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We're not getting a Christmas tree this year. It doesn't really make sense to do it and Hurricane Tukey would destroy it, I think. The living room (the only place we can really put a tree) is kind of his safe space where all of his toys are, and I would have to move half of his toys and keep him out of his safe space, so that doesn't make sense at all. Maybe I will hang some garland on the ceiling and hang ornaments from it. I don't know. It's kind of sad, but I guess there is next year.

Punk is sad about not having a tree so I think I will buy a small fake tree and put it in her room. Maybe I will put her presents under her own tree, wouldn't that be something? I'd have to sneak into her room though. That could be disastrous!

Aaah, it's that time again.

Tuke had his first birthday party yesterday. It was a smashing success. Pun intended.
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Thanks for the poll responses. We had decided to go Saturday (yesterday) with the elf pajamas because Jen wanted to be there for the photos. But yesterday morning the formal clothes arrived in the mail so we had CHOICES.

We dressed them in the formal duds and brought the PJs if we were allowed to make a change (it's Target, it's like a cattle call rush). We were able to change and got the best of both worlds. The elf pics actually came out better (kids were more relaxed, less posed) but we got at least one good combo shot with each outfit and I actually ordered two different sets of photo cards, one elf and one formal. :)


Formal Holiday kids 2011

Casual Holiday kids 2011
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Thinking about scheduling a portrait session for the kids to order our holiday photo cards. I could schedule it tomorrow and get it out of the way BUT their matchy-match holiday formal outfits have not arrived in the mail yet. However, I do have matching elf pajamas from Crazy 8 that they could wear.

Or I could wait until next Wednesday afternoon to do the portraits and the outfits probably will have arrived by then, BUT the cheaper photo card pricing promotion will be over.


[Poll #1796050]
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I think a toy store threw up in my house. We are now full up on My Little Pony toys and purple unicorns. I guess you can never have too many.

Little Miss has finally succumbed to the overstimulation and is finally taking a nap today. She was just getting more and more clingy, whiny, and off-focus. Actually, the lack of focus is our #1 annoyance these days. She is just all over the place, which I know is normal for toddlers/preschoolers but she has been taking it to a new level. She doesn't pay attention when you talk to her and will actually talk over you to ask the question you are answering. Or will be looking around and just walk into people, into things, off the sidewalk, whatever. Very frustrating. But she is quiet and sleeping right now, after losing the privilege of going to the library with my brother and sister-in-law due to poor focus at lunch.

My little baby is almost 6 weeks old and is not little. He smiles and coos and is generally adorable. He used to have a 5-6 hour stretch of sleep at night but that seems to have stopped or maybe it is starting earlier. I need to re-configure his sleep needs and sync up with them again so we're all happier. It's hard getting up with him throughout the night and then having to get up early with the early-rising preschooler. Yawn.

Jen got me an iPod Touch for Christmas which is super swanky! It is so swanky, however, that my ancient iBook with the ancient operating system can't run a new enough version of iTunes to be able to sync my iPod or add my music. Super sigh. Buying a new computer is not at all on the budget.

Also on the list of things that are not on the budget: the emergency furnace repair that we had yesterday because the ignitor crapped out. Aaah, the joys of homeownership and being a grown up.

This post is bland and sounds like it is being brought to you by the letters P, P, and D. But really I think it is the post-holiday funk coupled with sleep deprivation caused by Bogo-itis.
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Merry Christmas, y'all.

christmas pajamas

I have two kids.
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Tomorrow is Christmas Morning around here since we are flying out to visit the JenFam in the afternoon. My brother and SIL are here and we will all be doing gifts together. I had so much fun putting the gifts under the tree, assembling gifts, and filling stockings. So much fun! Punk went to sleep saying "Santa is going to come when I am sleeping and the presents will be under the tree!" She is so excited about Christmas this year. She put out cookies for Santa on a special plate we bought and I put the crown and shoes - the things she asked Santa for - on the plate. She has so much loot under the tree, it really is ridiculous since we said we were going light on presents this year. WHOOPS.

Tomorrow we open gifts, I bring my car in for service, we find time to pack for the trip, and take off. Happy holidays, friends. I hope each and every one of you receive everything your heart desires this week and into the New Year.

I can't freaking wait for tomorrow morning. It is more exciting than when *I* was the kid!
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I brought Punk to child care this morning because I have A Lot Of Things To Do Today.

It is really, really hard to get started. Sigh.

ETA: I'm clearing out all of the baby/early toddler toys in preparation for the onslaught of new toys. Man, this is exhausting! My kid has STUFF in every nook and cranny of the house! AUGHHHHHHH!
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1. I turned my kid forward-facing in the car today. It's... weird. But she outgrew the RF limits of the seat, and I don't have an extra $250 floating around right now. So, it is what it is. She says it's "tall."

2. I realized today that I have been giving my kid vitamins for 4 year olds and up, and that I was supposed to give her half a vitamin. Dang. Whoops. I over-vitamined her. And she LOVES them and is going to get pissed if I give her half a vitamin, so I guess I will go out and buy her new vitamins. Boo.

3. Our church puts out this advent devotional that has daily scriptures and reflections for all the days of advent, contributed by church members. I wrote one this year. I think my day was this past Friday or Thursday. Apparently it was very popular! I think 5 different people stopped me in church today to tell me they loved mine. It was kind of neat to be "church popular."

4. I know kids don't need vitamins, and Punk is a good eater. But she LOVES medicine. She is kind of a medicine addict. Anyone have any vitamin recommendations for the 2-year-old set?

5. We got a tree today and now the house smells delicious. And now I have boxes of holiday stuff everywhere. I hate clutter. Argh!

6. I am running out of places in the living room to put the Elf on a Shelf.
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For three days a week, I life out my greatest fantasies. And then, for the other four... not so much. But especially around this time of year, and especially /this/ year, some parts of my life are exactly the way they're supposed to be, because I'm finally some little person's mama. I'm quite sure I dreamed my whole life about these moments.

Oh sure, I've been a mama for 2.5 years now, but this year, THIS holiday season, I'm the mama of a kid who "gets it." She is holiday crazy and it is /perfect/. Holiday life with a toddler is the most amazing thing in the entire universe.

On Friday evening, my child got a visit from her grandparents on Jen's side, and as usual, she charmed the pants off of them and they filled her to the brim with Disney merchandise. Which, by the way, she is in love with. On Saturday, we took her to the mall to get her holiday portraits done, and she was so awesome about it, and so charming and adorable, that they were super and we ended up ordering the overly pricey photo cards from them (instead of making our own) because the pictures were just THAT cute. While at the mall, the grandparents proceeded to buy her more licensed merchandise.

But oh! She has the holiday spirit for sure. We have written a letter to Santa. We have discussed what she wants Santa to bring her. (A "crown and shoes.") We have sat on Mall Santa's lap and she delighted him with her excitement and her wishes. My SIL has provided us with an "Elf on the Shelf" which has been named and loved and is looked for every morning. We have purchased a plate specifically to leave Santa some cookies and milk. Every drive through town in the evening is brought with a chorus of, "Mama! Pretty lights! More pretty lights!" It is a good time.

This morning I took my little child to the post office to put her letter to Santa in the special Santa mailbox. (Our town is so cheeseball and I love every second.) And in that moment, every piece of my heart was whole. This is exactly what I was meant to do, and I could do it 10 times more.

If only I didn't have that stupid job.


Jan. 9th, 2009 01:35 pm
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I am enjoying a little bit of naptime. I am NOT enjoying the cold weather. We get so trapped in the house and Punk gets super stir-crazy. I took her to the local Parents Center this morning to hang out with some kids and see some different scenery. I think she had a good time, although she was obsessed with all of the licensed stuff (Elmo, Cookie Monster, etc.). I think because she doesn't have it at home she goes all ga-ga about it. *shrug* It's funny, though. It was fun and I got to see my friend Jessica again, whom I hadn't seen since before Thanksgiving, I think.

An aside, do you know that there is an entire GOLF network? And that there is a GOLF reality show? I had no idea! I feel bad for Jess who is a Golf Widow, but I couldn't help but be fascinated. A golf reality show? Seriously? Woah.

We finally got the Christmas tree out of the house and it's nice to not have needles everywhere. Tonight I need to box up all of the ornaments and decorations. Fun times, right? Boy, this is one exciting journal. I'm so glad I managed to back up the actual exciting stuff (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] violane for the xjournal comm). Whee.

I miss my previous exciting and inspiring life. I miss having deep conversations. And not-so-deep conversations.

I just miss conversations.


Dec. 26th, 2008 01:54 pm
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I got Jen a Roomba for Christmas and it is currently running around the house.
It's kind of creepy.
But it is going to make my floors clean so I will learn to love it.

I think she should name it.
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The kid racked in the loot this year. Holy cow! Next year, I am scaling back Christmas... somehow. It is like a toy store explosion in here and it is soooo overwhelming. Woah. The good news is that she seems to really love everything that she was given. The bad news is that she likes it all SO much that she doesn't ever want to go to bed!!

The big gift was a play kitchen and I am glad she really enjoys it. She is having fun opening and closing the doors, putting things in the oven and sink, and using the phone. It is REALLY sturdy and seems to be good construction so I am hoping it lives a long and healthy life. It is compact with a small footprint, which I wanted, so score!

My brother and sister-in-law got her some play food to go with her kitchen - the kind that has velcro so you can "cut" it. She is having a grand old time pulling the fruits and vegetables apart and sticking them back together (making interesting combinations!). The cats are enjoying this as well.

She also got a couple of new baby dolls (from Jen's parents) and a little baby doll stroller. She loves to push the strollers in the church nursery and she is very excited about pushing her stroller around the living room, with or without babies. It is small and lightweight and she can pick it up and move it if it gets stuck (Fisher Price Little Mommy Newborn Stroller). Score.

Other things that Santa brought that were a huge hit were a Mr. Potato Head (she loves these at day care), some Play-Doh, books, a wooden train set that we will probably hold onto for a little while, a puzzle, and some pots and pans for the kitchen. My brother and SIL also got her a ton of cute cute cute animal puppets, a neat growth chart with velcro arrows (what a great idea!), and an activity book with buttons and snaps and things. Nana and Poppa John (my mother and her husband) got her some cute clothes and a dress-up monkey (buttons, zippers, etc.) that she is a little scared of right now but loves his shoes.

One of Jen's brothers got her Finding Nemo and the other brother really outdid himself and got her the Melissa and Doug Standing Art Easel, with a roll of paper and supposedly the painting accessories are on the way. WOAH! So awesome. (Now we just need a playroom.)

My aunt got her some clothes (she LOVES shopping for kid clothes) and my aunt's sister gave her a teddy bear. My grandparents and my mom gave her some money for her bank account. All in all, she is a very very fortunate child and our house is now a State of Emergency of small parts and partial fruits.
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Jen made me the most awesome Jack-Skellington-as-Santa that you have ever seen. Even though I haven't taken pictures yet, trust me, you're jealous. You are. It is awesome. <3 <3 <3


I just don't have it anymore. Holiday spirit, I mean. Or maybe not this year? I don't know. I am just lonely, very deeply lonely, right down to my very core. It is so hard having my dad's birthday be a week before Christmas. It is so hard having a job that just creates stress and doubt. It is so hard watching my grandparents' health decline so rapidly right before my eyes. It is just so, so hard and all I really crave is intense physical and emotional contact. But what I got instead was a night of picking up Christmas trash, putting away 80 kabillion toys, cleaning litter boxes, and taking out the trash while Jen is in bed with a migraine.

I should be in bed, too, since who knows when Punk will wake up since her sleeping was shot to hell today. But I just can't bring myself to go in there. I just feel too alone.

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A little smattering of the trouble we got into today:

climbing on the chair
(Climbing on her little chair to pull down the envelopes from the holiday cards)

Also a bonus pic of her hanging up her first handmade ornament last weekend:

hanging up her first ornament
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So since we can all agree on "Baby, It's Cold Outside," how about:

Now bring us some figgy pudding
Now bring us some figgy pudding
Now bring us some figgy pudding
And bring it right here.

We won't go until we've got some
We won't go until we've got some
We won't go until we've got some

Oh, the hell you won't. Who do you think you are? You can't just go up to someone and demand some figgy pudding!
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So we got some snow this morning - maybe 2.5 inches - and it was a pain in the butt. We were all late to work because of the quick shoveling and then there were a bazillion accidents so the highway was totally jacked. Yuck. I'm glad I insisted on getting the driveway and walkway shoveled, though, because it sleeted and rained after and it would have been grossssssss. It's not, though. Yay!

"They" are also predicting a big storm on Friday, 8 inches or something like that. Punk was supposed to have her day care Christmas party on Friday and it got bumped up to tomorrow (also at my suggestion, man, I'm on a roll) so that people wouldn't feel pressured to bring their kids in bad weather for a party/gift exchange. Which meant that I had to bake Punk's "healthy snack to share" (blueberry bread) tonight instead of tomorrow, and wrap her exchange gift (coloring books and crayons). I am hoping that "they" are wrong about Friday, though, because I was planning to use that extra day care day to clean the heck out of my house in anticipation of house guests. So keep your fingers crossed!

I am fighting off a cold something fierce. I feel tired and worn down but so far (*KNOCKS WOOD*) I have managed to stave off whatever it is. I don't want Punk to get sick, especially for the holidays. Boooooo!

I should be in bed right now. I just finished putting the receipts in the check book and paying the credit card bills, and the bread is done, so technically I'm free to go. I just can't shut my brain off.

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Tree = Done
Cards = Mostly Done
Shopping = Almost Entirely Done
Wrapping = Half Done
Clean House = Not Even Close

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I felt like Supermom yesterday. I dragged my kid all over creation getting things done. Our first stop was the pediatrician to get the second half of her flu shot, and from there we went to Leeds to pick up some of those electric candles you put in the window (thank you, Freecycle), and then hit the post office to mail our Secret Snowmom gift, a holiday card for [livejournal.com profile] juliann, and a little pressie for Punk's internet buddy, Carys. We then went home and did lunch and naptime, and after nap went up to the bank to deposit some of my mileage checks and bought Punk's gift for her holiday party on Friday.

[Yes, her child care is having a party on Friday, and all of the kids picked names out of a hat for a gift swap ($5). How freaking cute is that??!?! So for $5, I got Punk's pick (Lucy, age 3) two coloring books (My Little Pony and The Littlest Pet Shop), a box of 24 crayons, and a sheet of Santa Claus stickers. Not too shabby.]

I also got some gift boxes, a gift bag for the gifts we got for our church's angel tree, and some other random stuff. And then came home. When Jen came home, we hit the mall for dinner and some holiday shopping, knocking one more gift off the list.


Today was officially Online Shopping Day around here, and I ordered a gift for my [livejournal.com profile] smurfbrother and one for his wife, got my grandfather's birthday gift (January 3rd) and knocked out all of Jen's immediate family (parents, brothers). And because it was on major sale ($7 marked down from $20), I tacked on a Melissa and Doug "band in a box" for Punk. Since I got my mother's gift at work on Thursday (she wanted a gift card to Olive Garden and I happened to be doing an evaluation right near Olive Garden), I think that we're pretty much done around here except for the wrapping and mailing. I have to split up Punk's Christmas pictures and mail those out, too.

At some point today/tonight, we have to decorate the tree that's been in the house since, oh, Tuesday or so. Trees look LAME when they are in your living room undecorated. Really weird.

And oh my gosh, but if I don't get those holiday cards done and out this weekend I will go berserk. Berserk, I tell you.


Oh, my little cherub is up from her nap (early), so I guess that's it for my productivity!
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1. My grandmother was admitted into the hospital yesterday. She was with my grandfather and was headed to get her new hearing aids (FINALLY, the ones she had were giving awful feedback) and she wasn't feeling well and didn't feel like she could get out of the car. They called the ambulance and she was taken to the ER. They ruled out heart attack and stroke stuff, which is awesome, but she was ridiculously dehydrated. They put a bazillion bags of fluid into her and she was feeling better, but was going for a kidney ultrasound this morning. It's hard to get accurate information from her because she isn't wearing her (feedback-y) hearing aids, so phone conversations are challenging. My grandfather said something about the medication she was taking for a major arthritis attack she had been having (prednisone, maybe some other stuff) was affecting her kidneys and causing them not to work properly. God, I hope it's nothing permanent. They were thinking she might be released today. I am going to call later.

2. Punk and I are having a very social day today. We went for a walk with [livejournal.com profile] rexlezard this morning; he was home because he got rear-ended this morning and was shaken up. Also, Punk's friend Moey and his daddy, Jason, are en route and will hang out for a bit. Then tonight I am supposed to hang with a former coworker.

3. Speaking of the walk this morning, I hereby SUCK at being a winter mama. I don't really get very cold and Punk and I were going to hang briefly at the dog park with Andy and his dog, so it didn't occur to me to really bundle her up. In fact, I actually debated whether or not to put on her heavy winter coat (but then finally did). Her trunk and head were nice and warm (she had a hat, too) but she was whiny and clingy which I attributed to hunger. But maybe she was cold! I didn't think to put on a layer under her jeans and she was only wearing thin little socks. When I went to put her down for her nap, her feet were like ice cubes. Poor little punkin! I guess I need to be better about bundling her up. Whoops.

4. I can't believe we're already almost a full week into Advent and Christmas is right around the corner. I have started to put up some decorations and I think we will get a tree this weekend (there is a small tree farm right down the road). Our church put together an Advent devotional this year that I am really enjoying. I can't wait until Punk is old enough to dig the spiritual preparations, too.

5. I love our church. I can't even say that enough. I just love it there. The people are so awesome and everyone is so nice and I am so pleased. It is exactly the kind of place I was hoping to bring Punk up in. She gets so excited to go down into the children's play room and is so comfortable there. I just love going and I love being a part of it all. There is a christmas dinner and tree-trimming thing tomorrow and I am excited. It is nice to be a church dork again.

6. I can't find last year's holiday cards yet (they are in the basement somewhere) so I haven't been able to get started on addressing this years cards. Argh! I was hoping to be done by now!!
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We braved Black Friday action to take Punk to Target to get some holiday photos taken. Oh my god, they were awesome. She was wearing quite possibly the cutest holiday plaid ever AND she has finally gotten the hang of cheesing for the camera. Pictures are SOOOO much less stressful now.

I'mma hafta scan some when we pick them up. They were Teh Awesome.


Then we did a wee bit of Black Friday shopping at Target. Santa got Punk a sock monkey, a Mrs. Potato Head, a little wooden train set, a little travel magna-doodle thing, and a baby doll stroller. Oh, and Christmas pajamas. With sock monkeys on them.

We are ordering her a small wooden kitchen set for her main gift, and I dropped some money at Gymbo Dot Com. So I think Punk is done. Whoo!

And I am SO letting her watch my Grinch video this year. Yay!


Did I mention the cute pictures? Oh my god. With the little black and red plaid skirt, and the houndstooth shoes, and dear god the cheesy smile. L-O-V-E. And the woman who helped us order prints was wicked queah and recently moved from Columbus. SMALL WORLD LESBO ACTION.


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