Oct. 31st, 2011


Oct. 31st, 2011 09:21 pm
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So if you somehow missed the news of the world, there was a big early snow storm in the Northeast. The snow was very wet, and very heavy, and we got nearly a foot of it. It fell onto trees that still had their leaves, weighing everything down further. Every tree in our yard broke. We have six. Two maples, four oaks. The maples are in the back yard and now our back yard is full of limbs. Less of a big deal than our front yard, which has huge limbs blocking the driveway and the front door. Some fell on our new car and it has some dents on the roof but thankfully nothing worse than that.

We lost power on Saturday night and actually our entire town and the town beside us have no power. 100% of customers. The town north of us has partial power, but really, there are power outages halfway across the state. On Sunday we left our cold house (it was 59 when we left) and went to stay with a friend in Boston through to tomorrow morning. We wanted to trick or treat here because all of the ToT in our area has been cancelled or postponed. Normally I would suck up the cold but it's near impossible with a baby because you can only bundle him up so much and you can't really stick him under a bunch of down blankets.

Now that some local folks have power, Tuke and I will likely sleep with a local heat-having friend and Punk and Jen will hang out in the cold house. We will be in the cold house during the day though. That should be interesting.

They are expecting we will be out of power for at least a week. Since our power lines got ripped both out from the main wire AND out of our house, we could be longer. It's bad news.



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