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Last night Jen found a couple of coloring books in the basement that were supposed to be Christmas gifts for Punk. They were kind of a last-minute impulse buy for her when she was buying a birthday gift for Punk's BFF's birthday party in December - two coloring books with glittery stickers, one from the movie "Tangled" and the other from "Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue," both which are very popular with my very girly daughter.

Anyway, Jen left them on the coffee table and this morning played it up like they were a Valentine's Day gift. Punk's eyes grew to dinner plates and she was just beside herself. "COLORING BOOKS! WITH STICKERS! MAMA, THEY HAVE STICKERS! THEY ARE GLITTERY STICKERS! THIS IS JUST LIKE TINKERBELL AND THE GREAT FAIRY RESCUE! AND THIS ONE IS REE-PUNZEL!" (Because in our house, there is no Rapunzel, she is Ree-punzel. Like, to punzel again.)

Later I was taking the sticker pages out for her and she hadn't realized there was a sheet in the front AND the back of the book. "TWO PACKS OF STICKERS! MAMA, THERE ARE TWO PACKS OF STICKERS? Does the other book have two packs of stickers? YES! TWO PACKS AND TWO PACKS MAKE /FOUR/ PACKS OF STICKERS!!!!"

I think the world would be a much better place if our days could all be made jubilant with a couple of sheets of shimmery stickers inside some cheap coloring books.
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So we were grocery shopping this morning and everything was totally scattered. First I forgot to bring out my reusable bags until they'd already started bagging. (They didn't seem too mad.) Then about halfway through my check-out, I realized that my wallet was still in my glove compartment. CRAP! So Punk and I had to run back to the car and then run back to the store. But she was being pokey on the way back, saying she was "too tired to run." (Whatever kid, you're 3, you could run all day.) So of course I challenged her to a "race" and she promptly ran herself back to the store. When we got to the door, she jubilantly exclaimed, "I WIN! YOU LOSE!!"

I explained to her that it isn't friendly to say, "You lose," and that it could make someone feel sad, etc. blah blah.

So a few minutes later, she said, "I WIN! You..." paused a moment and said, "And you didn't!"

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Went to the local lab for a routine blood draw, told Punk I was getting a "shot" because it's a lot easier to explain and besides, I like her knowing that adults get shots too and it doesn't have to be full of dramaz.

So we go to the lab and she is dragging 98230983209 stuffed animals and basically being adorable, and I start getting my blood draw and she says, "Oh, Mama, I bet that really hurts!" which gets the phlebotomists laughing and the one taking my blood says something like, "Oh, just a pinch" or whatever they say.

And then, when I'm done? SHE gets the sticker. HARUMPH!
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I love the increase in daylight but I don't love that my body has been waking me up at 5:30 every morning. It is just not right. Still, it is nice to wake up on my own instead of the alarm clock (or the mini alarm clock on legs) doing that for me. But yeah, I'd love to sleep until 7, okay? Yawn. Punk also tried to wake up at 5:40, but I went and snuggled her in her bed until she fell back asleep and then left. Good times.

My brother is in town and Punk is having a grand old time bossing him around, I mean, playing with him. She is so full of funny things and he is amused, which amuses me. She is like a mini Chamber of Commerce. We went out to breakfast yesterday morning and she asked him, "Uncle Rick, what are you going to have at the Silver Spoon Diner?" Also last night she was talking about some sort of food item and when he asked where she would get it, she matter-of-factly answered, "Trader Joe's." *snort*

She is becoming rather hip to advertising, which is annoying. She doesn't watch any TV with commercials here but I guess sometimes they watch regular Nick at day care (which has commercials). For two weeks she has been asking for a specific thing for her birthday, something she saw on a commercial. She tells me, "It is good for Punkins." When I tell her that she probably won't get it, she starts whining. *sigh* (It is a Little Tikes ride-on fire engine that "really sprays water.")

We bought her a swing set for her birthday. Because we never know if we're going to stay in this house (we really want to move to another town but also like this house), we didn't want to get a big wooden thing that we might not be able to move and we didn't want to leave something that expensive behind, so we bought a metal old-school style swing set that we will put together this morning. We actually started last night but had some technical difficulties. Whoops. I know she will have a ton of fun with it when it is up, and it is perfect for toddlers/preschoolers because it is a smaller size. (Not to mention way cheaper.)

I really want to go out to breakfast again. Dang, I love going out to breakfast.
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Today she said, "I think not."

I am totally serious.
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My kid is funny. She is funny because some of the things she says are so proper, and I'm not sure from where she gets them. I mean, it's not like we're all talking gibberish at home or anything, but really, she doesn't talk like any preschooler I know.

My personal favorite of the proper-isms is "What shall we do?" which she asks 4389791347371289479 times a day because she would like me to be her constant entertainment. "What shall we do next, Mama?"

I also love how she says "also" instead of "too" at nearly every opportunity. I never say "also" and Jen doesn't really either, so I love how it comes out of her mouth. "Come on, Mama. You can have breakfast also." "I want to read this book also." It is so adorable.

There were a few times she told me I "must" do something, as in, "You must play play-doh with me," or "We must eat lunch." I think she may have said "mustn't" once, but that could have been my imagination.

I wonder if the donor was British. :)
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When she is doing something she wants you to see: "Mama, come and take a look at this Punkin!"


The other day I picked her up from child care and Carol (child care provider) said that Punk had earned a feather (?) for being a good helper around the house. Carol said, "I asked her what she does to help out at home and she said, 'I pat the tofu. And I made the rice. And I clean up the living room and pick up all the books.'" And then she stopped and said, "Pat the tofu?"

It's true. I make Punk pat the tofu (with a towel on top and bottom) to get some of the water out. She is very proud of this job.


She calls peanut butter and jelly a "kid sandwich."

<3 <3 <3
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I took her to vote. I told her that on the way to preschool, we were going to go vote. She seemed very excited. In the car after voting, "Where's the boat? We forgot to see the boat!"

Her favorite dinosaur? A "neckosaurus"
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Punk: "I can't play with you right now," as she reaches for her old Palm Pilot phone, "I have a lot of work to do."


Sep. 12th, 2009 09:06 am
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Just so I don't forget. I've been way busy and not posty.

While my mother and SIL were visiting, Punk had that stomach thing and had thrown up, so I was giving her sips of PediaLyte, but she really wanted to drink the whole cup. She was pretty upset that I took the cup away after a few sips and so my mom intervened and said something like, "You have to wait a few minutes, honey. It might hurt your belly." To which my darling genius daughter replied, "Nana, I don't put it in my belly, I put it in my mouth."

About a week ago I was brushing her teeth before bed like usual. When I brush her teeth at nighttime, I sit on the toilet and sit her on my lap facing me - she brushes, and then I brush. She was looking into my eyes and must have caught her reflection in my pupils. She said, "Mama, your eyes have August in them."

She's awesome.

Preschool show action shot:
preschool show 2009
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1. My grandfather is really declining. He sleeps most of the day and night. As far as I know he isn't in any pain, but everything wipes him out. It's really sad because he has always been so lively. Lots of people have been coming to visit him (friends and relatives), and he recently had a priest visit him for confession and Anointing of the Sick. The fact that he asked for these things pretty much sums it up. I'm going to have Punk make him a picture and bring it to him this weekend.

2. Speaking of Punk pictures, I recently mailed some of Punk's artwork to my mother. It was one of my good deeds and it really made her day, so that's good. I am not terribly close with my mother but heck, we don't have a lot of family. And Punk's her only grandkid so she deserves a little fridge art.

3. The weather this past weekend was positively brilliant and we spent a lot of time outside. I can't wait for actual spring and summer so we can fill Punk's days with lots of outings. On Saturday, I took her to a local cemetery just to walk around and step in puddles. It was her first time and she is definitely hooked. On Sunday, we went for a little walk with some friends over on the Hampshire College campus. We took a nice, long walk and then went to visit the cows on the campus farm and also stopped at the campus sugar shack. Within about 1 minute of our Sunday walk, Punk tripped and totally bit it on the pavement. She has road rash on her cheek and lip. Poor little clumsy thing. :(

4. She knows my name. Tonight, she was hollering through the monitor when she was supposed to be sleeping: Mama! Mama! Mama Jude! Mama Jude! Jude!

Ridiculous bragging. )
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I was checking my e-mail in the living room while Punk played in her bedroom. At first I heard her "reading" to herself and climbing in and out of her little baby rocking chair, but then I didn't hear anything at all - which of course is always a very bad sign. I went into her room and she had pulled all of her pants out of her dresser and they were all over the floor. (This is a pretty common occurrence when I leave her alone in her room.) I very exaggeratedly gasped and asked, "What happened??!" and she looked up and without missing a beat said, "Clothes happened." It seriously was the funniest thing she's said in a long time.

She also spent a good portion of the afternoon pulling containers out of the recycle bin and pretending to dump their contents into some of the random bowls in the kitchen. It's the first time she's ever really wanted to play like that and she got a kick out of telling me, "Cook."

I guess I've asked her one too many times, "Do you want this, or something else?" because now when she doesn't like what we're reading/watching/eating, she will often say, "Else."

She seriously cracks me up.

bathroom hijinks
What a trouble maker.
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Punk is still recovering, but was fever-free again today so off she went to day care. K says she had a good day and I got to pick her up today which is always fun because she is so excited to see me. She also slept on a cot on the floor like the big kids for the first time today. Woah!

She started yawning in the car about 5 minutes from home but continued to play normally, eat normally, etc. I started clean up and bedtime about 15 minutes early because of the yawning and because she pooped. I got into the rocker with her for our nightly hugs and after less than one minute, she kicked me out of her room! She said, "bye-bye, mama" and when I asked her if she wanted to go into the crib right then, she said "yes!" I put her down, she said "bye-bye" again, and I haven't heard a peep from her since!

I can't believe she kicked me out before we could get our full 5 minutes of cuddles! I need my cuddles!


I still feel like I am living a dream now that I have one of those kids you just lay in the crib and walk out the door. It's like night and day and it still seems so surreal, or like a fluke, even though it's been a couple of weeks now. It is the most awesome thing ever and I wish I could bottle it up and send it to everyone who's having a tough time getting their kids to sleep.

Mama brag )
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So when we were at the IVP shindig in DC, there were a couple of sickies floating around - some of the kid and some of the adult variety. There was a great big melting pot of germs from as far away as Ireland and Australia as well as a healthy dose of the local flavor. I was expecting Punk to get sick. But oh, she is having the sick of her little life. (I have been spoiled. She does not get sick very often and does not get sick hard.)

She has a double ear infection that is now on its second antibiotic (the first did squat, thankfully the second seems to be working). Today is the first day since, oh, Thursday? that she has not woken up with a fever. She is congested solidly full of snot and it is now making its way into her chest. She sleeps for crap which means that I sleep for crap. And she has lost her mild-mannered disposition and become "that" toddler. The one who freaks out if one food touches another food, and then refuses to eat. The one who freaks out because a little bit of oatmeal is on her hand. The one who freaks out because you started to read the wrong book, even though it was the book she handed you. You know, that one. I have never had that toddler. And I don't particularly like her. ;)

She has been full-on spoiled because of this, with lots of juice, lots of TV, and lots of being able to eat things like goldfish crackers and applesauce for dinner. How I am going to crawl out of this one with some dignity in tact, I don't rightly know. I will leave it up to day care to straighten out. Ha ha.

I don't feel all that great myself, but Jen is of course sick to the tenth power and yesterday needed to go to the emergency room for a bazillion prescriptions and now is locked in the bedroom. I am trying to dig out from under the mountains of laundry from DC and before, all the while wrangling "that" toddler and trying to do some general house tidying. I am supposed to be working on Amy's Valentine's Day swap gift (sorry, Amy) and I am supposed to be doing the taxes and I am supposed to be doing a lot of things. At this point, I have no idea when any of that is going to happen. I'm also supposed to be sending refi paperwork in. That I can commit to doing tonight. I hope.

Since I have been sick and have been sitting in front of a lot of PBS programming (proof of devastating spoilage: Punk now says "PEE BEE ESS"), I have had time to do a lot of navel-gazing and realize that I have not been present in a very long time. I want to apologize to everyone, because I simply haven't had anything to give. I'm sorry I don't comment in your journals. I'm sorry I haven't been active on your bulletin boards. I'm sorry I wasn't more talkative and perky at your big get-together. I'm sorry I haven't made your present. I'm sorry I haven't returned your calls/texts/e-mails/messages on Facebook. I'm sorry I haven't remembered your birthday or sent you that card that has been sitting out for a month. I'm sorry. I wish I wasn't the world's crappiest friend right now but I am in a deep, dark hole and I have no idea how to get out. All I can see in front of me really is work, the toddler, and a devastating to-do list.
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We spent the weekend in Washington DC seeing folks from the IVP. It was a very good time. Folks came from as far away as Australia and Ireland. Makes our little trip seem like nothing at all.

It was an exhausting weekend because Punk insisted on waking up before 6am every morning. I am hoping it was because it was light in the room and NOT some new trend. BUT, she went to sleep on her own for naps and bedtime every night, and never went to bed later than 8pm. She even slept through an evening of MANY screaming and running toddlers and preschoolers. I was shocked.

Got home to find out that my grandfather does indeed have cancer and it is indeed terminal. But isn't everything terminal when you are 91? No idea on the timeline of things, which irks me because I am a super planner. Also, he still has not told my grandmother and is waiting until at least she is out of the nursing home to tell her. (So if you are my cousin and you are reading this, SHHHHH!)

I think having a child who goes to bed early and gets up early kind of isolates you in a social setting, because we were so exhausted so early and were going to bed by 10pm, and therefore missed a lot of adult fun. I hope people liked us anyway. We got to share the guest rooms area with [livejournal.com profile] hopemcg and [livejournal.com profile] meglett, arguably two of my most favorite people, and their delightful daughter. So there was that.

Mama brag, feel free to skip. )

And now? Vampires and bed.


Jan. 21st, 2009 09:21 pm
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Punk has started adding "please" when she says "yes" and when she asks for things. It really is the cutest thing. Usually it is around food. 'Do you want some milk?' "Yes, peeeese."

Last night, she woke up in the night and called out for me and fussed as usual. I got up and went in to get her. I shut off the sound machine and the humidifier, picked her up, and said, "Do you want to come to bed?"

"Yes, peeeese."

I about died of cuteness.
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Long list. Probably missed some. )
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A list for my own record. )

She is amazing and awesome. Also, she is getting really freaking tall:

retro baby


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