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Punk is still recovering, but was fever-free again today so off she went to day care. K says she had a good day and I got to pick her up today which is always fun because she is so excited to see me. She also slept on a cot on the floor like the big kids for the first time today. Woah!

She started yawning in the car about 5 minutes from home but continued to play normally, eat normally, etc. I started clean up and bedtime about 15 minutes early because of the yawning and because she pooped. I got into the rocker with her for our nightly hugs and after less than one minute, she kicked me out of her room! She said, "bye-bye, mama" and when I asked her if she wanted to go into the crib right then, she said "yes!" I put her down, she said "bye-bye" again, and I haven't heard a peep from her since!

I can't believe she kicked me out before we could get our full 5 minutes of cuddles! I need my cuddles!


I still feel like I am living a dream now that I have one of those kids you just lay in the crib and walk out the door. It's like night and day and it still seems so surreal, or like a fluke, even though it's been a couple of weeks now. It is the most awesome thing ever and I wish I could bottle it up and send it to everyone who's having a tough time getting their kids to sleep.


She continues to add tons and tons of words to her vocabulary. Some of my recent favorites include: moustache, pretzel, poop, potty, parts (as in, Mr. Potato Head parts, of course), fast, police, fire hat, slippers, animals, Daedalus, Fin, Ralphie, and octopus. She also now will tell you all about: Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Cookie, Elmo, Zoe, and Grover, as well as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy. Oh, and George and Hat (Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat). And Super Why and (Alpha) Pig. (Can you tell we've been watching a little TV?)

Date: 2009-02-18 02:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] posthaste.livejournal.com
you guys deserve a good sleeper!!

Date: 2009-02-18 02:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] oppendonnell.livejournal.com
Yes, I wish you could bottle it too...

Date: 2009-02-18 04:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] colleenod.livejournal.com

Oh, and yes, bottle some and send it to us in Brooklyn, PLEASE!!!!!

Date: 2009-02-18 04:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] oppendonnell.livejournal.com
Daedalus is the cat. Or, perhaps Punk is just really early into Greek mythology. I look forward to chatting with her on the topic.

Date: 2009-02-18 02:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tea-soaked.livejournal.com
The fact that Punk is able to go to sleep like that gives me so much hope for little C. I could say a few good things about C's sleep lately but I don't want to jinx it. Let's just say I have hope and we are moving in a good direction. :)

Her vocabulary is impressive too. :)

Date: 2009-02-18 02:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tea-soaked.livejournal.com
Her = Punk.

Date: 2009-02-18 03:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sassywoman.livejournal.com
Emma has been an easy one to put to bed since the beginning. I know I've taken that for granted. I'm so happy to hear that Gus is becoming easy for you too in the sleep dept.

Oh, and you know what ... Emma learns so many words from TV I'm not ashamed she watches daily (no more then an hour or so but whose counting??)

Date: 2009-02-18 04:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] violane.livejournal.com
Same here for Ben. :) I know I am in for it with the second child. I am so glad for you and Gus that it is easy for you guys, now, too. Sleep is important! :)

Date: 2009-02-18 04:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] stapynam.livejournal.com
I love these posts, because Punk is 5 months older than Jeb, and I always feel like it's a super fun preview to what's just around the corner :) 5 months used to feel like she was so so much older, but the gap is closing and I love getting a little glimpse!

On the sleep front, Jeb has always been a tough sleeper, although I feel like we've gotten into an OK phase. I probably missed the details, but how did you move into the awesomeness of putting her down awake and walking away? Is it just something they grow into? What time does she sleep til in the morning? Right now Bennett puts Jeb down most nights around 830 and he sleeps until anywhere from 430-6, and then comes to bed and nurses until we are up for the day which is usually around 8 (give or take an hour). Anyway, CONGRATS. As a mother of a non-sleeper, I totally understand how competely fucking awesome it is to be getting some rest!!!

Date: 2009-02-18 04:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jadefu.livejournal.com
It sounds like the sickies are finally on the mend, that's good!

Oh! We have a Kids Club event at the Hall of Fame this Sunday if you all are over the colds. It's free if you're members, if not, you can either become members (which is cheaper) or pay the admission to get in. There will be Super Why, Sid the Science Kid and Word Girl there. The details are at our web site.

Thought I'd throw it out to you since she's talking up the PBS characters and all. :)

Date: 2009-02-20 01:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] judecorp.livejournal.com
Oh, I am going to have to check this out! Thanks for the heads up!!

Date: 2009-02-18 03:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] skatured.livejournal.com
After what you went through last year in the sleeping department ... it's well deserved.


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