is the best ever. After my wife, of course. Whom I am going to miss terribly.

Also had some QBT with Jeff and Melis last night, always a good time, but we need to STOP WAITING FOUR MONTHS in between occasions, okay? :)

While I'm gone, a meme...

Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about - it can be anything from the house I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. That way you get to know a little bit about my life.

Some of them I might be able to do while away, most likely when I return. But still - I need an excuse to take more pictures!
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I convinced Coworker Funk to come play with me and she wanted to see a movie. We went to see Superman Returns and it was so cheesy but also enjoyable. The whole time, I just felt like I was 5 years old again. It was so true to the old movies, down to the cheesy opening credits and of course the John Williams Superman Theme. It was a good time.

My "stay home all day" day didn't really happen. I went to Trader Joe's after some cleaning in the morning, then went to get the car inspected. Then went to the movie, which was long (2.5 hours). Then offered to pick Jen up from work, which was a mistake since there's a Sox game today and it took me 30 minutes to get around the corner. Argh! But I'm home now, even if I never got to pack (yet) or clean the bathroom. Jeff and Melissa should be here shortly. Yay!

Sometimes it's good to see a cheesy movie in the middle of the afternoon.

So tired

Jun. 14th, 2006 10:06 pm
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I am wiped out today. I don't know why. Maybe because I woke up twice last night (once at 2am to pee, once at 6:20am to temp) - I hate when I drink liquids at dinner time because I always wake up to pee. When did I get the bladder of doom?

When I got to my last home visit tonight (5:30pm), the kid was sick and the dad said I should go home. Awesome, because I got to go home early! And they /never/ cancel. Instead, I came home and sat on the porch with The Movie Thief, who ended up making me a huge salad for dinner. So I didn't even have to cook or anything, it was just handed to me. And it had such good stuff in it - lettuce and tomatoes and carrots and zucchini and mushrooms and blue cheese and damn, it was good. And then I went upstairs and had some ice cream.

I've been sitting here watching Grizzly Man for the last hour and a half or so, and that Timothy Treadwell dude is really freaky. I mean, I'm a goofy pinko lefty environmentalist but this dude? He makes me look like Charlton Heston. Also, I bet he was a furry. And he had bad hair. But really, he obviously loved what he did which is admirable, but he was also quite disturbed. I wonder what it was like for his parents to watch the movie. I guess I liked it but I didn't love it - I liked the footage and also getting into the mind of the man a little bit, but he was just a little too wacky for me and I couldn't totally get into it. But now that I am returning it, I will get not one but TWO discs of Queer as Folk!

In other news of the awesome, I decided to burn some vacation time before I get my next two-week installment on July 19th (rumor has it we can only carry 4 weeks, and I have about 2 weeks right now), so I'm taking off from June 28th to July 4th, Wednesday to Tuesday. I think I'll run up to Maine to see [livejournal.com profile] rizzo41 on Thursday through Saturday morning, spend the weekend with Jen, and use the other days to get stuff done around the house and just not be at work. I've never taken vacation time without having somewhere to GO, so this will be a nice change.

Good times.

Trip recap:

Apr. 4th, 2006 12:03 am
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us fountain 1
Originally uploaded by judecorp.
Haven't had a lot of time to update on the rest of our trip, which has really been beaucoup fun.

Some of the things we've done are: a "Haunted History" tour that we both really liked a lot, a quick casino trip to play some nickel slots in which Jen netted us $50, another trip to Cafe Du Monde for some more delicious beignets, and a teeny bit of souvenir shopping where I bought a ringer tee that says "I [heart] nerds".

Some of the places we've eaten are: Muriel's for a three-course prix fixe wonder, Red Fish for some yummy seafood, Petunia's for brunch this morning, Cafe Beignet for greasy breakfast yesterday, a stop at Haagen Dazs for ice cream, and a stop at a "to go" stand to get Jen a Hurricane.

We took a little walk on the mostly-closed Riverwalk which was really nice, and rode the streetcar again after a quick chat with [livejournal.com profile] hopemcg. We spent a little time sitting in the Place d'Armes as well and, of course, did a lot of walking. We took a little walk down Bourbon Street on Saturday night after a late dinner and it was pretty yucky - some drunk dude decided he would be "funny" and put his arms around us and laugh. I hate that crap. I also hate drunken yelling and idiot fratboy types. Not to mention the lingering smell of piss, sick, and garbage that we were inundated with early Sunday morning when we were trying to catch an early breakfast. Ew.

I'm much more enamoured of New Orleans after Day One. Outside of the looted sports stores near our hotel, all of the touristy stuff is mostly unchanged and open for business. It has actually been incredibly nice to have smaller numbers of people. I like crowds just fine, but I don't think I could handle the craziness of Mardi Gras.

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blue dog

Apr. 3rd, 2006 07:51 pm
judecorp: (mini me)

Originally uploaded by judecorp.
George Rodrigue is the best ever. I just love that crazy blue dog. I could look at his cute blue face all dang day. That's good, because he is EVERYWHERE around here. We went to his gallery but alas, it was closed. CURSE YOU, BLUE DOG!

Still, how can you resist that cute blue mug?


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