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I took her to vote. I told her that on the way to preschool, we were going to go vote. She seemed very excited. In the car after voting, "Where's the boat? We forgot to see the boat!"

Her favorite dinosaur? A "neckosaurus"
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for reals
i should be a doctor
i watched et.
maybe i shouldn't be a doctor
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Take a good, hard look at this mother-effing boat!
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Funny things my kid has done lately:

1. When pretending to drink out of a 2-liter soda bottle left over from her birthday party, I said, "Can you maybe not do that?" and she said, "But I'm just pretending, mama!" And when I asked her what was in the bottle, she said, "Orange juice."

2. Later, I caught her trying to RIDE the 2-liter soda bottle. "Look, mama, I'm riding the orange juice!"

3. Also today she was on the deck asking, "What's my cool trick?" and then walking over to the table so she could hold on and do a side kick like that kid in the "Cool Tricks" segment of Yo Gabba Gabba.

4. I said, "Ay, papi!" to my brother this evening and she promptly started calling him "Papi" for the rest of the evening.

5. Re: my brother's whipped cream: "It's MY favorite. No, mama, it's MY favorite!"

And those are all just from this evening. I swear to God, she is the funniest child ever.
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The other day, Jen and Punk and I were in a store and they were selling off all of their 2009 calendars for 5 cents. We bought a Happy Bunny calendar for Punk and she has been obsessed with it ever since, turning the pages from month to month and getting excited about the numbers. "Number one," she whispers seriously. "Number two." A nickel well spent.

At a friend's house this weekend, Punk was especially excited about their pretend grill because it came with ketchup and mustard bottles (with faces). She carried them everywhere and called them "dip dip" and "yellow dip dip."
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This is giving me the giggles.

I stumbled across a story about how Barack Obama has a paternal aunt who is living illegally in the US in public housing in Boston. And there is a photo of where she was living. Here is the photo.

What's funny is that I used to see a family in that very same building in the D Street projects for YEARS. One of my first EI cases in Boston was in this building with a family I loooooooved, and I saw that child from 2004 until she turned 3, and her younger brother until I left the agency and moved. I used to sit in the courtyard of that building and wait for them, or hang out with the family, all the time. Week after week. For years.

How funny to see that front door again in presidential "news."
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I have fresh carp fillets available for two weeks. I will fillet them
when you arrive. Our pond is overpopulated and must be thinned to
maintain a healthy habitat. The fish are healthy and plump. I can
give you some good Chinese recipes. What can't be given away will
sadly be killed and sent to the landfill.


Aug. 21st, 2008 09:23 pm
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The tattoo artist in this clip was my first crush. Fourth grade. Until pretty much forever. I saw him at a wedding several years ago for an elementary school friend of ours and we just were having a wacky good time when I finally said, "You know, I had a hard core crush on you in elementary school." He was super flattered and we continued to have a good time.

How can you not crush on this guy??!?!?

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So we all know how I feel about crocs. I will concede that they can be convenient for kids, especially with water play or visits to the beach or something like that. I get it.

Jen's brother bought Punk an outfit for her birthday and I was impressed with his clothes-choosing skills (his ex used to do all of the gift-choosing) - a cute little denim overall skirt and a pink shirt with the recycle symbol all over it (organic, even!)... but of course they came with a pair of pink knock-off crocs. Of course.

They were way too big so it was never an issue (they are size 6, Punk is a 4) but Punk is OBSESSED with them. She wants to play with them. She insists that I put them on her feet 87743871918293 times per day. When they are on, she kicks her feet and laughs and laughs.

Damn you, crocs!!
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Too good not to share:

pasta aftermath

There was a little "issue" with the "pasta."
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A few minutes ago, my kid let off a series of little farts. And then laughed her fool head off.

And so it begins.
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It was suggested by a friend that I blog Punk's first episode of bullying. Of course she was not the victim. My friend Jess and her baby girl Anna (3 weeks older than Punk) stopped by the other day to play. Within minutes, Punk crawled over to Anna who was quietly sitting on the rug, climbed up on her, and began to whack her face. I pulled her off and Anna started to cry. Oops.

But then Punk got a look at a sad Anna and SHE started to cry! And I later re-enacted the scene for Jen and pretended to cry, and Punk started to cry again!

At least she's an EMPATHETIC bully!
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In the next installment of Gross Things I Pulled Out of My Kid's Mouth (you'll remember that the first was a giant wad of cat fur), we have:

someone's chewed off fingernail!!!

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One should be very careful posting an "Am I a MILF?" poll when a certain LJ-reader happens to be your Big Deal Super Serious First Time In the Sack High School Boyfriend.

Because then, when you least expect it, you might be presented with this comment. Good lord.

I am still laughing.

(Not about the sex or anything, though! That would be SO MEAN! And he is such a nice guy!)
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In other news, my mom just sent me an e-mail and she typed "OMG."

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Dude, this is both cute AND funny. SRSLY.
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Somehow I think some people, especially my [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother, would get a little chuckle out of THIS.

You do realize, of course, that in my stint as a social worker I have seen children named: Priest, Klord (pronounced Kay-lord), Princess Jlo, Aarryanna, Aarika, and Soltravius.
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I thought this was a funny little comparison. (x-posted to blog)

It's funny what a difference 14 or so weeks can make! )


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