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Jun. 21st, 2010 10:10 pm
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Get your guesses in before Wednesday at 2pm!

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Jun. 18th, 2010 02:52 pm
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Went to the midwifery this morning. I am 19w2d. (What? Insane.) I lost a pound between 14w and now, which is funny because I subsist on ice cream and fast food.

I guess it's going to be the same pattern as with Punk, where I lost 3 pounds in the first half and then "found" 30 in the second half.

Hopefully not.


Apr. 5th, 2010 08:24 pm
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I'm totally eight and a half weeks pregnant right now.

We were one hit wonders and I can't even believe it. I am in serious denial, probably because it happened so quickly.

We've had two great scans - one at 6w2d and one at 8w2d - everything looks perfect and nothing wonky is happening.

Watch this space for Punk2.0 in November!
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My pre-auth for the next rounds of frankenbabying went through today.

I'm covered for four rounds of injectibles/IUI. Although my cost for drugs is $$$$$ because my bennies are by percentage, not flat copay. But still.

Holy crap, this is really happening.

Sperm costs

Oct. 5th, 2009 01:27 pm
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Just for giggles, I decided to check the fees/costs at the sperm bank we used to conceive Punk.

I think we paid something like $280-$300/sample in 2006.

Now the same samples are $500! HOLY CRAP!

Freaking insanity.
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Umm, I booked a consult at a local fertility clinic...
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Originally uploaded by kieron17
August Ruth
07-01-07, 1:15pm
6lbs 11oz, 19" long
100% cute

Someday I will get around to writing our birth story. Apparently it was the talk of the birth center for DAYS. We're famous! It's nice to know that when your midwife and your labor nurse and your doula have been doing this for years and years and years, you can still shake 'em up! You know I like to be a trend-setter.

We don't sleep, our house is a disaster, and it's all okay.

Thanks to everyone for all of their comments and excitement!
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[ profile] stacy sent us three of the cutest little knitted baby hats! I tried to put them on Daedalus to model them, but by the time I got the camera he was on to me and had shaken the hat off. And then... well, he knew what I was doing and wanted no part of it. Silly cat.

One of them is the gayest baby hat ever (gay as in rainbows) and I think it is definitely coming along in the hospital bag. The others are simply adorable, a pastel one and a black one (so chic!) with crocheted pink flowers.

This kid is way more stylish than I am. It's true.

xoxoxoxo, [ profile] stacy!
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the box
Originally uploaded by judecorp

Today we got a big box in the mail from [ profile] mollysummer72 that was completely and totally unexpected. Inside the box was a card that said that it was a Virtual Shower, and that we should crank the music and eat junk food.

Inside the box were tons and tons of goodies that will be very useful. She was so thoughtful and awesome about everything - lots of things were wrapped up in little packages so it really WAS like having a virtual shower. We had fun opening up and posing with some of the goodies.

You can see some of the fun HERE. Please excuse all of my cheesy faces, thanks.

I know I said this a couple of times already, but Jen and I really were blown away by the surprise and the generosity and the just plain NICENESS of the whole thing. Keep in mind, people, that [ profile] mollysummer72 just had a baby of her own (#3 for her) a couple of weeks ago!! Holy cow!!

I don't think they make enough thank you cards for me to be able to effectively show people how much it means to me that they love us and our baby and want to spoil all of us with their kindness. It really is a truly amazing feeling.


(Can you tell I'm trying to catch up on photo uploads? Ha!)
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Jodie's Blue Dog quilt
Originally uploaded by judecorp
Okay, so is this not the coolest thing you have ever seen? [ profile] rizzo41 was diligently working on this for us for God knows how long, and she finished it up in a marathon sewing/quilting session last Friday. It is quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen in my whole entire life, and it is SO PERFECT.

I seriously think Jodie should do this sort of thing for money. For realz.

Anyway, we finally got some semblence of order to the baby's room, and I added the pictures to our house set on Flickr. Check out the brightness and let me know what you think!

(There are still a few more things to do, but don't tell anyone. Shhh!)


Jun. 12th, 2007 08:01 pm
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I spent half of my workday crying today. That was fun. I'm better now, I think. I just think that maybe I'm not fit to be around people. You know, ever.

All of that crying gave me an appetite, so I had two lunches. I ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich at around 11:30 and by 1:00 I was starving, so when my coworker came in to visit and wanted to order from the pizza place down the street, I had to get in on that. Mmm, pineapple pizza.

And then in the time between when I got out of work and Jen got home from work, I went grocery shopping, put groceries away, did dishes, and made a delicious dinner if I do say so myself. (Calamari rings, little scallops, and shrimp in the crock pot with marinara sauce, garlic, and diced tomatoes over whole wheat pasta, with green beans on the side.) Who rules? Jude Rules!

We set up the Pack and Play tonight and it is awfully cute. But it's awfully weird to see a Pack and Play in our living room. Yikes!
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(x-posted to [ profile] july2007babies, sorry if you see it twice)

Oh, what a huge PITA.

So today Jen and I got a stack of papers we were supposed to get two months ago with a bunch of papers we'll need to bring to our birth center. You know, like releases and stuff. Well, one of them is a "birth certificate worksheet" and there's a whole bunch of info on "Mother of the Child" and then a whole bunch of info on "Father of the Child." Then on another sheet of paper there was a phone number and "Call Michelle with questions," so I did. Hello, Michelle.

Jen and I were a little baffled because a) we are not putting any "Father of the Child" information on our birth certificate, but b) Jen and I are married and therefore she is also legally responsible for our kid.

According to Michelle, what WE are supposed to do with our birth certificate information is this:

1. I am supposed to cross out everything that says "Father" and write in "Second Parent." (How professional.) And make sure that I check the box that says I am married.
2. When the kid is born, the birth center - instead of just sending the forms to the Town Clerk for immediate processing - has to fax my crossed-out document to the Records Department in Boston so they can check it over.
3. Then, our paperwork has to GO TO COURT in Boston so that a judge can "decide what to do with it." It is up to the judge whether they put the second parent information on or not.

"Michelle, what does the judge usually do?" Apparently the judge USUALLY puts the second parent on the birth certificate.

USUALLY? Like, sometimes the judge can just decide NOT to? Oh holy hell, Michelle, you say all of this with such a chipper voice and I just want to strangle you with my telephone cord.
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Hey - I wanted to thank all of you that suggested I ask my midwife for pediatrician recommendations. I /do/ have a list of pediatrician recommendations from my midwife... but my midwives' office is 45 minutes north of our place (we chose them based on recommendation and because they deliver in the place I want to deliver, hence willingly making the trip) and all of the recommendations are up in that area or further north. Nothing in our area.

I tried asking our birth class instructor (who IS in the area), and she said, "We'll address this at one of our next classes." Our last class is June 19th and that's a little close for comfort for me.

The Weekend

Jun. 5th, 2007 09:38 am
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I took a total roundabout route to work today that is probably 84789273 miles out of the way, but I got to work in about 42 minutes. Take that, construction!


Friday night, Jen and I headed down to New Britain, CT, for the CAT SHOWDOWN. I have attended very few AA baseball games (lots of AAA) and yeah, it was interesting. The innings go very, very quickly. Heh. We actually were stuck in about an hour of traffic trying to get INTO the parking lot (ugh), but when we did finally get to the parking attendants, Jen asked them if we could park in the close parking lot (mostly disability parking) because of my big belly and they said YES! I felt like baseball royalty or something, but also guilty that we were taking a space. But man, walking way out from the boonies would have killed me. Anyway, the game was kind of lame but picked up at the end when the score was tied and there was a very dramatic finish with a win by the home team! So when the fireworks went off, everyone was in good spirits. The food was greasy and stuff but we got ice cream in little helmets (for the cats, of course) so that is always fun.

On Saturday we went to this little blog get-together that Eryn and Amy arranged at the Northampton Brewery. There were a number of very nice people there, some of whom were locals that I am excited to see again and again, and some of whom were from NY but I still hope we can see them again and again. We conned them into moving the get-together to Herrell's for ice cream, and they had Twinkie ice cream that day, so it was a good day. After 4 hours of blogger socializing, we headed home and it was so humid and nasty. Oh yes. But so fun.

On Sunday, we drove to Boston because the lovely [ profile] siercia, the lovely [ profile] prunesnprisms, and the lovely [ profile] lorac (best Fake Aunts ever) all banded together to throw us a rockin' baby shower at [ profile] siercia's house. There was a lot of delicious food, like chick pea and orzo salad, cous cous salad, fruit skewers, pulled pork sandwiches, and an enormous Konditor Meister cake. Their cakes rock, seriously. I should have eaten more. Anyway, they were great party-makers and a bunch of people came - people we've known for a long time, people from work, people we haven't known as long, etc. My favorite part was when a couple of people were in the "knitting corner" trying to frantically finish knitted things! It was adorable and I should have taken a picture. I love to watch people knit, seriously.

People were overly generous and I always feel weird when you sit in front of an audience and open presents. So I made Jen do it. I was in charge of the trash - much more reasonable. And Ms. Widget ([ profile] siercia's daughter), who is obsessed with babies, was ALL over me trying to make the baby kick. It was kind of cute, I have to say. She is a kick-ass kid.

The funniest thing was that Saturday was about 90° and humid as heck, so I wore a tank top and shorts on Sunday... and it was 55°. Holy cow, wrong clothing choice.

Either way, it was an awesome weekend. And this weekend, [ profile] rizzo41 is coming to visit. YAY!!
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I just dropped mad bank online. It's like pretend money, because I just PayPal'd it all. It's starting to hit me that we don't have a ton of time before this kid makes her appearance and we should get ready.

I ordered a bunch of stuff that is so "un-fun" that no one is likely to get it, ever. You know, like a diaper pail. Who wants to buy a diaper pail? (Well, I would. But I'm weird.)

So I just ch-ching'd my way through a diaper pail, a big old waterproof bag to line the diaper pail, two smaller waterproof bags to stick in the diaper bag, some anti-smell disks for the diaper pail, a whole mess of cloth baby wipes, a bunch of cloth baby wipe solution (I know we can make our own, and maybe we will later, but for now, I'm pressing the Easy Button), and a wipe warmer that promises not to turn cloth wipes brown or nasty. Either way, we should have all of this diaper stuff in a week or so, so that's another thing I can check off my list.

We also started talking about what to put in the hospital bag. YIKES, that is making this all seem far too real. SEND HELP!
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Usually when we get packages, the UPS or USPS people just leave them on our front steps. At first I was a little disconcerted that said packages would be outside all day in plain view for the neighborhood - especially when we were getting big things like Pack 'n Plays or whatever - but I came to realize that this was /safe/ over here and actually quite cute. Besides, it's fun when I drive up my street to turn into the driveway and I see packages blocking our front door.

Today, I pulled into the driveway, scanning the front door. No packages, which is okay because I'm not expecting any. (Jen ordered some shorts online and they came yesterday.) So I get in the house and start doing Important Business: put lunchbox away, put mail down, go to the bathroom ASAP, etc. On my way to checking on the cats, I see that they knocked down a bunch of stuff and I pick that up, then pet some cats, then chug some milk out of the gallon (heartburn), and then I open the back door to let some air in.

And then I see some boxes on our back deck. Big ones.

Now I know that sometimes there is junk on our deck, but I couldn't remember Jen putting any boxes out there. A quick inspection revealed that one of the boxes contained our travel stroller! And then I went outside to get it, and there was another box with our high chair in it! And then... another box with our nursery laundry hamper in it! So I slugged them all inside and thought about a) how kind it was for the UPS person to go around to our back yard to leave the boxes in a safe place, and b) how glad I was that it didn't rain today AND that we'd finally mowed the nasty back yard. (How embarrassing!)

And the cutest part? They are ALL from my old coworkers, who must have pooled their money to send us big stuff. How sweet is that? SO SWEET. The little packing slips say, "From your friends at BC." Awwwh.

- -
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Jen took me away to a cute little B&B in Mystic, CT called "The Mermaid Inn." It was a little peculiar and I think it tried very hard to be fancy schmancy. I mean, there was a bidet in the bathroom but there was also a mermaid mural on the bathroom wall. With boobs. There were boobs on the bathroom wall. And a bidet on the floor. The shower was nice, though.

But because we went away for the weekend, and especially because we went somewhere coastal, it rained and was cold the entire time. (This happened in Ogunquit, ME a couple of years ago, and Provincetown for our last wedding anniversary, and on and on.) On Friday night, we got completely SOAKED trying to go get dinner somewhere, with that awful wind that flips your umbrellas up and drives the rain sideways into your legs anyway. I fell asleep at 9pm. I'm a party animal.

On Saturday it was still pretty crummy, but we walked around downtown anyway for a little bit going into shops. We were going to stay until lunchtime so we could have some Mystic Pizza, but there was not enough excitement in the shops to justify the cruddy weather. We went to the aquarium instead, which was fun but umm... ch-ching! Why are aquariums and zoos so expensive? So that was a good time, we saw a sea lion show and some penguin feeding and tried to touch some manta rays. (They were shy.) After the aquarium we walked through some shops and ate chocolate covered frozen bananas on a stick. (Yum.) And then went back and took a nap. We had dinner at a seafood place with a looooooong wait, and then Jen went to sleep and I watched TV. (Sensing a pattern about how lame we are?)

We had to leave after breakfast Sunday so we could get home, so of course it was beautiful out. It rained on and off through our drive home but was sunny and springy in Easthampton, which was good because we were having a few people over for an intimate baby shower/BBQ. Jen's coworker came over and put up some balloons and we ate a ton of junk food and it looks like a baby clothes store exploded in our house. A pink baby clothes explosion. (I hope they're right!!) It was very sweet and we had about 10-12 people here including my grandmother, which is awesome because it was an excuse to get her to our house. (I hope she thought it was clean enough.) Some of Jen's coworkers came (they are nice), and her godmother whom I had never met, and then just a couple of local folks from work or the area. It was a nice time with too much picnic food.

My grandmother surprised me with her gift for the baby - one of my great-grandmother's rings. It is so tiny and delicate, she must have had the smallest fingers. (That leads me to believe it was my grandfather's mother, because my grandmother's family doesn't always have the dainty gene.) Either way, it meant a lot to us and I know we will keep it safely put away until a special day. It was very sweet, and I am a sucker for that kind of thing. She gave some rings to my father when I was a kid but he misplaced them throughout my life and I only have one of them. Shucks.

So all in all we had a good weekend full of rain showers, showers with italian granite, and baby showers. All that showering really wears a person out, though, and I am dreading going into work because I feel totally knackered.
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Estimated weight: 4lbs 7oz (49th percentile)

There was plenty of fluid, there was a VERY head down baby with hair on her head, and everything looked good. We don't have the "official" word from the midwives or anything but the ultrasound tech said everything looked great.

I honestly don't know where 4lb 7oz of baby is hiding in my little gut. I think I might have a tilted uterus because the tech found baby's butt to be higher on my abdomen than the midwives have been measuring. I can't believe there's a baby butt so high in my gut and I can't even tell.

It was a good time and definitely worth it. We got to fall madly in love with our kid all over again. What I thought was a stray foot poking me was actually her knees and elbows, which would explain why it hurts so much sometimes.

Yay baby!
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It was a good time. I got to offer an award to one of my favorite people in the universe, which was quite nice. And our grad assistant got a million thank yous and presents and things, which is awesome because she totally deserves it. And then our goofy undergrad workers gave me a certificate and a present, which is incredibly sweet!

Oh, and there was a lot of cake. A LOT of cake. (Mmm, cake.)

They are such nice kids, I just <3 them. I really wasn't expecting to get anything from them - I knew they had something for Emily because she is a total rock star but I was shocked! Buncha sweethearts got me a little gift certificate for our local sushi hangout. Mmmm.

And then, in true AWESOME style, somehow I left my little certificate and my sushi certificate at the ceremony. *sigh* Hopefully someone picked it up. I am such a dumdumface.


Jen and I were concerned that we were going to have too much leftover food this weekend (too. many. burgers.) and managed to invite half of my work over on Monday evening for a BBQ leftover dinner. Ha ha! She is so funny and will use any excuse to whip out the grill. (I think she's trying to take over [ profile] thatpatti's husband's role as the Grillmaster.)


We had torrential rains all day yesterday and got home to find three packages outside our door. UPS put two of them in plastic bags (thank goodness) but the stupid USPS just left one out there totally uncovered. When I picked it up, the box literally fell apart. It was so disgusting. Miraculously, the stuff inside was totally dry (phew)! There were some cutesy little baby presents from my [ profile] smurfbrother and SIL. And we got one of those jumper-thingers you hang from the doorframe from Jen's brother and SIL. (Oh who cares if they are dangerous, I am sure they are dangerous, I love them.) AND ALL OF OUR CLOTH DIAPERS ARRIVED! Hooray! Huge thanks to Rick, Gretchen, and my Mom for buying a good starter set of bumGenius one-size all-in-ones. So exciting!!!!
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Jen spoke to the midwife on the phone today. I wanted her to get the info first hand in case I either wasn't saying it correctly or that I had missed something. Apparently the midwife was nice and reassuring to Jen and said that she was pretty sure everything was fine with the growth, she had no reason to suspect otherwise.

Jen explained to the midwife that some friends of ours went through a similar situation last year and ended up with a bunch of complications down the road that were scary, even though they all turned out fine. She told her that our friends told us that in hindsight, they wish they'd been a little more proactive and a little less willing to take the reassurance. That's actually all we could think about last night, for the most part. The "what if."

The midwife offered a quick ultrasound if we wanted it, and Jen said that she thought it was a good idea. We swore we wouldn't have any more ultrasounds, and I know that ultrasounds aren't really all that reliable in terms of guessing fetal size, but I think we would be able to see /something/ if something was going wrong, like low fluid or really small baby or whatever. The ultrasound folks called right away and we're going tomorrow at noon to see how big the Frankinator is.

I am hopeful that everything will be fine, but of course nervous that maybe something isn't. It's better to know, right?


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