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This is my last weekend of freedom before I return to work on Tuesday. It's nice to have a holiday to ease into the week. It is going to be a challenge to be up and running early in the morning when I am used to having a slow start to the day if I so choose - hanging around, lounging, watching some cartoons with Punk, then eating some breakfast... those days are over.

Things are kind of up in the air at work because of my impending leave. The original plan as I understood it was that everything would be business as usual with my clients/schools, but then last week they decided maybe it was better if I didn't go to the schools and just did intakes in the office. I was concerned about this plan from a productivity standpoint (there's no way I could do the amount of billing I was used to doing office intakes) and from a client standpoint (some of my clients would have no one seeing them until work could find someone else). So we went back and forth about it and some of my clients are transferring to other clinicians now, some will stick with me until a new clinician is hired, and I will also do some office intakes if some office space is available to me. Hopefully it will all work out.

My mother is in town visiting us and will be taking care of Punk while I am at work this week and preschool is in the transition week. We have been doing a lot of fun things like going out to lunch. We also took a trip to Ikea to buy new furniture for Punk's room (so the baby can get the changing table dresser and matching stuff). Last night my mother hung out with Punk so Jen and I could go to a friend's wedding. Today my mother is visiting a friend, so we went to breakfast, then hit the 3 County Fair. I am EXHAUSTED.

I haven't had a pay check since mid June and we are really feeling the crunch right now. We had some extra money stocked up at the beginning of the summer, and we had banked some money to cover the summer also but we are trying not to use all of it in case we need it later. So right now we're really strapped and feeling it. Of course, going to Ikea to buy furniture was probably not the smartest plan and obviously neither was the fair, but sometimes you just have to blow it and take your kid to the fair to eat overpriced snacks, play stupid fair games, ride an overpriced ride, and see all of the cute animals. So whatever.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to take it somewhat easy, although there are groceries to procure (ch-ching again), laundry to do, lunch to pack for work, work clothes to uncover, etc. We're hoping to move the furniture from Punk's room to the baby's room next weekend so we can assemble Punk's new furniture, but that involves finding a local strong person to help Jen move the guest room furniture into the basement so we can get that done. Takers?

We have about 9 weeks of pregnancy left at a maximum and dang, that's not much. Crap!


May. 1st, 2010 07:10 am
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It's Pride day here in town, and it's a positively gorgeous day!

And I have to miss it.

And I'm super sad.
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I just made a meatloaf. Me! A meatloaf. My girls are at the store fetching cat litter and god knows what else (they have been gone a while) which has given me enough time to craft a meatloaf. Not sure if it will be done in time for Punk to eat dinner but I gave it the old college try.

This weekend has been positively gorgeous and I hope the beautiful weather continues. It is a true taste of spring and I know that in typical New England fashion, winter will return with a vengeance before we are done with it, but for now I will enjoy it. This morning we didn't go to church since Jen was sick in bed, so Punk and I went to an elementary school that has a really nice playground and we had a great time for about an hour. That playground gets a lot of sun so it was snow-free (unlike my backyard) and since it is covered in wood chips, it was pretty dry. Ideal conditions, really. Towards the end, Punk befriended a 3.5 year old named Zoe and the two happily made "cakes" together out of mulch and sand. I really really love watching Punk play with other kids. It was adorable when I told her to go ask the girl if she could play with her and she said, "Can I come and make some cakes with you?" I almost died.

I need to do about 347984379843 loads of laundry tonight and at some point I really need to get off my arse and do the taxes so we can get some money back. At least I got some time to pay the bills online this afternoon because Punk actually took an hour nap. I had to practically hold her down while she screamed at me, but by golly, the kid napped!

(I should have napped, too.)
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(x-posted with the baby blog)

It was time for the annual trip to the corn maze. Mike's Maze, to be specific. Best in the area. This year's maze celebrated Charles Darwin's 200th birthday.

More photos and a play by play. )
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Punk's child care is closed next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so that K can have her lumpectomy and recover and all of that. WTF am I going to do?

Does anyone local know anyone trustworthy and awesome to do some child care?
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We have been having so much fun with Uncle Ick and Auntie Gretchen (who, sadly, had to leave yesterday)! Punk just loves them to pieces and we seem to do so much more fun stuff (and neglect so much more chore stuff) when they are around.

Just this weekend alone, we: went to the spray park twice and visited the playground both times, had a birthday party in the back yard, watched kid TV and ate junk food, and today we took the toddler to Six Flags. Oh yes we did. We dragged her two-year-old butt to an amusement park and she wore. us. out.

We got to have some fun in Thomas Land, and then Wiggles World, and the Looney Tunes area. There were rides and water fountains and snow cones bigger than your head. She even took a little stroller nap later in the afternoon (but I woke her up for more rides, heh). She loved riding the helicopters and the cars and the airplanes and the jeeps, and of course the Thomas train. And while she took her little stroller nap, Rick and I rode the re-done Bizarro coaster, which was pretty freaking awesome.

Then we stopped at Bertucci's for dinner, a quick bath for the Punk who was fully sunscreened twice and had ratty "I played in the fountains" hair, and then we tossed her in the crib. And I am right behind her, I am pooped!

Having a kid is the awesome awesome.

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I have been reluctant to post because I liked keeping the Iran post on top. But I suppose it's time for a little update since Punk /finally/ went down for a nap. Mad nap-fighting day today, yo!

We have had a full house this weekend! [livejournal.com profile] carina_s and the girls arrived on Thursday evening and are leaving tomorrow. Today they are out east visiting relatives and I am trying to catch up on tidying and assorted things. I am enjoying the calm quiet of nap time.

I think we are probably boring the twins to death with our lame boringness. It's kind of hard with a toddler because the day tends to get broken down into chunks (pre-nap, nap, post-nap, bedtime) so it's hard to make big plans. And, umm, if you live anywhere near New England right now, you know that our weather has pretty much sucked the entire month of June. It has rained pretty much every day. Bleh. So the girls are always asking what we're going to do at any given time, or what we would be doing if they weren't visiting, and I don't think our answers of "chores" or "errands" or "you're looking at it" are quite what they had in mind. ;)

We have done a lot of eating out and a lot of hanging out. The girls enjoyed learning to play Bohnanza, and I took them all to eat wings and play trivia last night which was a good time. We went up to the Book Mill in Montague on Saturday for a little while, too.

It's times like this, with a house full of guests, that I really take notice of and appreciate the little family life I have with My Jennifer. (Even though it is boring to tweens!!) I suppose I don't take notice of it, and take it for granted a bit, until something shakes it up. Things are mostly seamless in our house and that sense of stability feels very nice.

It has been really good to see Carina and the girls. I've really missed them. The kids have grown up so freaking much.
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This afternoon, we took Punk to Holyoke Heritage State Park to ride the carousel. We had a fantastic time and I don't know if I have ever seen her so excited in my life. When we walked into the carousel she was beside herself, but when the horses actually started moving, she was SO full of joy that I think my mother actually started crying. It was amazing to see that kind of joy.

carousel fun!

More including playing outside )

She is such a big girl these days I can hardly stand it.
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Recently, an apartment building nearby caught fire and displaced more than 20 people. They have lost everything. People all over the area are mobilizing and donating, and our church has also set up a special monetary collection for the families affected by this fire. Our church has a strong local presence, for which I am very grateful.

Today I am going through my closet to find clothing that I can pass on to the families of the Meadowbrook Apartments. Maybe I can convince Jen to do the same thing tonight. Every little bit helps.

In the summer of 2001, I lived in an apartment complex similar to this in Ohio and a fire started when lightning struck my building. We thankfully weren't harmed by the fire and our things were left in tact, but we did have some water damage and had to relocate to another unit. It was terrifying and scary, even knowing we had all of our things to come home to. It was just one of many eye-opening and difficult experiences I had in 2001.

I can imagine the panic felt by the residents as they saw their building engulfed in flames, watching the fire trucks roll in and just waiting, waiting, waiting to see how far it would spread.

Busy busy

Mar. 21st, 2009 09:33 pm
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Been busy around these parts.

My [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother was here yesterday and we packed Punk's day full of fun. First they watched a little TV together, and then we made a quick stop at the library to return a video and so Punk could show Uncle Rick the "big fish" that she is always talking about. (She is scared of it.) Then we headed to Holyoke to the Children's Museum where she ran around like a nut for about an hour and a half. We went to the diner for lunch after that and she was practically falling asleep at the table, took her home for a nap and she was asleep in about two seconds. I ended up waking her up around 2:40 and after playing inside for a while, we took her out in the backyard and ran her around some more, and then went out to dinner. Again with the almost falling asleep at the table. But we took her out for ice cream after and Uncle Rick got Punk her very own kiddie dish of ice cream at Herrell's. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and crashed hard as soon as we got home.

Rick left this morning (sad) and we ran a million errands today, including getting Punk some new sneakers (one foot is half a size bigger than the other which makes shoe buying a pain) and socks since her feet continue to grooooow. We also bought a bazillion groceries and spent some time in the front yard picking up acorns. Good times.

Punk's newest obsession, aside from picking up acorns and sticks, is pretending to cook with some bowls in the kitchen and the recycling from the bin. Personally, I think she just likes digging out the containers... but it makes me nervous because of the sharp cans and the soap containers and things like that. Aah well.

I can't believe 2 is only a couple of months away!
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1. My grandfather is really declining. He sleeps most of the day and night. As far as I know he isn't in any pain, but everything wipes him out. It's really sad because he has always been so lively. Lots of people have been coming to visit him (friends and relatives), and he recently had a priest visit him for confession and Anointing of the Sick. The fact that he asked for these things pretty much sums it up. I'm going to have Punk make him a picture and bring it to him this weekend.

2. Speaking of Punk pictures, I recently mailed some of Punk's artwork to my mother. It was one of my good deeds and it really made her day, so that's good. I am not terribly close with my mother but heck, we don't have a lot of family. And Punk's her only grandkid so she deserves a little fridge art.

3. The weather this past weekend was positively brilliant and we spent a lot of time outside. I can't wait for actual spring and summer so we can fill Punk's days with lots of outings. On Saturday, I took her to a local cemetery just to walk around and step in puddles. It was her first time and she is definitely hooked. On Sunday, we went for a little walk with some friends over on the Hampshire College campus. We took a nice, long walk and then went to visit the cows on the campus farm and also stopped at the campus sugar shack. Within about 1 minute of our Sunday walk, Punk tripped and totally bit it on the pavement. She has road rash on her cheek and lip. Poor little clumsy thing. :(

4. She knows my name. Tonight, she was hollering through the monitor when she was supposed to be sleeping: Mama! Mama! Mama Jude! Mama Jude! Jude!

Ridiculous bragging. )


Jan. 9th, 2009 01:35 pm
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I am enjoying a little bit of naptime. I am NOT enjoying the cold weather. We get so trapped in the house and Punk gets super stir-crazy. I took her to the local Parents Center this morning to hang out with some kids and see some different scenery. I think she had a good time, although she was obsessed with all of the licensed stuff (Elmo, Cookie Monster, etc.). I think because she doesn't have it at home she goes all ga-ga about it. *shrug* It's funny, though. It was fun and I got to see my friend Jessica again, whom I hadn't seen since before Thanksgiving, I think.

An aside, do you know that there is an entire GOLF network? And that there is a GOLF reality show? I had no idea! I feel bad for Jess who is a Golf Widow, but I couldn't help but be fascinated. A golf reality show? Seriously? Woah.

We finally got the Christmas tree out of the house and it's nice to not have needles everywhere. Tonight I need to box up all of the ornaments and decorations. Fun times, right? Boy, this is one exciting journal. I'm so glad I managed to back up the actual exciting stuff (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] violane for the xjournal comm). Whee.

I miss my previous exciting and inspiring life. I miss having deep conversations. And not-so-deep conversations.

I just miss conversations.
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It has snowed pretty much nonstop since Friday afternoon. It is sheer craziness! We got about a foot of snow on Friday and then it was all flurries and small showers through Saturday with very little accumulation. Now it is snowing harder again and seems to be wetter snow - the kind that packs and crunches under your feet. Bleh.

I cleaned off the car and packed Punk in so we could go to church this morning. I have a wicked sore throat but she is going really stir-crazy in the house and I thought the time in the church nursery would be good for her. She loves it there. I guess I should have called or checked or something because... it was closed. I am not used to things closing, I suppose. When I lived in Maine, it snowed all the time and the only thing that ever closed were the schools. *shrug* It never occurred to me that church would close! So we drove past and saw that there were no lights on and no people inside, and just drove back home. Whoops. We took her out to lunch at the diner just to get her out of the house. Mmm, greasy goodness.

She is starting to become a demanding little sprite and always wants "dip" or "chup" with everything. I guess she is becoming a real kid. She will also say "juice" if she doesn't want milk, and today just kept asking for "coffee." (Heck no, kid, that's mine!) I am embarrassed to say that she also has been asking for "tee-bee? tee-bee?" (TV) a lot lately, too. Whoops. At least she doesn't know that the "music choice" stations are not real television. ;)

Maybe my boss will cancel work tomorrow! She seems a lot more cautious about weather than I am. Then again, I think pretty much everyone is more cautious about weather driving than I am.
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1. My grandmother was admitted into the hospital yesterday. She was with my grandfather and was headed to get her new hearing aids (FINALLY, the ones she had were giving awful feedback) and she wasn't feeling well and didn't feel like she could get out of the car. They called the ambulance and she was taken to the ER. They ruled out heart attack and stroke stuff, which is awesome, but she was ridiculously dehydrated. They put a bazillion bags of fluid into her and she was feeling better, but was going for a kidney ultrasound this morning. It's hard to get accurate information from her because she isn't wearing her (feedback-y) hearing aids, so phone conversations are challenging. My grandfather said something about the medication she was taking for a major arthritis attack she had been having (prednisone, maybe some other stuff) was affecting her kidneys and causing them not to work properly. God, I hope it's nothing permanent. They were thinking she might be released today. I am going to call later.

2. Punk and I are having a very social day today. We went for a walk with [livejournal.com profile] rexlezard this morning; he was home because he got rear-ended this morning and was shaken up. Also, Punk's friend Moey and his daddy, Jason, are en route and will hang out for a bit. Then tonight I am supposed to hang with a former coworker.

3. Speaking of the walk this morning, I hereby SUCK at being a winter mama. I don't really get very cold and Punk and I were going to hang briefly at the dog park with Andy and his dog, so it didn't occur to me to really bundle her up. In fact, I actually debated whether or not to put on her heavy winter coat (but then finally did). Her trunk and head were nice and warm (she had a hat, too) but she was whiny and clingy which I attributed to hunger. But maybe she was cold! I didn't think to put on a layer under her jeans and she was only wearing thin little socks. When I went to put her down for her nap, her feet were like ice cubes. Poor little punkin! I guess I need to be better about bundling her up. Whoops.

4. I can't believe we're already almost a full week into Advent and Christmas is right around the corner. I have started to put up some decorations and I think we will get a tree this weekend (there is a small tree farm right down the road). Our church put together an Advent devotional this year that I am really enjoying. I can't wait until Punk is old enough to dig the spiritual preparations, too.

5. I love our church. I can't even say that enough. I just love it there. The people are so awesome and everyone is so nice and I am so pleased. It is exactly the kind of place I was hoping to bring Punk up in. She gets so excited to go down into the children's play room and is so comfortable there. I just love going and I love being a part of it all. There is a christmas dinner and tree-trimming thing tomorrow and I am excited. It is nice to be a church dork again.

6. I can't find last year's holiday cards yet (they are in the basement somewhere) so I haven't been able to get started on addressing this years cards. Argh! I was hoping to be done by now!!
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I wanted to take Punk down to one of the other towns in the area (Longmeadow) because I'd heard that there's a street that goes Halloween Crazy and I wanted to check it out. But I had also bought a bunch of candy and really wanted to hand out candy. Oh, the dilemma!

In the end, I left a big bowl of candy on our front steps next to our jack-o'-bamas with a sign that said, "Happy Halloween! Please help yourselves!" and left our front light on.

We came back at 8pm and the pumpkins were untouched and most of the candy was gone.

And this is why I love living in the boonies. :)
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Last weekend was a weekend of reunions.

For starters, my 15-year high school reunion was on Saturday. I had not previously attended any reunions, nor did I have the desire, but I feel like 15+ can be amusing. After all, in 15 years, people start to go bald, get settled, get out of the rut of high school once and for all. I was told the 5-year reunion was exactly like high school in terms of who talked with whom. I don't know about the 10. But 15 could be fun, so we went.

There was a really low turnout which was kind of a bummer because I wanted to see what became of folks, but I had a decent time anyway. I got to see a girl I went to school with from K-12 and that was fun, and then just basically say hi to some folks I'd pretty much forgotten all about, and then catch up with some folks I found on Facebook as well. Aah, Facebook.

One thing I will say is that I forget sometimes that I live in a bubble of hippie liberals and that I went to a wealthy private school that tended to be New England conservative. Apparently the husband of the woman who organized the reunion got into a little chat with my good friend Jeff's wife (who is also a good friend) and said husband was shocked - shocked - that she was a woman who was not a supporter of Sarah Palin. And then there was my wife who unfortunately got cornered by a friend's husband, who tends to like to talk ad nauseum about the Catholic Church (he is big time Catholic and Sons of Italy and all of that) and random politics, especially Holy Land politics. Apparently he didn't say anything bad about Teh Gays, though.


We spent the night in Boston since the reunion was in Providence and because [livejournal.com profile] lorac graciously offered to babysit. It was the first time anyone babysat Punk for more than an hour, and the first time during nighttime business. My hope was to get Punk down and then leave, but it didn't really work out like that and poor [livejournal.com profile] lorac ended up sitting in the chair with Punk until 9pm or so and then dealing with wake-ups as well. Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] lorac! Hopefully she is still speaking to us. :)

But the real point of the Boston business is that it was awesome to see [livejournal.com profile] lorac and her husband again. I can't believe I have now known her about 15 years (since I met her as a first year in college) and that we now have kids. We met up with more of the Boston gang for dim sum on Sunday morning and while we used to get together for years and years, now all of us at the dim sum table had children. It's kind of cool to see that happen.

Part of me really wishes we had found a way to stay in Boston and have Punk and a house and stuff but the rational part of me knows that we never would have been able to swing it... and Jen wouldn't have had the job opportunity she has here that she really really likes. And I doubt we'd ever have a big backyard. But I miss the folks and I /really/ miss the opportunity to raise our kids together and be a village. Really miss it.


That's all the exciting news here. I'm off to Canton tomorrow for an EI training (zzzzz) and not really looking forward to 4 hours of driving. But my portfolio is due in June and I need to get a move on. Good times.
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[livejournal.com profile] hope_persists FTW! I just had a nice chat with a day care provider who comes with rave reviews and will be meeting her on Friday. Jen is also seeing a day care tomorrow that had a nice little blurb with the referral people (specifically said no TV).


Sick Sucks

Jun. 21st, 2008 08:27 pm
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Being sick really rots. Especially in the summer. Especially in the summer on a weekend when I have a lot of fun plans.

Last night we were supposed to go to a potluck at Emily & Michael's. Due to some sort of miscommunication, it was a little up in the air whether it started at 6 or 7pm. I was told 6, and was hoping to drop by a little early (say 5:30) because Punk has been sick with the ear infection and she has an early bedtime anyway. I thought I would help set up, or at least occupy the babies (theirs and ours) while set up occurred. But when I called to find out if this was cool, I got Michael who thought the party was at 7 rather than Emily who thought the party started at 6. And Michael was pretty set on no early guests, especially at 5:30. It didn't really seem worth it to truck out to their place (30 minutes) to stay for 45 minutes or so and then truck home (another 30 minutes) with a sickish kid and a sickish me, so I cancelled. Which I feel badly about. But Punk eats dinner at around 5:30 and it was just too crazy-making. Aah well.

Tonight is Luka's birthday party and I was totally going to go but I woke up feeling like I got hit by a bus this morning. All of the nasal congestion from yesterday is happily burning up my throat and lungs and I sound like I smoked 80 packs of cigarettes in the past week. Seriously nasty. I feel like poo. Hopefully tomorrow is better. (Sorry, Luka!!)

Also, I am trying really hard to help Punk fall asleep on her own (or at least partially on her own, I have no problem assisting with this process) and it is so not working, so I supposed she's not ready. I actually had her all passed out in my arms giving me a hug which was the cutest thing ever, and got her up on my shoulder asleep, but she woke up during the drop (tried no swaddle) and then managed to move around and work herself all up into a lather which involved kicking and flailing and screaming and finally about an hour later she is asleep, swaddled. I can only do so much.
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Man, it was hot this weekend. I'm sure everyone is saying that. :)

Our hot weekend was full of parties. It was a good time, I must say. Yesterday we all went as a fam to a party held by one of my coworkers. It was a sort of combo housewarming and graduation party for her son. It was a little, shall we say, more urban than most of the parties we attend. But we had a good time, and Punk loved dancing to all of the reggaeton blasting, and she loved loved loved watching the other kids play ball. Some of them (age 4 and 5) were incredibly sweet and kept offering her the (very dirty) ball so she could play with it, and when Coworker Iris gave Punk a balloon she was pretty much in heaven.

It was sticky hot, and my crazy baby was rocking out and getting sweaty. She started out in this froo-froo all matching Gymboree outfit (matching hat, shirt, shorts, and socks) and by the end of it she was wearing her shirt and a diaper. Heh. And she was covered in yellow rice and peas, which was all she would eat. And one of the guys there kept really pushing us to give her some "juice" (you know what I'm talking about, like Hawaiian Punch stuff) and we kept telling him that she already had some juice (she had a sippy of water) and he kept going on and on until finally I gave her a sip from my cup of "juice" and she spit it out. Smart baby! But she spit it out on her shirt and it was bright orange and we had to use stain stuff to get it out. Ha ha ha.

They didn't really know what to do with the whitey-white queers at the party but everyone was very nice (overly nice) and Punk is always a big hit wherever we go so it was fine. She loves to dance and hey, who doesn't like to see a baby dance? I mean, really. And then we left, while semi-intoxicated "juice" pusher dude kept shaking our hands and saying, "If you ever need anything, you call me," over and over. So I told him that he could call me if he needed something, too.

Aside from my coworker telling her grandson (age 4) that he couldn't wear the bandana on his head because it "made him look like a faggot," I'd say we successfully integrated. Heh!


Today was Punk's first party that she was invited to. It was with the gang of moms and babies I used to hang with at the support group at the hospital, and was because one of the families is moving to Michigan. (SAD!) I hadn't really been able to hang with the gang for a long while because of work and looking for work and all of that, so I was excited to see all of the big babies and get to see the moms and dads. They are all super nice and everyone was excited to see Punk and talk about how big she is (true) and how cute she is (of course true) and were asking about work and everything. Maybe they even missed me! I think we will have to have a weekend cook-out/baby pool party or something soon.

I really like this gang because there isn't really a lot of Mommy Competition in our group. Kids were doing all different things and everyone was just excited for everyone's kids, and it's nice. One of the moms commented on how happy Punk is now and asked if it was from crawling/being mobile, and I said probably that and losing the reflux all at the same time. But it was like a huge flashback about how miserable my kid used to be and how stressful it was to go anywhere because she was always crying or puking or freaking out. I seriously don't even remember those days unless I put in the effort to think about it, which is nice.

I guess they're right about how you get New Baby Amnesia after a while. Otherwise no one would ever have more than one kid.
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Aah, Friendly's, how I hate thee. (Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] lorac.)

For starters, every Friendly's smells the same. AND you leave smelling like Friendly's. For a long time.

But we decided to go out to the outlets in Lee and wanted a sit-down place to feed the kid. And Friendly's was closest (aside from the food court), so Friendly's it was. Two hours of Friendly's, because the Friendly's in Lee is officially the slowest Friendly's ever. (How many times can I use Friendly's in this post?)

Punk is a sainted baby, though, because she withstood two hours in Friendly's, mainly by eating everything in sight. I actually ordered her something from the menu today for the first time (a side of broccoli). What a big girl! But she amused herself by staring at other people until they made silly faces at her, and eating broccoli, and dancing in her Ray Charles manner, and eating more broccoli. She pretty much ate the entire side of broccoli, plus some of Jen's chicken noodle soup, plus a cracker, plus some of the ground beef and sweet potatoes and pears I'd brought from home, plus a few pieces of freeze-dried fruit. She is a horse.

She also had an entire bag of freeze-dried fruit before we left. And had an 8oz bottle a little while after lunch. And had a container of yogurt and a little more freeze-dried fruit as a snack after her little Ergo nap. And then, at a Wendy's on the way home because it was far too late, ate a 6oz jar of stage 3 dinner, at least two chicken nuggets, and some of a baked potato. DOES SHE HAVE A HOLLOW LEG?

She really was the awesomest baby ever today, though. It's amazing how much easier it is to take her places and not be chained to the house and the nap routine or whatever. It's like a whole different kid. No puking, no random fits of crying for hours, no needing to take a 30 minute nap every 90 minutes, and she can sit in a high chair. A-maz-ing.

Also, she is cute. So I bought her a bunch of crap she doesn't need from the Gymboree outlet. And we got a kiddie pool. RAWK.

Tomorrow she will be 11 months old.


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