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Tukey's first birthday party is tomorrow. I have been cleaning like a MoFo all day. Punk has been at a friend's house for most of the day (since about 11am) and I will be returning the favor by watching that friend this evening. Well, Jen will. Because I have to brave the mall. I want to pick up our Holiday Photo Cards and check out a couple of deals at Target. And later I need to run to the grocery store to pick up the food for the party. I'll be making a lot of chili. I hope all of the party guests like chili.

I am on a purging roll and want to get a lot of baby stuff out of the house. My cousin's girlfriend is pregnant and I'm really hoping they want hand-me-downs (and lots of them!). I want this stuff OUT. I also threw out my living room rug today, and the shelving unit from my bathroom. And replaced the flapper in the toilet. And reorganized the pantry closet. I AM ON FIIIIIIIIIRRRRREEEEE.

When Tukey wakes up I have to whirlwind clean his room before I brave the mall. And I need Punk to go through her room and put aside all of the toys she is going to donate before I will let her write her Christmas list.
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There has been a lot of money changing hands around here these days. Thank you, tax return.

A few weeks ago, I killed our vacuum (it was on its way out anyway) by running over a baby sock or two. Whoops. That wasn't good. So we dropped a little bit of money on a new upright, bagless, with retractable cord. I am enjoying both of those features, and one pass of that vacuum has shown just how sucky (or, umm, UNsucky) our last vacuum was. I love having a bagless because I feel vindicated in some sick way SEEING what is getting picked up. Heh.

I also just bought three flight coupons for Di.rect A.ir so that we can go see my brother and SIL in South Carolina this summer again. Yay! Super duper fun!

We also bought a couple more baby bottles and another swaddle and I also dropped a small fortune at Gymbo last weekend buying some spring/summer stuff for Punk and a few tasty morsels for the Cupcake. Boy Gymbo is not nearly as delicious as Girl Gymbo. Heck, boy clothes in general. Sorry, Cupcake. I also dropped some cash at Savers on summer clothes for Punk as well. (She has outgrown most everything, especially shirts and dresses.)

But what I /really/ want to spend money on is a cookie delivery service. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THIS??!!?
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I am getting a new computer for the first time in many many years. It will be shipping soon. So exciting! I got an iPod Touch for Christmas and haven't been able to put any music on it because my old iBook can't run a new enough version of iTunes to sync up. Whoops. So it was time.

Financially, it was more prudent to leave the world of Mac for a while, although I am super sad to do it. I feel like I am cheating, ha. But this way I can get a bunch of software from Jen and can have Photoshop again, hooray!

I got one of those Dell Inspiron thingies that you can get in different colors, because I got in my head that I needed a smurfy blue computer. Of course. Of course.

My tax return - which was pretty significant thanks to Senor Cupcakey - is completely and totally gone now. Man, that was quick. Paid off both credit cards, got our heating system in the house fixed (it didn't have cold air returns, stupid prior owners), and now a new computer. Ch-ching!

Jen's should be coming soon, and is earmarked for getting the crack in the living room ceiling fixed, putting some away for the summer when I'm not working, a couple of flight vouchers to go to SC in the summer, and potentially paying off the rest of my car loan to get a jump start on replacing Jen's car. I was rallying for a Mazda5 but Jen thinks if we're going to "go minivan," we should go big or go home. So we might be getting a regular minivan and be a minivan family. EEEEEEEK.

Tell me your minivan stories and advice, please.

Being a grown-up is way less glamorous than I thought it would be. Whodathunk that spending all of that money could be so PRACTICAL and BORING?

p.s. Name my new computer
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I am on a cleaning rampage. My brother and SIL arrive tomorrow evening and Punk and I will be gone all day tomorrow babysitting a friend's baby. And tomorrow is Punk's birthday, aieeeeee! I need to bake something! I need to wrap presents! Aieeeeeeeee!

I vacuumed the hell out of my house today. Which was a feat in itself because Punk is scared of the vacuum. So it was like this: vacuum a room, hear screaming, calm kid down, vacuum a room. Repeat repeat repeat. But it's done. DONE!

She keeps asking me what we're doing for the rest of the day and I would like my answer to be PASS OUT. But there is more cleaning to do! But that is boring for her. Decisions.

I am super freaking out about this babysitting thing. Not the babysitting part, but the taking my kid along for the day part! I am going to attempt to get her to nap at someone else's house. GOOD TIMES.

Also, today Punk told me, "Go to cvs.com, Mama." Awesome.
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I love the increase in daylight but I don't love that my body has been waking me up at 5:30 every morning. It is just not right. Still, it is nice to wake up on my own instead of the alarm clock (or the mini alarm clock on legs) doing that for me. But yeah, I'd love to sleep until 7, okay? Yawn. Punk also tried to wake up at 5:40, but I went and snuggled her in her bed until she fell back asleep and then left. Good times.

My brother is in town and Punk is having a grand old time bossing him around, I mean, playing with him. She is so full of funny things and he is amused, which amuses me. She is like a mini Chamber of Commerce. We went out to breakfast yesterday morning and she asked him, "Uncle Rick, what are you going to have at the Silver Spoon Diner?" Also last night she was talking about some sort of food item and when he asked where she would get it, she matter-of-factly answered, "Trader Joe's." *snort*

She is becoming rather hip to advertising, which is annoying. She doesn't watch any TV with commercials here but I guess sometimes they watch regular Nick at day care (which has commercials). For two weeks she has been asking for a specific thing for her birthday, something she saw on a commercial. She tells me, "It is good for Punkins." When I tell her that she probably won't get it, she starts whining. *sigh* (It is a Little Tikes ride-on fire engine that "really sprays water.")

We bought her a swing set for her birthday. Because we never know if we're going to stay in this house (we really want to move to another town but also like this house), we didn't want to get a big wooden thing that we might not be able to move and we didn't want to leave something that expensive behind, so we bought a metal old-school style swing set that we will put together this morning. We actually started last night but had some technical difficulties. Whoops. I know she will have a ton of fun with it when it is up, and it is perfect for toddlers/preschoolers because it is a smaller size. (Not to mention way cheaper.)

I really want to go out to breakfast again. Dang, I love going out to breakfast.
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This has been a very busy weekend in a string of very busy weekends. But instead of having house guests (like we have for the last three weekends), we did a lot of driving around bugging other people! :)

Yesterday we hit the road around 8:30am and drove out to Natick. We made a brief stop at the Natick Mall to buy a birthday gift for one of Punk's friends and partake of the play space there. Jen also bought a little cheapo umbrella stroller because we forgot ours. Whoops. Then we were off to Beth and Cathy's for a little IVP brunch because Jen and Cait (and kids) were in town! YAY! There I ate too many delicious waffles and Punk got filthy. It was fun to hang in a circle of moms while toddlers took over the back yard. It was lovely.

From there we made a quickie stop at McDonald's to put a little food in the toddler (she wouldn't eat when there was fun to be had!) and wrap the present, and then headed out to Edaville Railroad for the birthday party. It was Day Out with Thomas and there were a LOT of people/kids there. We met up with Cody, got our tickets, and enjoyed Charlie's 2nd birthday party. Punk enjoyed her first ever ball pit, as well as multiple carousel rides, a ride on the Thomas train, a bazillion pieces of Thomas paraphernalia, and her first kiddie rides. She really enjoyed the kiddie rides and it was fun riding them with her. Good times!

On the way back, we stopped in Wrentham for a quickie dinner with Liza and Mike (who were also at the party) and then chugged along home. Punk did her usual "stay awake until 15 minutes from home" trick but transitioned to sleeping at home without a peep and slept until I woke her up at 7:15 this morning!

This morning we decided to forgo church in order to get a lot of errands and things done. Grocery shopping in the morning after Jen made a pancake and bacon breakfast for everyone. Cleaning during Punk's nap time in preparation for Punk's birthday party next weekend (I will have a TWO YEAR OLD come Wednesday), and then AGAIN I had to wake the child because she was sleeping and sleeping. I wonder if she is having a growth spurt. Anyway, after nap we headed to a local furniture store that is trying to clear inventory, and ordered a new sectional. Then Jen took Punk to the park for a while and I did more cleaning. Then we went out to dinner, and came back and I did MORE laundry.

Phew, I am beat. Tomorrow... more errands and cleaning. Fun, right? My life is sooo glamorous!
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I have a Citibank card that has been accumulating points in the "Thank You Network" for several years now. The "Thank You Network" is a rewards program that lets you trade points for all kinds of stuff like gift cards, travel (you need a LOT of points for that), electronics, all kinds of stuff. I had stopped using that card because they raised the interest rate when the economy tanked, and I decided to check out my points and the rewards.

I had 24,477 points!! !!!! Which is, umm, a lot. So I started browsing the kid stuff.

I got Punk a Kettler tricycle:

and a Step2 WaterWheel water table:

For free. Free! FREE!!! Including shipping! And I chose "discounted shipping" which is 5 to 9 days longer and because of that, they took about 5,000 points off the "price"! FREE STUFF! That Kettler trike is $85ish on Amazon and $125 or so at the hippy toy stores, and the water table is usually about $40. FREE!

We're pretty much set for Punk's birthday now. And I still have 5,400 points left or so. I guess I'll keep using that Citibank card after all.
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On Saturday a couple of my neighbors around the corner were having yard sales, so I figured I would walk over and scope them out in case they had any good kid stuff. I scored a Little Tikes turtle sandbox in good condition for... get this... 50 cents! 50 freaking cents! Of course I snatched it up and the guy even offered to walk it to my house for me so I wouldn't have to carry it. I gave him a dollar and thanked him but told him I could carry it home just fine.

Three bags of $4 sand later, and it's full and ready for some fun! Punk is so excited, she is going to poop her pants!

Pack Rat

Apr. 5th, 2009 07:57 pm
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Between the stuff I got at Savers last year, some gifts from Punk's first birthday (sized up), the stuff I got at Savers this year, the stuff I got at Once Upon a Child last month, the stuff I got from one of my clients (her 4 year old's hand-me-downs), Punk's Hanukkah present from Emily, the dress that Nana sent last month, the hand-me-down bathing suit from [livejournal.com profile] lorac, the stuff I got with my last round of Gymbucks, t-shirt gifts from [livejournal.com profile] tea_soaked and [livejournal.com profile] bluekniggit, and yesterday's damage at the Gymboree outlet...

Umm, let's just say my kid won't need any summer clothes any time soon. There's something like 15 sundresses, 7 or 8 skirts, 7 or so pairs of shorts, a good 25 summer shirts, and upwards of 15 pairs of lightweight pants, capris, and cropped pants. And at least 7 pairs of pajamas (mostly thanks to my client!). Not to mention some shirts from last fall that might still fit...

(Once I actually pulled it all together instead of the various boxes and bags, err, it was a bit of a lot. Whoops.)
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I just sniped an ebay auction for a lot of 43 Sesame Street books. I literally won it at the 3s mark. A real nail biter.

Oh yes, life as a mama is VERY exciting!


Dec. 26th, 2008 01:54 pm
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I got Jen a Roomba for Christmas and it is currently running around the house.
It's kind of creepy.
But it is going to make my floors clean so I will learn to love it.

I think she should name it.
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The kid racked in the loot this year. Holy cow! Next year, I am scaling back Christmas... somehow. It is like a toy store explosion in here and it is soooo overwhelming. Woah. The good news is that she seems to really love everything that she was given. The bad news is that she likes it all SO much that she doesn't ever want to go to bed!!

The big gift was a play kitchen and I am glad she really enjoys it. She is having fun opening and closing the doors, putting things in the oven and sink, and using the phone. It is REALLY sturdy and seems to be good construction so I am hoping it lives a long and healthy life. It is compact with a small footprint, which I wanted, so score!

My brother and sister-in-law got her some play food to go with her kitchen - the kind that has velcro so you can "cut" it. She is having a grand old time pulling the fruits and vegetables apart and sticking them back together (making interesting combinations!). The cats are enjoying this as well.

She also got a couple of new baby dolls (from Jen's parents) and a little baby doll stroller. She loves to push the strollers in the church nursery and she is very excited about pushing her stroller around the living room, with or without babies. It is small and lightweight and she can pick it up and move it if it gets stuck (Fisher Price Little Mommy Newborn Stroller). Score.

Other things that Santa brought that were a huge hit were a Mr. Potato Head (she loves these at day care), some Play-Doh, books, a wooden train set that we will probably hold onto for a little while, a puzzle, and some pots and pans for the kitchen. My brother and SIL also got her a ton of cute cute cute animal puppets, a neat growth chart with velcro arrows (what a great idea!), and an activity book with buttons and snaps and things. Nana and Poppa John (my mother and her husband) got her some cute clothes and a dress-up monkey (buttons, zippers, etc.) that she is a little scared of right now but loves his shoes.

One of Jen's brothers got her Finding Nemo and the other brother really outdid himself and got her the Melissa and Doug Standing Art Easel, with a roll of paper and supposedly the painting accessories are on the way. WOAH! So awesome. (Now we just need a playroom.)

My aunt got her some clothes (she LOVES shopping for kid clothes) and my aunt's sister gave her a teddy bear. My grandparents and my mom gave her some money for her bank account. All in all, she is a very very fortunate child and our house is now a State of Emergency of small parts and partial fruits.
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I felt like Supermom yesterday. I dragged my kid all over creation getting things done. Our first stop was the pediatrician to get the second half of her flu shot, and from there we went to Leeds to pick up some of those electric candles you put in the window (thank you, Freecycle), and then hit the post office to mail our Secret Snowmom gift, a holiday card for [livejournal.com profile] juliann, and a little pressie for Punk's internet buddy, Carys. We then went home and did lunch and naptime, and after nap went up to the bank to deposit some of my mileage checks and bought Punk's gift for her holiday party on Friday.

[Yes, her child care is having a party on Friday, and all of the kids picked names out of a hat for a gift swap ($5). How freaking cute is that??!?! So for $5, I got Punk's pick (Lucy, age 3) two coloring books (My Little Pony and The Littlest Pet Shop), a box of 24 crayons, and a sheet of Santa Claus stickers. Not too shabby.]

I also got some gift boxes, a gift bag for the gifts we got for our church's angel tree, and some other random stuff. And then came home. When Jen came home, we hit the mall for dinner and some holiday shopping, knocking one more gift off the list.


Today was officially Online Shopping Day around here, and I ordered a gift for my [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother and one for his wife, got my grandfather's birthday gift (January 3rd) and knocked out all of Jen's immediate family (parents, brothers). And because it was on major sale ($7 marked down from $20), I tacked on a Melissa and Doug "band in a box" for Punk. Since I got my mother's gift at work on Thursday (she wanted a gift card to Olive Garden and I happened to be doing an evaluation right near Olive Garden), I think that we're pretty much done around here except for the wrapping and mailing. I have to split up Punk's Christmas pictures and mail those out, too.

At some point today/tonight, we have to decorate the tree that's been in the house since, oh, Tuesday or so. Trees look LAME when they are in your living room undecorated. Really weird.

And oh my gosh, but if I don't get those holiday cards done and out this weekend I will go berserk. Berserk, I tell you.


Oh, my little cherub is up from her nap (early), so I guess that's it for my productivity!
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We braved Black Friday action to take Punk to Target to get some holiday photos taken. Oh my god, they were awesome. She was wearing quite possibly the cutest holiday plaid ever AND she has finally gotten the hang of cheesing for the camera. Pictures are SOOOO much less stressful now.

I'mma hafta scan some when we pick them up. They were Teh Awesome.


Then we did a wee bit of Black Friday shopping at Target. Santa got Punk a sock monkey, a Mrs. Potato Head, a little wooden train set, a little travel magna-doodle thing, and a baby doll stroller. Oh, and Christmas pajamas. With sock monkeys on them.

We are ordering her a small wooden kitchen set for her main gift, and I dropped some money at Gymbo Dot Com. So I think Punk is done. Whoo!

And I am SO letting her watch my Grinch video this year. Yay!


Did I mention the cute pictures? Oh my god. With the little black and red plaid skirt, and the houndstooth shoes, and dear god the cheesy smile. L-O-V-E. And the woman who helped us order prints was wicked queah and recently moved from Columbus. SMALL WORLD LESBO ACTION.


Nov. 27th, 2008 11:03 am
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I bought these shoes for Punk to wear as her winter dress shoes. They don't really match what she is wearing today, but OMG CHRISTMAS PLAID SKIRT in a month.

Those freaking shoes! I love them so much. When I saw them in the store I practically tore the shoe department apart looking for her size. They're a little big but hot damn, I would wear them myself if they would fit me.


Giant TV

Oct. 17th, 2008 02:02 pm
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Did I tell you we got a giant TV? Well, we got a giant TV. You see, John McCain blew up my old TV. No, really. I was watching the "town hall" debate, that second one, and I was chatting online at the same time. Occasionally I would look up and watch the debate. Well, I go to look up, and my whole screen is blue with stripes. I thought it was the channel so I changed the channel and nope, it's the TV. My TV got the BSOD. Dude! Seriously! And it happened while John McCain was talking, so I'm blaming him. Shame on you, John McCain, for breaking my TV.

But anyway, we went to get a new TV and we had a 10% coupon for Best Buy (I said that for you, [livejournal.com profile] sudrin) so we ended up getting a bigger TV than originally planned. We now have this 37" LCD flat screen and holy cow, it is enormous. ENORMOUS!

So then I watched the last debate and I was nervous that John McCain was going to ruin YET ANOTHER TV. But he didn't. However, it was WEIRD to see them all so big on the screen. However, it was good for watching Survivor. And playing Mario Kart. (My [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother got me Mario Kart for my birthday because he is teh awesome.

We asked for money from family members for the birthday to cover as much of the TV as possible. So we got money from Jen's parents and my mom, and my mom also sent us some Harry & David fruit. And [livejournal.com profile] rizzo41 sent me a "Rirruto" shirt because she is the coolest ever. RIRRUTO!

And that's my story.
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So I definitely made the right choice in sending Punk to child care today. Not only did she have a fantastic time (she always does), but I got So! Much! Done!

I started by taking out the garbage and the recycling, and then doing some general tidying, mostly going under and behind things finding all of Punk's toys. Then I disassembled her Play Wall and some other stuff in her room, and rotated some toys. Then I vacuumed the entire house, which was desperately needed. I changed the vacuum bag and when I went to put the vacuum away, I realized that the coat closet was a disaster, so I cleaned that out, too - just in time for coat weather.

From there, I put clean sheets on all of the beds, including Punk's crib. I washed Punk's clothes, washed all of the diapers, washed the sheets and blankets, and put a winter blanket on our bed. I bagged up Jen's dry cleaning that was on the floor and bagged up the deposit bottles/cans so they can both be dropped off tomorrow. I cleaned the kitchen (stove, counters), emptied the dishwasher, filled it back up, and washed all of the pots and pans. I brought everything that was meant to go to the basement down (finally) and put away Punk's and my clean laundry. I did some general tidying of our bedroom, and made Punk's mostly immaculate. I washed the dining room floor (thank you, food-throwing toddler) and the table. I filled the crock pot with a grass-fed beef pot roast, some potatoes, and some carrots. And then I took a shower and headed to the RMV to renew my driver's license.


Jen picked Punk up after work and we met at the mall. We got a couple of games for the Wii, some batteries, and some toddler crack, I mean, Gerber yogurt melts. (Punk is so addicted to them that she tries to eat the package.)

I feel so much better about the house right now. I ran out of time and steam before tackling the bathroom, but that's all that's left so it can be done over the weekend - no big deal. Aaaaaah. And dang, dinner was good. And I don't even LIKE beef!

New shoes!

Sep. 26th, 2008 08:54 pm
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We were going to go to the Big E today but of course it is raining. And cold. And raining. We had to get Punk some new shoes at some point because the shoelaces broke on her current ones and they were seriously beat up, so we figured we would run down to the mall this evening real quick-like and get her some new shoes.

The dude at the shoe store was a horse's ass and kept making really crappy statements like, "Wow, she's really behind," and "I don't really like her gait, it's really immature," and stuff like that. I was like, "Dude, she started taking steps YESTERDAY." He kept saying ridiculous statements like, "She shouldn't walk with those walker toys, they mess with her balance," which is umm, untrue. But whatever.

Punk didn't like him either, so after she got her shoes, I was amusing her by letting her lean against the glass wall (second floor) so she could look down on the first floor. She was kind of cruising along the glass wall and I turned for a minute and she was WALKING AWAY. She walked through the mall several times, usually 10-20 feet at a time.

Crazy kid, went from a couple of steps yesterday to full-on toddling through the mall. I guess she was just holding out for snazzy new shoes! ;)

A real kid!

Sep. 6th, 2008 08:01 pm
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So for the last two days, my child has stayed awake staring at us when we are rocking her to sleep, and then does NOT cry when we put her down in the crib and walk away. Instead, she blabs a bit or something and then goes to sleep.



Also, we have been Wii stalking to no avail. And this evening, Jen was headed to Wal*Yuck while I was putting the baby to bed so we can get a little nipple/sippy cup spout basket for our now-installed dishwasher (!!!!!). She just called and said, "Should I get a Wii?" I say, "They have one?" She says, "They have FIVE."

This is the Wal*M that never has ANYTHING.

I should tell her to buy all five. ;)


It's really cool to walk through my house and see kid stuff. My heart melts every time I walk past the little kid table or see a pile of blocks on the floor or move her little red car. I love babies and I love snuggling them, but it's awesome to have a KID. A kid who says, "Da! Da!" when she is playing with her duckies in the tub, who waves and says, "bye-bye" to everyone at a restaurant and then blows kisses, and who tries to do the hand motions to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."

I have a kid!
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Punk has been really off her game tonight. She fell asleep instantly (which is nice) but has been periodically fussing. She went down around 7:15pm and her first fuss was at 8:10pm. That is pretty much unheard of - usually we don't hear a peep until after 11. She fussed again another time around 9:30pm. Both times she went back to sleep without any intervention on our part which is nice, but I wonder what is causing it. She was kind of sneezy today too, and I hope it's not a "new day care" bug.

Our house is off its game, too. They started the work on the kitchen (installing the dishwasher, replacing the countertop) and our kitchen stuff is everywhere - on the dining room table, in random parts of the kitchen, all over the guest room. And we have no kitchen sink. And they'll be here most of tomorrow, including during nap times (FEAR) and during Punk's EI re-evaluation. That should be fun.


In cute news:

1. I assembled Punk's little table and chairs tonight. They are so freaking cute it hurts!

2. We got Punk one of these ride-on toys from Once Upon a Child a couple of weeks ago. She LOVES it. It has lots of annoying electronic music and some blinking lights but oh boy, she just laughs and squeals and laughs some more when she is on it trying to push it around. I could die of cute. Best $10 we ever spent. (Best of all - it retails for $79.99! And the one we got is in perfect condition with the little shapes and everything!)


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