Aug. 4th, 2011

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So the first thing I had to do was fill out a very involved survey with all kinds of questions about Tuke's pregnancy and birth, medical history, schedule, where he sleeps, etc. Of course since I filled it out two days ago, his schedule has changed. Isn't that always the way? Heh.

For a while he was getting up reliably at 6am. Then that started to become 5am (ugh) and then 5-10 minutes before 5am. So I decided that there was no way that 5am was going to become wake-up time, so I put him in the crib (he is usually in my bed at this point) and let him fuss until he is willing to let me rock him back to sleep. It usually takes a couple of tries but then he sleeps until 7. So now his morning nap and afternoon nap are an hour later... and his afternoon nap is right when I usually leave the house to pick up the girl I babysit. Now I need a Plan B.

Today I let him crank in the crib for a while (he was overtired) and he eventually fell asleep. I couldn't even believe it. I don't really ever let him cry because I am a big softie but I will let him gristle when he's overtired because it gets him in the frame of mind to be comforted to sleep. But today he fell asleep himself. Weird baby. :)

Tomorrow I will have a phone consult with the sleep coach once she goes through all of my info. You know me, I wrote too much. Then we will come up with a plan.


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